East Pittsburgh Officer Accused Of Killing Antwon Rose Sworn In Hours Before Fatal Shooting

East Pittsburgh Officer Accused Of Killing Antwon Rose Sworn In Hours Before Fatal Shooting
Officers initially responded to a shots fired called on Kirkpatrick Avenue in North Braddock. When they arrived, they found a 22-year-old man had been shot in the abdomen.
The shooter fired nine .40-caliber founds at the victim from a vehicle. The victim returned fire and struck the vehicle with multiple rounds.
Callers reported that a car was spotted fleeing the scene.
Police spotted what they believed was the same car on Grandview Avenue in East Pittsburgh a short time later. The car had bullet holes in the rear windows.
While an East Pittsburgh police officer was detaining the driver, two passengers ran from the car, including Rose. The officer opened fire and Rose was struck by multiple rounds.
Police found two weapons inside the vehicle, but none on Rose’s person.


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Niggers live in a fantasy land and a reality check is coming

jesus christ niggers really are wild animals, they instinctively go for small, weak prey

case closed

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It really does sound like an open and shut case. This nigger absolute deserved to get made, he was violent criminal trash, but niggers think they should be allowed to murder, rape, and rob with impunity, and expecting them to follow the law is RAYCIS. Now they're going to chimp out and burn down Pittsburgh and loot everything because a gangbanger got what he deserved.

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chimpout threads are always so comfy here

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This. And the killing officer should be allowed to mount the chimp's head as a trophy in their games room.

This stuff is so great.

Negroes posturing when people have a job to do is hilarious.

what was the outcome of all this


Another great video of a nig crying while being tased after drawing a gun on a cop

Ooking at the chick. Cowardly shit.

What time is the chimpout, guise? I hope it's a good one.

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So this is what Santa does in the summer. kek

I wish we could send all of our violent blacks to Europe; it would solve so much of our problems in a natural and organic way. It would also hinder Islam and kikes over there. WIN-WIN.

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Confirmed he dindu nuffin. Just along for the ride on a drive-by shooting.


Oh well that makes it MUCH better.

It sucks that without another Obama we'll never get another Ferguson or Baltimore. They just seem to have lost their spark and by spark I mean checks from the department of justice.

Im local and this kinda shit runs parallel from Philly. Pittsburgh got enought dye in the wool illiberal virtue signalers… neighborhoods like shadyside are full of em.

Not to mention you go a few miles to homestead, the hill or even east side, it all looks like a fuckin ghetto.

Working in the city center has opened my eyes and mouth to redpills of niggers and wiggers

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There's been plenty of nigger riots under White presidents, user.

Not letting this slide

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Live blocking roads


No love for Picksburgh?

I'm only around 25 miles from Pittsburgh. Rolling for a chimpout.

Gloomtube Live: Antwon Rose Chimpout


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it's been too fucking long since we got a proper chimpout

if you have sources for streams do share them

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kek at the cuck giving the red fist

Teargas soon :D

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Seriously, what's the world coming to when Black youth can't go out and do violent crimes without getting gooded by racist police?

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Jesus Christ they are blocking the interstate???
fucking niggers need a knob creek machine gun shoot up their asses


Like Nam all over again!

Shutdown for 90min or so

False, what they have lost is their funding from Soros Inc. Chimps are not capable of spontaneous organization. Intel ops are always behind it.

Just a bunch of fucking demons.

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I'm getting bored of these niggers. Trump is a cuck for not addressing the retarded niggers when even king nigger did. He'd rather focus on spics who are still not as bad as niggers.

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Forest Hills, Pennsylvania


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/r/ chimpout bingo cards

their leadership is ineffective. they aren't leaving as directed

I wonder how many people are stuck in their cars now. Hopefully a lot of them are being converted into nigger haters.

But who the fuck are you?

Diabetes and GRIDS on the parkway

Pittsburgh metro area is purple. This is playing right into our hand.


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When King Nigger called for calm, the thinking was that the fatherless niggers would listen to him like a father figure. It didn't work. Trump saying anything would only add fuel to the fire and give them a reason to chimp harder.

Why in the fuck are cops doing nothing at all? There must be thousands of people who have been stuck in traffic for hours.

A wild wigger appears!

