It turns out that the Boers were asking for it,_1992

In many European countries, despite Anti-Immigration parties not having the absolute maority, if you do polls about certain questions regarding immigration, refugees, trust in Merkel/establishment you get a very strong anti-immigration result.
I was watching The Alternative Hypothesis and he did mention international pressure and that the goverment owned the media and voter fraud.

But still.there was domestic terrorism. Buses full of white school children were bombed. If that happened in Europe and a referendum of similar siginificance took place, then the public would be extremely energized and fervently against ending Apartheid or whatever the issue was.
It would be like asking if Germany should make all refugees into citizens, while terrorist organizations of these refugees were waging a "German Liberation War".

How cucked do you have to be to vote to give your country away? Boers are officially the most cucked of our race. There is no one worse than you. Not even Sweden. Not even Britain.

And don't even dare to reply about how other people are more cucked. Just legalizing all illegals and making them citizens would never pass in any referendum in any western country. At least not in Europe. What you did is 10 times worse, because you gave your country away to a black majority. You are even more native than the blacks there, if you really know your history.

You voted YES to killing White Farmers and to the raping of white women. You voted Yes to give the country your ancestors built away.
NOTHING will ever wash away the shame what you did. Even if you do somehow reclaim your country which seems completly impossible right now, history has been made. You disgust me, because you actually proved that it is possible that a population can vote Yes! to something so suicidial.
I used to say that we should take in boer refugees, but honestly I rather want you to be martyr, as motivation for us, even if there is little chance you will ever succed in taking back your homeland.
If the murder rate of white farmers just skyrockets and with you being completly dispossessed of everything, maybe that is really going to change the attitudes here in Europe and express themselves properly to a sharp right-wing turn.

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Reminder, the brittish cucks forced these outcomes on the Boers.

They were sanctioned and demonixed by the entire world. They also didn't allow western television programming until the late 70s which mind fucked the white citizenry. It's sad but hopefully their slaughter will wake up whites in our countries

That map looks like Pepe's badly abused penis.

Did the French Revolution have that? Did the German March Revolution in 1848 have that?
Did the Greeks have that, when they forged their nation state and managed to make it 100% greek with not a single turk inside their borders, even though they have been subjugated for centuries?
Did the East Germans have free speech when they toppled their goverment?

That should have given them unity. See Russia. Putin's approval skyrockets, whenver the West is really hard on Russia.

I don't know why the media was owned by the goverment and how exactly they manipulated the people, but still. This is not a joke. This little vote has not just life-long consquences. It complelty transformed the country.
Their old country is basically dead and a new one rose in its place.

I am surprised I haven't heard of castration of Boers as a favorite national sport of the Colored People in SA.

But FUCK. The Terrorists and their supporters even sang about killing their boers. And the Boers gave these people power.
How fucking cucked can you be.
In Europe this has to be done through trickery and anti-democratic tools. They would never allow a vote.

I am really angry and disappointed at this. I thought that the goverment tricked the people, but there was actually a vote. And a 2 year long delay between the vote and implementing it.


And 1992…give us a fucking break. Were you even born then? You think your 'hindsight' is so special but I think you are just a fucking jackass. Good people should not have to endure your abuse just because they had hope that their country could recover from English robbery, looting and apartheid and return to a state of peace that they had before the (((ENGLISH QUEEN))) invaded and destroyed the peace of their nation for diamonds and gold.

This thread is sad on many levels.

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South Africa serves as an excellent example of why accelerationism is a fucking retarded idea. To this day, you will see boers professing racial "equality" as hordes come to tear down their doors and kill them for being white.

Fuck you (((Anglo))) kike
democracy is a scam, nobody voted for that

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Nah, SA was an especially weird case wherein Whites were a minority rulingmover a horde of mud, 10 to 1 numbers.

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Fuck the eternal anglo, kike puppet destroys of white civilization, single handedly fucked over the most white people in history

No, but they still had 2 years to prevent it. I was 1 year old in 1994.

What about foresight? Europe is not going to be european anymore, if we don't stop Immigration and start Remigration.

Ohhhhh. Man, how could I say that without knowing the future?

Here is another one. Macron's way of trying to integrate the Muslims even by radical means like setting up a european class of Imams and a central "Imam Office" is not going to help. It would actually give legitimacy to ending the french character of France. Just like you did.

How about another one. This time for the USA.

Illegal Immigration is comparatively harmless to the legal immigration to the USA and even if you stopped both kinds of migration right now, you would still end up with a non-white majority.
And to put their "nationalist" movement in context. A Civil Nationalist is simply someone who wants to enforce the law, even when it comes to Immigration. (crazy am I rite)

>Good people should not have to endure your abuse just because they had hope that their country could recover from English robbery, looting and apartheid and return to a state of peace that they had before the (((ENGLISH QUEEN))) invaded and destroyed the peace of their nation for diamonds and gold.
FAGGOT! You are as bad as the irish.

Now we are free. Independent. Let's give our country away to Muslims, Blacks and everyone in the world (but not the English).
i didn't even think I could make that analogy work with your country, but I am mistaken.

The Irish used terrorism to gain their independence and are now in the process of destroying the irish/european character of Ireland.

You should add to that picture:

They allowed immgiration from other black countries to SA.
Which was incredibly benefical to the blacks btw. And how did they thank their saviors?

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That doesn't show that accelerationism is retarded. It shows that christfaggotry is retarded. They are cucked because they follow the most cucked religion of all time.

shut the fuck up kike

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And how does that apply to what I said?

