Third position, Strasserism, Social Nationalism and other misunderstood political views

What's this boards opinion on Third Positionism, Strasserism, Sorelianism, National Syndicalism and various other center left variants of fascism?
All of these views reject Marxism.
I'd also like to point out that Gottfriend Feder, one of the architects of the economic program of the third reich was heavily opposed to international Jewish finance capitalism.
I'd also like to point out that most major capitalist institutions are the very enemies we're fighting against who are attempting to undermine our nation. Allow me to quickly elaborate.

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Strasserism is one of the best ideologies out there, but I like having highly regulated mixed markets instead. (Like how Hitler made his economy)

At this point even mixed markets with a ban on loan interest and an end to private banking would still be leagues better than what we have.
The Hitlerites may have purged the Strasserites but I don't hold any hard feelings. I feel that nationalists of all stripes need to work together and I even admire Hitler to a large extent as a great leader, orator and statesman.

Anything that's not NS is a shill movement designed to detract from the only correct one.

Strasserism is a branch of national socialism brainlet. Also Third position is literally the umbrella term used to describe many (if not most) fascist movements.

I think a much better option is to put a hard limit on the amount of money one has to pay back for the loan. E.g. you can't ask more than twice the amount of money loaned, no matter how much interest there is on the loan. This way loaners would have to actually compete to offer the most attractive construnctions for their customers.

Interesting. I haven't heard of most of these ideologies, but will definitely read up on them. My political knowledge and idealism stems more from the social side of things, and my social side is very authoritarian, traditional and nationalistic, and I never really bothered to look into alternative economic beliefs, and always chose capitalism as my default, despite knowing full-well that it leads to endless consumerism and slavery of the common folk.

So would finance take place at a federal/state level? What does that mean for, e.g. credit unions that exist to serve a small, select group of customers? Plus if you're going to revamp finance, you can't forget to do away with fractional reserve bullshit.

Haha I’m kinda in the same boat as you

I've seen fees, rather than interest, proposed as an idea. Every month you have an outstanding balance, you'd pay a small fee as an incentive to pay the loan back faster.

Well I've started reading Gottfried Feder, I'm about halfway done with his book. He suggested nationalizing all banks, especially central banks (like the fed reserve in the U.S.) and instead of letting private banks give out high interest loans he suggested allowing state banks to give out loans at very low interest (5%).

Well Feder giving smaller banks a bit more autonomy but they'd still be regulated by the state and act as state own bank branches, he included credit unions in that. And yeah, fuck fractional reserve banking.

I'm glad you guys are interested. Here's a few books I'd recommend to get started:
There's probably some others but I can't think of them off the top of my head right now.

Fuck off moshe.

Not an argument you fucking kike.

Looking for this book:

The Foundations of Geopolitics: The Geopolitical Future of Russia
by Aleksandr Dugin

If there are any esoteric immigrants lurking Zig Forums, I don't mind if it's in spanish.

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Pretty sure you can find it here >>>/pdfs/

I sure hope youre looking for that so you can find more quotes to expose how hes an anti-white bolshevik instead of an interest in his ideas. Reminder marxist socialism is race treason.

I haven't been able to find it. That's why I came back to Zig Forums.

Also ironic and hypocritical that OP would post that Evola quote when one of the main differences between Strasserism and NatSoc can be summed up as Strasserism being focused on materialism, money, and wealth distribution systems. What a retard.

Evola's ghost is protecting esoteric immigrants cross the border.

Also reminder that Strasserists are #NotAllJews pushers who exclusively oppose capitalism and not Jews. TRS at best, lefty/pol/ at worst.

People who support Strasserism are almost entirely from those 2 groups. Either lefty/pol/ subversives and Nazbol gang types - or the lemmings retards on the tier of ancap memers.

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Okay tard.

Strasserists have different views on Jews. Some are more anti-Jew than others. You don't have to agree with everything Strasser said to take the good parts of his ideology while discarding some of the bad parts. But you lack nuance so I doubt you'd understand that.

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Also, refute some of the things I said in my OP. If you support capitalism you aren't a nationalist. You're one of the libertarian crypto-kikes who have infiltrated the right. You people only care about yourselves. You have no sense of community, no understanding of what it means to work together as a national community to achieve a common goal. But I'd expect that from a filthy Jew such as yourself.

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I really need help finding this book:

Nice meme pic. There's no such thing as national capitalism and all of your leaders are Jews.

