Lorain police officer fired after stopping and detaining coal burning daughter and her nig boyfriend

Is this officer now considered a suicide risk???
A Lorain police officer was fired after an internal investigation found he abused his authority by conducting a traffic stop on his daughter’s boyfriend without cause and temporarily detained his daughter and her boyfriend in the back of his squad car.
Safety-Service Director Dan Given, Police Chief Cel Rivera and other command officers noted John Kovach Jr., a patrolman who joined the force in 1992, violated various sections of the department’s standards of conduct and policy and procedures during the April 16 incident.
He was fired May 11 and Given said the incident has been referred to County Prosecutor Dennis Will for review.
“These actions are not acceptable for members of our Police Department and we felt it warranted immediate dismissal,” Given said. The Police Department’s union is appealing the decision.


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That officer did nothing wrong

This youtube comment section really is something. The BLM idiots are having a field day.

Imagine being a cop, knowing first hand how absolutely shit niggers are, to an extent that even we don't get to see, only to find your daughter is dating one.

I dont like cops one bit, but my gramps was one, and did this shit to my aunts BF's back in the day. All in good fun.

But now nigs are somehow sacred fucking cows that can't be looked at the wrong way by a white man.

Whatever, win win story:

Should have just handled it quietly.

New police chief right there, after tDotR clears out the current incumbent.
A real proactive self-starting go-getter. Sees where things are going wrong. Acts early.

I hope he disowns his stupid whore daughter, writes his investment in her off as a loss, and never talks to that cunt again. I also hope she gets raped to death by niggers so the last lesson she learns is that she should have trusted her father. Poor guy.

Should have shot the boyfriend and maybe tasered his daughter tbh

Oh yeah. You burgerfags better write him flowery and motivational letters to cheer him up.

Fired for being a dad.

Former Lorain resident here. Lorain is a shithole you don't even want to visit. The south side is all fucking Puerto Ricans, the west side is Niggervania, and the east side is a goddamn mess. Imagine Youngstown, but two and a half times bigger, with another shitty city (Elyria) stapled onto its ass, and Oberlin, the gay capital of the country right next to it. Now you have a small city's police force to mop this shit up. Yeah, it's not as shitty as Cleveland or Columbus, but that's like saying drowning is better than burning to death, because at least you won't die thirsty.
Fuck me, I have to go back there in two weeks. I'll bring two guns when I go.

I want to see what will happen to weimar USA when the civil war happens it will be the turner diaries all over again

I suspect that the (((masters of the left))) are playing the long game, hoping that their coctails of soy and HFCS will make for a compliant population after we all die off from old age, distress, or suicide. They push shit to the extreme, then walk it a half step back so people get used to it.

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Pigs are such faggots. If your daughter is already burning coal, then you failed. Just have to disown her, not pull some childish stunt like this.

We live in a communist world whether anons want to realize that or not. Maybe terror is not being used yet, but I am pretty sure they just fucked themselves when Trump got elected not because of the commies or because of the anger that brought but because they keep playing the making fun card. Making fun of A US president it's fucking unbelievable they fucked themselves beyond repair they made every inch of society fail the only thing that remains is civil war. I also wrote to a different user why they digged their own grave not because of their manipulation or secret games not because of they are demon like. BUT because they made every part of society not worthy and destroyed it in the process there is nobody to look up to. Have you seen a kid ideolazing anyone other than some athlete or a fucking funny teacher I haven't. This is the only thing that will bring them down now people are starting to look up to leaders and with the immaturity of kikes and their 10 year old brains nobody not even one of them can become a leader, have you ever seen a philosopher jew I haven't have you ever seen a general jew I haven't. You need only 1 good leader someone like Rockwell to come again and the US is a lost cause for the kikes. They will migrate to China where they will be eaten alive for being kikes.

White nigger detected.

good dad

Are you a nigger? If you're not committing a crime and aren't a rude asshole, they're decent people.

Now taking bets on how long before she gets stabbed, shot, or beaten to death by her pet nigger's nigger friends.

Here's another (((you))), you glow-in-the-dark faggot. You don't belong.

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are we being slid?
its like the second thread about this up and the titles are almost the same

kek GOOD

Even if it's only petty revenge at this point, it's understandable. It was stupid to do it on the record, though. Should have just gathered her godfather and uncles and had a little chat with him in the woods for a few hours.

