Consider what our fathers did to build this country

Consider what our fathers did to build this country

The English settlers brought in 600,000 slaves, ethnically cleansed the Indians, joined their cousins in a war to expel the French, then revolted and threw out those cousins to claim all the land to the Mississippi for ourselves.
Jefferson grabbed the vast Louisiana Territory for $15 million from Napoleon, who had no right to sell it. Andrew Jackson drove the Spanish out of Florida, sent the Cherokee packing on the Trail of Tears, and told a dissenting Chief Justice John Marshall where he could go.
Sam Houston tore Texas away from Mexico. “Jimmy” Polk took the Southwest and California in a war Ulysses Grant called “the most unjust ever fought.” When the South declared independence, Lincoln sent a million-man army to march them back in a war that cost 600,000 lives.
William McKinley sent armies and warships to seize Puerto Rico, Hawaii, Guam and the Philippines. The indigenous peoples were not consulted. “God told me to take the Philippines,” said McKinley.
The conquest and colonization of the New World and the creation of the United States and its rise to world power required acts of aggression and war of which many among our elites are ashamed. They exhibit their guilt by tearing down the statues of the men who perpetrated the “crimes” that created America. But of these elites, it may be fairly said: They could never have built a nation like ours.
Which brings us again to the larger questions.
While our forefathers would not have hesitated to do what was needed to secure our borders and expel intruders, it is not a settled matter as to whether this generation has the will to preserve the West.

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Progressives may parade their moral superiority as they cheer the defeat of the “zero tolerance” policy. But they have no solution to the crisis. Indeed, many do not even see it as a crisis because they do not see themselves as belonging to a separate tribe, nation or people threatened by an epochal invasion from the Third World.
They see themselves as belonging to an ideological nation, a nation of ideas, whose mission is to go forth and preach and teach all peoples the gospel of democracy, diversity and equality.
And this is why the establishment was repudiated in 2016. It was perceived as too elite, too liberal, too weak to secure the borders and repel the invaders.
“If you’re really, really pathetically weak, the country is going to be overrun with millions of people,” said Trump Wednesday. Is he wrong?
Since the Cold War ended with the collapse of the Soviet Union, it has grown apparent that the existential threat to the West comes not from Czar Vladimir’s Russian divisions returning to the Elbe.
The existential threat came from the south.
Half a century ago, Houari Boumedienne, the leader of a poor but militant Algeria, allegedly proclaimed at the United Nations:
“One day, millions of men will leave the Southern Hemisphere to go to the Northern Hemisphere. And they will not go there as friends. Because they will go there to conquer it. And they will conquer it with their sons. The wombs of our women will give us victory.”
This is the existential crisis of the West.

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Trump needs to go Full-Duterte at this point.

That would be nice. Repeal everything after the 10th and hand out funs. Let people take care of business and we'll have our country back.

It's one thing to go duterte in an impovrished nation that's used to dictatorial rule. It's another to do it in one of the world's most powerful oligarchies, housing some of the world's most powerful organizations.


Indeed, if we did it here we'd actually be making the world a better place in general.

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Anons remember sage D&C threads.
Anons remember filter D&C threads.
Anons remember report D&C threads.


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Also remember anons: the first people who stepped foot in NA and SA were white Europeans.
Native Americans were white Europeans.
The first invaders that raped, pillaged, and destroyed were low intelligence chinks who needed a fucking natural land bridge to get here.

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doesn't really matter derailer, we are faced with some very troubling times ahead.

Don't you mean ~100 kike families who came in with them to profit and defile a new land?

You got fucked in the ass and you are our bitch.

Either get back with us or die in a ditch.

If the West consists of killing natives and Africans, then fuck the West.

Hopefully someday when there aren't too many white people in America, all ethnicities that have been victims of white crime will rise up and teach white people some manners (I'm safe because I stand with non-whites soooo yeah)

Fuck the West, Fuck America and Fuck White People

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You won't like how this ends.

Why do you shills always try to trigger us with mediocre anime?
Atleast post Berserk 2016 so I have two reasons to be upset.

Good or Bad
Moral or Immoral
Right or Wrong
Lawful or Unlawful
Fair or Unfair

Are all subjective. They are ways for other people to tell you what you can and can't do. Did you make the law? Did you write the bible? What is fair to a communist is unfair to a capitalist, what is moral to a Hindu is immoral to a Christian. What is right to someone from the South is wrong to someone from the North. What is lawful in China is unlawful in the US.

Eliminate these false dichotomies from your decision making process.


Use these dichotomies to predict your enemy’s next move, or to influence and persuade your enemy into defeating themselves or helping you to win.

The white allies in Haiti were raped, tortured, and dismembered. The mulattos who took over were later disposed and killed. Other ethnicities engage in ethnic cleansing without remorse. Even the Japanese, whose cartoons you enjoy. The Peasants Revolt ended with the leaders and organizers being executed. The Shimabara Rebellion ended with around 40,000 rebels and sympathizers beheaded.

Pat buchannon is going full 1488 recently.

This is how you turn the leftist narrative of "repent by passively watching your own annihilation" into "steel yourself and face to bloodshed".

Also he's wrong. Jews brought slaves to the US and 79% of slave owners were jews despite jews being only 0.008% of the population before 1860.

I've heard this shit a million times you kike. You're another cog in the machine.
Cogs can be replaced.

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Is this not true?

Take a wild guess (((who))) owned all the slave ships.

