Unite the right 2.0

If this isn't a con op, what is it?
Kessler needs to be stopped.

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Another false flag imminent


(((Distric of Columbia)))
Good luck with that.

(((who))) picks the locations for these events?

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Probably Jason Kessler who was behind CV 2.0

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Stopped reading

Daily reminder.

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Holy shit.

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I thought kessler was outed as a subversive kike, do people even support him?

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So how long is it before the alt kike idiots show up to this thread? They are currently in the Spic Fuentes thread. I give it 20 minutes.

So, typical tricks.

Oh look, more false flags!

How comes all these "protests"are organized in liberal majority areas with Demorat mayors and significant population of brown criminals?

Why protest at Hitler's home if you approve of what he is doing? It is easier to ignore the people sending the message if they aren't on your doorstep. Take the occupy idea, you wouldn't occupy the beach if you are protesting bean-counting kikes.

400 neckbeards can beat 1000 pantifa anytime

then you are retarded. the entire "muhgrant children" shite is being done to get bad optics, and essentially retake control by democrats. you are doing the equivalent of going "LALALA I CAN'T HEEEAR YOU!" when someone says that chugging petrol on a fire is not a good idea. that you stopped reading doesn't say as much about the user you replied to than what it says about you, you utter fucking dunce.


What are you even try to say? And why would anyone in his right mind protest against Hitler?

They are not allowed to though.

Good goys, come and protest in my playing field, surrounded by niggers and least 3 to 1 with a police force willing to play ball for shlomo that sets you up exactly like they did in Cville where the police chief was a BAMN member!

This isn't an argument in your favour, genius. The people you're electing, are the people you should be watching.
How many people are not going to vote republican because of a march?

Protesting the enemy is irrelevant as they are the enemy and will not change anything based on their adversaries outrage. These types of events should be held in sympathetic areas and used as a recruitment tool. LotS has the right idea with how they go about it. Go to smaller towns of disenfranchised Whites and show them that you're there for them and their needs.

I get it, you're a fucking jew.

Dismantling "movements" such as the Alt-Kike would be a plus for our interests because than these faggot feds wouldn't obstruct our goals in the long run with their miasma of beliefs in zionism and nazbol and sodomy that are cancerous to the west

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I just answered the why it is being done there question. I never said it was useful. And no when you go cheer leading in a sympathetic locale, it is a rally and not a protest.
For example, advocating for national socialism here isn't protesting.

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Which doesn't actually matter. Which is why I stopped reading. Republicans are pushing amnesty right now, if you hadn't heard. There is no difference between the parties.

Hows it feel to be a good goy for kessler?

You're a retarded cuckservative. They will ALWAYS call you a nazi if you feel stigmatized by it.

How does it feel being useless kike?

I actually agree with this. Unite the right 2 is probably poorly planned. But people take that and use it as an excuse to avoid all public activism, which is dumb.

Checked. They will call you as much regardless.

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you should swim in a fucking bowl if you have this level of foresight. people aren't being swayed by the march, they will by another 'completely unprovoked' (((death))) or something similar that the media can use to strengthen their lies. of course they will be lying, but they become far less obvious for the normies when at least a part of it is real. but if you think giving further ammo to media on the eve of an election, i should at least congratulate you on being able to breathe.

How can I be the jew when you are the one who supports a jews protest?

does anyone here have the screencap of trs lusting over Asian women at the daily stormer?

You cry when they are too ideological, and you cry when they aren't ideological enough. A wall of text to read about how WN was "growing". You don't need to be an oldfag, to see it was stagnating.

I would rather see the actual right show up in droves and take it away from the yids but I doubt it would happen.

What a sack of shit. His rally is 100% leftist psy op.

Oh kikey, you don't even try.

Oh yes, Mike Peinowitz and Implicit Dick sure breathed new life into the movement!

What movement?

Problem is white people on the right tend to have jobs.

The WN movement you were just referencing

Don't play dumb, TRS faggot.

Name some of the activities of this growing movement?

Cucking to based Zionist jews, quadroons, mulattos and castizos.
Attacking people who are more extreme then them

Unite the right 2.0 lel

I hope the optics are horrible and all of your neocon politicians lose.

That wasn't what I asked. That walltext posted is an example of why we don't like blogposts. It reads a fucking mantra, every fourth word is "altright".

Then what did you ask, Mr. altright?

I asked for evidence of this growing movement that was highjacked.

Opinion discarded

It just keeps happening.
Why do sheep keep following kike leaders into a deliberately pre-planned slaughter? It's the same shit, every time. The planners, the speakers, at these events are either kikes or kosher as fuck. It couldn't be more obvious that it's controlled opposition.

You just can't get it through their thick heads that kikes hate whites. Kikes are behind everything destroying whites and everything destroying white nations. Every anti-white utterance is either directly from a kike or a result of kike influence, yet these idiots keep following kike figureheads of the alt-kike to be beaten by violent (kike or kike-brainwashed) commies while kiked cops do nothing, slandered by the judenpresse and kiked by the jewdicial system over and over again.

