Scaramucci: Lewandowski should apologize for mocking girl with Down syndrome

Scaramucci: Lewandowski should apologize for mocking girl with Down syndrome
Womp womp, Mooch

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The healthy should not take pity on the sick. The sick ultimately resent the healthy, all the more so when the healthy make themselves vulnerable by apologizing. Things like this are how borders get opened up in the first place. Society should either abandon the sick or persecute them. Besides, the child he mocked was an illegal immigrant. It's never wrong to mock foreigners, especially when they're invading your country.

I hope he doesn't apologize, because this shit will happen.
He should never apologize for not accepting the left's manipulative tactics to literally cause dysgenics in our country.


You're in luck.

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he was mocking that bald bitch Petkanas for bringing a sob story to a policy debate. Scaramucci always sells out.

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You say that, until you get sick.

The issue here should be why these parents are risking the lives of their children. It's irresponsible parenting that has created this situation. Would any responsible parent risk their child's safety and possible death crossing a desert with literal criminal gangs?

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I should add that many of those immigrants believe in Jesus Christ.

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But he didn't mock the girl. He mocked the guy crying about the situation. Is specific nuance impossible for niggers to figure out?


The left will act autistic and pretend not to understand context if it benefits them to do so. Like believing Trump literally grabbed pussies instead of implying women fawned over a celebrity like himself.

kike softly Shlomo…

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New Yorkers are trash

((( )))
go pray to moloch

The left cannot help but lie, they could just report what he actually said call him insensitive and a hell of a lot of people would agree..

But no they have to say he was mocking the girl, it's in their blood it's who they are they have to subvert and distort.

Nothing wrong with being an esoteric immigrant.

Your memes are shit and Zig Forums tier. Fuck off, you're not from here.

Scaramucci is a Democrat and a liberal who wants mass immigration. Fuck that asshole. He should drink more and smoke more weed when he's high on cocaine then he wouldn't shoot his mouth off so much.

He was just being an education hound. Story as I heard it, she went long on waiting for the short bus and ended up tardy.

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he wasn't. he was mocking the reporter using her story

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Andrew Anglin is the man

Listen to that inflection. 100% bitch made faggot right there. Womp womp.

I like Lewandowski. Should have voted for him instead of Trump. Lewandowski 2020, Womp Womp.

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