Leftists can accurately and objectively summarize the arguments that rightists make in favor of capitalism; there are...

Leftists can accurately and objectively summarize the arguments that rightists make in favor of capitalism; there are probably more communists who have read Adam Smith than libertards. Yet right-wingers are utterly incapable of describing Marxism. They don't even know what they're fighting against. Why do you think that is? Are rightists just natural brainlets?

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So the answer is yes then?

Marxism is materialistic and that's all the critique you need.


Capitalism is left wing, dipshit.

Before I quickly and accurately describe Marxism let me quickly describe how we get there:
Now for Marxism
But honestly, if it just stopped at the part where the kikes kill all of you it would be perfect.
No matter what way the wind blows, a cold sweat is coming queer.

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why does marx have his hand inside his jacket?
what is the "hidden hand"?
how are you not yet aware that you are a tool of the most "elite" racial supremacists on the planet?
are you paid or do you do it for free?

marxism is an evil, Godless ideology designed by jews to trick simple minded goyim into giving up their dignity, personal sovereignty and freedom, and accepting slavery to a satanic, anti-christian ideology with jews as upper management with special privileges
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The left has made great efforts to rid itself of identity politics and engage the opposition in actual respectful discussion in recent times, though this is somewhat baity. You must always remember despite pol's online size on 4chan and here, they are indeed a tiny minority of the voting population.

With regard to op, I think it's probably because leftist support is correlated with level of education, so naturally such supporters take a more academic approach. It's easy to see why the tribalist cave man nationalism/racism/idpol has little appeal to these people, as academic thought encourages objective rationality, of which (whilst the left still has sjws and the like to deal with) the right seems to reject the whole notion of objective thinking, as seen with their rejection of climate change and foreigners and somehow believing whatever arbitrary nation they are from is the best, or whatever race they are is the best. It's almost childish when you spell it out, but nobody will admit it to themselves as long as they stay in their comfy echo chamber of agreement, despite acting to their own long term detriment.

Be familiar with opposing arguements and maintain respect if you wish to persuade. Here however I'm just venting - but I'd encourage you to make an effort to respect whatever user you reply to next.

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you should study the world around you more. your'e showing some dunning kruger

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Now you're not even trying.

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(Hitler killed him in 1934)


Here is another obvious clue that communism is 100% jewish:
Commies always talk in economic terms, as though money was the only important thing in the world, just like a jew.
There is more to life than money you vile jew bastard

The term "left wing" was literally coined to describe the bourgeois elements in revolution against aristocratic social structure, retard. Capitalism is left wing by definition.

>The S.S. man had shot the unsuspecting Strasser from behind and hit his main artery. A great stream of blood had spurted against the wall of the tiny cell. Apparently Strasser did not die at once. A prisoner in the adjoining cell heard him thrashing about on the cot for nearly an hour.
What the fuck?

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It's textbook sociopathy, that's all I've gotten from it.

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God, this OP is just so weak that I almost take pity on him.
Maybe he enjoys being bullied.

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Unironically what did he mean by this

Muscular reflexes? Like a fish flopping around after death? Could also be he managed to slow the bleeding by clamping down on the wound.

Strasserites are literally cryptojews. Modern NazBol/TRS/Duginists are also cryptojews. All internationalist commies are cryptojews.

The JQ and race realism are the key to understanding reality.

Don't overthink retarded statements supporting the false choice paradigm of left and right.

I guess that makes sense, but I read somewhere he was shot multiple times. Seems weird for him to be spraying blood all over the walls and thrashing around for an entire hour.

Learn history. Capitalism has always been left wing.


I agree. Most of what we know about WW2 these days is jew propaganda. The primary documents are protected by the (((US military))) and (((German secret police))).

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sorry for ageing

I have to recommend Communist books though if you want to know how sociopaths think.

Okay, but if you use words in a way nobody else have since the French Revolution, 100% of people won't know what the fuck you're talking about you absolute autist

Fascists support corporations and think it's okay when your boss exploits you because he's aryan. Like the poor schmucks that chased black slaves for the plantation owner for free in hope they may get breadcrumbs

The only really revolutionaries from the right-wing are Strasserites and Nazbols.