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The problem isn't about displaying your white pride, the problem is the leadership and most involved are the bottom of the barrel and should not be leading any fucking thing because they just make everyone else look bad. Get a good looking charismatic, good orator who actually has a large IQ to lead

The altright was forged as a controlled opposition steamvent to funnel off growing anger at the anti white status quo. The altright is literaly edgy neocohenism with some oven jokes on top. See Spencer's dicksucking of isreal.

The president is too busy to lead a protest.

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you are right, surely it's better to accelerate the situation until we get a 1984: remastered edition. surely people will stand up when they have no way of standing up anymore, right?

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No shit. Protesting is retarded and a waste of time and resources. I think we agree on that and that efforts would be better spent in positive outreach to our own people.

This is why you don't attempt to argue in good faith with these fucks. Rather than answering the question they point at the irrelevant part no one is arguing and argue against that instead.

No we do not agree.

Hes also telling people they cant defend themselves with anything but their bare hands and not to wear body armor even, sounds like he wants dead whites.

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This. Raise awareness about (((ziocucks))) and get serious. The more you spread and inspire people to reject the societal contract and actually engage in bona fide revolution, the less power ZOG will have. ZOG relies on taxes, compliant police/army and mindless consumerism. Pull out any of the pillars holding them atop their artificial throne and the unstable system will collapse.

Kill the right person and millions of /ourguys/ more will survive the coming reckoning. SIEG HEIL 1488

And do you want tell me what the difference is between his dick sucking of Israel and trump's? I know, I want to see if you do.

I asked a simple question. You're to yourself.

Listen to yourself dude

Still waiting.

Keep waiting shill, your leaders need to be cut out with a scalpel.

Even if it is a false flag, bad publicity is better than no publicity. The entire argument the Left is trying to construct now is that no one sympathizes with these causes. That Trumps election was a fluke at best and foreign interference at worst. At the very least these events show people in their flesh and blood.

I know you did. If you continue to engage the kike, knowing he will just dance around the dreidel, you're part of the fucking problem.

This is not my movement. I just like seeing the lies people tell themselves hit the brick wall.

look, i know it's really hard to understand basic concepts when you are effectively braindead, but i'm certain you can prove those doctors wrong if you were to just try!

Here is the false premise

ah ok, thanks for letting me know. Be sure to not spend those shekels all in one go.

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The Jewnited States is not worth preserving.


So I hope they won't be where this rally has been approved to be at.

I just assumed they were Feds/CI's and the cringe is by (((design)))…probably why they host these rallies around DC, FBIniggers don't enjoy long commutes.

Do you want to know a secret? I'm waiting for one of you retards to post your own suicide, I'm suprised it hasn't happened by now. VNN, ANP and NA, you retards eat your own. I get to watch. You ruined my life.

what is the gate hinge contraption?

as opposed to what? The no-speech/no-funs/sharia law EU? The suicide-net factory/dystopian hellscape Asia? The mud-hut/AIDS death factory Africa? The cartel-run/ape-brained/socialist retards in South America? What would you consider worth preserving?

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None of these are involved in unite the right

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they don't consider anything worth preserving. they have the genius idea that if you destroy society and civilization, the perfect utopia can be created.

you ruined yourself by being a coward, doing nothing but complain about everything without even trying to suggest an alternative. that's whats wrong with you shitstained faggots, you don't do anything but be pessimistic little shits, not contributing, doing nothing but shit on each and every person who dares to have hope for a future.
you, my friend, are the patron saint of shitpilled around the world, the messias of the soulless, king of the cucked. just end it already and save us from reading your garbage again.

fuck you

Uhh bro, you're a few decades too late for that

Appears to be a shin pad with a big metal chunk added onto it.

I wasnt the guy you were talking to, I just dont like you and you dont belong here.

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It appears to have a bolt running through it sideways. If that is the case it is a punch tool. Grab the bolt and the hinge sticking out is the striking surface.

what, too much sand for your mangina? just take a swig and release us from the abyssal sadness that are your posts.

i said not to spend it all in one go, my awfully hooknosed friend.

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This may be a unorthodox opinion here in the sewer of the internet, but I believe that for the past 10 years we have been witnessing the birth pangs of a multi party democracy (or a parliamentary republic, if you will) in the United States. From what I have gleaned from my study of the popular culture and political economy, this will come to pass.

If only I would have had the gumption to follow my gut and taken a loan to bet on the victory of Trump, I would not even be posting here rite nao.

Look, if you believe that there is anything worth preserving about America, then you are the enemy.

Just let the Cunts IA psyops play-act between themselves.


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I hope the roach streams it on twitch

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And when you faggots see the hoard of based niggers and spics with their jew handlers you will weep with joy and declare "this is my america" while neocons and commies screech about how the opposition is more racist than them.

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