TIMES Magazine's cover

What a manipulative bunch of bullshit, but it is (((TIMES))). Still, it could be somewhat exploitable with pedokikes and whatnot. What a transparent MUH FEEFEEs attempt to tug at your heartstrings for outdated whiny lawnmowing equipment.

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i mean
we could add a thoughtbubble for trump
go be brown somewhere else


This is way too generous to him. He looks "stern and understanding" instead of "craven, weak, monstrous and shameful".

I was thinking the same thing. Weird how they could resist putting him in LE ANGRY FRUMPY DUMPFY DUCKFACE. His face is more "blame your stupid parents and kike lies, child", instead of eeeeevil.

"But what about children who aren't your responsability and you owe nothing to!!! BLUMPFHH!!@"

Jews gonna Jew.

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Where's the baby's parents?


Turns out there was no separation.

what next? no gaschambers either?

and obese. He almost looks 6'3" 239lb. here.

He looks very sympathetic in the picture, as if you feels bad for the abandoned child.

Fuck off, we're full.


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Gee whiz, Welcome to America. Some rando kid just crying while a grownup who's not her dad is stuck with her in a tight space. What are they going for?

Push the abortion comparison, hard.

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where's the mexican president?

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kill yourself

Shooting up heroin and collecting incentives for "voting" democrat

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Twitters got some good ones

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some more

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Out fucking standing

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Daily reminder this isn't about children being separated from their parents but about trying to reinstate "catch and release." also, trump has been sending a lot of the more sketchy beaners to be housed in prison, so they're trying to stop that as well


Really makes you think.


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so edge. much wow.

I bet the (((times))) really thinks its clever.

it's nice when your first reaction is already done by some other user

This is genius bait


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Shop it so he's pissing on the beaner hahaha.


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fucking nice user

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OMG I need to defend this celebrity diva con artist controlled opposition candidate in an election that was nothing but theater against ALL criticism because some people can never be wrong and my father in law who gave me my beautiful yuul is one of them!?!?!!!!!!!!!!?!

Everyone I disagree with is a troll. I am labelling them just like people label blacks as niggers, because sometimes assigning demeaning terms to people is fine. I am using hate to try to get people to hate the people I hate, and that is why I am above hate. Hate is so gross, except sometimes in situations I get to pick. People who think they just get to decide when hate can be used are evil, but when I do it it is good because I said so you dumb fucks!

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Ugh what is wrong with people? They think you can just see one member of a race doing something and then blame the rest of them for it forever. Making assumptions about a group based on the actions of one member of that group is evil. When are white people going to learn this? Being rude to members of a race because one member of that race is bad is evil. That should never be done. You got that you dumb ass white people? You think you can just say rude things to people? No. Saying rude things is wrong you fucking idiot. You should never call someone an idiot you dumbass. Judging someone based on their appearance is wrong too you fan of tiny handed Trump. Trump's hands are so small and his penis is probably small too. He always uses ad hominem attacks instead of actually debating people. What a dumbass. I'm not even going to respond to his argument and I'm gonna attack his character instead because I'm above that judging attitude he has.

Holy fucking shit these people are beyond fucking retarded

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Combine these.

These are fantastic.

you do know there are ids dont you

Heartbreaking. Fuck having borders and law and shit.

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lurk 2 more years

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Apparently the mom took the girl and paid a coyote 6k to get her and the kid across. She left her husband and other kids behind without song anything. She's back home with her husband who said she was never separated from her kid. What would we think about him filling a lawsuit against Time and others for using his daughter's image without permission?

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We meet again, Satan

Fixed it.

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Where's the one with Trump pointing a gun at the ugly little goblina's head?


It's just a weebnigger. Stop giving it attention.

Oh boy here we go. You foreigners never learn do you?

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It was real in my mind.

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go be a little bitch somewhere else.

inb4 anchors away

good lord

The circle of gibs would be complete

Holy moly, my sides.

They (((media))) is going all out on their propaganda campaign.

Bravo, this is a 5 star post.

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For the pleasing of the autismo gods.

Also what was the reason for the change over to user being red again? I dont remember the name field being red at any point, and the only thing I can think of that really gives the color red any immediate significance on Zig Forums was when everyone was jizzing themselves over the ability to do ==red text== among other shit during the 2014 gamergoy migration. The glory days back when

Was a funny joke. Also polite sage for my offtopic rambling/question

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If that's real, that's hilarious. Didn't these faggots get a new kike CEO a few months ago?