The terms widely used that way until the early 20th century. And after that used in such a way by people in the know.

"Capitalism" is basically what happened after the "aristocracy" got "toppled".

Retard detected

I just found this
So I don't fucking know. It's sad that so much interesting history has been hidden and twisted.

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Hitler supported corporations and LITERALLY invented the term privatization.

No shit, he didn't want to steal his own citizens' property from them.

It's common knowledge. And Strassers were absolute retards who had zero understanding of geopolitics and literally wanted Germany to be conquered by the Soviet Union.

Go tell a Republican that he's not right-wing because that would imply supporting the French king of the Ancien Regime, and see how he responds

National socialism is not fascism. And Hitler did not "support" corporations. He integrated them into the state apparatus, subordinated to state power.

Lol false

Why even use terms like right and left at this point? Your mind has been deepdicked into being a useful idiot.

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I do all the time. America is a wholly left wing country and always had been.

*jews and mason had deceived him

Well jews, commies, masons: all different shades of the same shit.

Doth thou even thinketh at all?

It hasn't evolved. Intelligent people still use the terms this way. Only people who have accepted communist premises describe capitalism as right wing. Right wing is an absolute designator, not a relative one.

All of Marxism is within the left-liberal tradition. Marx's ideas were an extension of contemporary Lockean/Ricardian thought. For example, the theory of surplus value relies upon a lockean conception of property, whereby labor put into resources confers some form of ownership over the "value" of the product of that labor. Surplus value does not even make sense outside of this paradigm.

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You realise that Marx literally made up the term capitalism and applied to it a host of blatantly false ideals? For instance, today we would probably argue that the Dutch, British and Americans were the forerunners of 'Capitalism' with their vast trading Empires and their outlook towards foreigners. And yet what did the British do at the height of their power? Did they go all out trying to make as much wealth as possible? No, they significantly damaged their potential prosperity by putting an end to slavery, paying in blood and gold around the world - a great sacrifice with no return gains. How very Capitalist of them. What about the great Missions around the world to convert people that all of the West was involved in? Occasionally these men would be accompanied by merchants and traders who would set up new routes; but the vast majority of the time they were not. Significant investment was required for these Missionaries; they would be financed by their congregation or the state and would have to make expensive journeys across the world, often transporting many others with them, with enough provisions and finances to afford guides, sustenance and accommodation. It would be foolish to think that the Evangelistic desires of the Western world did not lead to some trade-routes being established; but the purpose was one of spirituality, not of mindless materialism. If you do not believe me READ A BOOK, though I imagine you won't as if you had ever read a book you would see how idiotic Marx's ideas were.

Today the USA, the supposedly most Capitalist society in the history of the world, sees their Republicans (supposedly the most Capitalist people of the USA) give more to charity than ANYONE ELSE. They literally give away their wealth for no return what-so-ever, because they believe it is the right thing to do.

Marx was a Jew. He hated Christianity. He hated the moral and spiritual foundations of the West. He sought to destroy them. He cherry picked certain examples and left out any context so as to create the illusion that Westerners were like his vile brood; materialistic parasites who desired nothing but a greater hoard of treasure. To believe such a thing not only requires a complete lack of knowledge regarding history, religion and economics; but also requires one to be rotten in the soul. It also requires you to have never worked a day in your life, and probably to be insanely autistic or stupid to the point that you cannot understand how human interaction works; the idea of trading one's produce or services for another's is the only sustainable system of commerce; and if you do not want to live with any trading then you will not be able to live in a large society; without a large society you will not have civilisation, and there are arguments to be made about the downsides of civilisation - but there are also a host of good ones. It is obvious you have been tricked, like so many others, by a deceitful kike. I hope you wake up soon, and may God have mercy on you.

Oh look, another leftist inverting the truth. Right-wingers understand and can predict lefties' views far more accurately than lefties can articulate anything on the right.
It's a common theme that the left sees the right as monsters.


Leftism is so dead that Zig Forums literally only exists to shit-post on Zig Forums. You guys are really drawing in the numbers! Oh man, big threat!

