Can we talk about NASA and whether or not the budget allotted them (60m) daily is something the taxpayer should provide...

Can we talk about NASA and whether or not the budget allotted them (60m) daily is something the taxpayer should provide? The way I see it, space exploration is entirely a "feels" based necessity and will be benefiting absolutely none of the people losing their paychecks for it to happen.

Im sure this will be anchored despite being about the taxation for a gov agency, BAU

up to 20 tries on this fucking captcha jesus

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i prefer the one where she starts moving with severe force to the side suddenly that people like to claim is the ISS maintaining orbit, which wasnt scheduled the day she did the shoot.

either way, i didnt want this to be an /x/ thread (sadly its considered /x/ to investigate fraud) so this thread is about the legitimacy of being taxed for it.

think was different woman than in that harness vid though. but theres so many its hard to even deny anymore. not a flat earther, but the space program is a joke.


the hair thing is definitely weird, but i only go with things that are undeniable so i dont have a literal knuckle dragger trying to do a GOTCHA on me.

the most damning evidence is the one where you see a guy in the background floating by and they forgot to cgi his harness out.

100% damning. thats the only thing you should show people if trying to "redpill" them on NASA>

ill try to make a webm here one sec

Earths resources are finite. We need to get off it sooner or later.

Then you're a fucking moron.
We're trapped on a fucking rock that is becoming sicker everyday. We need to fund exploration in any (vain) attempt to not all die on this fucking thing.

Also this, but I think resource depletion is 2nd to "increased environment toxicity", as we're quickly becoming a very polluted planet.


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here is mars without the red channel

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To be fair to NASA, that red channel removal makes the horizon of Mars look completely off.
So that means the source of that picture (assuming any "touch up" of it) had to have had a degree of redness in it, meaning that the original picture likely had significant red amounts like the claimed picture of mars.

but thats just not as convincing as turning into a literal horizon with clouds…

also heres the webm.

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you can see it changing length as its passing behind their multiple transparency layers or whatever theyre using for masking.

that is a literal harness,

Earth is literally a closed system, it is impossible to deplete Earth of resources. Maybe things like fossil fuels, but until every atom of iron and aluminum in the crust and below is part of a used building or tool we aren't going to run out of resources. And by the time that happens we'll be getting our metals from asteroids.

even IF its wildly profitable down the line to colonize space (which im sure it is)

none of the people paying taxes this generation of the next will likely see it, ASSUMING fortune 500 companies all of a sudden become generous for a change.. fat chance

Did NASA tell you we are trapped on a rock?

You will. It's called "death" & nobody escapes it.

The way you reacted you've just proven his point. Congrats! Now grow up, manchild!!!!

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checked, supposedly they use exercise harnesses to provide positioning and resistance not saying I buy it it wouldn't surprise me if they faked alot of footage for public consumption to hide the classified technologies more effeciently

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It is only natural to claim resources that are out there for us to take. Government reaps tax, and you will not agree to everything that money is put towards because a government should try to better the nation it rules while you only have to worry about yourself. Governments should invest in projects that advance technology and infrastructure because private citizens will not, because anarchy doesn't work. Space exploration brings advances to technology and a path to future stores of resources and living space.

hmm, thats a good theory, and i would normally (like most things) say it requires more investigation. But that harness vid is but one of MANY things, that in my opinion, add up to a overwhelmingly solid amount of evidence for it being fake, than real. But I appreciate your logical approach. Hard to find people willing to actually look into things. I would be more than happy to say its a real space program if I found more evidence supporting it than not, and ive looked at everything I can get my hands on, and I understand physics, aviation, and common sense. Its alarming to say the least

This is what i was talking about.

The force pulling her sideways is so strong she is having trouble keeping her legs curled.

this is NOT a consistent microgravity environment.

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looks just like a parabolic curve on a flight path IMO. damning shit right here, people just dont care (normal lemming people that is)

but honestly i dont want to speculate on what caused it, that just opens the speculator up to criticism.

its not my job to play a guessing game with what tech they have to fake things/maintain an environment for that kind of shoot

im merely saying the physics acting on her body are not equal throughout the video.

this is 100% obvious.

but yes, indeed this would be exactly what it would look like with someone on a harness attached to their center of gravity with some sort of corrective force acting on the pseudo-orbital environment. I KNOW im not taking crazy pills.

