Pajeet Becomes God

A senior engineer at an Indian government agency has been a no-show at work for eight months as he was busy performing his duties as a deity, the man explained in a letter to his employer.

In contrast with Nepal or Japan, where only lolis have such opportunity, in glorious Bharat even office drones can fulfill their divine destiny.

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Shit thread, faggot.

It was pajeetposter, wasn't it?

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It's their culture, stop laughing.

You've missed the first post Moshe.

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Once he get's his termination letter he is going to morph into shiva the destroyer, his former employers better watch out then.

< I am become pajeet, destroyer of plumbing


Look upon his works unbelievers! How can you doubt a man who can travel by train without a ticket.

Holy shit Need GF Pajeet was a god all along.

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Even this shit is better than you, my friend.

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Poojeet would have to find it first, my friend.

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you know what's funny is how this guy's an experiment of two kinds

social and electromagnetic

ultra top jej he is a young cunt (his pic leaked) but I would lose my shit if the engineer from OP saw Zig Forums before his apotheosis hahahaha

Amusing and interesting tbh

Living the dream.

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Has this guy fucked his own mind, or did another actor do it?

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Mfw one of the fags in the esoteric hitlerist threads actually became the kalki

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Unintentional resource burn
Don't shitpost for no reason. You are wasting your valuable time.

OP you sound like an intelligent person. Please use your intelligence for the survival of our kind. We need your skill for the war effort, not wasting time on laughing with a lunatic from India. No hard feelings, brother

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Do not anger the Pajeet God or he will use his Avatar state on you.

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We have ways in the West of dealing with low pooh caste, call center void, monkey demons.

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