President Trump to Speak at MASSIVE Rally in Duluth, Minnesota
7:30 EST 6:30 Central


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Time to get comfy.

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Don't get too comfy

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You kids are lazy and stupid and have no idea that without immigrants we wouldn't have all this good food! I made $10 an hour back in 1965 and paid my way through college to be where I am today meaning I'm way smarter than you and my opinion matters. Glad people like me have a lot more voting power to keep this RACIST out of office next time!

Won't you for once in your life think about the separated families. The children of immigrants are innocent and you bigots was them to suffer because you just hate on everyone that isn't a so-called "white" racist like you.

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My wife and I voted for Trump but now, sadly the both of us feel ashamed for doing so. Hillary2020

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Hey kiddo,
My name is John, and I hate every single one of you. All of you are fat, lazy, good-for-nothings who spend every second of their day complaining. You are everything bad in the world. Honestly, have any of you ever gotten a job? I mean, I guess it's fun making fun of people because of your own insecurities, but you all take to a whole new level. This is even worse than jerking off to pictures on the playboy.
Don't be a stranger. Just hit me with your best shot. I'm pretty much perfect. Back in my day, I was captain of the football team, and a well respected member of my country club. What sports do you play, other than "jack off to jap cartoons"? I also get 300's at the bowling alley, and have a beautiful wife(She cooks a mean casserole; It's incredible!). You are all bigots who should just kill yourselves. Thanks for listening.
Pic Related: It's me and my lovely wife.

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Like a former high school athlete who can't let go of his glory days, Trump is living in the past.

That is some new delicious pasta.

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Sounds like he's helped a lot of hard-working white Americans aka Real Americans.



Don't forget what Uncle Adolf told us about the importantance of Rallies once in power. Trump obviously did not forget.

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Get out, never come back.

Trumpcuck nostalgia for the election because they have nothing else

How much longer?

Adolf actually affected the change he campaigned on


ffs lurk moar

No shilling here.



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To be fair there hasn't been much happenings lately, it's really been boring as fuck

That Trump won't use because he's a cuck

pics related for (You)

Doesn't get any more /comfy/ than this.

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After today all of you Trump cock sucking fucks need to rope yourself. Get your note ready after he sells you the fuck down the river to "save the children". All of you pieces of shit will swallow that bowl of spic shit down and after a glass of nigger jizz be right back going on about the KikeKing.

No I don't fucking think so. Back when that HUGE military budget got passed (that did not include wall funding) you trumpcucks said that the Army Corp of Engineers was a viable option.
You fuckers said this was Trump's 88d chess plan all along, and I bought it because it sounded good.
Well its been 4 months and I haven't seen shit other than a few recycled pics of areas that already had wall being "upgraded"
Hell even all that shit about sending National Guard to the border fizzled out.
Does anyone even have any pics/video of national guard at the border?
All the guardsmen from town were gone for 2 weekends and now they're back. So what now?
Was the crisis averted?


Lol those fucking spics are getting thrown in the clink with their parents and there ain't shit you can do to stop it faggot.



Wouldn't the better thing to be would be to hold them indefinitely since they don't want them to be separated?

Nah, the Iran war will keep him in.

Wouldn't the real answer be immediate deportation or lead to the head and then lime over the body?

Right on schedule is the based Trump astroturf after he fucked us again.
watch and shitpost with your fellow anons

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Most presidents get two terms, unfortunately, unless all the BASED spics he refuses to get rid of overtake the boomers and vote him out

Isn't that why Catch and Release needs to be invalidated? It seems pretty obvious.

that's not funny, not even in your ironic shitposting way

Then he needs to push an executive order invalidating it otherwise he's a cuckold.

Why is that not funny? Ready to die for Israel Goyboy.

You replied to the wrong post you stupid kike.

No user you misunderstand.
Its not funny to me because I'm serious.



