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They always do.

We are about to be winning so much… they'll be tired of winning but no fear, we'll pick them up and win some more!

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Be humble other QAnonAnon's. Zig Forums is for everyone, go back to /qresearch/.

That Q post made me laugh as well, remove Iran from independant banking and free them into the slavery of Rothschild banking domination. Trust the plan? The 'plan' is for the total annihilation and extermination of Ethnic Europeans…how gullible do you have to be to believe someone who is completely unknown to you and is hiding in the shadows.

The whole "larp" crowd is the only thing that makes me think it's real. It's clearly not a larp. It's CLEARLY an operation of some sort. That's not a larp, that's real.

The discussion should be around what is it's purpose? Who is doing it? Etc. The idea that a larp has this much publicity is retarded.

Yeah its not larp its real, we can argue whats the purpose. Truth telling? or distraction to keep goyim docile.

Q is a Jewish psyop

The Jewish psyop that called out MOSSAD and Shitsreal…great logic their fuckboi


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Well OK then.

what did they meme by this?


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Oh, """Qanon""" is a LARP by fat boomer cuckold nonfiction writer Jerome Corsi and some other folks to keep the goyim docile.

Actually mate, you got your geopolitics fuked. The current Muslim Brotherhood regime in Iran is operated by the Mullahs which are owned by Soros. They worked with the Obama admin to get (((nukes))) and a whole bunch of shit at the cost of American tax dollars. Basically Muslims are Jewing the USgov too, and that's what Obama is.


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Q is still wet and therefore still whore-able (pun intended)
Not bad.

You know, when I come to Zig Forums I see a lot of "Q is a larp" threads…then I see people demanding that Q threads be banned.

Sure is a lot of protesting going on, against someone who is purported to be nothing but a larper.
Makes me more suspicious of his detractors, than anything else.

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Meanwhile tons of other LARPing is going on. No one intervenes.

I'm sure you kill three kikes a day, one before breakfast.

The whole Merkel thing was completely boomer generated speculation.
Q asked Questions and gave no answers.

Total resultant output of Q-Larp's jewish DIisinfo campaign:
Continue supporting NeoCon jewry and cheering on ZOG wars

You seem more like a glow in the dark nigger than any of them.

Q directs people as to what to look at, they look at it, and shit comes out. Remember the Clinton Foundation? Q was the first one talking about that shit.

And your dumb ass doesn't even know what a neocon IS. Jesus fucking Christ, they have been all but excised from the Republican party.

The more I think about it, the more I think you need a shower.


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Hello hasbara-kun, good to see your mission of repeating yourself daily on Zig Forums hasn't changed!

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Hahahahahahaha, you're not safe.

Where's your Kampfy now, jew boy?

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Its all good Chaim…
Even (you) can join the team
No baby dick sucking allowed

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You'll always be hasbara-kun to me :^)

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Doesn't quite work that way fellow fashy based Q-user promoting MAGApedo

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And all from people who in no position at all to know who or what Q really is.
Nothing suspicious about any of this.
But what puzzles me is, if the anti-Q crowd is just JIDF, then what do they gain with all the anti-Q shit, in the first place? Q is doing nothing but pointing people to look for future events, he's not making the events happen. Discredit him or not, it doesn't stop anything.
Could it be that the globalists, Jews, and white-hating factions have 18 billion Soros-bucks to spend, and are just handing out busy work, because they don't have any idea what to do with it all?

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They can allso latch on it to muddy waters

While you'll always be known as an irritating (now toothless, sans Kampfy) smug anime loli girl JPG posting isreali kike who used to get all non-jewish anons banned and censored for their antisemitism on Zig Forums

Not anymore though , jew boy!
Not anymore…

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Your shapeshifting abilities are not so great as you think they are. Your neuroticism bleeds through even when you adopt our mannerisms.

None of you will survive.

Oh hasbara-kun stop it, you're making me blush

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Indicate to me where and how you proved
1. Q is a LARP
2. Q is a jewish psy-op

what's your opinion on DACApedes?



Q "predicts" things months or weeks in advance, and there's really nothing jews can do besides say Q is a nazi larp from 4chon. Whatever is going to happen will happen or has already happened, NXIVM, North Korea, Assange, 20k indictments ect.

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Show 1 concrete prediction rather than 'THING WILL HAPPEN XDDDD'

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Concrete, saying 'bad thing will happen XDDD' is not a prediction

Never play football with kikes. They put rocket boosters on their goalposts.

Cant we just fucking take Q at a face value and be critical of what is said by him with proper sources like all the sane anons do instead of screeching autistically about everything he/she says?

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I just predicted something. I'm now Q.
Fuck you willful lemmings. You're worse than niggers. Niggers don't have the capability to be more than useless. You choose to be useless.

h.h..HE did not predict that goyim…

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I'm saying give me one prediction, with archives, of him accurately predicting something specific. He posts 1000000 random bullshit tweets a day and I could counter your pope 'prediction' with 5000 other ones that did not happen. So give me ONE prediction that fits this criterion of specific and indicative of apriori knowledge. That tweet is not that.