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Spiteful as a jew. Doesn't have a homeland and can just vomit poison.

Wasn't SA an authoritarian country?
Why didn't the crack down on that? Why didn't they stop black immigration? Why didn't they just deport all blacks?

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Why didn't the mass sterilize black people?

that first one is unfair, because for the longest time Israel was one of the few countries to not have an arms embargo

150 murdered in Paris during the 2016 New Year attack. They put a mural of interracial sex at the bottom of the Eiffel Tower in response. Boers fell for Anglo/Jewish lies. Everyone in the western world has. Don't pretend your neighbours aren't jerking off to blacked right now.

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fuck off, mongrel

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shut the fuck up anglo kike
you are the jew

Did you ask your father, your mother and your family why they voted Yes?

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There are only two sides in this…one, the side of Ethnic Europeans, which you are CLEARLY not on, since you are BLAMING them for things that are out of their control. This same exact thing happened in my home state california and no one 'voted for it' the jews simply flooded it with mexican trash.

You think they could have done something about it and I know better because I have lived it. The only thing that can be done is to start murdering the invaders in all our nation's BEGINNING WITH YOUR KIKE ASS (man woman and child) and then work our way down to the most recent arrivals…but you think that by humiliating people you can 'do Ethnic Europeans a favor' and THAT IS HOW I KNOW YOU ARE A KIKE.


Anti-apartheid propaganda worked very well in SA I thought this was already common knowledge.

That is the lesson.

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I am an actual European IN Europe. There is not a single mutt gene in my body, friend. I am pure.
I still would get killed by Varg for having brown hair, but what can you do?

In a democracy you are supposed to have a higher moral responsibility for your country than a docile little sheep.
Where was your public discourse about that? Where was the controversies?
Why didn't you and your ancestors use their famous free speech?

You Americans have it easier than us Europeans to form community bonds through ideology. Why didn't you do it? Do you have right-wing friends? Did you build a right-wing community in your private life?

I doubt you are that old. Also you aren't acting very mature.
or maybe you are? Are you using your favourite new insult, boomer trash?
You are the worst generation that has ever been spawned.

Which country?
Seems improbable. You're probably like a muddy Spaniard or a Slav or some kinda Finngolian.
90% of people don't, Europeans included.

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Like clockwork

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How are you just learning about this now?

Most of the pro voters were Brits and others. Many Boers voted against. The world strangled South Africa economically. Yeah it is easy to say i would do this or that but at the time it was sold as a peace agreement and things were very difficult for south africa. it was given by the world as a vote…. or outright war with the majority population and the rest of the world which they would have lost badly and would all be dead. Look at Namibia, Mozambique, and Rhodesia. all killed or drove out the majority of whites in each country. all were total losses so it is what has kept white south africa in existence.

Easy to say, i would have done that when you don't have a gun to your head and thats exactly what was done. it was sold as an easy answer vs you get war and death by the entire world.

He is a jew or other foreigner…no one runs around bashing Ethnic Europeans AS THEIR SOLE ARGUMENT unless they have a reason for doing so…I am not really worried about it…we just need to exterminate this POS and all its family and be done with it.

I am German.

Only If you consider Baltics and Nordics to make me worse off.

I agree, but at least Germans have the excuse that a lot of them used to be Feudal Serfs. But these cultural specialities can be both a blessing and a curse. Many Germans are stubborn, "obrigkeitshörig" and conservative, but that also means they are conservative, less resistant to new-modern changes and also have a moral compass that gets offended, if something outrageous happens. But this "fight against the ideological outsider" mentality is sometimes really cancerous.

I just don't like that eternal cuddle mentality. We tried that and it doesn't work. We have to shock people. If that means even going into very dark humor and trolling and pointing to the historical fact that the Whites voited for it, then this is our burden.
I would be incredibly ashamed of my Nation, if they voted for something like that in a referendum.

Yeah. I wish more people knew how Britain bribed the Jews with Israel to get them to join America against Germany. We might have had a white peace, if that didn't happen.
It destroyed western civilization. Morally we still haven't recovered from that deep blow.

Again. I don't like this eternal cuddle mentality, because what you just said sounds very close to historical determinism, which is a cancern that musn't infest the minds of European today, who want to change things.

There is no way in hell you are 'German' unless you are a 'german kike'

Did you ever have an argument with your parents or your gf?

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Is that all you can say, Boomer? The internet is exciting, isn't it?

Even the faggots and cucked whites don't "deserve" it. From a little age in (((school))) our kids are endlessly taught to disregard and feel shame in our race. Before they have their minds spoiled children are the most naturally redpilled group on issues of race.
But also the most susceptible to brainwashing.
To being told their observations, what they plainly see, is wrong.
These brainwashed children continue the cycle of cuck programming well in to their 20's. Their parents most likely underwent this programming as well. Maybe even their grandparents.
Each generation getting a higher dose of this shit for much longer periods of time.
So, no white deserves this. Some whites may be so mentally scrambled that they are beyond hope, but they don't deserve it. They are living victims of the genocide, white skinned zombies that serve as walking talking examples of the extent of this all.
The only persons that deserve this are you and your kind schlomo.
All of these pink haired trannies, faggots, cucks, the Americans, the Swedish, the Boers, Germans, French, Canadians… they had the chance to be normal people living normal lives that were productive for themselves, their race and their homelands.
But like kikes must do, they mentally molested them when they were young and violated their trust.

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