You dumb faggot. Jump into a lake, you and your hairy jew with his masonic hand gestures.

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Correct. Leftism is an intellectual tradition, spanning from Hobbes/Locke/etc. down through Marx to postmodernism and to the leftist thought of today.

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I suppose that stands for inexperienced, unproductive, socially worthless and stupid people who sit around and blown wind up their own asses all day on someone else's dime. That's what a Leftist "intellectual" has historically always done and been. Filtered. Go back to Zig Forums you sub-human.


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Oh look, a socially worthless, unproductive, stupid leftist blowing wind up his own ass. And he wonders why he's losing and his ideals are dying. Unrelatable, unlikable, and historically successful in accomplishing anything accept genocide and oppression. Leftists really are the scum of humanity.

Unsuccessful in accomplishing*

Oh god. Accusing your opponents of sharing your vices is pathetic, friendo

Go play with your pet niggers Intellectual Man.
as for the rest of you summerfags, learn to fucking sage

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What's it like knowing your ideals are dead and no one supports you? Filtered, you worthless rat.

Quality > quantity. No offense, kiddo.

Too few people realize this.

Because its contradictory.
Its the idea that if you get rid of everything that people value then people won't fight. It'd be quicker and kinder to give everyone on the planet a forced lobotomy.

Nice effort post. The only thing worth reading in this entire thread deserves at least one (you)

Agree, crying about Zig Forums on your board all day is some quality salt.

Fascists support *corporate organization;* the creation of coherent, specialized bodies for industrial and social purposes. The means used to achieve this are immaterial, but are ideally inherently totalitarian and upend the old organization far more totally than was done historically. Whether it is Hitler's (insufficient) cooption of the old military-industrial complex, Mussolini's (essentially unapplied and theoretic) guild-syndicate model, or Mosley's similar (not to see the light of day) parliamentarian reorganization and creation of unified industrial cabinets, does not matter. Corporatism may as a necessary step in its implementation cannibalize the body of and yet has nothing to do with the modern mold of what could be called corporationism, financialism, plain, stark plutocracy.

A plutocracy whose membership is in your camp, from the Soroses to the Rockefellers, in the planning of a materialist world state under their watch, their lock and key upon all men. Oh, I'm sure you'll disavow them; you're a special kind of backbiting true Marxist scum, who plans a real world revolution with no icky idpol- except when it does have what is effectively or blatantly idpol with your identical deployment of oppressor-oppressed dialectics that are inevitably White-all else, but it's your special version with an extra-materialist slant and some Stirnerist-deconstructionist antimoralism, nevermind that he despised Marx & Engels to the utmost- that will take the heads of all its perfidious financial backers, its Rothschilds and Schiffs and Warburgs, and organize pretty little communes the world over of the universally deracinated, the angry and confused, the dysgenic and gullible, and most importantly the swarthy and empty-headed, empty-souled, who will of course flock to your banners, and not to those offering spoils and blood for the heads of better men, Somatic and Psychic men, stupid Hyclics doomed to forge a dead world and be chattel forevermore under automatons' watch.

Speaking frankly, the umbrella called 'fascism' has a certain timelessness, stretching forward and back alike with technocracy and right-futurism, bombast and nostalgia, bound up in all-empowering Myth, justifying its anachronism in any context. You on the other hand are the stupidest, stubbornest bunch of high school Paleomarxist dinosaurs on Earth. How precisely do you rationalize being a legion of transvestites, homophiles, neon-hairs, fat lips, mystery meats and babyfaces, physically and for the most part philosophically indistinguishable from the 'liberals' you attempt to divorce yourself from or worse yet while creating a farcical True Left that you solely inhabit by trumpeting out of date Marxian theory? You're not revolutionaries of any sort nor is anyone here one as of yet, and you're not a contaminated brooding ground for the thoughts of those sincerely dreaming of rebirth. You're just a particularly persistent breed of Correct the Record or Shareblue-brand pollution shill, except that you do it entirely for free with barely more board literacy and more commieboory. With the Long March through the institutions, and the Social Justice movement following its effective completion (and perhaps beginning to fail; what follows can only be more ghastly) you are a hopelessly obsolete brand of useful idiot, kindly inform me why you exist?

