Any former leftists here? Why did you leave the movement? What were your problems with it...

Any former leftists here? Why did you leave the movement? What were your problems with it? IMO I saw it pointless LARPing and lifestyleism. While I still consider myself a socialist, leftism is something im not going to be supporting. It's more about what positions you hold than it is about actually doing anything.

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Redpill me on that image.

tl;dr leftists are LARPers who care more about how they look than helping anyone or learning theory. It's the main reason they just end up caucusing with the center-left in the end.

I thought I was a communist back when I thought it was a stateless free for all. Turns out that was really some kind of anarchism. Thank fuck that was over a decade ago and I'm not a faggot anymore.

I grew up, started reading more, got a job and a girlfriend, lost them both, etc. Leftism is an ideology for people in bubbles. It's why so many antifa are kids with rich parents who let them get away with murder. The ones who take it into middle age are emotionally stunted.

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I am still leftist in certain aspects, I believe in National Socialism. Programs such as universal healthcare, free university education (merit based), large scale research should be provided by the state or in close coordination with state and industry. Kikes and shit skins need not apply.

Probably Uncle Ted's manifesto. It just made me open my eyes, so much sense and explains everything. Later I got tired of all the hypocrisy on the left and found out all the memes of leftism leading to a clown world where mentally ill children could chop off their dicks or mutilate their vaginas and call themselves the opposite sex to the acceptance and promotion of pedophilia such as seen recently from google and the like turned out to all be true and not tinfoil as I believed years ago. The left didn't used to be this crazy but even the craziest of the religious right had more sanity than the left and that is why I left leftism.

Also I am very sure most people here are former leftists. It is just a natural phase being young and it is the default opinion of almost all mainstream media, movies, etc.

I don't mean neoliberal, which is the default postion. I mean leftist. Anarchists (except for ted) communists Marxists etc.

Never was, but the number one cause that I've heard from acquaintances is actual experience with other groups. Nothing seems to turn people like having to actually deal with africans, jews or arabs. Politically some of them are still left but they've stopped buying into the marxist idea of left, and instead believe in politics focused around the nation's ethnic group instead of the concept of multiculturalism.

Really the question should be when they turned away from marxism, rather than the left in their case, and I suspect most cases. The idea of the left/right is a bit of a trick, because it's very possible for both sides to be corrupted, instead the focus should be on the race.

My apologise. Unfortunately, that is what most people mean these days when they say 'leftist', or the 'default leftist'. However, those leftist/marxist positions are popular in the university days of your youth and a default all the same for natural reasons.

I realized that a lot of those ideals just don't work, and the ones that do work are generally detrimental to society. The final straw was definitely them just not letting me be. I just want to be alone and happy like that but every step of the way they're trying to get the government to intervene in stuff that's none of their fucking business. Gotta bring over more refugees to keep my wages low and then raise my taxes to help pay for the refugees and then make it illegal to to hurt the refugees' feelings and then take my guns so I can't do anything about it. All I wanted was a quiet, peaceful life.

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This is what the leftist parties used to be across the western world, for example US Democrats. Somewhere along the line they lost their minds and wanted to destroy the working class for those they were supposedly fighting against. Either leftists do not realise how much multikulti hurts the working class and society as a whole or they do know and are just plain evil.

Yes! Exactly shit like this. The Hypocrisy of the left is endless

Just goes on and on and this is not even dealing with hypocrtically infuriating champagne socialists who do not realise what they are wearing or use daily.

GamerGate. Woke me up to the groupthink and media manipulation.

I'm a leaf, I don't own guns, I hate Hogg and I like 2A. Also the faggottry/trannyism is something I TOLERATE. What, now you practically demand participation? And because I stand up to you, the shunning and silent treatment? Really showed me who my true friends are.

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Indoctrinated far-leftist by my expensive private all-white school, genuinely believed it at the time. Brainwashing started to fail in 2005, when it became clear that the part of the working class that happened to be white was about to become public enemy #1, and by 2006 it was clear that the left had nothing positive to offer me.

Green Book is also good for conversions for those that think nations are gay n' shit. Ghaddif was basically right about everything, he was the Arab's Hitler…He was too pure for this world.

This. They need constant reinforcement ("muh right side of history").

I also can't stand Oliver.

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I used to be an "Anarcho-communist" when I was younger. At the time, it sounded like a sane and rational position until I got a summer job working on public trails. After I recieved my first paycheck and experienced taxation firsthand, I started to resent it immediately. At the time, I also started hanging out with the local skinheads who I met in the punk scene. As the summer came to a close, I gradually began to drift away from leftism and began to embrace an fascism without even knowing it at first.

