Rapefugees Rape a Dog To Death

Body of ‘raped dog’ found inside Greek refugee camp.

According to the Greek animal welfare webpage Zoosos, on 28th of March 2018 an outrageous denouncement was filed to the Perama police department in Athens, by the staff taking care of stray dogs living in the nearby refugee camp of Skaramagka.

The staff found a little female dog dead at the centre of the camp, covered with a blanket. The little dog had obvious signs of a brutal rape on her genitals, but no other external trauma.

The body of the dog was transferred to the Stray Animal Care Interdisciplinary Center of Athens in order to be medically examined and to determine the exact cause of the animal’s death.

According to Zoosos, the head of the refugee camp of Skaramagka, Mr. Giorgos Karoglou, has confirmed this incident.

Webpage Eksegersi Ellinon, reports that the Greek PM Mr Giannis Lagos, of the Greek Nationalist Golden Dawn party, filed a question to the responsible Minister of Justice and the Minister of the Interior, in which he asked to be informed about the excact cause of death of the dog.

He furthermore demands justice to be delivered to the perpetrators as soon as possible. Although the ministers are obliged to answer within 25 days according to the Hellenic Parliament’s Rules, almost two months have passed from the date that the question of Mr Lagos was filed.

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What a culturally enriching experience.


They all need to die.

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From goat fuckers to dog fuckers. They're definitely furries.


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People should start herding STD ridden animals near rapefugee camps

Not how most STDs work. It would have to be an animal that was a natural carrier of that particular STD, which I don't think Goats and Dogs really carry any animal->human STDs, then again, I don't really know.
Because fucking animals is a niche not fully explored (yet) in the western world.
Could go the normal transmissible disease routes, but that could spread out.
Instead, just put explosives in fresh goat corpses. The still fuck em while they are dead.

Or when the west is won back we can Racewar til there's only whites left and nig nogs in africa that can't go anywhere cause they lack basic skills to do anything like making boats that don't sink or airplanes that fly

As if we needed more proof of sandniggers being subhuman.

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poor dogo

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Learn to make a proper thread yid.

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And why? How can that be more appealing than your god damned hand?

Is this why dogs are banned in islam

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This is equality

This is progress

This is why we fight


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God his art is so shit no wonder he didn't get into art school.
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My wife's three year old has better refrigerator art than that garbage. Pic related.

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So what happens when they don't answer in 25 days? Are there any teeth behind that rule?


Aren't dogs haram?

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I did find it funny that he brought up Trump for no real reason.

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Do we seriously need more evidence in court than the fact sand niggers rape dogs to death to prove they are subhuman?

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There is but one answer

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Why do you think leftists and shitskin mooslums get along so well?

Sand niggers, everyone

Yeah. Unz.com is a start but most NS genetic research got destroyed. The jews subverted the study of intelligence itself. The IQ test isn't even accurate when the people applying it get to have the final say as to the (((official))) figure. Not to mention, brain damage (psyops, drugs, poisons, radiation etc) and socialized disability of the mind. The brightest minds today are in many ways dumber (dogmatic and authoritative thought is literally (Greek definition) idiotic) than the average Aryan in WW2.

Read modern philosophy literature and you'll see it is mostly Communist masturbation of the ego. There is no attempt to deviate from Nihilist Sartre style judaic thought. Truth is not constructed from reality and an attempt at objectivism but rather it is thrown out in favour of critical theory and wordy yet contentless prose. Everything is tied back to human behavior through the lens of social constructionism and without racial/biological underpinnings it is akin to trying to build a clock out of cheese. The cogs are just animal byproduct and melt or rot when left within the pretty facade of the case. No longer do we need a thesis supported by rational arguments, now it suffices to quote an endless stream of popular (keyword: (((popular))) ) thoughtleaders to have your work lauded as true. The only peer review and vienna cafe style debate, which was useful at informing culture and bringing about human development and new tides of ideology and understanding - even if between Lenin and Tsara over a game of chess - is now confined to sterile and uninterested blathering and agreement for the sake of jewish egoism and self-promotion, or top-down government approved topics in a conformist TED talk.

Capitalism and Communism both subvert the desire for societal control (via money as pure symbolism of economic power) and give it outlet in predefined public spaces with narrow Overton windows due to the Panopticon and immediate centralized reaction to divergent thinking and social deviancy. Sorry for being verbose, I genuinely mean all I say and you can duckduckgo it up if you do not understand.

must have been a sexual emergency

Dogs are more human than these wretched verminous fuckstains.

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that is exactly how my dog sits.

You know, I get sick and tired of hearing this shit about Hitler's art. Hitler's art was pretty good.Was it Renaissance good? No. But I would buy it to hang in the front room or my room. People are hating his work because "OMG HITLER! FUCK HIM!" but in reality, he wasn't a bad artist; he just need to grow more as an artist. If he was accepted he would of been a great artist.

Jesus fucking Christ, the dude is being sarcastic.
Did the "my wife's son" bit not clue you in at all?

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These doggone rapefugees!

Also, he's comparing (((Baser's))) paintings to a 3-years-old's fingerpaint art.

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Lol fucking kike art. "of course I'm a Nazi! Heil Hitler!"

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This is something that should be spread. People can rationalize the rape and murder of white humans because they can just say they probably wouldn't have liked them anyway. Everybody loves dogs though. As far as I know there's no propaganda trying to vilify them.

Thats. .


Zig Forums defends this.

Won't work on lefties. They're literally pushing species into extinction to keep the nigger population well fed and mass breeding. They're destroying the natural environment of half a continent. Also they don't care one single bit about what a mud does to a dog, or anything else, so long as they can benefit from that mud.

first a pony in germany, now a dog in greece

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Stop hanging gay posters or trolling SJW and do some real work!

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it doesn't work, but it gives many laughs hearing their defense of it.

This will get more attention than the actual rape of native european women and girls by rapefugees.

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Remember that time furfags ended up having a convention at the same hotel a bunch of rapefugees were staying at?

Did I read that right? Did Golden Dawn really get someone in as prime minister?



look at her face … its like a cartoon holding up a cartoon

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the dog was asking for it

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Nyberg left the USA!?

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This upsets me because… but I also am afraid for these Muslims, what will be unleashed against them in response to this.

words cannot convey how much i despise these "beings"

How long until muslims start demanding dogs be veiled in public? Stupid sexy puppers.

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I just tried to search for the story and it's memory holed unless you type the exact words "raped dog refugee" so there must be something to it

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Maybe desensitization from Hollywood has made us hardened to human suffering. Perhaps there is a degree of disconnect that we don't have with animals. Perhaps its that we think a human "has a chance" yet some dog does not.


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Christ. You'd think after so many years on Zig Forums I'd be used to being so fucking angry all the time, but there's always some new atrocity like this to push the limit of my hatred to new heights.

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You do not deserve to post Lain.

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I actually enjoy threatening peoples for fun on the wired

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Good job nigs. Forward!

Did you really not read the fucking comment? Should we start putting up unironic no fun allowed signs because you're too autistic to read into sarcasm?

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Which company will be the first to proudly hire a half-Nigerian/half-goat? Target?

reminder to always kill all muslims, especially the children

I'm not even going to explain the intricacy of my shitpost, because it's already lost on you and to explain would remove the humor behind it.
What I will explain is the why.

I cannot find a hint of beauty in the past 75 years of history.
I cannot find a hint of beauty in shitskins metaphorically and actually raping the things I love.
What I can do is throw all the ugly in a dumpster, set it on fire, and laugh at it's charred remains. Because that's the only way it will ever be beautiful.

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Subtlety is lost on the average American.

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