This is a nightmare. Why are women doing this...

This is a nightmare. Why are women doing this? Wasn't the line in the movie True Lies about having an ass like a 12yo boy supposed to be a joke?

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Quit being a coward and start the race war faggot. This can all end whenever you want it to.
This ends when you burn it all down.



Who told them to become worker units instead of mothers? To pursuit career instead of love? Emotional propaganda from mass media instead of advice from a caring partner? Cock caroussel instead of a stable marriage?

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Women aren't exactly known to make good decisions in general.

Most women are unattractive and obese. This doesn't change anything. You fuckers need to get with reality when it comes to female.

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all these women want to hang out with dad … they want to be near power.

They dont really want to be the leader , they just want to be in the boardroom and watch the leader work. They hate being at home and bored.

Basically mother hood has become a slave trade where a woman takes care of a child for the father, who fucks secretaries, plays golf, and comes home and complains.

Pretty vague and bull shitty , I know … but there is a spectrum and many women are running away from that life and everthing else inbetween. And some are ambitious.

But basically painting modern motherhood with rose colored glasses is just not a realistic view of all versions of it.

Our dads fucked up … maybe not your dad, but someones dad. Its on you to find the ones not tainted and not too dumb to just follow the media. Good luck bro

I'm really curious about that first image, specifically what kinds of groups it includes. The high rate of STDs for girls who started sex under the age of twelve, an idea that disgusts me, immediately makes me think niggers and arabs.

Reminder that pakis aren't arab

What does that have to do with this?

It's so they can reach their full potential as HR middle managers in 5th tier corporations that no one will even remember!

C A R E E R W O M Y N 4 L Y F E !!




How come no one wants to get fit the only right way, naturally without the aid of horrible chemicals?

Explain your point further, so little words leave much to be interpreted I was about to drop a paragraph of written hardcore gangrape, then I realized I don't understand what you are aiming for with what you wrote

Quality people are hard to come by, for women and man alike. Soon, good people will be pricier than gold, if not already. One can only help by leading by example At least that's what keeps me going

dude, i'm not trying to be a faggot or call you out, but have you been alive these past fucking years? EVERYWHERE we seee "get fit in 2 weeks, click here for free money, *ad for penis enlargement product*, 'enter this raffle and win big prizes! easy!' "
Hard work culture is outdated, it doesnt serve the ulterior motives of (((some))) and many not in between brackets.

I know, user, it just doesn't disgust me any less. I can't believe no one wants to see their own natural potential.


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me fucking neither

This could backfire.

The sad part is with all the estrogen harming even women's bodies, this would actually be beneficial, if it isn't just lying off the front.

Thats not how it works user.
You'd need compounds to reduce estrogen. Just topping up testosterone won't help.

Those compounds being?

To emulate the masculine bodies of their MtF screen idols.
And at the same time, men are conditioned to find male physiques attractive, hence the explosive growth in homosexuality and transgender identifying boys.
This will continue until the truth about elite transgenderism reaches mass penetration with the public. It is the most closely guarded secret of the satanic elite, way beyond jew control of the media.

Bonus feature of male physique on a woman:
Women with athletic-male-levels of bodyfat cannot reliably conceive, and if they do they will probably lose the baby. Most will stop menstruating (because the body thinks there is a famine = no point producing a child that will just die off.)

Good point. Same thing with women on the raw food diet

You've got a number of options.
Theres a bunch of foods you can eat to help reduce your estrogen levels.
For women soy is actually a helpful one here as phytoestrogens have lower activity in humans but bind to the same receptors.
Carrots, broccoli, grapes, pomegranates, figs, oats and anything with citrus are also good here.

Estrogen blockers are the other option and women should never touch these unless they absolutely have to. Because fuck me consequences.
60X0 is one and it works by binding to estrogen in the bloodstream and disabling it. You don't want to take this stuff over the long term as even in men with estrogen poisoning it can have severe side effects such as sleep disturbance, memory loss, fatigue, joint pain, hair loss and the more horrifying acne you will ever see. But it is one of the most effective ones.
Then you've got the various SERM meds. These work by binding to the receptors for estrogen and just not letting anything touch them until the body finishes breaking them.
They're all over the place in terms of "power" and type of estrogen targeted. Typically marketed for breast cancer and menopause related shit. But they do also get given to men suffering from various estrogen related woes.

Now problem with the pharma option is that the side effects on men are not well studied.
But in general all the options except dietary changes seem to have a pattern of fatigue, joint pain, sleep disturbances and memory issues all in varying degrees.

For a man looking to reduce estrogen damage your best options are diet, supplements and exercise.
For diet there's a whole host of shit. Eat anything with zinc in it and kale. Just look it up. Cut fat out of your diet as much as feasible and reduce alcohol intake.
For supplements I know a few who swear by grape seed extract.
Trimming body fat will also help.

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They won't and don't take these pills to look this way. Almost every woman alive is unattractive and packing on some pounds. 5% look like or know they can look like the woman in the image. Not true of men.

>The (((fitness industry))) is kiked
who knew

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when the men aren't men and women aren't women, adults aren't adults and children aren't human.

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This is probably for the crossfit women and female body builders. I think they probably banned steroids.


Why not just buy them for yourself? Doesn't matter if it's (((marketed))) at women.

I just know many hardcore crossfit women take estrogen blockers and probably take testosterone too.

>(((talk show hosts))) make millions shilling products and fad diets

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I really, really like this webm

Having an ass like a ten year old boy is a good thing you OP. This is some, get a big clit and guns type shit.

He got dubs you cucklet.

Mental. Chemically castrate themselves and still not strong as the average man

Who the fuck cares cuckchan?

Regardless if it's snake oil or not, it only sells because women want the T

Regardless you should still start a trash fire then dive in.

They stop doing it when they start growing beards.


To further kill off our race.
No nigress is going to take testosterone.
No asian is going to take testosterone.
No sand nigress is allowed to go out and buy anything, let alone testosterone.
But white women will.
Start bottling AIDs and the faggots will buy it.
Start bottling welfare and the niggers will steal it.
Start bottling explosives and the sandniggers will use it.
But start bottling "become a man" and white women will eat that shit up solely because they know they are only second to white men.

"Love is the delusion that one woman differs from the next".
HL Menckin

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Why are women buying the equivalent of super male vitality snake oil?

What a terrible thread.

It's a bunch of chinese bullshit mashed into a pill and sold to retard treadmill soccermoms at exorbitant prices. Put some ardor in your larder with our energizing, moisturizing, tantalizing, romanticizing, surprising, her-prizing, revitalizing tonic.

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Why does this surprise you OP? The exact forces promoting effeminism are the same ones promoting feminism.

Drink you're soy, goy!


The xenoestrogens in the water supply are present in such high quantities now that they are probably feminizing and sterilizing women now, too. They probably need supplements to clean them out, where as men need straight up RX steroids.