Ku Klux Klown generation

This was single handedly the worst generation of Americans. They had all the opportunity to put niggers in a reservation, but only passed the segregation torch to the next generation. There was no possible way to keep segregation going. There's no way they couldn't have known this.

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The OG Klan wasn't bad.

The boomers that were their generation, on the other hand, were.

Maybe its time for decent people to start exterminating racists? I'd be down with smashing a fat racist virgin like OP into the pavement, face first, watching him whimper for mercy

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You come to Central Park, NYC 10pm this Saturday. And we'll see.

What were boomers going to do? These people had the votes to actually do it. They were just too fucking cheap. They were selfish and didn't want to alot their precious shekel's and their precious land and move to make room for a open range nigger zoo.

If only they knew

This was the greatest generation of Americans. Them, and all those who burned NYC and Chicago to the ground protesting that stupid worthless war.

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LOL projection

I fucking wish they had

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Yet, they lost.
We can do better.

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Central park is like 2.5 miles long.

Stop being a 14th amendment nigger citizen, don't get your kids the optional social security, or at least wait until they are legally able to read it and sign it themselves. You don't have get one just because you're born, every US citizen had a ssn. Starve the Jew

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this is a joke, right?

Start with yourself, kike

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First of all, you say "racist" but what you mean is "White people." Because marxist 1984 newspeak.
Marxists killed hundreds of millions of people.
Far more than your "racist" examples.
Should decent people start exterminating marxists?
Marxist leadership in the soviet union was heavily jewish.
Should decent people start exterminating jews?
There have been far more Whites killed by blacks than blacks killed by Whites in American history.
Should decent people start exterminating blacks?
Also, the slave trade was owned and operated by jews.
I'm not advocating for these things, I'm pointing our that you are.

Funny how you anti-racist morons always cherry pick your examples.

Both sides were bad in that war.
At least Lincoln wanted to deport all the blacks to Liberia. He was (((assassinated))) before he could initiate the policy, though.

All generations of Americans have been shit. Because America is shit.

The absolute state of Zig Forums.

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keep kvetching faggot

Aren't you tough? You go, little johnny.

Just admit you want to kill white people. There is no point in using that coded language here.

That would require your leaving your basement. Keep larping, but everyone knows the only thing you're down for is another hotpocket, you jap cartoon watching, jew faggot.