So, CNN is currently trying to brainwash the public once more by doing what they do best; fearmongering and emotional rhetoric.
They're really scraping the bottom of the barrel and trying to put these subhumans in a good light.

You give white people a bad name. Grow the fuck up or jump off a cliff


Hi, leftypol. We're NatSocs here, which you might not have known. When we gain power, right after we kill you, it's going to be genocide time for the other subhumans, including those poor kids, which will probably make a lot of people cry. We do not revel in this, but we'd rather Mexishit children – who are only alive in the first place because their ignorant savage parents don't believe in birth control – cry than our own.

Please die, before we get to you on DotR.

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"Despite the stereotypical image of Trump supporters, they're not old, angry or altogether white. They're young highly-educated professionals with immigrant histories in their families….They all support Trump but feel this immigration policy is going too far."

who they fuck are you to say? You are not white. Your opinion does not matter. Go burn some coal you piece of shit.

speak for yourself bro, no one gives a shit about natsocs. Useless dumb group that cant do shit.

are you even trying?

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Those comments are pure unadulterated genocidal cultural marxist poz. A lot of "We're all immigrants" lie making no distinction between criminal invaders and settlers who built the nation they're leeching from. A ton of them are playing a religious angle trying to activate the cuck programming of Christians demanding they aid vicious criminals who hate them and drain their tax dollars by the billions every year. Lies about border-jumping criminals being hard-working.

If the commenters rub their hands together any harder the collective friction will incinerate the Earth.

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Why are non-white children costing me tax money? The only thing my tax dollars should fund are bullets for a border guard and megaphones. They get a warning and if they decide to invade, they get the bullet from an MG42 or browning M2.

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This shitstorm is proof ((they)) are losing the war, and losing it badly. They are so desperate they are going straight to the vagina vote by running with the "MUH LITTLE BROWN BABBIES!" and the "MUH WHAT WOULD HALLMARK CARD JESUS DO?!" lines of attack.

Too bad for them that Trump has been constantly reminding everyone that in the current year, Democrats and RINOs are Jesus-hating baby-killers and sex criminals. Even the dumbest female boomer Republicuck can see the massive levels of hypocrisy at play, not to mention how easy it is to point out that the little brown larvae wouldn't be in baby jail IF THEIR DISGUSTING WETBACK PARENTS/PIMPS WOULD STAY IN THEIR FUCKING SHITHOLES


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Leave actually, tits, then gtfo

They're not even hiding it anymore.

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She's trying to play victim without an actual claim to victimhood?
I just can't even.

Amazing parenting skills from these migrant parents. Not planning ahead, not understanding what the fuck is going on, using the system with your kids as bait, coming in with no skills. We get nothing from these bums. We should do what Israel does and shoot them

Remember goy, Rubin is a conservative

not sure if tranny or just ugly.

Just like this spik also?

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So you caught on to that huh?

It's laughably transparent how the media latching onto this one issue out of the blue is a staged affair designed to either make cuckservatives disavow Trump ahead of the midterms or to corner the few with guts into getting mad and stating common sense opinions so they can be unpersoned for their bigotry.

It disgusts me profoundly to see this shit play out.

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Lmao, ana (((navarro))) is a self admitted kikess.

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Who cares? Doesn't CNN have the oldest viewership of all news media now? Old and plummeting. CNN doesn't influence shit anymore.

They fucking forced faceberg to fully pay for their MSM shows just so they don't go bankrupt.

The old media is dying and only nepotism keeps it afloat.

They have brown skin. If you had brown skin I am very sure you could get away with a lot of things too.

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Making a thread about what's on CNN… Google how to tie a noose, OP.

This is all part of the indoctrination process. The longer they stay in the Jewish deception of believing in the Holohoax, the more they become radicalized to Cultural Marxism.

We are racist because we oppose the ongoing genocide of White people.
We are "nazis" because we know (((who))) is behind it.
We are not the villains.
The villains are the people who support White genocide. Spics and other non-Whites have their own countries. Whites, however, where are our countries? Being annihilated by a horde of brown, black, and yellow. Is that morally right? Is that justice? The only people who claim that it is are those who are motivated chiefly by a HATRED of White people, whatever they may tell themselves.

The ongoing genocide of White people must be stopped.
White genocide or White nationalism.
Pick one, White man.

When making a thread, please put more effort into it. Include a title, short summary and quote the relevant dialog.

user, have you considered that thanks to people like that common sense is becoming a synonymous of nationalsocialism?

death to all non-whites

also, the way they just dismissed the idea that people are lying about being parents of some of the kids there. of course we don't know how many are doing that, because they lack documentation, and didn't people look up that UNICEF number about how many children are victims of child trafficking every year? CNN most definitely fulfills sedition