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Do you have a reason that this thread shouldn’t be deleted for being complete fucking shit?

Because it is a happening you fag.

And if something worthwhile was actually happening, you would have taken the time to make an OP that wasn't spam.

Sage and report. Somebody who's not a halfchan faggot, bake real bread.

so? it's a shithole, we know.

We know California is very much kiked.

So vibrant!

fucking gloomtube - nothing

That's never the point of a chimpout thread.
Where do you fuckers even come from?

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looks like its over

I miss chimpout threads.
Chimpouts are what brings people to our cause.

Nogs chimping in a commie city is perfectly fine SAGE

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Why did we stop having them was it the turks or the shills?

The CVS just forced them back into the streets and locked the doors.

fav vid

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Shots fired.

California user here. Can verfiy that stores in the area have ran out of both Kool and band aids. They are settling in for a long frenzy until they get reparations and sheeeeit.

What happened to KFCs?

Some rapper died in Florida so the Chimps are having a memorial chimpout. Cops are trapping them in now. Also the camera guy is botty blasted over being called a faggot.

You didn't sage, nigger

Is there anything preventing someone from starting one?

Do you have a reason for sucking so many cocks?

Please confirm if they have Grape Soda and Watermelon….


Hitler user I clearly saged - but I may retract if there's a watermelon shortage in LA

They are having shortages of chicken, but no robberies. The niggers haven't figured out how to get the cash out of the small EBT card reader, which is angering them more due to "white magic and sheeeeit".
Local cities are calling the event "A beautiful example of diversity". Local colleges have begun offering safe spaces in preparation for Trump making a tweet.

so… It's some kind of nigger shills calling out for "police brutality" or "systemic racism"?

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new meet up location

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Did you find a place to charge your phone at yet?

Watermelon supplies are low, however roadside oranges and strawberries are untouched. I am unaware of the status of grapes soda because all whites are under state order to "Not leave their residences and leave all valuables and white daughters on our porches as a show of solidarity".

I think the media stopped racebaiting and realized it has pushback, idk. I hope more chimpouts do occur.

Darn looks like it is over already. Only took a couple tear gas grenades to disperse it. Fortress CVS stands strong. The quest for a phone charger continues.


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oh, sorry - I forgot to (You) you



Now that's a low effort bullshit OP. Can one of you translate this from reddit to english?

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Checked : of course the oranges & strawberries are untouched! The dark walkers dont understand the goodness of those fruits.

Historically The nogs have NOT shown an active persistence in anything but this effort is just sad

What is comfy is the fact that they will just start using any dead nigger as a reason to chimp out now. I was worried we weren't going to get to watch niggers destroy their own neighborhoods anymore, but the nigger will to riot and steal is strong. Almost as strong as their desire to rape.

I will apologize now I was in a hurry to post since the action was falling fast. Maybe one of you mater OP writers can make the thread next time.

Made an edit of that retarded comic leftists are trying to push.

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you forgot to add

Over already? Niggers are disappointing me these days

It's just niggers standing around being noisy and lazy in higher density than usual. Not really a chimpout.

Lazy-ass niggers

Also the youtube link, "GoldPranks TV" just said he had a warrent on the livestream. Maybe fun can be had with that.

Niggers need to be paid to even put in the effort of acting like niggers, or they need to be promised free gibs.

Then explain the LA riots, Ferguson, Baltimore, Watts, no

They're just stupid niggers and they don't need to be paid to do nigger shit

And it's absolutely fucking nothing. Kill yourself \\\kike///

Send in the ROOF KOREANS

Weren't they promised farms in South Africa? Kangs?

Hello Newfriend, your OP is sub par and you are a faggot. In the future fuck right off and let the grown ups make the threads. and lurk more asshole

Hello newfriend, you are using the wrong punctuation.

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kike added

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made a shitty .webm of the kikebook source.
cant really find any other good sources so.

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