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lmao keep going kike, do you think your going to get some user on here to join your jewish garbage?

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What more do I need to say faggot?
You are a worshiper of mammon as described by Feder, the chief economic advisor of National Socialist Germany. Your worship of the God of money has blinded you. Now go be a good little kike sheep and keep consuming their cheap products made by slaves in China and India.

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im calling you a kike because you are promoting kike ideology, and defending it like a kike with strawman arguments and attempts at insults.

Read my fucking original post you faggot. You haven't refuted one goddamn thing I've said. You've just responded with shitty memes.
Tell me how capitalism is beneficial to the nation despite everything I pointed out?
Are you afraid your Jewish brothers won't be able to exploit people through international banking anymore?
It's clear you're either a kike, a retarded lolberg, or both. If a fascist government is ever put into place I will enjoy executing scum like you.

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First of all, White nationalism or there is no point.
White countries for White people and only White people.
Also, remove all jews.
Secondly, a well regulated form of production-focused capitalism was at the heart of German National Socialism.
German NatSoc economics worked very well at increasing the prosperity of the working people, as well as the strength of the whole economy.

Plausible. The whole "interest industry" needs to be vastly curtailed.

Gas yourself with your jewish duginist bullshit.
Duginism is just repackaged marxism.
To hell with that.
And also take your "esoteric immigrant" bullshit with you to hell.

Gas yourself and your ghost, too.

Then they literally miss the single most important part of nationalist movements. THE VOLK.
Jews are not and cannot be of ANY Volk other than their own.
Deport them all and ban them from any involvement in anything in White countries.
And NazBol is pure cancer. It's just another attempt to subvert and steer towards one of the two sides of the jewish slave shekel factory (jewish finance capitalism vs marxism/ marxist socialism).

A well regulated form of capitalism was at the core of NatSoc economics.
Your just a commie, aren't you?
gas yourself

Gas yourself.
False dichotomy.
"If you reject jewish internationalist finance capitalism, then you must embrace marxism/ national bolshevism!!!!"
Double gas yourself.
Well regulated production-focused capitalism that is tailored to the Volk's needs DOES NOT EQUAL jewish finance-focused internationalist capitalism.
Begone with your crypto-marxism.

This is a National Socialist board. All cryptojews will be evicted.

Keep trying to slide chaim. We see your shilling. We will destroy the Zionist Occupational Government.



Oh look, its the hyperkike D&C agent animenazi calling anyone who opposes marxist socialism a lolberg

>Some of (((them))) are okay
yeah no

On that new board /fascist/ the BO has a good thread on Strasserism and the Black Front where he is translating one of Strasser's German books. It's interesting stuff

Get knifed. fam.

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It reminds me of the eagle and snake symbolism from Thus Spoke Zarathustra.

The only right political ideology is MONARCHISM, the oldest.

We should go back to the root where a king rules the land.

Sure but only if I am king.

Prove it via test of arms, sir.

I think they are outdated, since the world economy is too different today that you cannot just try to superimpose an idea from the 1930s on it.

Economic system is a means to an end. Whatever secures the sovereignty of the nation, health of the nation, and allows for normal life for families is a good system.

Max loan interest 100%?. Thank you generous shlomo!!!

Hi user.

The NSDAP implemented all aspects of strasserism which limited the evils of the free market (such as introducing supply management and ending usury).

The free market does have major strengths

The NSDAP introduced a regulated free market where one could not, for exemple, harm the environment or conglomerate family farms.

The NSDAP dropped unemployment from 30% to 2% and raised wages. This resulted in less women in the workforce, ans raised birthrates almost 1 child per woman from sub-replacement to above replacement.

Its arrogant to the extreme to believe you can improve on the NSDAP's implementation of Feder's ideas.

Stop dreaming about being rich. You wont be.

I used to believe this until I realised how immoral it is to dictate the markets for people. Its oppression via a thousand cuts, it strangles society.

The best solution is to be found by a government not doing any more than its duty, border control, courts and a central military, everything else may be given to a free home-market.

A successful government may draw rent for using the land and no more, without income tax, corporate tax or value added tax.

Not only do the resident population enjoy a small government, liberty and economic freedom; but you nurture a society of high independence, and inherent social intelligence.

Free-Market Fascism is the way to go lads.

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You can't make this shit up.

Gas yourself


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Reminder that Aryan capitalism is the only way for Europe to prosper and not devolve into a degenerate third world shithole. All socialists and "right-wing" leftists will be thrown off a rotary aircraft on the day of the rotor.

