ANTIFA STORM DC RESTAURANT, Forcibly Remove DHS Sec. Nielsen, TAKE HER OUTSIDE! (Police Stand Down)


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because that always works

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Nielsen is a fucking faggot

The race war is finally kicking off. Let's go boys.

Executed in the street?
Hope so.

Look at the wording they used. "Harassed" instead of "dragged"

Wtf I love antifa now
Here's the group (Democratic Socialists). Who wants to grab some dox?
Organizer's name was apparently Margaret McLaughlin:
This is likely her twitter account:

Here's the San Francisco branch:

Eye for an eye, tooth for a tooth. Drive those fuckers out.

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How about no you worthless faggot?

Is it happening?

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Get ready for

We aren't defending them, we're attacking Antifa. Let's make that damage collateral.

They're more based than the alt kike at this point if they are actually accosting government officials.


Antifa is affiliated with the government. They got the backing of a pozzed adult swim hack recently.

Sage for click bait

I thought she got hit by a dirty mop.
That's not what this video showed.

Cannot really say anything other than antifa really want to be on fbis terrorist list eh?

yea, it was pretty tame.


Very staged
Very fake
Turbo gay

Whoever keeps saying she got hit by a mop is a dirty bastard. That would have been funny.

Or she'll quit and Trump can hire somebody who won't cave to filthy shitskin tears.

Ok yeah. After seeing it, I hate antifa again. OP is a faggot

Today they stand around like faggots yelling shame
Tomorrow they lazily lay limp wristed hands on someone
Eventually, they will become so emboldened and feel so powerful that they will kick off the best years of our lives.
Their weak wristed rebellion with bike locks and dull katanas nation wide. Literally shaking as they attack people in resteraunts as they eat.
And that, anons, is when we ready our Zig Forums arsenals and go hunting.
Depends on what the catalog looks like.

antifucks…because you know those little shrill shrews aren't getting laid…I mean, ya know, would you?

They'll meet with a sharp grosse messer if they chimp out nearby and I get wind of it.


Nobody takes a ham like Paula Deen…maybe she should run DHS…

t. 8gag Pol

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Bugmen, fucking all of em

Spez is a cannibal.

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Be declared an official domestic terrorism organization by the very department head you forcibly detained

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dead policymakers can't advance leftist ideals

Apparently more faggots are trying to organize in Duluth for a Trump rally tomorrow.
Be advised.

Too much soy has made you weak

Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeew lad… they have officially attacked a high ranking federal agent.

I love you user…



Hail /r/the_donald!!!!!

Let's just say if I could find her page of MILF pr0n photos I would gladly jack myself to it.

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More like proving to everyone they're working for them. If that were a bunch of muh nazis storming her they would shot on site.

Antifa just double pegged themselves hahahahahahaha. Bonus that it's a woman. Trumpy gonna be pissed.



Tim Heidecker.

It's really incredible. Just imagine the backlash if "le altright" started finding political figures they didn't like and protesting them in public. Anybody who thinks media is non-partisan are retarded.

I hope this immigration issue sparks a civil war in America.

Jesus christ. What a shame.

A man's sword user. Even your steel is as white as snow.

Just a last ditch effort before Ryan and the other neocucks leave in november. Otherwise their plan will be delayed by a decade.

Once upon a time Tim and Eric made a show called Tom goes to the Mayor. One of their rules was that they would never write political material. These days Tim seems to be making a living with social justice bullshit while Eric just makes weird commercials. Funny to see how people change. (Or more likely Tim was always a bit lefty and he just had the good sense to stay off the radar until he got a big head.)

It's funny that Eric is less of a kike than Tim

Perhaps the Communists will try for a coup in D.C.? There definitely is card carrying Antifa within the highest stations of the US government ready to turncoat.

Kirstjen Nielsen will learn that even though she is the secretary of DHS she is also working against jew plans and the jew's plans are above any US government position.

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LMAO, Antifa is pure fuckbois compared to FMLN

Yeah DSA is not really commie or even socialist. They are just daily show tier liberals who supported Bernie.

Even if that does happen, no one should be lulled into a false sense of complacency. The marxists didn't push this far by sitting back and being satisfied with a gain or two. The tactic must be reversed on them.

McCarthy did nothing wrong.

fuck off \\\cuckchan///

Mccarthy neglected to figure out that commies would project their commiehood onto innocent people forcing them to become commies. So yeah he did do something wrong in his planning. But his heart was in the right.

We are getting fucked up the ass by government operatives playing with us like clay. They are literally tearing the fabric of society apart, strategically steering the masses. The mass is too great, the inertia is increasing. A chorus of voices, a litany of words twisted, facts disregarded. Dumbing the people down to the pure goal of driving people to feel rather than to think.

Then they play into this. Can we just let this happen?

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wouldnt it be funny if it worked?
they just walk in and take over?
would ruin the federal legitimacy
or the reds all die or end up in prison for life
we should definitly meme it either way

kek, they really are useful idiots, it's like they're doing our jobs for us.

commie faggots actually go after a real piece of shit
fuck that quota affirmative action bitch in the ass
Get a man than can close the border

One of the cunts has been identified and it's an sjw who works at Justice.
Allison Hrabar
allisonhrabar at
Good chance she's a dyke and one of her passwords was, m0rd0r


damn, this doesn't seem right or even fair