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All I am saying is that people knew what they were getting with Donald J Kike. A war for Israel is his last chance now he has sold out and this isn't 4d cockchessing. The GOP and the Dems roped his ass and he caved like the Kike he is. People will nash their teeth etc. deride you as a shill but motherfucker folded and so the only option now is race war.

You know, they'll fit right in with the other mongrels.

Watch your back kike. We're in charge now.

No we didn't
He campaigned as the outsider who would actually fix/drain the swamp.
And even though he had jew connections, he did dog-whistle/pull chess moves that looked like he might at least be true with MAGA.

Are you a spic, nigger, a women, a jew or a fag; because those are the people who are in charge of America.

Oh no! Not the Zionist Evangelikikes! What are you going to do? Suck off Jews to death? I know! They'll be very accepting and tolerant of their daughter's new boyfriend Jamal!

Nice posts you fucking faggot:

I bet you can't wait to start chanting about Obummer! Take your blood pressure meds you over-fed bovine.

Look, I'm not anti Trump. He was the best chuck of shit in the sewer and the only hope to buy America time to get ready for the inevitable. ALL he did was buy us TIME. Realize that he is not the answer but he is a the last white man who is not a fag who will hold the presidency from now on.

Nice crystal ball you got there faggot.


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Calm the fuck down Trump.

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No crystal ball needed Jamal cocksucker.

Is Trump tacticool

Right. Trump must have read about the birth rates. White people not having enough children for kike corporations to fatten up with their "food"? Bring in the beaners!

Tbh as your average white male magapede I was honestly frightened at Trump's first two years in office due to his inflammatory rhetoric and insistence on alienating third worlders. His most recent concessions to based immigrants however has changed my mind. One after another he keeps proving that he's actually a liberal at heart, which I honestly love tbh, so yeah marijuana legalization, amnesty, tax penalties on white married couples, it's just been one successful policy maneuver after another. If he floats a reparations bill for african americans and demands I hand over my wife I think I'll vote for him come 2020. You know what, frick it.


Seriously though, it's nice to be able to tell the truth about trumpkikes without Kikey here to spam ban. Fuck ton of other cancer threads polluting the board, but slaying these magapede degenerates is a blast.

I feel you Man. KEK

Wew the full time shills are here.

I can't wait for this Christmas' rally!

Don't be silly, Trump doesn't read…

Fucking retard.

Yup I'm a quick learner myself and remembered that Q told me le sage isn't le downboat whatever that means xD. Anyways I'm probably going to watch the rally over on /qresearch/ with my friends. If anyone wants an invite to the FB group just shoot me an email at [email protected].

Did I get ya with the blood pressure meds crack? Cuts deep doesn't it you boomer faggot? You're so easy to spot. One thing I will agree with the left about: I can't wait until you're all dead.

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Wow, Zig Forums is here hard itt

is this nigger serious?

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The real question is, are you serious?

user, please stop agreeing with the left.

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Just as soon as boomers stop giving me a reason to agree.

Nice cookie cutter responses samefag. Glad to know you obvious shills never change.

You already exposed your Jewish blood with your Anti American sentiment.
You have no power here.

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Zig Forums

All the usual "scared shitless of Trump" groups kek.

Thinks 1966 is a "Boomer".
64-82 is GenX, so no, he had no idea wtf he's talking about.

Buy another hat, faggot.

Shits a bit too complicated for you, eh?

You know how obvious you make yourselves when you use these on the memo responses. I know JIDF or whoever you work for doesn't teach you think, but just rinse and repeat force memes, but they really need a new, less transparent tactic. Don't bother responding, as your filtered now.


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Why did he do it in the commie Arrowhead Country though

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Some things never change.


I was at the rally, AMA

did you get to suck the emprahs dick?

My friends did. I have been in moving anti-Trump within the last month.

A lot of people were really sophistic about their support for Trump in line. Impossible to have a discussion on negative things Trump has done. They don't acknowledge the lack of fulfilled promises