Homeland Security chief chased out of Mexican restaurant amid immigration uproar

Kirstjen Nielsen is an Aryan Goddess, defender of the US, our borders, and the white race. We need to show our support for /ourbasedmommy/. How is it socially acceptable for her to be attacked in public like this?


A group of activists sabotaged Homeland Security chief Kirstjen Nielsen's outing to a Mexican restaurant, in protest against the administration’s policy of separating children from their parents at the US-Mexican border.
The Department of Homeland Security chief sat down for a pleasant fajita at a Mexican restaurant in Washington, DC on Tuesday – but maybe considering her department’s actions it wasn’t the best idea. Nielsen had her immigrant-cuisine feast cut short by a group of activists from the Democratic Socialists of America. According to videos tweeted out by the group, they apparently thought it was untoward of the DHS chief to enjoy a meal at a ritzy Mexican restaurant while the United States government separates children from their parents at the US-Mexican border and then places them in detention centers.

One protester shouted: “In a Mexican restaurant of all places. The f***ing gall.”

Videos of the confrontation – and Nielsen’s retreat from restaurant – were posted to Twitter.

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The group behind it (((Smash Racism DC))) appears to have ties to (((Antifa))). The Video was originally tweeted out by this 56% mutt Susan.

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Anyone got the scoop on this negro is he a member? He seems to be one of the ones originally tweeting.

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Why haven't they rounded up these antifa terrorists and executed them yet?

Stop supporting foreign-owned restaurants you faggots. Support white-owned and white-run businesses only.

There's a lovely Mexican restaurant in my hometown owned and run entirely by white people, I go often with my family when I visit.

fucking shill liar. the entire Nielsen family are genocidal (((NWO))) faggots and jew golem parasites.

Remember the new shill tactic of spamming bullshit MSM articles that are contentless and distracting. Reported.

Why kill your own asset?

This exactly. The real American spirit is one of intense scrutiny of foreign cultures in order to cherry pick the best cultural artifacts to assimilate into our own.

Ie, mexican food is alright, but mexican "people" are blood-lusting inbred garbage that do not make our culture better.

This is why you can't have a thot running your immigration enforcement. Everyone knows thots are fiends for dine-in mexspican food.

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There’s already a thread faggot




ICE keeps our borders secure and arrest MS-13 niggers. I hope ICE arrest all these little commie antifa sissies and puts them in camps.

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You know it's bad when the chief of homeland security has poor security in our homeland. I'm not a white Knight but I do feel bad for her. Having your meal interrupted is crass and low even for these animals.

Hopefully if redpills her pretty hard. We should write her emails of support. Her email is [email protected]

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Fuck you don't talk about her that way kike shill.

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Because ANTIFA are just 'peaceful protestors,' like BLM.

It's an embarrassment that negros, spics, and jews are allowed to run around and harass white women like that. Especially one who is working so hard to keep our country safe. Kirstjen Nielsen is an angel who did nothing wrong.

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"Now that we've got the recipe, is there really any need for them to stay?"

-Rowan Atkinson on immigrants and ethnic food

Yeah it honestly does upset something in me. Something deep down. Like when I see a nigger disrespect a white woman. There's some feral part of me that just really doesn't like that.

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yes user it makes me very sad and want to cry

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Who is going to be the golden soul that webms this?

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Oh no, the DHS zogbot got her feelings hurt sage

At this point, the left's intent seems to be to provoke an IRL response so that their ramblings about fascism can be justified.

Until there is literal genocide of shitskins and any "white" sympathizers, this country cannot move forward. No other policy issue matters.

Hope you non-Boomers realize that boomers will NEVER do what's necessary to move forward. They will NEVER round up and deport or kill every single shitskin. That is a duty we did not choose, but we MUST DO OURSELVES.

It's to our benefit. This happening to her gets her more personally and emotionally involved in detesting and hating these people. That means, at least socially, whatever her positions were, and who she's worked for and been funded by, she'll move to the right and become a little more ethnocentric and extreme.

we need to let this happen , stir this pot tell they get violent.