The IP hoping kike exposed himself



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Never happened

I could never follow q on 48ch in or here because of all the shilling those threads would get. I mean, it was a cluster fuck of epic proportions. Few months ago I got linked their board and was able to lurk and and watched the North Korea situation unfold exactly as that faggot q said it would. Plus a few more "coincidences" apart from that.
Whatever it is, q isn't just a larp. On their own the coincidences and predictions are inconsequential. But as a whole, tbere is something going on. I wouldn't put it past Trump to want to LARP out his hostile takeover of the gov on some Mongolian horse trading forum. In fact, I think he'd find it hilarious.

Trump will give the West Bank and Golan Heights to Israel. He will deport the Palestinians to a new state in western Saudi Arabia. The Saudis will cede the territory in exchange for Yemen. The new state will be an (((international safe zone))) friendly to Israel and used for slave labor.


Still selling the Russian Hacker narrative but this time Obama told them to stop the investigation.

Claims that:
- Russia DID hack the election
- Obama allowed it to happen
- the left is despicable because they allowed Russia to do it
- we have to fight Russia

See how they're still trying to get you to hate Russia?

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Yeah you are right, he does have a bunch of posts that takes large amounts of research to understand that link up to other posts/trump/army/cia tweets.

There were many posts involving CIA controlling North Korea and Iran, Pedo cults being cleaned up in Hollywood, corruption in DOJ, so I agree on that point. But if you are seriously interested why don't you do your own fucking research faggot? Even I can't even save all of the predictions, arrests, indictments, happenings cause it really is so much.

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This. It's not a LARP, it's some people that know things for sure. HOWEVER, what Q knows is not that "top secret". I knew since 2017 the NK deal was done and the rest was a dog and pony show just by watching YouTube videos. Information is out there all over.
The main thing Q is doing is dragging people down the rabbit hole. It's such a fucking shit show in the rabbit hole that no matter where he/they point, something happens.

I can play this game too, watch me go lads

Watch the news this week
Big day for Israel
Flight plan on schedule trust the plan
How do I embed files? They told me this was an “image board”

Anyway, remember to watch Fox News



…you were saying?

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How can you take "Q" at face value when "Q" never actually says anything, just a few sentenced word salads and a "make-of-it-what-you-will" game?

Show me complete sentences that aren't questions asked(and unanswered) by this "Q" where whomever it is tells you something factual, concrete or that makes sense. Can you show me anything?

Q has spoken
Trust in the process fellow goyims
Every time Trump sucks jewish neocon cock and shifts the OyVeyTon window even further toward Tel Aviv, it's some secret 1488D chess move soon to be revealed on a Fox news special any day soon

Let's do one better, and show an instance where "Queue" is used to dick-ride a big achievement. If you don't know history, then you will be susceptible to charlatans who want to mislead for person gain; or because they're psychopaths who enjoy deceiving you simply for the fun of it. North Korea came into existence in 1948. The Japanese had annexed Korea from China in 1910, so after World War 2, the Soviets occupied the north, and the United States occupied the south. Negotiations to unite the country failed, because the Soviets were in charge. On June 25, 1950, North Korea invaded the south, pushing American troops all the way into the city of Pusan. Douglas MacArthur saved them with an incredibly audacious amphibious landing at Inchon that nobody expected. MacArthur chased the North Koreans all the way to the Yalu River, which was when the Chinese invaded. The Chinese and the Russians did the fighting for the next three years. An armistice was signed on July 27, 1953, after TWO YEARS of negotiations. The Chinese and the Soviets–then the Russians–have been allies of north Korea since 1948. So tell me:
HOW did the CIA take over?
The CIA Special Activities Division Special Operations Group (SAD/SOG) is comprised of about 120 men.
How did they defeat China and the Soviet Union/Russia?
What's happening IN REAL LIFE is far more amazing than any stupid black hat cabal fantasy. The REASON people don't know this is so amazing is that they have no factual knowledge about North Korea. The people pushing this HORSESHIT about the CIA running North Korea are taking advantage of those who have no factual knowledge. It's abuse. It's actually a form of rape. ou people need to pull yourselves together and stop believing in nonsense. Those who push this stuff have an agenda. They want to fuck you up, either politically or psychologically or both. t's very easy to protect yourself from this. Look up the history of North Korea. You'll see that there was never a CHANCE that the CIA got control…

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With all due respect, asking "is Israel involved" by no means is it calling out the jew. If he or whomever Q is had actual balls would say ISRAEL/MOSSAD INVOVLED WITH AWAN.

14 dimensions
88 foreskins
Trust the government
Hollywood will have a bad week
Ghostbusters 3 was an inside job
Boycott Bethesda, Todd Howard has a foreskin


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If Trump exposes the Ghostbusters inside job it's curtains for the Hollywood media muslims

(pic related)

Where is this board of which you speak?
Shitposting Opportunity

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TRUST DA PLAN to die for israel *rub*

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Trump knows. I just DMed him
He likes those nigger memes
Believe me. He loves hispanics.
The plane scene was about Trump
Get this hothead out of here
I’m CIA? No survivors?
Trump is Bane, he gives it back to you, crashes CIAs plane.