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I'd really like to be able to read some of the writings of Antoun Saadeh in English. From what I could gather he seems to be a very complex thinker and yet there's no works of him around.

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this guy has great analogies on ideologies, including SSNP and baath

Be sure to go post that on some irrelevant lolberg board you fucking worm. The only reason youre here is because were pro-whites and youre nothing. Reminder those who still think National Socialism is socialism deserve to be executed for refusing to accept pro-white ideology or to even read into it for a basic understanding. Youre more pro-Jew than you are pro-white, you wont even give pro-white ideologies 5 minutes to learn its not wealth redistribution. What good are you to our race? Youre the type of tumor that holds whites back. Theres no rotary aircrafts, theres a bullet in the back of your head for being a fucking commie sympathizer.

This is a leftykike, hes trying to change the board capitalist so that it fits all the communist criticisms. Were anti-capitalism and capitalism is Jewish. Youre a Jew, you care about money not your race. Youre no different from the conservative who thinks blacks money is just as green as whites. Youre a materialist and you have no place in National Socialism, no surprise you dont feel welcome and want to grasp onto kikes for survival. Scum.

oh lol

At least learn how to write before you shill your leftist bullshit on a right-wing forum.

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Fuck off fashy lolberg.

OP - you present the most “human-spirit”-centric concepts that have been dreamt of in the last few cycles of generation. You are *NOT WRONG* in what you say. The issue is in how that message is promoted and presented to the average person (bugman, wageslave, buzzword etc). We live on the cusp of another grand instantiation of genuine human transformation. The Romans and Greeks led an intellectual and cultural shift away from pure collectionism and community-centric thought - that is mostly due to adventagionist (jewish) influence.

Small communities of loving, strength-centered and *actually* progressive development is the goal in my mind. We have been too yoked to the deluded and disparate communities. The ones who think as we do are themselves disparate.

Do not stop thinking this way. Do not let go of the torch. What others granted us sight of through death and fire and tremendous struggle, do *NOT* let that fade. Family, Friends, Future.

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Capitalism saved Communism in ww2, you know.

Please do not bandy around such heavy terms so vaguely. What you just stated requires at least a paragraph of careful argumentation.

How the fuck does "capitalism" - an economic system, save "communism" - another economic system? It was one Jewish empire saving another. Try thinking with your fucking head before making a post.

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Sick TRS memes fam! Post Pinochet next!

Thanks fan, I don't have a lot of Pinochet, have some Snek instead.

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I was being sarcastic, judeo-lolberg
Or better yet, kys


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Don't you have an ayn rand book to finish?

I respect the fact that people are unequal. I'm also a strong believer in hierarchy. Proletarian movements can't really implement a system which respects, but controls the aristocracy. As a Fascist I support class cooperation, and thus cannot support National Syndicalism even though a lot of my beliefs originate in that ideology. I respect National Syndicalism, don't have ill will towards Sorel, but Strasserism is something I outright dislike. Strasser put his proletarian leftism ahead of national interest. His disagreement with Hitler about the fate of Krupp shows his true loyalties.

Don't get me wrong, I support a lot of things that would be considered "socialist"; however, my worldview is different from a proletarian one. I want to unify the worker and the lawyer under the banner of the Nation-State. That is my ultimate desire, not feeding to the material needs of the proletariat, or attacking the bourgeois.

I like the social credit idea of having the government monopolize loans, and using that to help finance the government.

People make the mistake of assuming that capitalism and communism are just economic theories; they are not. When you talk to someone about why they're a capitalist they will immediately talk about individual freedom or human equality. When you talk about things like free-trade, a capitalist will prop up the free-market as a magical entity that possibly overrules national interest. I don't even need to mention how a Communist would react to someone who wants the country to be guided by religious ideals.

Capitalism and Communism have ramifications on the state as well as the culture and the religion. The arms of these ideologies penetrate into the very soul of humanity, but still, they are just a means of distributing goods and services. Ultimately it corrupts every aspect of society. It replaces it with superficial materialism. In this sense both capitalism and communism only serve the jewish worldview. The Aryan worldview needs to think different, be different, and act different.

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I like Pinochet memes, but implementing the jew Milton Friedman's economic policies and letting the mestizo hordes in is fucking awful. Papadopalous and Franco are much better of conservative right-wing dictators that took care of communists.

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Didn't mean to greentext, pls bulli.