Then we not only take the immagrants children away, we take all of their children away.

Lol that isn't how it works

When it gets to that point, there won't be anyone left listening to their propaganda. When it gets to the point of action, you know the passive live-and-let-live types have been deeply angered. They're going to silence and destroy every facet of marxist filth when that happens. When action comes, it's only coming once, because that's all it'll take.

That's exactly how it works, retard.


How very typical of them.
Were they arrested for harassment? If not, why not?
Why dosen't any "news" agency do a story on who these people are? Why not tell us their backgrounds, where they work, what their criminal history might be?
I'm guessing they get paid to harass people, that they've done this for years, for Soros shekels…if Fox "news" is truly in opposition to libtarded "news" outlets, then why don't they do an in-depth investigation of the individuals involved, so we know who we're really fighting?

Fox "news" = controlled opposition, that's why.

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Yes. Stop patronizing any non-white-owned business or any business that employs non-whites.

Every single thing the boomers did letting shitskins continue to exist in this joke of a "country" must be reversed by ANY MEANS NECESSARY. This must lead to the final solution of total ethnic cleansing. This country has no future unless those younger than boomers take responsibility for our future and drive every single non-white out of the United States or liquidate them.

checked and keked

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No it isn't. She will do what she is paid to do.

Indisputably, being personally affected, her social views are going to become more extreme, just like everyone who's been personally affected over the years. The best thing that can happen is to have the personal lives of those in positions of power affected in the same manner as working class whites. They'll grow the same resentment and hatred, and eventually that's going to carry over into their careers. Especially when they realize a sizable portion of the population will back them.

HAHA Stupid bitch ran away like a little cunt.
I man would have ate his taco and drank his cerveza with a huge smile on his face.

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Sam Lavigne is the name of the guy who originally did the scraping.

Boomers, boomers, boomers…
Your meme is dead, and you're the one that killed it.
You worked it to death.

Kristjen Nielsen is a childless liberal cunt who has no business being DHS head. The bitch has continually undermined Trump's agenda on immigration both in word and in deed. I don't give a flying fuck what happens to her and I hope she gets replaced with a man who will actually get the fucking job done and enforce our fucking borders.

That said, fuck these antifa bean golems who are harassing her. They all deserve to be loaded in a cannon and shot over the southern border. Sage because this didn't need its own thread.

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Silly beans… don’t they know fajitas are Texmex? Fajitas are an American food with “mexican” ingredients. Go back to eating literally shitty menudo.

No more waiting. No boomer or anyone in position of power has shown willingness to do what is necessary for whites to prevent their own genocide. We have to drive out every single non-white or liquidate any who refuse to move. There is no half-measure and survival is on the line. Either kill all non-whites or whites get wiped out. No more fucking around with weak leaders and boomers. They are cancer and worse than somebody who does nothing. There is no more time to waste with leaders like Nielsen who never do what's necessary. Nothing is acceptable now except mass displacement or mass liquidation, and it is our duty as the younger generation of whites to make this happen on our own. No one will save us.

Her personal views do not matter. Personal views do not matter in politics.

I prefer burritos.

the lolbergs in the normie gun community already feel like their liberty is being threatened due to how google and facebook is treating everyone who owns a firearm. But IMO it hasn't escalated enough. They still think talking politely works.

Jesus, you glow in the dark like the uranium you want us to make a bomb out of.

Boomers will never do what it takes because they are too old and have been brainwashed over time. It doesn't mean they're evil. It means WE, as younger whites, are SOLELY RESPONSIBLE to stop our own genocide.

It is kill every non-white, or non-whites will wipe us off the map. Older whites making policy will not save us. WE must save ourselves and eliminate non-whites before they eliminate us.

