Time to kill the EU lads

The EU has voted yes on articles 11 and 13 (notice the satanic significance of the numbers they chose to alert the leaders that the illuminati are behind the legislation).

We have a few weeks to fire up the meme cannons and ensure EU wide rebellion when the vote is ratified. This should be a tough battle, so we need to be on our A game.

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A knoife is influence

implying anything will change at all, larping tinfoil hatters

Notice this. *unzips dick*


write a few angry letters and share a few petitions online. you wont be able to do it after they shut it down

Reminder that these (((people))) have pets, families, and addresses.

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(((they))) sure think so
thats why they are closing down the internet

That's not how we roll shlomo

You have no power semite
Prepare to be gassed
Your fear tastes so good

I'll miss seeing memes like this.

TBH we should shut the internet down. I will relish shitposting irl mestspace.
Just imagine all the fun days of pee pee poo poo pissssssssss from ear to ear and person to person. We will get much more accomplished
Shut it the fuck down world wide

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Nothin personnel

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Fire up the meme cannons
Filthy fucking yids are out in force. We have hit the main nerve
Skin all eu participants alive


I hate these fucking faggots. God fucking dammit, this is sick.

I'm pretty sure that was a false flag article.

Good luck Eurocucks.

defying a thousand year old global order to make /ourguy/ the most powerful person on the planet and triggering the collapse of a non-democratic global empire has a tendency to give people those ideas.

I am sure the deed is done (After Trump) people are waking up the kikes know it and cannot stop it that's why they have their engines on full they are smart to know they are gonna be hanged in less than a decade and they cannot stop it. They also know earth has no more than 100 years until it destroys humanity and starts from scratch with a new species. Even if the fucking kikes escape earth I see their suffering becoming 100 times larger.Other than that they cannot stop us there will be war and if we loose this war I am afraid nothing can save us from total annihilation. Let's hope after we stop the kikes we get our shit together and actually stop harming the planet we live in before it destroys us.

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Lauch and the world laughs with you, cry and you cry alone. So go cry alone kike.

First time somebody calls me a kike on this board I am deeply offended. I am just kidding you idiots took it too far with the kike words and shills, I liked CIA niggers but then it became kind of sterile more like a dead meme that is being used in an echo chamber if you want people to come back to this board you need to ban the people that use the word kike for no reason other than to make fun of somebody I am pretty sure in 15 years it will be an insult to call someone a kike but until then stop using it on everyone without a fucking reason.

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What will Poland and Hungary do?

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I'm a Burger and hate Europeans that didn't immigrate to the US. What are "articles 11 and 13" and why should I fucking care?

What's the satanic significance of 11?


From one Burger to another, you should just go ahead and kill yourself you rootless illiterate fuck.

Decent timestamp trips too

You sound like a jew that prefers beaners, niggers, and chinks to immigrate to my white kin's New World.

My white ancestors left Europiss for good reasons: too many jews and poos.

Fuck. I dont even live in an EU country and I'm pissed. To anyone who is under EU tyranny right now, and are reading this thread:
You guys need as many people as you can muster across the EU states doing exactly this.

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Because we are white and you should care for your own as we care for you, you fucking idiot. Because when we are divided it's easier to be controlled.

Checked and Checked.

Disregard my last post . This moron is a shill . Filter him.

You aren't white, though. You're the reason we have jews here in the US. The jews are the reason we have niggers here in the US. The jews are the reason we have beaners here in the US.

My ancestors left, and you motherfuckers followed them just fuck our shit up and then cry about how you let the ancestral homelands be destroyed by jews, commies, and rapefugees.

You don't care about us, and you've provided literally no reason for us to care about you. In fact the reasons I listed above are reasons we have to hate you. Pic related is something you can think about; he's white:

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Fire and bullets are the solution to the eu and the un

I bet the stupid Europissers wish they didn't surrender their funs to their kike overlords.

Kill yourself D&C kike, filtered

ahh spineless summerfags. can't wait for the snow to return. because i'm white, and us true whites thrive in the snow.

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When's the ratification?

Americans hate Europeans, D&C

Last reply you get from me shill. Your desert country is extremely small. When it comes to ICBMs your air defenses are useless against a Mach 20 warhead. Your bunkers can not withstand a 1Mt blast either. In WW3 we burn together shill.

Here is the list of the traitors fuck em up lads.

You need targets first. Come and join.


Use sms-online.co/receive-free-sms to verify your account

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Op, why do you feel the need to add in bullshit about numbers/satanic/illuminati? Are you too dumb to understand that that makes very important issues easily written off as kooky because stupid fucks like you are too un-self-aware to just write about the issue cleanly without injecting crazy shit? Think about optics. Idiots like you are the reason horrific shit gets ignored–it's easy for everyone to write off Zig Forums as full of shit and insane. Fuck you. You're helping the enemy you dumb fuck

We do. That's why we left Europa and became Americans.

