"President Donald Trump, under pressure from angry members of his own party, said Wednesday that he would be "signing something in a little while" that would keep families together at the border, halting a policy he instituted earlier this year.

"I'll be doing something that's somewhat pre-emptive and ultimately will be matched by legislation I’m sure," Trump told reporters when asked if he wants to try to keep to families together at the U.S. border.

"I'll be signing something in a little while that’s going to do that," he said. "We want to solve this immigration problem." The signing was expected to take place later Wednesday afternoon."

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Trump is just playing the dems like a fiddle. By caving in to all of their demands, he shows that he is the bigger man and projects the optics of a wise and compassionate leader.

He was never our guy, and this shit, along with him going after guns like he did was inevitable.


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Can't you see the 1D chess behind this play? First Trump abuses them to induce Stockholm syndrome, then they are released and become BASED Trump voters. Genius plan.

He's saving the taxpayers money keeping them in one location. The kids get raped and abused. Point at liberal policy. kek

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the kids narrative is a dangerous play, not even trump can spin it you fucking moron, this could ruin his midterm election.

learn how to politics or fuck off from this board.

What will really fuck the libs is when they get pictures of their cages across from each other. Separate (for their protection), but not. The adults get to look at and hear their screaming brats but be unable to do anything about it.

Ahh good old neo-con don bending the knee again

You mean we can deport the whole family now, including the kids?

No, Trump is going to sign the amnesty bill next. House is voting on it this week.

you guys have been saying that since he got elected. "any minute now!"
maybe you'll be right this time. ;-)

I don't get it. Is this somehow a victory for the left?

Because Trump himself has been saying it since he got elected. Amnesty in exchange for the wall. Now it's here.

Shitskins aren't kids, they're less than animals. Now go back to play your 1488D HYPERDIMENSIONAL GWENT you judeophile.


>Trump needs to spin a law enacted and signed into place by Hillary Clinton, Schumer, Kerry, Feinstein, and the rest of the Democrat rat's nest.
Trump is literally following the law, which was written and put in place by Democrats in the early 2000's. He doesn't have to spin anything. It's their law, he's just executing it.

((( )))
fuck off kike

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I'm gonna start screencapping this shit.

Good one, Don.
4 fucking D

watch Dahnold's approval numbers hit 6 gorillion %

'pedes are going to be so confused come November


0% of the omnibus has to be followed.
Oh, but (((you))) knew that.

so assad is gone and trmp enacted gun control?

trump banned bump stocks?
when did the awb pass?

so where is it?

The fuck are these people doing there?

Going to the house for vote later this week. Do you keep up with reading current events at all, or are your eyes too full of Trump's semen?

(((they))) just cant help them selves but celebrate and spam the catalog before its even clear what hes talking about.

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why bother?
They should just let the judenpresse bully Trump into signing more pro-invader EO's

Why do people still support this traitor anyway? What the fuck good has he done for you? If you shill economy or the BS Korean shit then I'll know you're alamo or a dumb fuck boomer.

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You're a traitor to me and my family.

For what, not supporting this fat worthless jew puppet over everything? Unlike you, I actually have White interests in mind and couldn't give 2 shits about spic and nigger unemployment and tax cuts for the rich kikes.

I have family mostly in Europe, but also in South East Asia and Latin America. If there is a traitor to the families of the United States and of the American Continent, it's you!

So he's keeping them together by deporting them on sight?

Not exactly cucking out until we find out what exactly he's doing.

what happens if the house passes it?


Is pic related you?

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Oh you're not White, get the fuck out of my country you parasitic subhuman

Yeah, no. Polls already show not even most democrats support letting the third world come in and shit up our country. Why do you think dems got btfo'd so hard during their alleged shutdown. This entire controversy is a nothing burger like all the others and dems are going to be blindsided again come election time with how little people actually care.

I am white, but like real whites, my ancestors immigrated to different countries. Think of the brave vikings or pioneers, those were my family members.

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Go back to Zig Forums

so, people tht don't support immigrants are the real traitors?


Checked & kekked!

1. kick both illegal alien parents and their children out together
2. ???
3. profit

All you're doing is being a non-White leech, you don't build shit, you don't conquer or create anything, you go to an already established country and shit it up. Kill yourself shitskin.

I thought we defeated (((communism)))

He can't won't touch them if they claim asylum, which is the lengthy legal process that was causing the lengthy family separations. It's going to be an absolute shitshow trying to house minors with adults, with all the (((liability))) that entrails.

They MUST be processed stateside while their asylum claim is slowwalked by activist lawyers and kiked judges.

He's a fucking fool for trying to patch this mess.

This is why we have to gas jews, because they never stop jewishing, no matter what.

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This was an Obama policy. Repeal Obama.