Very few people on Zig Forums are such morons that they do not grasp the simple mathematical reality of demographics. Few are dumb enough to fall for the shtick that someone will magically save whites from genocide. Your "sit around and do nothing" shilling will not work as things get worse and worse. It's obvious that there is only one solution for whites to survive, and the "adults" aren't going to carry that out.

Your operation is to keep whites venting online instead of taking real action to organize. Fuck you.

Real beaner food is disgusting as well. Gristle chunks and bean slime topped with green vomit in a tortilla that smells like a diaper. Taco Bell is superior to their garbage.
Also in ny local spic hangput they have a billboard filled with instructions to becoming a citizen.

Diversity hire backfires again

Anyone got any border patrol QT pics? This Latina Mami is betraying the Mexicans to protect the white mans border. HOT!

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They will hand in their guns when the time comes. Most of them are "blue lives matter" fags who support the police and don't have it in them to gun down LEOs.

Are you retarded? Of course they do. A person's politics are dependent on their personal views. A person can't operate in politics without having their personal views affect their working life.

She's probably making some money on the side while helping flood our country with illegals. Blood is thicker than ideology.

Anyone know much about twitter.com/DemSocialists?

They seem to be a pretty big driving force in demonstrations. They're gaining huge following now.

Codemonkey fucked this board.

Mexican culture is basically a bastardization of Spanish culture. Anything unique to them is a product of a very primitive people, and thus probably tastes like shit. After all, native cuisine, them being so technologically primitive, would have very limited ingredients.

No, in practice they don't. The political system works on balance of power and leverage. Individuals are not able to express their personal views through the political system except at the higher levels wherr sovereignty exists, which she is not a part of.

Hair is died btw.

Why is everything a fetish? Look at how obvious this shit is.

Because it's reddit. Kikey could be a faggot, but he didn't let this shit go on.

This is great.

Cry more. lmao.

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Neck yourself nigger. Neilsen has been working against the Trump administration since she was hired. Let that bitch get a taste of the future she's been constructing for the rest of us.

This experience will likely toughen her stance at least.

Nigger, shut the fuck up…


This. But i fear there is no possible plan to execute such.


Trump is signing an executive order to keep the families together in the camps


Wait, did the DEPORT THEM ALL meme just became real?

No, we're probably going to get fucked on this if she's drafting it unless Trump slapped some sense into her.

Breaking up the families was serving as a good deterrent to crossing the border illegally. I am sad that the crying baby photos are making Trump cuck. At least he's not going back to Catch and Release

No it wasn't they aren't even their fucking kids 90% of the time.



dead leftists can't join antifa and protest

This is an insult to the Celtic people.
It implies bravery and courage is a bad thing.
Hispanic culture is Celtic culture.
Everything non-white mixed-race spics do is stolen from Europeans.
Race war when.

He's correct in what he's saying. It's odd that you're even arguing it.

Fuck off with autism like this, 4gag.

For any rational person being attacked by a certain group of people would reduce your sympathy for their plight.

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Fucking cuckold faggot.

Yeah you're definitely from reddit.

Kill yourself.

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It's not a mexican restaurant. It's in Washington DC.

I fucking hate these imbeciles.

Great MILF.

I hate you so much.

"How could you eat spic food?" Spanish styled food is the invention of white Spaniards with alterations by spics. Did you think those Aztec and Mayan street shitters came up with it on their own? They didn't have fucking bovine til 500 years ago. Why do we let cucks and marxists exist in this country?

Marxists should be shot. I'd let them protest, so I can have the RWDS find them and throw them and their families that support them into the work camps. These camps will have no walls, just Panzer Cops wanting some target practice, waiting on the edges where the outer walls would be, waiting for the prisoners too stupid to stay in the white lines.

Reddit tier NeoCon faggotry. Do not countersignal the white man and his fight for supremacy or this world is doomed. Heil Hitler!

That pic looks like Bronx blogger, so I read it in his voice .

Kek. Why do people still buy non-European foreign food anyway?

I hate these faggots more though.

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