Starbucks burned by social-justice appeasement as growth stalls, stock plunges

Starbucks burned by social-justice appeasement as growth stalls, stock plunges
Coffee giant to shutter 150 stores next year instead of 50
Starbucks may have appeased progressives with its social-justice workshops and open-bathroom policy, but such moves have failed to caffeinate the company’s bottom line.
The coffee giant’s stock took a tumble Wednesday after CEO Kevin Johnson announced that Starbucks would close 150 company-owned stores next year instead of the expected 50, with an emphasis on underperforming shops in densely populated urban areas, and lowered growth projections.
Mr. Johnson acknowledged that the decision to shut down 8,000 U.S. stores on May 29 for anti-bias training, driven by the high-profile arrests of two black men in Philadelphia, played a role in the company’s sluggish second-quarter performance.
“In this current quarter, certainly we had an unplanned initiative driven out of the Philadelphia incident, we closed all our stores for training, we had to delay some marketing, but none of that is an excuse,” Mr. Johnson told CNBC. “The fact is the way I think about a growth company at scale is we’ve got to deliver consistent growth, month after month, quarter after quarter, and year after year. And we have not done that.”

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Starbucks has 24,000 stores. 100 is a drop in the bucket. Unfortunately, suckbucks is here to stay.

Everytime I pass cuckbucks I get the urge to take a shit on their bathroom floor.

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Every journey, no matter how long, begins with a single step. Most people would be quite happy if they could get more than a half a percent of the way to their destination in a single step.

not unless we continue to troll the fuck out of it.

start making fake coupons and fake bar codes so that niggers will fall for it and try to exchange said printed fake coupons for free shit, more staffs will be harassed and the memes will work as usual.

I have a few left over IOTBW stickers. Im thinking of leaving a few in a StarCucks bathroom.

Q2 and Q3 is suppose to be the most profitable in the year for restaurant and fast food

The last Starbucks I went to I turned their bathroom into a shrine for Ebola-chan

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>with an emphasis on underperforming shops in densely populated urban areas
Interesting. You don't suppose that could have anything to do with the fact they've told the urban negroid populations that they're free to use Starbucks facilities for no cost? It's unlikely these two things are unrelated.

imagine being someone that purchases coffee from a business that has a siren as their emblem. a SIREN.

most people that go to starbucks have no clue that their logo is a genuine representation of deceit. top riddance to those stores going under!

we should discredit the starbucks logo as the new pedo symbol

See my previous post:

what the fuck, that caught me seriously offguard

if they think this is bad wait until after they've closed 150 stores in nigger neighborhoods and we meme starbucks into the klan. The virtue signaling they'll engage in there will bankrupt a billion dollar company.

Fuck you Starbucks. Don't ever fuck with Zig Forums

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and the guy that cleaned it up thought "at least it wasn't niggers"

no clue… i saved the webm from the thread discussing the Starbucks logo being the goddess Isis.

Nah. Why lie when the truth will be so much more damning? Starbucks is about to engage in blatant, across the board racism to disenfranchise the nigg. . .I mean our black brothers. One tweet to a spaboo. . .gentleman of color and social networks will be full of porch mon. . .african American brothers chimpi. . .fighting for their rights.

no need to discredit; a normie-tier meme with a "did you know?" style delivery and "the starbucks logo is a siren…" and drop a simple, one sentence summation of the siren representing a (((mermaid))) that would trick sailors to their perilous deaths with lust, would be "cool" enough for people to "share" thinking it is "just a neat fact". anything blatantly throwing "pedo" is too much…the enemy gave us the keys to exposing them with their own symbols. use them.

this is correct and confirmed. also is a siren as i said in and
source - research and knew someone who worked for the company years ago. said in training they explain the symbolism, etc, and it is a stabucks "thing" to know "what it is" if you work with the company. cult like behavior. terrible programs you have to pay into if you work there (literally have a welfare pot that they let black/hispanic employees "draw from" in "times of need" - buddy said he would have to pay out 15% of his check to it, like healthcare…).

Maybe giving away product to anyone who isn't white is a bad idea.

I am sick of seeing other veterans being fucking racemixers. Seriously, stop that shit. Of course, he has tattoos, so can I really be surprised?

Sure. You totally left us with that option, Schlomo.

How would we find out which stores they are closing? There's a race map of America. You simply cross reference.

I immediately thought to myself they would close all their cafes in nigger areas.


Bringing down suckbucks isn't going to bring down the Jew.

But back to memeing starbucks into the klan, they have pictures of black people picking coffee beans which are nearly identical to images of Antebellum South depicting niggers picking cotton.

And? You know it's illegal for me to go cut the head off a Maori, put it in a jar full of formaldehyde, and mount it on my mantle in CURRENT_YEAR + 3… right? Just because I have tattoos doesn't mean I'm going to fuck a shitskin. Ever.

Make it legal for me to go murder some savages and mount their heads again, or shut the fuck up, pussy.

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Putting easily identifiable marks on your body is the dumbest things you can do if you're Zig Forums anyways.

not a bad idea but it just reinforces "slavery = bad white invention" in a normie brain. they would twist and contort the meme into representing something entirely different. whites need not feel any guilt for black failure…slavery was black failure to secure their own and in betraying their own. the photos of blacks picking coffee without context of antebellum south would be just as powerful and without an escape route for leftist manipulation.

Thanks for reminding me the summer solstice sacrifap.

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I bet even janitors have a Liberal Arts degree there.

Just like Blockbuster Video and its zillion stores, is that your argument?

Blockbuster succumbed to a tech change, but I think Starbucks will succumb to a shift in the Yuppie 'fashionable" paradigm

When I was in school I wrote resumes for a part time income… I ended up writing more resumes for wait-staff and cooks and other food service workers than any other kind of job.

Restaurants, coffee shops and even bars depend upon whether or not people perceive them as trendy.

Yuppies won't put up with Nibbas in da wash room, nor with their laptops being stolen when they go to pee - (or carrying their heavy laptop with them to prevent its disappearance.).

Starbucks is already losing its claim to vogue… this whole controversy has been full of negative imagery.

Yuppies are fickle. I'[ll bet the franchise chain is doomed now.

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Blockbuster was replaced by a more convenient and equally Jewish product: Netflix. If suckbucks goes down, it will be the same. A more convenient product, but equally Jewish.

I suppose it doesn't have to be equally Jewish, if someone thinks they can attract business away from suckbucks. In heavily pro-Trump areas it would be doable.

user is right. Despite its number of locations, Starbucks doesn't sell because of convenience. Their profits come from charging mostly female hipsters five dollars for a frozen coffee-flavored sugar drink, and girls will line up around the building to get it rather than get equally convenient sugary coffee drinks across the street.

And the market is now flooded with disappointed arts majors who know how Starbucks runs its business and how to makes all its menu items. All the potential is there to replace Starbucks with thousands of local trendy places where you don't have to deal with proles. Yuppies prefer to help foreigners because they want the unfortunates to be far, far away except for the occasional photo op. No one wants an actual hobo or dindu drinking coffee right next to them.

Wow, didn't even know that was a thing

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Learn to use the catalog..


Are you blind? That guy was clearly a mexican.

The thing about Starbucks is the base product, the coffee, tastes like shit. Tastes like cigarette ashes smell.

And what marks her as a siren you fucking retard?
It's just a woman with long hair, get the fuck out of here with your boomer conspiracy bullshit.