How to respond to emotional "muh children" shills?


Post your best Womp Womps boys.

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Show them this.

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The point is to just totally disregard the emotional aspect. You can't argue facts with people who are lead around by their emotions.

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Fucking perfect.

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Even a broken clock is right twice a day.

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It's like I really am on r/the_donald!

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With this

This is the final proof that dems do not care about the shitskins they promote and only see them as pawns and slaves on their voter plantation.

Its pretty simple. All criminals are separated from their children when they go to jail. At least the spice kids are put in nice FEMA camps where they get clean blankets and a steady supply of government cheese, instead of in foster homes where the majority of kids are molested.

womp womp

The point is we need to detach our base from emotional arguments. This meme makes fun of anyone attempting to use emotion to win an argument and its also fun.

You don't OP. Doing so would be a waste of time and two, the silence enrages them. The only reason these cunts are doing it is for attention. It's the sickest of virtue signaling. STOP REACTING to their bullshit and start making the world, YOU WANT to live in, a reality.



I agree that we need to stop letting them dictate the terms of the debate. However, you can't simply let them spew this shit at normies without fighting back. Normies base their opinions on how they see others reacting to the information. Thats why when ImKampfy cries on MSNBC its so effective.

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That's been obvious to everyone since Truman. or was it Johnson?

Israeli Jews have killed hundreds of thousands of women like this one from Thursday - a nurse they gunned down in cold blood while dancing.the 9/11 Five Step at the Gaza border - - Yet the Jews scold Goyim about policies at the Mexican border.

Just Kikery.

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Thos are totally real tears.
As she looks up and everytime she's fucking laughing hysterically.

can't cry on demand? become a news anchor!

It was Johnson.

Image related is how the normal faggots react to that shit though. They can't see through it.

Trump has nothing to do with this meme, and I agree with you hes a kike puppet.

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She hasn't killed herself yet after the Trump tax return debacle?


Normalfags are those who fall into the (((mainstream))) narrative, who are willing to submit at every turn in order to maintain a sense of "normal". Because they're so, so scared of being considered abnormal.

So yes, though he may be a Moving Blob, he's still a fucking normalfag who will never, ever go contrary to the narrative.

womp womp is great
search "ICE" on twitter and harvest the butthurt

This shit is growing on me.

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Its a good meme. This board will rebound and have fun again. Kikey just chased off most of the best posters.

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you kissing trump's ass ruined the board

christ this thread is fucking shit.
on equal ground as that retarded cuckchan bird from facebook.

Awwwwww [04cc3b] someone is mad.
Filter, don't give (((him))) a (you).

le ebin blue wave maymay is still alive and well

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They will be truly shittershattered here by the end of the year. I could not be happier.

Every single (((prediction))) I see has republicans losing 1-3 seats in the senate. This shit is impossible to figure out for the house because it's 435 seats and they have like 97 different colors.~

Fuck off \\\kikey///

Here's my shit OC for the night

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Unrelated, but how do you start and grow a twitter? Feel like I can't get no traction or engagement?

find a community and make replies until you have followers or just obnoxiously spam trending hashtags like a normalfaggot

(((She))) is a soulless piece of filth. Compare her reaction to Trump winning to this. This is obviously deliberate crying.

Why waste your time prediciting the outcome of rigged elections? Trump won because they let him. Its easier to control one man(Trump) than it is to have a civil war.

They have been conditioned since birth to respond to whatever cues are given by the television.
Fake crying, without tears, emotional music or particular tones.
A lot has come from films and television, haven't you noticed that all of them use the same tones, notes, instruments for types of scenes. Same exact acting tricks in 99% of all performances.
Now all they have to do is give the vaguest suggestion of an emotion/idea, and the mind of the audience will fill the blanks, like hypnotism.
All tv/film/media/advertising needs to be destroyed.

Ah yes, illegal aliens with down syndrome. Just what America needs.

~womp womp~

No, Bob fancies himself as one of the narrative builders.

He was the creep who said "There are no bad tactics, only bad targets".
He knows he's lying. And he's proud of it. He gets the (heavy duty) rope.

Why is this thread anchored?

No not heavy duty rope. Serious offenders get a shorted drop so they dangle more.

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Onomatopoeia FTW.

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Why the fuck is this anchored? This is hilarious.