Hitler's Goal

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Is this true?

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Not true.

And Slavs are Aryans themselves. It was brother against brother war.

From the country that made the first animal rights. Really?
Germany kept extensive plans on even their least likely projects, like the draining of the Mediterranean for farmland. I'd love to see the lebensraum plan going to the Urals. The ambition was united Germany right up until Poland started their pogroms.

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This is bullshit indeed.

First of all the lebensraum was for GERMAN PEOPLE not GERMANIC PEOPLES, and the occupation - as with most wars - are not permanent and these territories most likely wouldn't ve have been annexed.
Hitler wanted to incorporate all GERMAN PEOPLE under one nation, as they really were not and had not been for a long time, though the identity certainly existed among germans everywhere. Lebensraum was exactly that, to protect, preserve and ensure a future and existence for the German people, and to stop them being persecuted as minorities in other nations. And so on and so on.

The whole conquer-the-world, evil destroyer, oogabooga stuff is all bullshit.

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The goal of National Socialism was to unite the German people and smash bolshevism, which are the same thing really. To get rid of the divide between left and right.
His ultimate intention was to achieve the Reich and then colonies outside Europe, simple moderate plans.

Propaganda. Lebensraum is a German word because it referred to existing Germanic peoples who were being executed by jew Bolsheviks and jew partisans after Judea declared war on Germany in 1933.

Vichy France etc etc The National Socialists did not aim to expand beyond their racial borders. Was it perfect? No. But war is messy. The endgoal was noble and it involved National freedom.

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History teacher here. Generalplan Ost is Jewish bullshit.

Yes you're right on that, but not entirely jewish, German jews actually helped develop the concept of lebensraum, and Hitler let those who developed it escape to the perquisite of Israel, the mandate of Palestine, after signing the Haavara agreement. Fucking based!



Not true at all. The Nazis admired our anti-race mixing laws and based many of their anti-jew laws off of our Jim Crow laws.

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Cool bro.
Hey, you got a source for that propaganda poster?

The fuck do you mean "source".

As in where it came from.
Ya know, to prove its not just some bullshit cooked up by a Zionist Jew in Tel Aviv in 1963 with a filter applied to make it look 'old timey'.

I'm guessing you don't, otherwise you wouldn't have asked me such a stupid fucking question.

This is a meme

The NSDAP's goal was to unify all Germans within 1 nation, and they did not see this as a goal they could entirely active before the pressure from other western nations would force them to stop.

The most Hitler hoped for was to incorporate the Baltic states I to the Reich as citizens.

Anything else was propaganda and dreams.

No, it just sounds stupid asking it for a propaganda poster. That's like saying "source?" on that famous WW1 "we want you" British poster.


A little digging offered this:

>The hand-drawn and hand-colored map sketch illustrates Greater German fantasies about "New Europe" under German rule: The "East" supplies the conquered enlarged German Reich with products from industry and agriculture.


>The museum was founded on 28 October 1987, on the occasion of the 750th anniversary of the founding of Berlin; it was inaugurated in the Reichstag building in former West Berlin

Yes and I did, I posted the link in the comment you're replying to. Thought the same though lele

Yeah, I see that, but as I said, the citation itself notes this is a hand-drawn and hand-colored thing, which again suggests its not actually propaganda, but someones fantasy drawings.

I wonder if some of the ridiculous sketches I made in my notebook as a kid will someday sit in a museum as evidence of the intentions of the GW Bush administration.

Then why'd you post it?
Oh, right.

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Lets assume some kid whipped this up in his attic (which is completely unlikely in and of itself), it serves to prove the type of mindset the government was instilling into the people. This isn't some completely unrelated fantasy either, it fits accurately into what was happening at the time. Therefore lebensraum isn't post war kikery. There's too many documents to proving so, even Hitler himself speaking of "living space".
Because the sketch being badly drawn has nothing to do with what I'm proving.

Even wikipedia admits this is fake news

This is what they do, pose as a neutral party "just asking a question" ( that is often loaded) and then have their compatriots come in and start astroturfing, or just switch ips and do it themselves.

Part of a series on the
History of Latvia
Coat of arms of Latvia
Ancient Latvia[show]
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Flag of Latvia.svg Latvia portal
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Latgalians, sometimes also Ancient Latvians (Latin: Lethi, Letthigalli, Low German: Letti, Lethi, modern Latvian: latgaļi, letgaļi, leti; variant translations also include Latgallians, Lettigalls or Lettigallians), were an ancient Baltic tribe.

They likely spoke the Latvian language, which probably became the lingua franca in present-day Latvia during the Northern Crusades due to their alliance with the crusaders. Latgalians later assimilated the neighbouring tribes, forming the core of modern Latvians.

The Latgalians were an Eastern Baltic tribe whose origin is little known. In the 5th and 6th centuries they lived in the eastern part of present-day Vidzeme (westwards from the Aiviekste River), and later on in nearly all the territory of that region.[1] In written sources they are mentioned from the 11th century. In the first two decades of the 13th century the (Western) Latgalians allied with German (mainly Saxon) crusaders. Their lands (Eldership of Tālava, Principality of Jersika, Principality of Koknese) as vassal states were incorporated into Livonia.