I campaigned for pic related.
Because DUDE WEED.
I've grown up.

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Once a leftists forever a leftists, it's in your blood.

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Oh yes, this one helped give my head a shake. Met her through a guy who was crowdfunding his rent but spending it on sex toys. (I don't meet people off the internet anymore.)

James Damore's Google memo, "Google's Ideological Echo Chamber".

He spoke to everyone in the company using a logical, highly cited letter full of peer reviewed science and even still that wasn't enough.

Leftism is braindead and it is dead to me now.

I larped as a nazi without knowing what national socialists stood for, im the brainwasher type and I slowly brainwashed myself into natsoc until I realized its not something that needs brainwashing to believe in.
In 2016 at the election I made a video I didn't upload anywhere where I saluted a pic of obama and flipped off a pic of trump, my how far I came
I went from 'nazis r bad but they look cewl' to
'holocaust didn't happen, and their policies r good cuz socialism' to
'natsoc was more egalitarian than everyone' to

"holocaust should have happened, I feel absolutely no need to justify myself to the left anymore, they should justify to me. What arrogance these people have to think the modern world has absolutely NOTHING to do with those who created it!"

Your general phrasing and sentence structure outs you as not from around these parts immediately. You don't belong here.

I've never met an honest Communist. Plenty of lying Communists, usually to themselves, but never an honest one.
An honest Communist would actually embrace the bloody inhuman reality of it, instead of denying the reality with pretty words and excuses. Openly delight in the killing fields and the mountains of skulls and the breaking and enslavement of human spirit. Cackle in glee at the body count of hundreds of millions like a high score. Strive for ever-greater cruel tyranny and torture even as society crumbles further and further. Live for no other pleasure, no other pursuit, other than the moment of crushing his fellow man, to be the boot stomping on a human face forever.
You'll never find an honest Communist, because if they were honest everyone else would kill them on sight for being the monsters they are.

Political evolution is as follows:


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Fuck off cunt.

I actually moved to the center, after being a far-right neocon. Most of it was just vehement opposition to the leftist parties coddling of niggers and undesirables in other lower races, so I thought it would be better to stand with the producers of society. David Duke woke me up to kikes, and slowly I began to see through their lies and I understood their deceit. Once I began to study more, the platform of the NSDAP I saw its natural appeal for our people. I actually had an admiration for the aesthetics of Hitler's Germany as a child, but I bought the lies that they were the "bad guys".

Yea Im mostly a lurker, I've only really been here 3 months, but a question was asked that Im qualified to respond to :3

I was first an ancom who realised the stupidity of anarchism as an anarchist "state" could never compete with a full state and would eventually be conquered; so i became an orthodox marxist-leninist. First and foremost i always was a nationalist and separatist (a certain province) as well as always racist and redpilled on the JQ, and the more things went the more i realized how modern marxists; anglos in particular; were faggot freaks who hated everything that was white, heterosexual and normal. This realization, and seeing how things are fucked, turned me into a full-fledged SIEGEfag.

I loved that thread when we stole all of Zig Forums's memes.

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Well they're not wrong there.

Zig Forums truly has some of the shittiest memes.
The fucking pig meme is their version of our Happy Merchant, they have the nameless evil capitalist pig as their big 'spook' but at least we can name our fucking enemy.

Like a good toilet cleaner from Eastern Europe, visiting the West opened my eyes quite a bit. I saw first hand how destructive such policies really are.

i remember a poll they made a year or two ago which showed them either being a burger-degree student, a burger flipper or just unemployed. and surprise surprise, not one was an actual factory worker.

Well considering how dead Zig Forums is, and how it's basically just a place for emasculated numale faggots to gather to organize shit-posting and whatnot on Zig Forums, I can say for sure if one hasn't posted, there's at least a few lefty rats hanging around. They're in practically every thread, and have even started a few.

I was a Communist when I was fifteen. I read Marx, Engels, Gaddafi, Kim Il-Sung and Mao, then I grew up.

Lol retard

There's not too many actual factory jobs left. Nonetheless, all these faggots come from the suburbs and large urban shit-holes where that kind of work hasn't existed since the 19th century, if at all. In my time observing the faggots on Zig Forums, one of the most hilarious things I noticed was their absolute fetishization of factory work. They have absolutely zero regard for carpenters, miners, farmers etc. Everything is about "muh factory workers!" Their mind is basically a fucking hollywood movie about unionization or some shit eternally playing on repeat. I even pointed it out once and it caused a shit-storm. LARPing faggots.

