Bill Clinton's 'love child' slams the former president for showing compassion for the immigrant children separated from...

Bill Clinton's 'love child' slams the former president for showing compassion for the immigrant children separated from their parents at the border but 'abandoning his own son'

Danney Williams The 32-year-old has long claimed that he is the love child of mother Bobbie Ann, a former prostitute, and Clinton who she met in Little Rock, Arkansas in 1984says Bill Clinton is guilty of hypocrisy after the former president showed sympathy for the migrant children at the border but abandoned his 'son'
'The same man that is sympathetic to the immigrant children….is indeed the same man that sacrificed me, his own son….' he said in a tweet on Tuesday
The 32-year-old, a father of five, took to Twitter to send a Father's Day message to the former president last year
He tweeted: I'm not looking for sympathy nor welfare, I just wish you didn't forget about me @BillClinton. #BillClintonSon #ClintonKid'

The self-proclaimed love child of Bill Clinton has eviscerated the former president on Twitter for showing compassion for the immigrant children separated from their families at the border but abandoning him.
Danney Williams, 32, has long claimed that his mother Bobbie Ann, a former prostitute, met Clinton in Little Rock, Arkansas in 1984 and became pregnant after one of her 13 trysts with the then-governor.
Williams, a father-of-five, has repeatedly appealed to Clinton to publicly acknowledge him as his son.
On Tuesday, Williams posted a picture of Bill Clinton and his statement on the immigration crisis: 'On this Father's Day I'm thinking of the thousands of children separated from their parents at the border. These children should not be a negotiating tool. And reuniting them with their families would reaffirm America's belief in & support for all parents who love their children.'
Williams tweeted: 'How can @BillClinton have the compassion to care so much about the immigrant children being separated from their families but lack the compassion to care for his own son he abandoned. #BillClintonSon.'

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Last year, Williams also used his series of Father's Day tweets to suggest that Chelsea Clinton was a love child as well, born as a result of Hillary's alleged affair with Webster Hubbell (right)

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Meanwhile back in reality, Trump was caught spying on teenage girls in a dressing room before being forced out by his own security detail

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Hi Zig Forums
Fox News–→

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This guy always like he could be a funny wedge topic, but he never seems to pan out. I wish he would get his DNA sample (he wont), just so he can either shut up or be the funniest situation since the election.


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Supposedly he did provide one, and a DNA test commission by a tabloid supposedly ruled out Bill Clinton as the father by comparing it to his DNA from the Kenneth Star investigation who were already using it to check semen stains.

That said, I have no idea who it was that Star Magazine commissioned to do the test or if they were trustworthy. It wouldn't hurt for Danney Williams to get a 2nd test done. Of course this would all rely on assuming that the publicly available data on Clinton's DNA is accurate.

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The media only reports what the elite wants them to report. This is why the whole Weinstein psyop should be so transparent to anyone here.

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