Southern Poverty Law Center Has More Than $90 Million In Offshore Funds

Southern Poverty Law Center Has More Than $90 Million In Offshore Funds
Left-wing group has come under fire from both the left and right for its 'hate' designations
The Southern Poverty Law Center (((SPLC))), a left-wing nonprofit known for its "hate group" designations, now has $92 million in offshore investment funds, according to financial statements.
The SPLC, which has come under fire from across the political spectrum for some of its "extremist" labeling of groups, has been thriving since President Donald Trump entered the White House.
The controversial organization reported $477 million in total assets and $132 million in contributions on its most recent tax forms, which cover Nov. 1, 2016 to Oct. 31, 2017. That represents an increase of $140 million in its total assets from the previous year. Millions flowed to the group following the deadly Charlottesville, Va. attacks from employees at companies including JP Morgan Chase and Apple as well as from actors such as George Clooney.
As part of its business dealings, the SPLC holds tens of millions in offshore entities.
While little is publicly available on the SPLC's actual transactions, the Washington Free Beacon discovered forms last year that shed light on some of its transfers to entities that are mainly located in the Cayman Islands. The SPLC additionally reports investments in entities in Bermuda and the British Virgin Islands. The Weekly Standard later found that the SPLC had $69 million in non-U.S. equity funds.

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SPLC writing about you is just free advert.

The modest boomer tea party had the IRS sicced on them, wayback. Then the IRS whoopsied their internal emails in front of a congressional hearing.

Reminder: The SPLC give a poster to everything single police department in the country showing "hate groups" and the symbols they usr. What is coincidentally is that every group is antisemitic and not a single one isn't.

they train 15,000 ZOGbots a year

Deal with it snowflake

Hey Herschel, how's the weather in Tel Aviv?

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If you're so opposed to capitalism then maybe you should move there

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Not shady at all.

It's the free market. Don't like it, then make your own law center.

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Oyyy veyy our shabbos goy, (((mark potock))), how will he ever recover!?!

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Calm down Schlomo

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Boy I've been eating little commies like you for breakfast since the marine corps. We learned there was only one way to deal with you anti-rich college boys in basic. You would never make the cut

Nice try Moishe but you couldn't even get the copy pasta right.


It's not about being rich, but about being a bunch of scheming, thieving jews.

Q predicted this

Thanks Roseanne.

The SPLC is nothing more than Morris Dees' own personal version of patreon. He's been labeling anyone and everyone as a "hate group" for years just so he can fleece old liberals out of their money. The entire organization needs to be investigated for fraud.

Read his divorce papers. Pedo and all over nasty faggot.

Oh also the Southern Poverty Law Center doesn't even specialize in poverty law. The whole thing is mendacious.

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bump and see

ADL has like 500 million.


its all so tiresome

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