Portland ICE office shut down by ANTIFA

Why is no one talking about this? I saw a thread on 4pol the other day and it was taken down really quick. Seriously, these faggots are brute mobbing goverbment offices and no one's talking about it?

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They've already forced a shutdown of the site in 3 days, they've already accomplished something

they've accomplished getting the employees who work there a surprise paid vacation

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Immagrant them a swift beating

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Break out the fire hoses

I wish, but this is Portland we're talking about. I'd be shocked if the police even went within a half mile of the protests.

Nah, portland police hate antifa

They're in day 4 of this sit-in protest. Where are the police? Why are these commies allowed to shut down a government office with no consequences besides free ice cream and publicity for their garbage movement.

This headline is sad. In a just world it should read:
Portland ANTIFA shut down by ICE
Get your shit together ICE

In a just world it would read

It's going to be a long hot summer.

I got some bad fucking news for you hombre. Meet the new chief of police.

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hahahah ICE are cuck faggots. lmao at anyone who thought the government could save the white race.


ICE is just working out of their airport office until the soys give up. It was 95 today and there's no shade on that corner.


They brought tents and canopy stands. And they got free ice cream. They are digging in for a long one, just wait til the weekend rolls around after word of their successful operation. Wouldn't be surprised if this starts happening all over the country, all those commies with no school desperately seeking good goy points are gonna have a very productive summer I think.

Damn. These days, it seems like a damn good time to be a riot officer.

They've infiltrated the institution. We have to do the same

Let them dig in. That office is nowhere important; meanwhile ICE continues working out of the airport and the main federal building downtown.

Maybe but this isn't good for our cause. ICE employees on vacation means fewer spics getting deported.

God fucking damn it. Women and niggers should have never been given equal rights.

Police chiefs have been installed by dyncorp

The problem is white men run private businesses successfully and do not need government welfare jobs.

I wonder how many of them were illegal. OP needs to go back to kikechan for posting like a faggot.

I wonder (((who))) is behind this post

t. OP

t. d&c kike

Looks familiar.

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This is Portland, nigger. These far-left faggots only operate in marxist jewish cesspits like Portland. There's no funding, support, or base of operations for these rats outside of these major urban cesspits. Note how all these cities with antifa also have large jewish populations. It's almost like communism follows them around and is propagated by them. There is not "all over the country." At max they can do this in a few cities.


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inb4 a spicskin rapes her while she's on duty.

Please stop crossposting

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Good news. The more non-whites these lefty faggots elect to positions of power, the worse their own lives will become. Not ours. We don't live in the cesspits they create.

By maintaining a physical presence outside a government building they have given anyone a chance to photograph and name them as well as lots of free security footage for the ICE building to build biometrics. Every single person at that site has been compromised. next time there is violent action in portalnd the masked faces can be crossrefed for eric clanton style lulz.

also if anyone can get the plates on thier transport cars that could also be effective.
with enouygh data we could start mapping Antifa tendencies and movements. with enough data the next Antifa protest could be stopped using traffic stops miles away from their target location.
hanks for the probable cause antifa


The problem is they see this as a victory, and every victory only emboldens them further.
They need to be arrested and imprisoned, which will demoralize them and their allies from continuing their bullshit.
White people have been constantly demoralized for the past 60 years, that's why we're in the shit we're in right now at all.
Demoralization is a powerful tool we have to use against them.

These people hop from urban cesspit to urban cesspit. They're too weak, frail, and dependent to have any affect on my life. They'll never move outside of their concrete jungles. They also have zero power outside of the few major urban areas that have large jewish populations, as jews, not little black-dick-slurping-cuckold-numale whitey lefty, have all the power on the left. Absent that large nepotistic network and all the money and influence it has, non-jew lefties amount to nothing more than kicking over trashcans and standing around looking like a reject from a Mad Max movie. The left is jewish money and jewish minds, and a bunch of dumb-fuck, lowbrow, mud-level filth following them. Absent the money and minds, the others just make drug dens and crack houses.


It doesn't demoralize them to be arrested because they still have the entire jewish apparatus behind them. If they were gunned down, then yeah, it would probably put some 2nd thoughts into their heads.

No one really did anything but watch live streams when the northside ghetto of Minneapolis sieged the police 4th precinct, had multiple bonfires in the middle of Plymouth Ave., threw rocks at police cars/building, nigger painted the building, and formed a mob of angry niggers that literally tried to murder 4 men for refusing to remove their scarves in 0F to -20F Minnesota winter.

Oh wait they threw the 4 victims in jail for self defense and let the angry nigger mob keep the 4th precinct closed for ~2 whole fucking weeks while our impotent governor and lesbian mayor sat around masturbating instead of calling in the State Guard. It took the fucking fire marshal to shut it down because of all the open fires.

This is literally nothing compared to that.

Why aren't we seeing antifa shut down more often?

fuck off nigger

They have NGOs and government supporters. That could change if there were a network that wasn't owned/controlled by jews. They could broadcast hate-truths about niggers, spics, and jews 24/7. If they had a license from the FCC to broadcast and they paid for the spectrum range the only thing traitors could do is cry loudly while redpills were dispersed against their will.

There's like ten of them. MAYBE ten.

Do these idiots not realize water is a powerful force?

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last time a government building got held hostage a surrendering man got executed by feds and his family got charged for it.

I bet a nigger wrote that.

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Who let her try on daddy's coat?

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This, its all 69D chess white man.
sage because this news hurts ZOG's legitimacy.

Take their photos.
Upload to FB.
Wait for face-matching.
Doxx them?
Go to their houses while they're at their little LARP.
Leave ICE literature in their mailboxes.