Q movement

We need more signatures for this petition. I've been following and supporting the movement but have avoided commenting on this board directly. Been posting it all over Facebook and 4chan but 4chan is heavily occupied by democrats and globalist bots.

Please sign this petition through the whitehouse for the unredacted and unmodified IG report


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Hillary is a pedo and child trafficker. You're a nazi faggot.

I'm millennial.

Then why am I not with the rest of the Nazis running the world, like Q claims?

You're just a petty and ignorant fucking coward who doesn't stand for anything.


27 year olds aren't boomers you fucking tool.

This petition isn't a larp faggot. It's real, it's on the whitehouse website and the only reason you wouldn't sign it is if you are one of those faggots who worships Hillary and you're probably a satanic pedo piece of shit who is going to hang.


The report is real and this petition is real. I bet I could predict you're IQ and it's lower than mine.

If you want anyone to take it seriously, you should not have linked it to Q-larp. Now it and you are just jokes

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You're attitude, mentality and ignorance are a joke.

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It's not a larp and you're all fucking losers. Probably don't have girlfriends and just come on here to shit post. Fucking suicide you pathetic pieces of shit.

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More reddit boomer astroturf.


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I don't give a fuck about Roseanne you fat fuck.
You probably watch breakfast television too. I don't want to fucking talk to you.

tell me about how this was on purpose

What the fuck is breakfast television?

My IQ is 122. Q is more reliable than Alex Jones. You're a tool. You're entire mind probably only consists of memes. I wouldn't hire you to mow my lawn or shovel my driveway.


I'm angry it was a mistake, I'm going to go get a coffee. I'll be back in like twenty minutes to talk shit you because I have nothing better to do this evening.

Higher than yours.


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An example is the Australian show Sunrise. It's a bunch of faggots yapping about stupid crap, filling your brain with noise so that you don't have to think.

fuck off race traitor

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Oh so even worse is the OP and spammer is some Ausfag shilling for Neocon Don.


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If Q's legit, why did he post a twitter link to an edited Obongo speech that was falsely claimed to have taken place at Bilderberg?

I haven't liked the Oath Keeprs since they protected BLM niggers against the cops fully armed, but I was wondering what oath are they keeping? Is there some doctrine where they're supposed to protect low IQ browns?

It's duh 'murican gonstidution!

Divide n divide eh? Whats left but good division, eh? Unite meh with u div eh? Wewin dev o dev o dev……….eh?

You're just a faggot who rips everything apart to make themselves feel better because you're dad probably fucked you in the ass.

Yeah, I doubt it was reliable but I figure I'm probably more aware of world events and have more common sense than you fucking douche bags.

Still probably watches it, just doesn't realize what it's called.

Not dignifying any of that with a response other than to call you a fucking idiot.

You were adopted.

Yeah you probably laugh and clap when you watch teletubbies and disney movies also.


Your whole Q LARP business is written by a fucking retard boomer neocon nonfiction writer named Jerome Corsi. Youre welcome.

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Maybe because they knew it didn't take place at Bilderberg.

q is probably a psyop or some such but the petition is half way decent

I don't care what race a person is. I'm not a white supremacist. I hate most people in general because they're insensitive and stupid.
I'm just reflecting garbage back to garbage people right now.

Go fuck yourself, paid jewish shill.

Say something more intelligent or make a point faggot.

I'm not dividing anyone. I requested that people sign a petition to disclose truth. You're being a bunch of fucking childish idiots with your heads up your asses. You're a prick piece of shit and the world would be better off without you.

I'm addicted to Q-News, I know it's mostly not about Europe, but my family and I enjoy his epic foreshadows. Great things are coming, I can feel it in my bones.

Not impressed with your psychotic bullshit and labels that you're so proud of yourself for knowing how to use.

I'm not paid and I'm not jewish. You're a fucking whiny loser. I'm not your dad. Don't put things in red big letters to get my attention. I assume your a piece of shit looking for negative feedback because that the only attention you ever got.

Who but a pre-internet retarded boomer posts this shit?


Thank you. I'll take it. By definition it could be but it might be one actually in the interest of "the people".

Did some boomer create 'Q' as a way to cope with the tremendous disappointment of Trump's presidency? It's pretty fucking sad how many hoops they will jump through to not just admit Trump is a liar who conned us all.

If you want to have a laugh for an effort of trodging through a bunch of bullshit, read their "Q proofs".

This is the fat boomer faggot behind Q. It's actually a group of people behind this whole tripe, but he's an integral part of the LARP.

To be honest it'd be nice to see this unredacted and unmodified IG report but that has nothing to do with Q schizoid bullshit, I want to see what was blanked out. The last time I looked at the Q board it was like I was looking at a void of schizophrenia with no coherent thoughts beyond schizophrenic research.


^this guy covers it and a lot of just world news. It's fascinating to me. I really hope justice gets brought to at least a portion of the elite. Half is better than none. I'd like to see more equality of wealth in the world. I really hope you're right about great things coming. Thank you.

You do realize when you say such things you discredit Zig Forums by implying we're all just stupid gullible racists who shot ourselves in the foot for years, right?

I dunno. I was just trying to insult fuckers.


It's too soon to say that. We will know very soon I suspect. I was against Trump originally but after doing research I think he's actually doing good things.

Isn't that the guy that was on the Alex Jones show ironically talking about how Q "attacked" them like in an online fashion? xD

Q is an inside job to distract you from the real conspiracy. The elites all work together to keep you down and you’re dumb enough to fall for the most basic trick in the CIA handbook.
Protip: At the top competition is feigned so the public will pick a side. The purpose of this is to divide an unthinking populous. A thinking person realizes this basic process and implements it in his own life to manipulate and exploit the dumb.