He should have just shot him and not been an idiot in front of the camera.

Shouldnt you be in Breitbart comment section?

Regardless I feel bad for this cop and his soon to be spawned future-fatherless grand-shits


If she is already "dating" a nigger, then it is past the point when any parent should care. Let her know she is no longer a part of the family and kick her out as soon as legally possible.

T-T-They wouldn't let me skateboard at the mall!!!! Waaaaaaaah. White men create law and order, all strong societies have an enforcer class. The problems are nearer the top.

He's been dealing with thug niggers every day in his job for 26 years. When he found out his daughter was running with the niggers, he snapped.

Daily reminder miscegenation is the worst sex offense a person can commit, and should have never been legalized.

Do you retards think the police are on the side of the white man? fucking dumbass bootlickers.

This. People are so blinded by their moral compass (believing in higher authority) even when they're fighting against their best interests, anons need to learn that they're zogbots first, and peacekeepers second.

I bet you think the SS were the bad guys too.

Hope he gets to keep his pension and has another child who isn't a race traitor to succeed him.

I just learned his son owns a waifu pillow and faps to Japanese cartoons.

Actually yes, Jew's are quite prolific in nearly every school of philosophy; some are actually good, most are expectedly bad. Wittgenstein for instance is probably the biggest name in modern epistemology and one of the most famous philosophers since the ancients. Whether you agree with him or not his philosophical work is at least quite good though he's more of the exception not the rule. There's also scores of shit commie kike philosophers infesting virtually everything else too and they have a ton of influence in philosophy, mostly in bastardizing it.

So as I said there is no philosopher jew and my point stands they are just manipulators stealing other philosophies and destroying them in the process.


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Any cop is welcome to change my mind and join the right side in the race war. Your pension isn't going to mean shit when your country is Brazil and South AIDSfrica combined.

great a philosopher that is accepted by the dumb masses. Fame is no measue of quality in philosophy.

Show we a philosopher that is so smart and so honest that people want to kill him. Ill show you a true warrior of words and thought.

you shill idiotic fuck bitch

user pls

should have doubled down, paid the dude to gang rape his daughter then as the act is happening kill them all and plead that he killed her by accident.

The masses are largely ignorant of Wittgenstein and his works. But as you said,
You'll never see a kike spouting the truth. Just convoluted dribble.


inb4 glow in the dark nigger
inb4 "we" - fuck the jews, Jesus lives

Except he did. He should have followed the nigger around and waited for him to commit an actual crime, then arrested him. In the best case scenario, he goes back in stop and stops himself from raising a coalburner.

the above was mentioned simply because the excuse of his daughter is saying "waaaysism". Fuck, what a waste of oxygen. Poor guy. zogbot and now the proud father of coalburner bitchface. Really hope he wins the lottery or something better.

Wittgenstein was famous because his work was good, not the other way around in this case. He also was a sperg that pissed a lot of people off too and an all around jack ass so I'm not saying he was a great guy, just that his work was at least respectable.
If you're looking for a typical Marxist Jew philosopher, look at Peter Singer. Practically everything he shits out is hedonistic drivel. He's a good example of what you're talking about.

for every young white male this cop has arrested for bullshit, and for every ADL and SPLC sponsored departmental diversity training session this ZOGbot cocksucker has had to sit through his chickens have come home to roost. There are many factors as to why retired law enforcement officers put a bullet through their own brain cavity upon retirement but I'd have to say, having spoke to many of them, the final understanding of what a complete sham their entire career has been is highlighted in this single thread. Dylan Roof had more balls and courage than this ZOG gang member.

The SS had a demonstrated track record of the exact opposite of what American police and military do.

His philosophy aside, the only 2 good things Wittgenstein did is give away his family fortune, and when he fought in the war, he was the first to charge the enemy lines in suicidal attacks, claiming men had a duty to fight valiantly.

The SS where the good guys, not good goys like American police working hand to mouth for zog.

Is there a vice more abhorrent than White-nigger miscegenation? We need about 100k more cops to say fuck ZOG like this guy.