He was dictator from 1973 to 1990. If you look at that chart, the economic growth in that time span is nothing special. But even if the economy tripled under his rule, that does not matter. The country's social structure continued to decline. The country became much less white. International jewry was able to dominate the country because he willingly invited the globalists in. There are more important things than stock market points. This is self-evident to any National Socialist.

Communism confuses me a lot. By definition, communism is an economic and social system in which all (or nearly all) property and resources are collectively owned by a classless society and not by individual citizens. If this was truly the case, then what does supporting feminism and homosexuality have anything to do with communism?

Modern commies tend to think the so-called (((bourgeoisie))) are against feminism and homosexuality even though the corporations of the (((bourgeoisie))) shill it to no end especially in Talmudvision. And even if you only advocate for a classless society, it's nearly impossible to think class doesn't exist just like how the same modern commies think race doesn't exist.

How much degeneracy and gibs do you have to give to the commies and shitskins so they can be finally satisfied? Do they honestly think a bunch of 1% rich Jews are "White"? I might go as far to say the only reason why communism still exists in the modern age especially in uni is because of capitalism iteself.

These are great ideologues but they were good for the time. If I recall Ernst Zundell said in a 1990s interview sorta the same thing this user is saying. National socialism of the 1930s and 40s was good for the people then and would not be fully compatible in today's world. We really need to build off National socialism of that time and tailor it to our need for today.


supporting anti capitalism

you outed yourself with that narcissistic post you fucking kike

All this shit to them is white noise, they just want to turn white civilizations into marxist hellholes.

Communists don't think that far ahead. They just want to smash shit, smoke dope and have sex orgies thinking they are on the right side of history. They are rebels with a kosher cause.

Strasserite here. I advocate removal of capitalism, socialism, government and all political parties for the immediate creation of utopian, racially homogenous countries via machine labour and learning (Machines are very nearly capable of automating a massive chunk of jobs). An open sourced algorithm will used to determine a correct distribution of resources as each according to his need and to prosecute all criminals under a permanent common law. It will be written into law that the basic function and coding of the distribution machines may not be changed in any way under penalty of death. Excess produce and the massive surplus of labour will be used to "fund" and work on a massive space program to advance us to the stars as well as a secondary massive program to clean the fuck up all the pollution and raped countrysides from industrial farming.

Fuck authoritarians, communists, libertarians and everyone else. The technological utopia is right around the fucking corner and it's time to get corruptible and stupid humans out of governance.

Debate me.

Read the first image:

Then go fuck yourself.

Wew lad I don't care about the Strasser brothers or what happened 80 fucking years ago at all, the situation is so different to be laughable. What I see is an ideology that with some tweaking is FAR more compatible with the approaching technological age than traditional NS.



Thanks for opening my eyes OP

You have no idea how happy your little comment makes me.

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I always thought that capitalism was the way to go because that is what we have been thought and unlike these other tards who only know how to curse, you brought up some really good points that gave me a lot to think about.

I'm not really that much in to economics but I'm willing to learn, can you recommend any useful books that might come in handy in life? Studying to become an entrepreneur btw

1) go to
2) ctrl+f Zig Forumsbiz or book or redpill
3) take your time sifting through the results
"When eating an elephant take one bite at a time." - Creighton Abrams

NS is the thinking man's philosophy. Avoid Strasserism and other jew bullshit. You are in for a long journey of learning. First off though lurk more you cretin.


Sorry, forgot the shitty video:

Serious question.
Is National Socialism part of third position?
It doesnt appeal to either left or right.
Right is fucking cucked because of modern kike infiltrated Christianity who think shitskins are made in gods image and that questioning jews is a single.
Left is a bunch of communist faggots who think everyone is equal and God doesnt exist.

Have some rare NatSocs.

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All Fascism is third position, National Socialism is a type of Fascism, so yes its third position.

They are similar in numerous ways but not the same. Natsoc is an entire way of life.

Cool, I didnt know that Hoppe guy was still alive. Thats a nice little quote hes got there, too bad libertarianism is anti-collectivist and semi-collectivist action is required to crush said antifascist mob.

Sage because this thread should have been nuked and the OP permad.

Wait, that doesnt say crush the antifascist mob. 2 lolberg memes at the same time, one of them spurred me to look up crush the antifascist mob to find out who said it.

That man is a kike and his books are garbage that should be burned.

This board has gone to even worse shit.
Here I was thinking the change of mods would improve things.