The Latgalians in the context of the other Baltic tribes, circa 1200 CE. The Eastern Balts are shown in brown hue, while the Western Balts are shown in green. The boundaries are approximate.
In the 11th century Eastern orthodoxy started to spread in Latgalian lands from Polotsk and Pskov. In 12th century Latgalian lands and their rulers paid tribute to dukes of Polotsk.[2] In 13th century during the Livonian crusade Latgalian elders changed their Eastern orthodoxy for Roman Catholicism and became vassals of Livonian Order.

Due to crusade many regions of Semigallia and Courland were left depopulated so already during the war and also after it part of the Latgalians migrated to those regions. Subsequently between 13th and 16th centuries, they gradually assimilated other Baltic tribes Selonians, Semigallians and Curonians who thus became a part of today's ethnic Latvians.

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Why not assume it was some Zig Forumsack equivalent of the time?

Its quite a bit more likely than that this hand-drawn hand-colored image was state propaganda.

No it doesn't. It serves to show one person made a drawing. That's all it proves - if even that, given there's no meaningful evidence to support it having come from the period in question.

Not really.

Yeah it is.

False equivalencies and no documentation proving your claim whatsoever.

Yes it does, it has everything to do with it.

You're basically holding up what could be anything - from a sketch in some kid's notebook to the drawings of a bored housewife to the scribblings of a madman, etc etc etc - and claiming it is DEFINITIVELY state-propaganda OR AT LEAST evidence of mindset instilled by the state at the time.
Very semitic behavior, or else simply stupid.

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Is David Irving lying?

Yes goy of course it is true. We Chosen People and the puppets we've chosen for you are the good guys and would never ever lie about anything. Only HITLER and the nawtzees would lie if they won!

Zig Forums goals

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The map you posted is 1915 Prussian plan Called Mittleeuropa, or more accurately
Seize everything in green as muh righteous prussian clay, and create 2 or 3 puppet states in the Area of Finland and current day Ukraine to trade with.
They finally accomplished it with EU, with the tradeoff being that the new "germans" that'll reap the benefits are 70-80 IQ shitskin subhumans
Explain Havaara agreement.

Childish poster is really “the Reich top sekret war plan”.
Check mate Nazi!

It’s REAL!
Ok,we don’t have any documents, books letters, speeches, not even forged ones, of Hitler or the Reich wanting anything like that, but Uncle Joe said it. Stalin was a great humanitarian, so it must be true and his (((western supporter))) were never caught lying, bearing false witness, slandering, doing amoral things.

There is no proof of anything, least the provenance, origin of that paper.

There is a reason, why historians, want to know the origins of certain documents. Paper, print types, stamps, file registration, publishing dates, dissemination are all factors to check before even considering the content of some piece.

Otherwise we have “Hitler’s diaries”, every other week, and that was amateurish. The Soviet Union had whole government departments dedicated to falsifying history, forging historical documents.

Things that never happened.

Because that can mean many things.

The Allies though the Germans deserve no living space and published their plans to exterminate Germans in books for everyone to read – undisputed fact!


Upon running out of Wikipedia articles to cite, the leftist will always begin to spew degenerate and indecent comments. You see, once people see through the leftist's pseudo-intellectual fog, their true nature is revealed to be nothing more than that of a pathetic and vile cretin. How worthless.

No it was the defeat of communism you dumb cuckchan faggot. If you think that gaining some land was the preferred goal to getting the whole of humanity enslaved you're sadly mistaken.
Ask yourself: How would Germany control all that population that is two times greater as their own? Why would they kill their fellow Europeans? How would they bring about the massacre of all those people knowing that the holocaust is a lie? Why didn't they plan it for the rest of the East European states like Romania, Hungary, the Baltics.
the answer is simple. All that bullshit you quoted is communist propaganda conceived and distributed in the East that miraculously made it into the West.

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Remove the northern parts and the first picture looks mostly correct. Read table talks!

As for lebensraum you can literallly read MK or his second book. It seems that some anons take everything that MSM says and refutes it based on that. MSM is of course kiked but thay havn't made lebensraum up. They have just spun it in another direction.

≥import as many volksdeutsch from the USSR as possible between 39-41 into regained clay from Poland

Daily reminder of the Tragedy of the Volga Germans and the Morgenthau Plan and the fact that 80% of the (((Bolsheviks))) were internationalist jews.

Oh look the lie of the 'Ostgruppe plan' is back again.

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Just how retarded are you? Do you think everyone's just going to pretend the invasions didn't happen?

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Also funny that you should mention humanity when he considered slavs subhumans.

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Pretty much this. Its a joke that they would genocide majority blonde slavs but ally Mediterraneans for some reason.

Romanians are not particularly blond, Bulgars and Croats are Slavs (not very blond either).

Hitler had nothing but contempt for the Jewish institution of slavery.

What if those who knew the real truth are all dead?