(((Wikileaks))) sides with the spics by snitching on ICE agents

Remember when people called (((Wikileaks))) based because of leaking Killary e-mails?


You Either Die A Hero, Or You Live Long Enough To See Yourself Become The Villain

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WikiLeaks has been compromised since October 2016


shows you exactly how compromised these ZOGbots end up, in the end. Really makes sense that the NSA announced everything they have us going into the cloud for our alien overlords to review.

Assange is dead.

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disinfo, he's being held captive.


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More likely this. He is being kept alive, but was most likely tortured and is now acting under threats to play along. They kept him alive because of the dead man switch.


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tbh most of ICE are already traitors and have been for decades. what have they been doing all these years? nothing.

They didn't even commit a crime. This isn't whistleblowing, this is just doxxing and encouraging retaliation on them and their families.

I'm beginning to believe that. This will drive a nice wedge between the right and info that's relevant to them. It's a tragedy.

Assange has always been like this this surprises only the newfags, retards, and drooling knuckle draggers magapede retards who weren't paying attention.


Meanwhile (((Waze))) has gotten policemen literally murdered. Their families should sue them for billions of shekels.

This. I was in that thread the night of his planned announcement when shit went weird and he went into fundraising mode instead.


Or this, but either way WL is not under his control and hasn't been since October '16.

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All of this

They have been, and continue to be, true nuetral. A crossroads for information. The only difference is where the shadow is cast.

Or not… Fug

ICE can serve a useful purpose and generally I'd support them but, I'm for deep public oversight into all federal employees. ICE Patrol is rarely the beginning - I want all federal employees actively GPS tracked, vital signs, biometrics, mic'd, and POV camera'd. Federal employees do not deserve privacy nor did they ask for it.

Is it possible for an user to.. maybe, possibly.. create a new Wikileaks? Healthy competition?

ICE are law enforcement and are legally allowed to conceal carry in all 50 states. Let some antifa faggot try something, it'll be the last thing they do. And the ICE agent will have every right as well.

Sadly this R.I.P.
There's no way Assange himself would say some jewish shit like that.

If Hitler sided with Mexico, why shouldn't Wikileaks?

He didn't and Mexico declared war on Germany

Assange is dead and maskfag scum is what he had under him
Prepare for a new kosher Wikileaks, brought to you by the same niggers that gave us Telecomix

Good, fuck ICE and anyone who works for the ZOG.

Based Julian, going to make a donation to wiklileaks right now.

Martial law can't come soon enough. Camp them all. Every fucking leftist can work to provide for the people of this country. I mean, they love that shit right?

Reminder that you will be in the FEMA camps if you dissent against the Zionist government in any form.
Martial law will only come after drumpfie gives spics amnesty and will primarily target gun owners and anti-zionists

half misinfo

hes being held captive … underground … in a coffin

we only follow god emperor trumps tweets for all of our information

hes like assange but has bants and is based

Sure thing commie. I'll take the camp, you get the rope.

Ebin meme there, m’fellow DACApede

Remember anons sage D&C shitposts.
Remember anons filter D&C shitposts.
Remember anons report D&C shitposts.

It was always as kosher as Q.

Get gassed hebe.

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You’d know a lot about heebs, considering you support a man who married all his kids off to them. Delusional trumpniglet

Reminder Wikileaks may be compromised

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Bump for feelsbadman.


Indeed, I know exactly what you filth are like which is why you get the rope.

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WikiLeaks published whatever was given to it as leaks. Your view changed about them based on their information, they haven't changed what they're doing.
The fact that they release information you think they shouldn't and then call them (((Jews))) just reveals your own bias and from that anyone can infer that your statements of fact will not be so, they will be statements of opinion no better than any sjw shill jew. You obviously aren't an honorable lineage and have no understanding of the basic reason to opposition of the Jew, it's not that they are Jews is that they act as Jews. You don't have a superiority to something if you act on par with it.
>Wordy ass paragraph posts are the same type of (((disguise)))

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Wrong nigger. Any user worth his salt knew Assange either died or was captured in October 2016.

The wikileaks page loads but not the tweet. Deleted?

Yo dawg everyone is allowed to conceal carry as it's been decided a right by the US supreme Court. As long as you are a US citizen. Must of you faggots are because if you have a Social security card you are a US citizen, a resident in the state you live though

I still see it pinned.

You are a bit off on this one. The information was already public and ICE agents had made no attempt to hide their own identity. It isn't a leak of any significance and is meant to target individuals based on propaganda. What are those ICE agents guilty of doing? What are they trying to hide? Nothing.

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Funny how they try and shield themselves by calling it a journalism resource.

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Strange though, it does look like twitter yanked the tweets, but the pin remained.

Assange or not doesn't matter, WikiLeaks is in the business of leaks and this is a leak like any they've done before
Don't be dumb, you can't use the good will Trump has accumulated by ordering ice to do it's job to muddy the perception of that shit mafia

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I'm willing to admit I could be wrong but given ice history and previous leaks I'm going to bet in a week or 2 new connections are going to play out from this. I srs doubt that these agents aren't freemasonry niggers or corrupt.