Wew, ended up with a two-parter.

Not quite to my knowledge, but I stand ready to be surprised; it certainly sounds like a direction they would have twisted towards post-Night of the Long Knives. They sought ''reconcilliation' with the Soviets, a delusional impossibility on a similar level to the conceited fetishism of Abwehr head Wilhelm Canaris and various reactionary Junker officers for the idea of 'separate peace with the West, just as long as we remove Hitler!' Nevermind every stated policy of the Allies in righting the balance of power back their way, of tearing Germany to pieces, or the fact that every communique as to what terms were acceptable were exclusively 'unconditional surrender.' Nevermind that these cliques and others within the Axis doomed the effort, saboteurs to the end in the hope that their backbiting could have any effect other than causing a loss of the total war, particularly one in which the discontent would lead to the cliques gaining emergency power and winning by doing… something, after they've mucked up victory after victory.

They seemed to somehow believe in spite of all the butchery in the Union and the absurdly Jewish character of its upper and inner workings, that they could be used to fight the capitalist Jews of the west, and were anticapitalist comrades-in-waiting. Rather than dupe the Soviets with a delaying pact (shame on the Germans for even going this far without explicitly communicating the ruse to the rest of the Axis) they would form a true Berlin-Moscow axis, and impose most likely Stalinist-alike parafascist Bolshevism the world over. Fake fascism, coopted fascism, just as in Spain with Franco save from the left rather than the conservative 'right'; its imagery thieved and palingenesis corrupted into the Marxian world-revolutionary mold. It would not have ended well, to say the least.

You know, as an aside, this entire description of parafascism applies quite beautifully to Zig Forums, don't you think? A bunch of scumsucking, parasitic bastards who realized that their overradical tactics and general strategy were failing, much like the teetering Soviets around Lenin's death and after, who then coopt the imagery and mythology of the enemy while feigning a reel-in of their malignity and their cancers in order to win back the broken populace, growing ever readier to strike and see them set in chains more total than before, all the more because they are gilded. Pseudonationalism, the trading of extra-subversive art like the Russian left-futurism for socialist realism, class struggle intensely veneered and almost overwritten with national struggle, intense fear of black-banner nationalist elements of the army, frantic declarations of the traitorous nature of the radical old guard; compare asshurt Goon faux-smugness, stolen and badly shopped memes, falseflagging niggatry on other boards to get radical centrists as insulation against the ebil off topic Zig Forumsyps, autistic levels of dedication to feebly attacking anything Zig Forums resembling, and the desperate disavowal of the rest of the Left that they aid and abet at every turn in spite of this Left having no utility in them, save this exact class of useful idiocy.

And, of course, the time-honored practice both share in blatant sockpuppetry, seeing as the majority of this thread- even the apparent opposition, which shares their trashy typing and meager content, but has peculiarly more typos, *corrections and chest thumping- are quite terribly likely the enemy replying to themselves, establishing their own opponents so they can have mock-victory over them in one to two lines, unaware that this will convince no one and will provide no triumphalist booty to show around because the universal paranoiacs will recognize it for what it is and the enemy knows they've only struck at themselves and their phantoms, issuing but one polluting drop in an ocean. A 'Me - You' strawman caricature comic done in living text!

I think you've mistakenly put Hobbes in.

No you cant
No there arent
Jews and their retarded edgy kids.

No one would care about you if you little mongoloids wouldnt shit all over the place. You delusional fantasies and screeching hold no practical benefit and poaitive value to humanity.

I can accurately tie a hangmans noose.
I need to know nothing more regarding communists.

Play stupid games, find out that we never were ironic.

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I thought that was Hitler, he gave half of Germany over to the Soviet Union.


I'll give you this, since they tend to blindly support corporations when Goyim Smith knew they would become inefficient bureaucracies.

The only thing that stuck with me was: all history is one of class struggle. Spengler's organic growth, the Hegelian dialectic, or Nietzche's slave revolt are all more interesting way to approach historical revisionism. Separating peoples into haves and havenots, is an inherently Jewish world view.