Here's another question for you on the topic of NASA funding:

just talking to myself here, but another observation.

Look at the background behind her hair.. it looks like an active gaussian blurring effect (for all the shoop ppl out there theyd know what I mean)

it just appears entirely artificial this scene. entirely.

NASA can record re-runs of I love Lucy over apollo 9 telemetry data and answer to no-one.

They are more untouchable than any other org out there I know of.

No I looked at saturn.
That was enough of an explanation for me when I saw those rings.

That entire sentence is bitterly ironic.

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NASA should be rolled back into the military.

You realize that 288 million is spent each hour on social programs. No one is losing their paycheck to go to space, they are losing their fucking homes feeding niggers and spics.

NASA or the privatization of space exploration with government gibs is the only way to get off this rock and for us to take a new place in the stars. It is either our destiny as a species, or to go extinct after going brown.

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That means nothing you schizoid fuckhead, provide proof for your wild delusions or take a knife to them.

I realize what youre getting at though, I made this thread about NASA, I believe enough people are talking about the issue with welfare and democratic BS in general for me to bring it up again now.

so just ignore him and stick to discussing the facts like I intend to do.

And I've always felt that's because the entire thing is a money laundering front for bureaucrats - but I do accept the fact that that probably sounds pretty crazy of me and would be next to impossible to substantiate.

You aren't following. There are ZERO potential dividends from social programs (aside from keeping the breeding Marxists voting population stable), while there are not to be puny infinite benefits to hard-core funding of NASA and other space programs. I'm talking about manned spaceflight- not this pussy (((probe))) bullshit. Besides, if the US doesn't- another country will as the battle-space has moved extra-atmospheric. We have to expand off this planet- period. Or pic related WILL happen.

This guy has exactly the right idea. There's enough gov' gibs wrapped around the military we will be planting Marines on Proxima Centari before the end of next decade expect xeno-ISIS as wellgotta have someone to fight ya know

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one of many scenarios that could be the case, it really is unfortunate that people cant discuss theories anymore without someone sitting there biting their nails trying to trip you up on anything they can to invalidate your original point you were trying to make.

But yes, highly plausible. All we know is there are many holes in the official NASA story, and they have yet to provide any clarification - which more than not insinuates some sort of deceit going on.

spending 2.1B per annum might actually help mitigate losses from hurricanes due to advanced warnings from spess.

speculation on your part. Anyway, Im here to discuss the validity of taxpayer money going towards NASA, when there is such piss-poor transparency and oversight in regards to their functional day-to-day budget. That is all. (might be interested in some side-discussion of the many ways they have fucked up but thats about it).

also the validity of people being taxed for something that nets them zero in gains. Seems more like a tribute more than a citizens taxation for public services.

what you're failing to account for is the insane amount of R&D that NASA does from which we tax payers directly benefit


have any concrete spreadsheets with money trails on both ends? I dont.

unless youre reffering to the "overall benefit from technology development"

This is moreso accomplished in the private sector than any bureaucratic cluster fuck, always has been always weill be.

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unless of course youre talking about wartime technology, in that case - i guess the gov is way better at making things that take lives rather than helping them

Space is not real, that's a lie of the Devil.

There is nothing wrong with exploring space.
It was a dream that National Socialist Germany wanted to make a reality before (((THEY))) genocided Germany with that horrid war.
The funding with our tax money would not be a problem at all if NASA wasn't investing that money in shitskin hires and muh wymyns that has resulted in 0 progress. The only time we saw any actual progress was when NatSocs were involved in the space race was before and during the cold war and now that the men of the Reich are all gone we see the reality. A reality that only the European Race is intelligent and Faustian enough to conceive the notion of making the dream Space Colonization a little more than just a mere fantasy. As our race of explorer and innovators teeter on the brink of extinction we are now beginning to realize that we are doomed to a grim future. Doomed to rot away on this miniscule speck in the middle of space. Never able to reach the stars. As that dream was the dream of an extinct race of people. The Europeans.

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47 replies. OP is 22 of them. Argument is worthless due to cherry picking is 100% right.


You're the fucking schizoid.