Wikileaks is anti-authoritarian in general. They're just being consistent with their philosophy.


Dumb nigger I said its not related

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Wow I am very shocked that the CIA losers are posting this from the account of that dude they murdered for exposing their crimes. Very shocking. Very strange times we live in. Never would have expected this. #shocked

Yeah dude, you can take any person in the world, find out what they say, say something like that, and dumb fucks will just believe it! Just cut this CIA intern some slack. This is his first day pretending to be a murdered whistleblower.

probably a long shot.. but there was an user that posted this image along with 4 other related images in the anchored "4chan cuked mods" thread before it 404d. I had the thread up for days after saved the images and just went to get them to post here and i can't even view them myself, image corrupted. funny how that works, i had the image enlarged before the thread got shoah'd, but saving it after didn't work. If i would have known, I would have just taken a screen shot. Anyways are you that user? and if so can post the other pics very related to this subject. I think another one of the pics was the attempted entrapment message they tried to get donald jr with around the time of the compromise..

Some things are so bad and pertinent they are never forgotten. The Wikileaks Blackouts is one of those things.

I don't know why you would assume that Wikileaks is partisan, or even allied with the right. Assange was the darling of shitlib progressives not that long ago; it was only during the Trump election that they began hating him, when he released damaging information on Hilldawg. They claimed he had 'turned' on them and now you faggots are doing the same. Assange is all about the freedom of information, no matter what. More of an anarchist than anything else.

I had small hope WL was still legit

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Fuck, that's depressing.


shut up faggot Zig Forums is a board of peaceofficers

He is cypherpunk.

Thanks for sharing OP. Now go choke on a trimmed dick.

>useful for (((journalists))) develop sources inside ICE
Because that worked out well with the FBI. Nice one Kikeleaks.

Wikileaks = Earliest Q-user practice run with a 'face' to front it

Not true, they waged war on torrent sites on the behalf of kikes. OP is probably too young to remember


It's like getting mad at doxbin that your dox got posted

so what does this video mean? its a deepfake type thing?

Wikileaks came out as a soft CIA release valve,feigning that he [Assange] had his hands on the most delicately sensitive private data of US ambassadors worldwide.

All the wikileaks 'revelations' amounted to
Since then it's had a few alterations, and most recently it was campaigning for NeoCon jewry.
Like we see on here and all other once jew-wise orgs

They presumably killed him and now the images we got of him are CGI.

How can they have gigabytes of 'insurance' files for over a decade but not release any of it.

Imagine risking your life and your families to deliver the hottest shit on the planet and it gets buried by the very people you leaked it to.

Why would they need multiple insurance files, why would they release a new insurance file and not then open up the previous - doesn't the insurance against the (((Intel agencies))) work only if they know that you have the goods on them, a simple explanation is that there was no major insurance just a big ol' empty vault.

This I was there, an user was livestreaming near the embassy.

It's too bad many people may need to be reassigned I suppose. Possibly even relocated? Who knows maybe it will all turn out for the best somehow. Maybe there'll be less problems when Trump has the agency re-filled with new people trained with more sensitivity or something.

Assange may have changed hands once or more btw. It's a possibility. If he's still around.

This stuff is all publicly available; for WikiLeaks, this is milquetoast.

I remember that, that guy was fake as fuck


whatever that thing is, it's not assange.

Si, viva la revolucion, right amigo? Kill yourself.

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Ahh yes, I remember stumbling onto their mailing list archive a while ago. Can't remember what brought me there, exactly, but I spent an hour or so browsing and was very happy to see there were a number of anons redpilling the shit out of that list. Good times.

Remind normies that CNN said its illegal to read wikileaks.

I hope he gets out soon

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they doxxed themselves, tbh

Saying that "it's public therefore not doxing" is ridiculous.

You understand that most doxing is just finding public information? The guy who scraped LinkedIn for ICE officials profiles was doxed with public information 5 hours later just through public information. His number, name (Sam Lavigne), birthdate, picture, address, employment history, usernames, family members, current social media accounts, etc… were all public information.

Not enough x's

This isn't really within the typical purview of wikileaks though

They publish all manor of censored documents, not just ones that were leaked to them. They are also chocked full of leftists who were ass sore that they helped out Trump so much and this lets them feel like they are doing something 'good' to make up for the bad karma.

Personally I hope Julian gets assassinated just so we get to see what's in the insurance file. What a selfish cunt, keeping all that to himself.

Fucking nigger americans.

Assange has always been a hipster anarchist degenerate. He targets anybody who is hiding anything. This is good if your enemy is hiding something, bad if you're hiding something. He can be an asset but he is not your friend. Not everything is black or white. I swear, the average IQ of this board has plummeted 20 points since 2015.

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