Trump is a populist not a nationalist. The Left has effectively silenced us on social media. In his Washington DC bubble he has no idea which way the wind blowing.


You don't know how politics works. You can't get what you want since the Dems can't compromise.

Drumph BTFO by based and white Iran

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Trump gave the go ahead for gun control that was passed in Florida, Vermont, and other states. He also bombed Syria twice.

The absolute state of trumpniggers.

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You know I've thought about it a bit, maybe he's trying to combat the anchor baby shit???? As far as I know the little bean bags usually don't get deported back but stay here being adopted and sent to orphanages and stuff

Weird how that works.

separate or together, the progressives won't be satisfied until they're just allowed to flood into the country. holding them together indefinitely is still a violation. the aclu is ready. this is only the beginning and it's great.

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Fucking gets me every time


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kek, eat shit lefties.

Hey shills you know what just happened. You got beat out and you haven't realized it. The order keeps families together by making the deportation process faster.

If a spic comes here with a kid they are first on the list to go back. After the US processes them to make sure they aren't trafficking.

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Border agents should process all humans south of Texas with fire

It definitely threw him off his "WALL" momentum. He's pissing away precious time trying to appease the unappeasable while eroding momentum for his stated policy goals.

Animals stay in the zoo
Animals stay in the zoo
You're gonna pay for the zoo
Clinton is BTFO
Taco bell express drive through
ICE can continue processing refried beans

Rachel maddow crocodile tears are more powerful than our government? Fuck trump the zog. I do agree that there shouldn't be camps separating families because it's a waste of money.. just like a wall that is going to be demolished once the demokikes are in charge.

But see… my solution is far less expensive and far more efficient than a stupid wall where contracts will likely be doled out to kike construction companies and land speculators. No… the real solution payment is to add a 1%tax to remittance payments for Mexicans crossing the border illegally. On top of that employ some good old boys… and they can drive around the border planting pungee sticks with sos orders and give them a bounty paid for by the remittance tax for every head they bring. I wouldn't have a problem if we used part of our massive zog military budget to drop munitions on the home village of any illegal caught in America. Enough is enough…already.

No new rights established for invaders or their anchors.

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I'm confused, so he is gonna keep them together, but is he still detaining and deporting them? Every leftist rag seems to make it about him cucking out.

Democracy is dead!

He is copying Merkels fucking game, he removes any republican who might be a real alternative to fix his conservative numbers. Then he is pushing progressive topics to secure the moderate/left vote.

This means he will NEVER enact policies that can be spun as benefiting whites because it risks his voting base.

2020 he will campaign as the saviour of blacks, and he will call Stacy racist if she doesn't breed with Jamal, because thanks to Trump Jamal now has a Job (paid with the Taxes of Stacies parents, thanks Omnibus Bill).
Jamal doesn't pay any taxes of course, thanks to Trumps new Tax laws.

777x chess, white genocide #1

That's criminally insane

Can you believe (((they))) spent so much money shilling only for Trump to speed up the deportation process and hurt child trafficking.

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What's it like spending everyday parroting the same phrase hand picked by the kikes? Have you ever considered suicide it must be as boring as dentistry?

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which is why the policy change will be challenged by (((them))).

These are the same leftists who supported (((Schumer))) when he said he opposed actually fixing the very problem he was screaming about because he'd lose his talking points.

This is literally Art of the Deal 101. What is everyone so butthurt about?

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Beaner kids going to prison with parents confirmed

god trump is such a neo con globalist shill
he sold out the conservatives for liberal scum

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Shills trying to bury this.

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Look at the actual EO, stupid fucking kike

Go back to reddit. ZOG does not arrest ZOG

Call them by their real name, the Jews and their lackeys; communists, feminists, Christians, Muslims, Democrats and Republicans.


ZOG will arrest ZOG to protect ZOG for a pretty shekel and don't you forget it.

Kikes will ignore this

its the same shills that we had to deal with from the start. imkikey banned most of them, now theyre back.

lmao Trumpniggers are delusional.


This is just going to be "bump stocks" all over again. Lots of talk until the 24 news cycle burns-out on taco niggers and then nothing.

Burritos will be tossed
back over the wall

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Yeah, isn't that what that means the whole family goes back to Mexico?

Holy fuck, they managed to shoehorn 'muh russians' into this

Russian trolls are exploiting family-separation stories 'to sow discord among Americans'

clown world


I wonder what he's imagining about allowing spiks with kids coming to the US?

And here's the fucking answer.

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Yes beaner trebuchets are needed
We have them all together , time to get rid of all of them together.
Total deportations. Can't have the kids separated from mom and dad after all

they're going to be given base housing, jejeje

Ooooh, they got RICOd

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we should keep the shitskins together and deport them,using kids as bait for muh asylum is despicable and indicative of how low these disgusting parasites really are.



Fuck off leddit.