What does this lead to?

HOUSE CHAIR DROPS BOMBSHELL LIVE: Teases Peter Strzok "A Subpoena is Coming!" (STUNNING!)

Watch: youtu.be/vs9wUH6l_hs

Where does it end?

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When will we see an actual trial!!!!!????

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If they subpoena him and it leads to an arrest it all comes down. Could end up being nothing, but considering the last OIG report and the ones to come, it feels all like it's coming to a head. Funny how everything starts happening right before midterms. Bump for great interest.

It ends with Strzok. Low level nobody will be the fall guy and everyone else goes free.

shit thread tbh

Ah hopefully not this but be prepared for it. Tbh even just Clinton would be a let down. I want Bush and Cheney fried in the chair with yarmulkes stapled to their heads.

What the fuck is this, Drudge Report?

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blah blah blah … they said last month that subpoenas and arrests would definitely be made by June 1st.

Nothing happened.

I'm getting false happening fatigue.

>so sleepy, who else just wants to take a nap with all of this (((happening fatigue)))

well just stay here … cause there are always happening threads here … even if nothing ever happens

There's something about the way you type that gives away how not from here you are. Let's all just go to sleep goys, n-n-n-nothing ever happens

This seems unfortunately likely, assuming that strzok will even go to trial and that this isn't just propping him up for exoneration.

jew propaganda outlet drama for plebs.

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it would be a crying shame if he somehow got shot walking out of that hearing

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it leads to you kill yourself cunt

Cunt, you don't need to break links anymore.

political theater, nothing more, it controls the dissent and gives the normies and pissed off boomers a dog and pony show to watch