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That Anime is not an artform.

1.The typical easternfag worshipper's Briefing:

2. Anime is not an artform

Eastern countries are often times considered to have the lowest creativity rate, meaning that anything that comes out of the east are often shit quality or useless.

books.google.com/books?hl=en&lr=&id=3L2BT0VMlgcC&oi=fnd&pg=PP1&dq=china lacks creativity&ots=I87HZbr1ym&sig=-eaF8IIxAqhUXsPmGYiK8oMmdmM#v=onepage&q=china lacks creativity&f=false
books.google.com/books?hl=en&lr=&id=dXuI4mr-sp8C&oi=fnd&pg=PA113&dq=east lacks creativity innovation&ots=kXg6MixYtO&sig=vr6USofyTSmCtyQtLrSATRnlrWc#v=onepage&q=east lacks creativity innovation&f=false

3. Anime is used to treat autism/retards

Pretty self explanatory.


Again, these are all science research, references of anime / autism is on abstract, there is a whole article written about this and research were conducted, facts can't be ignored mate.

4. Why is this politically related

statistically its not hard to understand this degeneracy as a plague, it boils down to the numbers undermining white fertility rate, one source out of many responsible for the feminization of white man, and the association with anime that is also used to treat autistic people with severe brain problems, this alone is already enough to drain any positive reputation we have left, and of course lets consider the possibilities of the decrease on productivity, we all know that NEETs are lazy and useless people and of course, given those circumstances, its pretty obvious that all these negative impacts that anime brings also makes the white man who associates himself with anime unattractive, hence the conclusion on low fertility rate and so fourth.

All of these are negative traits, they bring no positive side effects for our cause, need I say more about anime being degenerate? I don't need to prove the obvious, again why is this politically related? because the soul purpose of this degeneracy existing has to be put in question in a political sense of "should I keep this cancer around my people or not?" its a similar issue to drugs in politics.

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Weebs are inherently anti-white and promote a foreign culture over their own. They teach white women that a foreign culture is superior, and thus they teach white women to crave these foreign men. The same way wiggers turned white women into nigger sluts. Now weebs are turning white women into gook sluts.

if one were to put foreign cultures ahead of their own, then they are no different then a leftist cuck who endorses ebonic nigger culture.

weebkikes are proxy leftists who can easily disguise themselves as being part of Zig Forums because of their smug nazi girl pic collection and "history" regarding japan as being part of the axis, in reality they are soy riddled fags attempting to fit in while pushing their agenda onto others.

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You may or may not be right, but making this thread all the damn time sure doesn't help your cause.

wow look at you, you sure showed me with that copied comic shading/hatch texture invented by western comic book artists.

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Not politics, removed it will be as usual

And having it constantly bumplocked doesn't help either, the more it gets bumplocked, the more reason I have to post the truth, waiting for that ultimate 750 threshold.

get woke, nerd.

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Like three threads that got deleted even after you got butthurt by global vol? Wew laddie
Your spaghetti is an artform


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this is how you properly apply hatches for comic book shading, and another thing, you should never use watercolor methods to paint your background unless you hate preserving artwork, in all honesty that image was made by a shit artist who can't retain a proper straight line, that requires effort and training.

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sure mate, already reported it as the obvious bait/slide thread.

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really makes you think.

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Gook art form and style before they came into major contact with and stole everything they now do from us, was absolute shit. Only slightly above nigger art. It's so basic and simple. Their literature is absolutely pathetic.

wew, I pity you. So I'll give you a bump so you can reply to me and not kill yourself just like yesterday and the day before.
Keep it up and you might be considered as the next pajeet.

I mean it's a shame, I really feel bad for them.

I point out the flaws, they get mad.
I point out the soy the japanese people consume 99% of the time, they get mad and defend it.
They will never better themselves because they reject innovation.

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