What do you expect them to do? Shoot them? Because that's what it would come to if they tried to remove them by force and they know it, which is why they'll let them tucker themselves out like they always do and then go back to pretending things are under control.

When you break the law by yourself the cops arrest you.
When you break the law in large numbers the cops do nothing.

Looks like the lead kikes are having a little pow wow with the police.

I figured 'short, shorts' was a (((schemer))) in some official capacity. Look liked some academic dipshit.

Pepper spray -> Carry away

That's how the cops here handle things. I didn't think Shittburghers would be such massive pussies. My granddaddy told me they were hard as steel men.

Looks kinda like a jew wigger, so I'd call it a jewigger.

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That ain't a yid. Wrong brow, nose, ears, mouth.

if the "white" girl with the shorts and brown hair makes another appearance, take a screen shot.

Looks pretty similar.

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Pepper spray doesn't do dick when someone is jacked on adrenaline, enraged, and wanting to bash your head in. It will never, ever stop a determined aggressor, which is why the gold standard is always shooting center mass until the threat is no longer a threat.

Maybe just a little bit of blood, you're probably right, he's still a fucking wigger though.

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Really now?

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This is wrong, it does most of the time. It's only when they're drugged on hard stuff that is becomes a problem and in which case if the less lethal device fails they can use deadly force.

No, it doesn't, which is why it's never used in any professional capacity against a determined aggressor. Watch this video and then get back to me. Cops know they have about a second to respond with lethal force when they come under attack before they could have a hidden knife shoved in their guts or throat.

You specifically use pepper spray or tazers against someone who is not complying, but is not a potential deadly threat.

Says the niggers supporting murderers.

They are right, we have no choice but to kill them, or send them all back to Africa

This video is from before modern compositions. At a protest, it works just fine. See Berkley.

Do something you cucked out fucking cops.
Niggers should be killed immediately.
Fuck anyone who feels sorry for them.
If unicorn riot is there, smash his fucking skull open on cam and then stomp on it.

That video is still shown to "modern" police, along with the dinkheller footage. Why do you think so many niggers get goodified in the US the moment they start resisting?

I dont care how "bad" it fucking looks.
Roll through with the machine guns drawn.
This is Trump's America now, fucking act like it.

You were saying?

It would have been better if they just started shooting. What good does keeping that nigger breathing do?

Well, true, but it's always hysterical to watch.

Do you understand what a determined aggressor is you fucking cuck?

we're getting there user, we're getting there. The white man is slow to rouse…. but when they do, the destruction left in their wake is…. terrible.

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That was bear spray grade pepper spray

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we might
spend the night
we might
spend the night

I can post videos all day showing that pepper spray is worthless against someone who is enraged and wants you dead. If it was that simple, don't you fucking think cops would be instantly busting up all of those riots with pepper spray you stupid fuck?

They're gloating about shutting down businesses on the street.

Bear mace and police issue are weaker than the regular shit that you can buy because the police and bear ones need to be "humane." Pepper spray will not stop the chimping, but it blinds them, and a blind nigger is a lot easier to deal with.

Now what does this video show? Cop stops nigger, cop gives him a big fucking facefull of pepper spray, cop falls for the pepper spray meme and thinks it actually incapacitated the nigger, nigger immediately draws, shoots and kills him, and then is still fine enough to drive away.



old footage

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and they make great music

I thought they were done pushing this narrative in their propaganda when Trump starting blowing Clinton out of the water and all attention turned to him. Are we going back to endless propaganda trying to agitate dumb niggers?

I guess that saves me from watching niggers chant in the streets for hours, hoping they'll chimp. They never do anymore. Send these parasitic fucks back to Africa so they can get gooded en mass by actual africans

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I think the word you're looking for is nigger, friend.

there were several issues ongoing in this situation
The locals liked the shooter more than the dead cop

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heh, even if it was nigger-on-nigger violence still good for a chuckle user.

Funny how they only happen when the media fires up the niggers. It's almost like they're dumb, unthinking animals who exist solely to be used as a blunt weapon to beat us over the head with whenever they see fit.

That's hilarious. It shows how useless women are, and how dumb niggers are. Even on his belly with his hands behind his back, she waits for a man to show up and arrest him because she knows how worthless she is as a cop.

was going to post this

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