And? We divided ourselves from (((you))), and then conquered (((King George))).

The reason we have Jews in the USA is because the country was founded by Jews and Jew-loving Freemasons. America has always been the most philosemitic country on earth.

Retarded D&C
Gas yourselves

When I hear the word optics, I reach for my revolver

11 represents surpassing perfection (10). The number 11 also symbolizes the two masonic pillars joachim and boaz That's one of the reasons why the kikes chose 9/11 to crash planes into the trade center. Why the Pentagon construction began on 9/11 1946 (can't remember the exact years), why the world trade center broke ground on 9/11/1968, why 911 became the national hotline number in the same year, why apple (the logo of an apple with a bite out of it refers to the deception of humanity be satan in the garden of eden) OS that was released during what was intended to be the culmination of the illuminati/freemason "great work of the ages" is ios 11. If you dig, you can find far more than this.

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Will I still be able to torrent anime? If yes then I don't care.

Because the tech companies that will implement this are American companies (google, Facebook, etc) that follow EU law, so it will be imposed everywhere those companies operate, which means it'll be imposed on Americans as well.

fuck no.

11 represents your retardation because it goes to 11.


All you fuckers are gonna die. I'm gonna slit your throat with a blunt kitchen knife

Already a thread leddit.


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Why are you happy about this?

And look at the wonderland you created. Mutt trash.

Kill yourself jew.

Never mind, I figured it out. You think they'll only suppress the nazis speech. Only suppress Zig Forums and the "alt-right" and their memes.

You're so naive to think they won't come for you next. You are the golem.

Im just shitting on OP for being an esonigger. Doesn't mean I like the new laws.

You are so utterly predictable and sad. Sit down for your gas.

Well this thread as a few dozen replies and I don't see any memes. In fact, 8ch Zig Forums hasn't produced any noteworthy memes in months. It certainly won't help when you got esoniggers trying to convince people that this legislation is done to mind control them.



Dream on kike. We will destroy your NWO.

Enjoy the 2 shekels you got from my replies.

Working with non-Whites against ZOG is a worthwhile goal.
After the non-Whites are removed, or concurrent with them being removed, from White countries.

reality is crazier than any single webm you could find on this entire site



Seems all glowing tbh
Beware anons


You know you're in a rough spot when Mr. Reddikur talks shit about you.

Step 1: Learn to make non-copyrighted memes.

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Yes siree bobby. Eurocucks. Utterly fucking useless.

Fucking kek.

It doesn't matter where you live, this will effect you. Companies everywhere will either need to get in compliance or go out of business. This is what one world Jewish governance looks like.

We have enough power considering we need full time shills to try and shut us down. Probably more if meme magic is real.

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The Russians will crush them, in time.

Wtf does low IQ do to your brain?

I don't care. This is a good thing. It's not about the memes.

wtf if I stop this EU will improve

fuck off cunt, the worse EU gets the better

You wouldn't be here if we didn't. Or rather, your master wouldn't send you here to shipost all day for a couple of shekels.

I dont care , I just sage all of europe and this thread


No Zig Forums has no influence, that's why you kikes are so paranoid about us and you have an entire group of paid shill trying to demoralize us.
But no, no influence :^)

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Europeans have no say in this. It's literally out of our control, and anything you can say against it would be labelled as anti-european union and therefore you're a nazi that needs to be shut down. That's literally their logic.

t. cuckopean

just call them kikes you faggot

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The Roman army was the largest multiracial army in history. A bunch of pleb niggers being conscripted in Africa doesn't equate to a global multiracial army. The SS was an esoteric Germanic legion, only proven Aryans were allowed to become members, they were forced to convert to Germanic paganism.

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OP, one thing we could do for maximum keks is to associate the importance of the right of sharing links and making parodies with the (((Weinstein))) case and the migrant crisis. Essentially, if the EU allows this stuff to pass, coverage of similar, future cases of "scandalous" nature can easily be snuffed away from the net or some similar shit.
Make it sound like it's the ebil EU trying to censor news and sharing news of migrant kids stuck in camps - remember, leftists and soyboys really think that the media is too far right because they don't 100% openly state everyone should get a sex change.

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Be sure to wear your Internet condom, that's all.


Explain the slide threads on half-Zig Forums, the liberal mods as well, and the attempt to demoralize 8/pol/ via censorship.

Its only gotten worse since the 2016 election.

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Fug first US got hit, then Russia and now EU
(((they))) are terrified of the Internet