You're welcome to go live in a hut with all the other low IQ niggers.

Lurk for another year and nine months then, retard.

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"I don't understand society, economics or history!"


It wasnt a fucking "movement" when I was on the left.
I got sick of being told there's something wrong with me for not wanting to take a dick in the butt. Surely if that is the public opinion on the left, I must be on the right.
And I hate niggers.

i unequivocally was, you dumbfuck. the fact you can even spout that shit on the internet is a testament of that. what, you think you would be allowed all the luxury, communication, and more when you would be busy hand crafting your own fucking cutlery for weeks on end? don't say dumb shit if you don't understand the concept you are engaging in, ok?

I know their worldview tends to be stuck in Marx's flawed understanding of the 1800's, but didn't they learn anything from the Soviet Union?

If you want a dick up your ass, we're going to kill you. Brutally. We don't need you and frankly you disgust us and we hate you. How do you feel about having your fingernails pulled out one by one and then being cooked alive from the feet up?

i moreso meant the working class, apologies for the misunderstanding. but jeah, most communist countries focus either on factory workers, as is the case for karl marx and lenin, while others focus solely on farmers, like mao.
what they fail to comprehend is that in western civilisation, the industrial jobs are being replaced steadily by service jobs. leftypol honestly believes western civilisation is a society based on the industry sector, not in knowledge or innovation.

c'mon, if we just try again, we we surely can make it work right?

It just shows how inauthentic they really are. They just want to be a little hero in some twisted, revised version of history. These freaks have nothing in common with any factory worker at any time in history. Not their family values, their community values, their work ethic etc. They just want to be that guy in the hollywood movie that rallies all the factory workers and organizes them against le ebil white bourgeoisie. Their overuse of these ridiculous, two century old terms is just more proof of their fucking LARPing. They're all the hero in their own stupid little book/movie in their own mind. They don't live in reality.


I used to be your run-of-the-mill virtue signaling teenager. I probably adopted that mindset to fit in better and be more popular.
At some point mainstream media broke a story a couple of years ago where all outlets in my country lied the exact same way to further their agenda; that's when I reliased. I went down the rabbit hole, learned the truth about the holohoax and now I'm here. It's like everyones saying

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Because noone showered and it was summer

That's another thing. What is it with leftists never getting their bathroom plumbing fixed? I had one 'friend' where I had to use pliers to turn on the shower and another where the bathroom sink had no drain.

so you are still an idiot but you dont want to be among idiots?

That's why they have to seize the means of production my man, to keep their fucking utilities on.

Because most of their plumbing is already cross-wired
Joke aside. They have no critical thinking skills.
That includes hygiene skills. I remember that their water heater was broken for a year, didn't bother to fix it. Was better to spend it on weed and alco. Other leftist guy which lives with his gf and someone elses kid doesn't even take hot showers to save on power costs.

Mind boggles
I see them as nothing more than stray dogs with fleas. There is no concept of housing or cleanliness with them. It is something they want, like candy, but when they get it, they don't know what to do with it.

Pretty much true.
Leftie gf had roaches inside. Got rid of her moment i saw what she lives in.
Lived on wellfare, didn't even pay 20 dollar phone bill.

You could measure the emotional age of most people by their political beliefs.
13-17 > Anarchist
18-21 > Anarcho-capitalist
22-24 > Capitalist
25-39 > Communist
30-34 > Socialist
35-40 > National-socialist
40+ > Literally Hitler


I've never seen a communist over the age of 21. Unless you're counting jews, who are doing it for other reasons than a communist would.

really all the ones i know became commies after a few years of work after college
i know b.o.o.m.e.r.s. who are commies even

the point is the younger you are the more ill-considered your pov
but it is emotional age not actual age though it is for emotionally healthful people

Modern political activism is a fashion statement.
And it possibly always was.


I started thinking that perhaps jews should not have been allowed to do 9/11 and massively profit off of it.

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>>destroying things
Absolute degenerate.

Will post must-read books for newfag former jew golems.

Our economic system is not Socialist Nationalism or Strasserism, though it does accomplish what you want most: overthrowing (((NWO))) elites and making sure every worker is treated fairly and given income security.

Just a warning, National Socialism is not for the lazy. You better be more of a Stakhanovite than a champagne Socialist. We need all hands on deck. Also, do not race mix, get redpilled on race. Other than that you will find that NS suits every gentile person well.