Well, NASA is just a front basically, they're useless, but your opinion on the fact that people this gen shouldn't be taxed for space faring endeavors, is completely wrong. We need to continue to fund space related missions because otherwise the next gen won't hardly have made it anywhere. So, it'd be delaying it to the gen after, I don't mind being taxed for space-based shit because it's something that human kind will need.

Boomers are a plague of locusts


but with my money it is. feel free to give your money away.

there is a private organization known as spacex.

they have made more progress than nasa has in decades.

why pay the government with your paycheck to do something you apparently hope the next generation benefits from, when the free market will accomplish this regardless?

(musk gets grants, but nowhere near the NASA budget different topic entirely)

bottom line, free market will make all things possible, and people will vote with their dollars, instead of being forced.

As it stands yes. It is useless. But never forget the program was originally a Faustian thing.
If it wasn't for the trillions we are throwing at kikes for their wars, welfare, and anti white agenda, it would all be a drop in a hat financially.

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No I actually use two kilns that are lined with the same ceramic tiles they used to shield the Space Shuttle, I use duct tape at least once a month, my home is covered in solar panels, most of my electronics use high tech batteries, I sleep on memory foam, I use several cans of WD-40 a year for tools/cleaning/water-resisting, my cousin has a cochlear implant, I wear scratch resistant corrective glasses, tons of people use insulin pumps, at least once a year I see a news blurb about the jaws of life, all of our cellular phones today have CCDs in them, and finally I've been using water filters most of my life but NASA's current one you can basically piss and shit in one end and drink potable water from the other.

I left out A LOT of shit, too.

Well, that's fair, it does cost less for the grants that SpaceX receives, but that money still had to come from somewhere hence money from citizens. Not the kind that comes (((from somewhere))) of course since that shit is useless long-term.


well anyway, thread is anchored. Im quite positive this place is not worth any of my time. Any thread that strives to have some original discussions happen within it about non-regurgitated topics get anchored.

you have to ask yourself, how is this thread not political? why would it be anchored? who complained?

I would love for a mod to explain why they thought this wasnt politics related, but that would mean they would have to come up with a rationale - so that would be happening.

I guess I'll just be another >100IQ user to leave the site, im sure it will soon be a cesspitt of memes and maga hat pictures on frogs.

I actually just submitted a self report with text asking why this was anchored. wonder if we get a response. honestly doesnt matter ill be looking for good discussion elsewhere, thanks to the guys in here who were kind enough to give some good input.

Looking at the board log it was reported. We got 3 local mods + some global that stop by from time to time and there is no leader or board owner so each one is just doing what they think is best.

You'r OP was kinda whiny.

If I where a mod I probably would have anchored it too, your whole premise that we cant afford the 0.5% of the federal budget towards space exploration is ridiculous.

And then you start pulling in this BS about space being fake, like are you trying to make all of Zig Forums out to be mentally insane. You can fucking see the ISS fly across the sky when conditions are right. I've talked to them on my ham radio. I know not all the people making claims like you make are trolling but I still cant understand how you could be that delusional.

But then I know people who would consider me delusional if try to tell them about how Jews have and abuse enormous amounts of power over politics and media. So while I despise you for your idiocracy I can still empathize somewhat. But even if I could image the ISS eclipsing the sun live, in front of you, you likely would still refuse to accept it was there. What are we to do with you?

BTW that harness your seeing is something they need to wear to interface with there exercise equipment.

so why is it passing bhind transparency layers and warping, also not anything like the harness you linked

thanks though

Also, sounds like youre saying that Id better act right or the mods will choose to break rules to bend their power usage to their bias. Another reason not to post here anymore. thanks.

So what if we still have iron and aluminium but no means of accessing or processing it?

The mods anchor this thread because thy're most likely communists and NASA provides the only proof that supports their atheism. Without the cartoon pictures of a ball Earth, an entire solar system of heavy cartoon balls and outer space madness their claims of a godless empty universe are without merit.

The best way to control the (fascist) opposition is to lead it ouselves. – Lenin ;^)

I could be wrong and the mods are just Jews or their shabbos goys Masons & Jesuits supporting globalism but useful idiots like antifa who actually believe in atheism seem a better fit for this boards pozz mods MO.


I hope pic related and the actual footage of Huygens landing on titan answer your question.

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