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Nice try with the history spin
If (you) did any research at all you would know
1. The Soviet Union was financed by Wall Street
2. Mao was Kike controlled as well
3. The Korean War was another COIN OP
Cabal controlled war for profit and
to create regional instability

For the sake of argument. Remember how Ron Paul told everyone what he wanted to do, and then they shut it down and he got nowhere? (other than winning hearts and minds of course)

You might have to be lying scum to be at all effective against these people.

I’m not even shitposting when I say this but remember gookanon?
He said some shit about NK and SK having a shared shadow state - and that the plan was to unify Korea and make the “New Korea” a Chinese vassal state.

SK was a feminist experiment and NK was the Chinese giving gommunism one last shot before they went full totalitarian blade runner dystopia / those niggers from Evangelion-mode.

Your image is not linking to what you are posting.

At least change your filenames. Did you get fired from Alamo after the double redditor stunt?

Then I have more reason to trust any user on here saying jews did 9/11 than Q

KEK you fucking boomer kikes are so fucking stupid. It's the kikes getting you to attack Iran. We know all about Obonobo's Iran deal. It was probably the only good thing he ever did, which is why we were mad at Zion Don for negating the deal.

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Q no longer posts on the chans.
I remember when he first started, he claimed to be interoffice FBI, and said the agency had enough dirt to empty out about 2/3rds of Capital Hill. Said they wouldn't move on it, not all at once, because the damage to the power structure would be too massive.
But he claimed it would all happen, eventually, and would have to wait until Trump was firmly embedded as president.
Much of what he said then, has started to materialize. He didn't speak in riddles back then, as he does now, so I can't even verify it's the same guy.

But for someone that's just a larper, he seems to be attacked a lot on both Zig Forums's.

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Such as?

He never talked about Israel outside of ending forgin aid

He’s mistaken, thinking of someone going by FBIanon who had a lot more realistic claims that actually have started to materialize like Trump slowly allocating more resources to combat human trafficking.

For all the “fuck trump” shitposting I do I have to say he’s going after the pedos and sleazebags a lot more than kang obonobo ever did.

Which is a lot more than trump wants. He also wanted to audit the fed which trump won’t even touch.

He wrote entire books on ending the Fed. Ron wanted to not be pigeon-holed as a crazy. He was VERY effective at waking people even when they spent years trying to make him look like a kook. Agree or not, I think Ron just made a decision to lay low on certain issues because the steam he had going was very effective as it was. Point being, Ron would have been LESS effective in our struggle if he went full on. Now you can disagree with the strategy, but when you are writing books called "End the Fed" and saying it ON STAGE during presidential debates, you are doing good work.

Dat consensus crack tho. If Iran is os based and white why are they running to the Eu to get their funding for that deal. Fucking face it nigger Iran is controlled opposition the country. There is nothing based about Obanobobo or the Iran deal. If anything that deal would have led to a full scale war against Iran after they would no doubt breech the stipulations of the deal.

I know that, he never married any of his kids in to it either

Reminder that auditing the fed would reveal the private owners, and the masses would start seeing the resulting cohencidences a lot more clearly

They'll tell you the fed is privately owned in middle school civics, it's not a secret

True, I lost faith in political solutions after Paul was completely railroaded by the establishment.
The whole 2012 election pushed me to go full 14/88

Controlled by whom'st'dve? Are you saying the Kikes are behind Iran? How dumb are you boomercons exactly? Anything that gets Iran a nuke that they can box Israel in with is worth it. The Iran deal was great because they got their cash and can resume their enrichment activities.

I'll give you a moment to google where the word Iran came from. The reason they went to the EU is because there's a lot of anti-Israel muslims in the EU that sympathize. Your breitbart tier concern trolling "DURR EU" does NOT work. Practice your shill scripts before coming here.

But will they tell you it’s owned by greedy kikes with their fingers in the Rothschild dynasty and AIPAC? No. And if you ask those questions you’re a mentally ill antisemite who needs sensitivity training and SSRIs

Look at his reply. Doesn't get more Jewish than this.

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Because EU is not as strongly controlled by Zionism as America is, so they do not want to sacrifice their national interests (benefits of trade) for irrational zionist sanctions against Iran.

Such as the disintegration of the deep-state appointees in the FBI, and their reluctance to hand over documents to congress. Whatever is in those documents is dynamite, as Rosenstein wouldn't be playing this game as fervently as he is, basically betting congress won't impeach him, as many in congress actually do NOT want what he's holding to come to light.

There's two ways this might be breaking…Rosenstein really IS Trump's guy, and they're going to use the information (the threat of it being made public) to disassemble the old guard and eliminate the deep-state, or Rosenstein is a traitor, simply claiming further investigations in order to keep all the dirty laundry hidden.

Regardless, things are getting interesting, and I can't imagine that nothing will give under all this pressure.
Let's see if an inordinate number of congressmen decide to retire, and if a lot of dept. heads start stepping down.
And with what we already know, Hillary and her associates could easily be arrested, even now. Let's watch that, too.

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