>(((english settlers))) brought in slaves
You are not fooling anyone Moishe.

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You are correct from an objective and rational perspective, but our forefathers let Western Christianity shape their basic morality and ethical code. Ultimately, what matters is whether your actions benefit your race and, by proxy, your nation. This is why shooting a productive member of society or raping kids is objectively wrong. It harms society and the promotion of genetically and mentally strong individuals.


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Your mind on leftism. Not. Even. Once.

The dirt of Europe and America is soaked with the blood of brothers, brothers who must now stand together as never before to fight what may well be the most terrible enemy in human history.

Slavery is not a part of kosher history, only the guilt over it is. We took plenty of slaves, but the idea that using slave labor was not par for the course at the time is idiotic.

The Jews brought in the slaves. The Jews owned the slave ships. Sorry kike you aren't fooling anyone. In fact the Jews owned the slave trade!

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Jews were almost single handedly responsible for the slave trade.

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This is a choice. You didn't HAVE to be a filthy fucking puritan and nobody wants to live near puritans.

Yeah no shock. Natives don't like foreigners.

Really what were you expecting here?

Also on the part of the natives. The British government negotiated a meaningful peace between the colonials and the natives in terms the natives could actually understand.
Because unlike the stupid colonials the Colonial Office knew how stone age tribals think and how to work with them.

But of course the colonial landowners didn't take too well to being told to stop expanding west. They wanted more land as they believed it would make them as relevant as British landowners in terms of influence in parliament.
Hence why the natives fought on the side of the Empire during the colonial revolution.

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The only mistake: not killing the indians and the blacks after using them

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Turn this right the fuck around to Israel if someone ever brings this up in conversation, and ask if Jews have a right to Israel's land then.

You'll see waffling and cognitive dissonance like you wouldn't believe.

They did all that just to watch you sit on your fat ass and shitpost on Zig Forums. Thumbs up, White man.

Buchanan was making an amoral assessment of what happened.

it actually seems to be a universal that great nations are built on stacks of bodies. If we take this as an assumption, then either the Western world will cease to be great (it actually wont exist at all) due to its altruism or it must return to a level of barbarism in order to keep itself alive.

I dont think there is a single person here who disagrees with the concept of what Buchanan wrote

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this isnt neo-bla-bla, jew
even howard zinn told it like that.
Take a guess, he's a jew.
American history doesn't have a name.

it very much ties into what has been written in Plato's Republic

Nah, it's a neocon spiel.

The implications here being 1. America is /was great 2. Current elites aren't the same profit-seeking kikes who created the American empire, having merely outgrown it in recent years 3. That America is a part of "the West"

The entire neocon mythology is here

It isn't altruism. Altruism is a selfless act. What is done is done entirely for self, mostly cowardice on the part of cucks, but plenty of virtue signaling and quite a bit of profiteering using charity as a cover, especially when jews are involved.

The British caused the Civil War through freemasonry, knights of the golden circle and b'nai b'rith. Only one state held a successful referendum on secession, and many states had to pack their legislatures to approve secession.

Natives were riled up by (((Jesuits))) because the American colonies were a threat to the entire European aristocracy. Read 'how the nation was won.' None of what they taught us about early American history is true.

British Jews specifically. Same ones that intermarried with European nobility like the Rothschilds. Americans never wanted slavery and wanted peace with the civilized Indian tribes. Even considered annexing them.

Yep, America has always been shit

We purchased land with flintlocks, steel axe heads, whiskey and occasionally blankets.

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people love to hate on the white people, but fucking whites are the ones who founded all of western civilization, goddammit!! Yeah, so there were a few slaves, and some Indians died, but imagine if the US was founded by the asians… shit would've been fucked. We're the greatest country in the world thanks to the white people. Nowadays, whites are shot down and told they mean nothing. What's even worse, whites aren't standing up for themselves anymore. All the so called oppressed mother fuckers that came here from a foreign country, want to destroy the white man, not even realizing doing that will be the end of America. Jefferson was one of the greatest minds of our time, and all the writings and work him and the other founding fathers did don't mean shit to the niggers, wetbacks, chinks, sand niggers, and the cucks. fuck, dude!!!

They had a concept of territory but not ownership. On account of being primitive stone age tribals.

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our fathers were ignorant, marauding rednecks led by satanists to their destruction, just like in europe. The seed of cain has no redeeming qualities.

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No one believes you.

hence the ignorance. read a book, aryan

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See, even the most kiked of shills know this. Glad to see you empathize with us, Moshe.

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This but inverted.

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That's right bitches. We may have lost the war, but we killed 100K+ more soldiers.

BASED Southern aristocracy tbh

hmm where have I heard this number before?

I agree gas the kikes.

The kikes brought those slaves you blithering idiot. And slavery was almost exclusively a kike thing. 70% of slaves were owned by (((them))).

And the ADL was created because one single time whitey took the word of two "savage nogs that kill for coin and sport" over the word of "civilized (((whites))) like the jews" becaus a jew killed a white girl while trying to rape her and tried to blame it on the black watchman.

Leo Frank, great stuff.
They sold it as the greatest instance of antisemitism in America, but it was one of the greatest acts of justice and it seared their asses so hard that they tried for 100 years to have the case turned around, and sadly, not too long ago, succeeded.

This video is pretty good about it.
Don't mind the beginning, the host is laying the sarcasm a bit too thick, reciting the jewish mindset of it.