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There's a surprising amount of MILF women who are interested in this Q shit, so if you're one of those delectable woman and you want a young strong stud to give you a fresh pumping, reply with your deets.


Okay. Well sign it then even though I'm a shizo idiot. I want to see the parts that were blanked out too regardless of whether Q is a larp. I want Hillary brought to justice for the things I think she committed.

Trump is a zionist and the new messiah. He will build the third Temple and usher in the Jew World Order.

- Q

QLARPER and a moron, not a winning combo

I just recently started checking out pol on 4chan. I came to post this here because I figured since this is where I think Q stuff originates it would be more supported. I was ironically very mistaken for the most part.
Still everyone on the internet, Anonymous and everyone was posting about pizzagate forever and this is our fucking chance to maybe actually get justice for it regardless if you like Trump or believe in Q.

Well if you're so fucking smart why don't you fix shit?

I can tell you're a boomer woman because you type like a 14 year old girl, post your tits and I'll sign the petition. Please. Let me see your milkies.

Do you think you're going to get lucky and find proof that she sucks the blood of of kids or eats their heads or something? What she did was against the law, it was proven multiple times, the people avoiding prosecuting her and preventing her from being investigated are criminals, they are complicit. If the people obstructing justice don't charge them with crimes who will if it's not the public? Do you think a savior will pop up out of thin air?

I realize that and I realized that before the election. I was against Hillary and Trump originally but after reading a lot I feel like Trump might not be playing ball for the elite. I really hope he's not. A lot of people from the deep state have factually been fired and suicided since the election.

Hahaha, yes I'm a bombshell 10/10 virgin. I'll give you my number after you sign the petition.

Well I watched that guy talk and I (no offense to him) don't think he's capable of producing the information that posted at all let alone at the rate at which it is posted.

I dont have a high IQ like yours, obviously. Only the truly intellectual can understand the esoteric wisdom of boomercon Jerome Corsi and his pro-israel shilling.

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Wouldn't want to insult your boss, huh? We know you Q larp people are a group.

The fucking "messiah" is supposed to defeat the evil people. lol.

I thought of that, it might not make them release it. And they might release it anyways even if the petition doesn't reach it's mark. It would have taken you all the same amount of time to sign the fucking thing as it has for you to joyously think up insults or search through your memes. It takes thirty fucking seconds. I'm not asking you for money, I'm not asking you to fucking protest or travel across states. I'm not asking you to leave your fucking chair. It takes thirty. Fucking. Seconds.

You're asking me to personal army for your retard petition for your QLARP bullshit. Nope. Go update your shill script faggot.

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That doesn't even make sense. You realize boomers are fucking old as fuck right? Like honestly how many fucking boomers use 4chan or Zig Forums. I really doubt there's a lot. But yeah a 65 year old who talks like a 14 year old. That doesn't make sense.

You really don't know how old boomers are. You should all be embarrassed.

When I was your age we had to walk thorugh miles of snow and operate machines that were the size of a room to use Zig Forums. (I'm kidding)

…well I'm a guy so what if I just lie and post the first tits I see from google? Also the signature requires you to go into youre email after and click verify. No scamming me.

It's not that guy.

I was just being polite because I actually care about people. Like I'll spell it out for you since you leave me no choice.
That guy is old as fuck. Like a fucking dinosaur and he can't do what is being done.

You're so clearly not from around here it's almost embarassing.

Oh it's really not that fat boomer faggot Jerome Corsi the Israel buttslammer? Surely you must be telling the truth.

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No I was asking everyone else. You in particular, I don't want your signature. Keep your filthy fucking hands off of my petition. I don't want you. You I am simply telling to go fuck yourself. Others I have even went so far as to say "please" to… but you… you are foul and most unsavory and I wouldn't dare ask for your dirty hands to mark my petition.

It involves pizzagate if I understand. I'm bring attention to a cause that Anonymous (which is where I most often hear the term personal army being used and bitched about) supported and brought to light in the fucking first place.

It's of international importance. It involves a global level crisis. I'm not telling people to go fuck up my neighbor because their dog pooped on my lawn.

Christ boomers are fucking stupid, this whole thing is the Forer effect in action, a bunch bullshit that is more interchangeable than it is different.
blah blah blah, a literal cult. No wonder we've been terrorized by kikes for so long with boomers "Israel's ARE greatest ally" making up the largest voting bloc.

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Gotta trust the plan ;^)

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Yeah I've been doing online activism on other platforms for a couple years. I don't lurk these parts and talk shit to people for hours. I support causes… and go outside sometimes. And clean myself.

Clearly you think you know it's that guy. Whatever. Sign the fucking petition or fuck off.


I keep an open mind and look at evidence. I'm not part of a cult. I think Hillary is though and I'd like to see her brought to justice for her crimes against humanity.

I would like Israel to stop killing the Palestinians and Trump to stop sending them money for what seems to me like no fucking reason.

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I wouldn't have bothered if it was from credo action.com or change.org but its through the whitehouse government website. It is currently the most signed petition that hasn't reached it's mark.

Lol I went and checked. I just knew you were the same faggot who typed in those big red letters earlier xD
I'm not Jewish. I find power in certain scriptures but I'm not Christian either or Catholic. I have studied the Bible, the Quran, Native spirituality, Egyptian mythology … list goes on. I haven't gotten around to studying the Hebrew one yet.

I don't have a pair of sunglasses at the moment and I don't drink monster. I'm not balding. Although I could use a shave. I'll give you that.