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fuck off kike

It is so sad the way girls throw away everything their fathers did for them when they become sluts, coal burners, lesbians or feminists.
White men built civilization so their women and kids would have somewhere pleasant and safe to live and their women are betraying them via the divorce court while their spoiled cunt ungrateful children are working overtime to wreck what they built.
And to make it worse, their dumb slut daughters are burning coal in increasing numbers.
Men, was it worth it?
The amount we sacrificed and it still wasn't enough for women, we created all that is great in the world, and it still wasn't enough for them.
Enslaving them muslim style seems to be the only rational response to their irredeemable nature.
Dumb fucking cunts, I hate them

In strong societies the enforcers are the men of that society. The propagation of enforcement by specialized groups in authority is a symptom of an growing empire and the dissolution of said 'strong society' for empire cares nothing for society, only power.

you've got a valid point


The daughter is really cute, if I was younger, say 25 I'd step up and marry her and make a lot of white babies. Her dad could even call me "son".

Apparently you haven't heard of the internet.

the united states was Judaized from the start, jews won ww2, what more do you want? you shouldn't be hating women half as much as you should be hating jews.


I thought you were exaggerating. Those faggots are going to town.

You assume this had anything to do with the lad's race but there's no evidence to support that belief.
It's just as likely - if not more likely, that daddy is just an example of the sort of creepy father who takes a little bit too much interest in his daughter's love life.
You know the type:
In each of these cases the ostensible reason is "concern" for his daughter's "safety", but the real reason is jealousy, sexual jealousy.
Sometimes these fathers will tolerate a schoolboy lover, but react with extreme rage and hostility towards an older, more confident, more capable, independent adult man, even if there's nothing unusual about the age gap - e.g she's 19 and the lad is 26 or 27.
The disturbing, and frankly, creepy fact is that the age difference concerns him for one reason only: an older man is more likely to be able to support the daughter. He can provide for her freely and out of love, what the father is currently providing in a kind of master-slave relationship.
An older man is more likely to be responsible, more likely to own his own home, to have an established career, to be ready and willing to raise a family. All of these things fill the incestuous father with an envious rage, for a capable man represents a threat to his dominance and control over his daughter. A wageless schoolboy does not, which is why they tend to be tolerated, whether their relationship involves high risk unprotected sex and a general abandon of true love and care. The schoolboy just wants to "get his dick wet" and brag about it.
If the father really cared about his daughter, it is irresponsible young men he would rage against.
I'll admit, as a very good looking man of over 6`, I've had more than my fair share of attention from much younger women (I always ignore it if the girl is underage.) My advice to guys in a similar situation (high SMV, older man beset by adoring young women), is to avoid those who still live with their parents. They tend to be immature anyway, and the fathers are a nightmare to deal with.
If you're lucky enough to have received nature's boon and be alpha (a primary choice for women - is all that alpha means), then exercise some control and restrict your attention to girls who show maturity. Those who have already left home, university students, workers, world travelers and so on.
Daddy's girls are not worth the trouble, and their heads are full of air.

NS cherished women. Women took (limited) part in the SS, factories, all kinds of functions. Of course, the jews will push D&C until they are blue in the face to try and convince us otherwise.

damn you're one creepy fucker, I think the daughter is hungry for attention and cock, and made threats she was going to kill herself (((for what ever reason))) and dad, the cop flipped the fuck out, the daughter is obviously making poor choices. 90210 and Melrose Place must have led him to believe his daughter would grow up and become the CEO of a hot shot PR ad agency. Reality is she is on her knees for niggers. I predict dad will spread he brain material all over the living room sofa in 6 months or less after a 12 pack.

Haha there goes his pension. What a fuck up.

Yeah, you're a retard


a stand up guy detained a literal criminal idiot who was fucking his daughter and he's the bad guy?

wew lads.

or just shoot the nigger and the coalburner. put them in hydrochloric acid and dispose of the evidence.

John Kovach Jr during happier times with daughter
Daughter now, burning the coal

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John Kovach Jr leading sacred cow nigger to his patrol car

Lorain police officer John Kovach takes a breath after receiving pies in the face.

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It appears Katlyn and Makai Coleman, 18, have been dating for at least three months when her father

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He raised a coalburner.

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Fathers have limited options for being able to prevent their kids from becoming degenerates.

You could be the best parent and raise your kids with moral values, but this sick society can still get to them. Happens all the time, good people get stuck with kids who decide to be faggots, miscegenators, and druggies.

Disown them.

You can't really blame him, many whores do that just to enrage their conservative fathers, i doubt he raised her to be one, as he's clearly not happy about it, this is (((medias))) and (((social medias))) brainwashing at work.

against a nigger?
who gives a fuck, that's what every police officer should do, and you have the nerve to call other people kike lol
I can agree with you on that one

Same here, i'll give you that.

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Easy to say. Those are your children, after all, you invested a lot of heartbleed, time and money in them. Parents who are quick in disowning their brood are by definition nigger tier parents.

who do you think enforces ZOG at gunpoint?

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I often get on men here on not being redpilled on women while being redpilled on race.
Your post is an example of the opposite: you use the media sponsored 'white men are inbred' meme to prevent yourself from being redpilled on race.

should have shot the nigger
having a nigger fuck your daughter is not acceptable under any circumstance

It's funny that everyone says they believe in the bible, mostly women.
People actually behave this way, which proves that they mindlessly regurgitate whatever they here the most from people around them, lack the will or intellect to really believe in anything or follow any principle or creed. They are consumed by the so called sins they claim to stand against.
Just look at the comments in that video, they:
1. Claim god is on their side while calling for indiscriminate killing.
2. Claim they are being wiped out while calling for genocide.
3. Claim they are for diversity while supporting racemixing, which will destroy all diversity.
They are this braindead, they don't even realize they are contradicting themselves.
Daily reminder that until someone shows the capacity to be fully redpilled on their own, they are to be treated like dogs, for that is the level of their intelligence. Play nice and let them think they are in control while subtly manipulating them in the background against our opponents.
Plastering it's ok to be white was a great example of what I am talking about. It revealed people susceptible to redpilling while getting normies to spread a meme malignant to their handlers.

Literally every other comment is ypipo being raysist/ignant or offering muh dick.

I've been noticing a lot of teenniggers blabbering about "BBC" randomly in chat rooms, comment sections, and streams. This is the level of communication.

Idk fam the cops I've met were nice. But then again I'm not a criminal.

I'm not a criminal and I've met a lot of cops that are untrustworthy, lying fucks, and worthless people

When the daughter is wailing "why are you doing this, you can't do this" - what she is really saying is "why didn't you discipline me, why didn't you stand up to my mother, why didn't you take me far away from this city to a place without niggers, why did you let the juden brainwash me on television".

The only thing he did wrong was going in his uniform, car and saying anything about jail.
He should have done the same thing as a father.
She wasn't beyond saving, most of them aren't. 80-90% of coalburners, dykes, feminists are casual about it in reality, and with a strong male presence in their life, they revert to normal within a few months.
I've seen it with long term dykes, feminists etc. Doesn't take much more than a stable relationship with a strong willed male to set them on the right path, they even start wearing dresses spontaneously within a few months.

Lots of them are drug users, which make them lie almost incessantly. They are also encouraged to lie more or less constantly for their work.

I know the daughter of a cop that did heroin. It seems like sometimes the kids of police become degenerates. I'm not sure if she burned coal, but if she was addicted enough, I suppose she did. She's clean now, though.

Keep your gun laws loose in Ohio, user. You don't want to end up the kiked up mess that is New Jersey here.

Absolutely this.

Cops are mostly here to collect shekels and keep the kikes in power. They're not obligated to help you, nor to save your life. They're also being trained by Israel to treat American goyim like they treat Palestinians.

Whitopia exists, but there's no jobs there. Not everyone has the ability to uproot, or to homeschool. I don't think the man should blame himself. Once someone gets to a certain age, the moral decisions they make are out of their parents' control. If someone chooses a life of immorality of their own free will, you can't blame the parents.

Correct. It's been a Judeo-Masonic corporate republic since its founding. And yes the Founders were philosemitic. George Washington wrote to the Touro Synagogue and visited there at one point as well.

This. The Bund Deutscher Mädel empowered German girls and young women, and not empowered in the kike way.

This is why if there's ever mass pogroms against the kikes in this country, I'm joining in the killing and beating.

This is real Feminism.

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