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Savitri Devi - Defiance

Alfred Rosenberg - The Myth of the Twentieth Century

Gottfried Feder - Manifesto for the Abolition of Interest Slavery

here's some more important things to read and share

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2018 edition
5-17 > Literally Hitler
18-25 > 1980's Conservative
25-35 > Communist
35-50 > Champagne Socialist
50+ > Blackpilled Centrists

Long story short: was raised as Unitarian Universalist and as I reached adulthood I saw it eat itself alive.

Never fucking again.

>Hitler was a national socialist

OWS was the last stand of the old left. That's when the real crazy started coming to the front. Like the progressive stack and jazzhands. Around this time a lot of us were getting heavy redpills on the Jews because of the Gaza wars and JIDF.

I was aloof for a long time and did not know what I believe. It took a long time to get over the indoctrination I was fed since elementary school. It took me until the Baltimore riots to finally jump the fence.

I was born in a religious family. Not strict pretty cool. Became athiest in like 6th grade. Still believed most obvious principles from the Bibles because I understood the importantnce of morality. I started turning more liberal after bush. Even though i didnt hate him like everyone else. I always though both sides had half wrong and just leaned to the right. Dems and republicans are just as strict or liberal as each other but polar opposites eg republicans are liberal When it comes to business dems when personal. I supported Bernie tbh. I didnt believe everything he said but honestly media did a good job of blocking people from actually seeing Trump. I'm an old fag but not really cause its been ages since i was on 4chan. At the time barely even even been to Zig Forums but knew about it. After the Bernie shit it was clear to my high IQ some fuckery was going on, not that it isnt always.. podesta drops sealed the deal. Had a personal crisis cause i honestly didnt know how bad things were, I never honestly looked to deep into many issues. Always busy with other things, I always loved reading about random subjects, always knew stuff like the holohoax was at the least an exagerstion. I started listening to trump for myself. I'd read up on it. I'd see it on the chans. I put my interest on subjects to a higher level and did more deep digging and critical thinking. Lots of shit "we" all know here started becoming clear by the second. Now I dont want to sound like a blind follower or it was all trump but it is honestly what pushed me to be more conservative. I am still very athiest, God seems like such a childish concept. I do however now belive reilgion is nevessary for the masses. They need it. I find many people cannot physically cope with the idea of there being no God. I have hurt people by just simply explaining my religious opinions they themselves asked for. Some minds just crumble at hard to cope ideas. I see now the extent Jews, homosexuals, blacks etc. ruin virtually everything they touch. I have read loads of studies on IQ and sexuality and it boggles my mind the hoops people jump through trying to explain away concept tantamount to 2+2=4. Eg homosexuals commiting loads of sexual assaults compared to their population size but have no statistical difference in commiting those crimes
??????? Like what? Niggers are always dumb and mostly aggressive no matter who raises them or how rich they are.

Probably the biggest respill for me is the fact democrats are falling apart and eating themselves up. I couldnt belive they shamed bernie supports. What kind of idiot attacks their base? Not working for Star Wars either. Not sure what idiot is perpetuating the idea that attacking your own constituents is a good idea to be successful. Also I was on the chans when pizzagate broke and for those that remember we saw shit that other havent. Shit got wiped before archives. Wish i knew how to archive and shit back then. Last 3 years have been a wild ride. I dont feel like I have changed though. Just learned, and the parties have changed.

Look, I'm a hard line Marxist, Nick Land suggested left revolution under any circumstances was now wholly impossible, and so rising to the challenge tactically it seemed wise to mindfuck the most armed downies on earth into literal fascism to trigger communist insurgency in response. Haha you dumb cunts haven't even read Hegel because you're just malformed, pre-aborted golems begging to be reabsorbed into the poison womb your dumb asses were shat out of. Either way who gives a fuck fam? I can sleep comfortably now knowing quite definitevly that there is not one single possible outcome from here out in which Hell doesn't await us all, so uh… good luck with that

Nick Land was on drugs buddy. I know more about Accelerationism than you do. Most of it is literally verbal diarrhea which you think sounds cool because technology n shieeet. Truth is, the only useful idea he had was the idea of representing the future as a memetic time cone and living in the present as though the future has already occurred.

Read this:

Then this:

So you can benefit from studying the poememnon article. Much of it is obtusely difficult, but this is part of the sly humor and idealist posturing of the author. They start with the assumption that technological singularity occurs and work BACKWARDS. It is pure crystallized futurism with socialist ideology painted on top of it. DO NOT OVER-ANALYSE IT! I spent dozens of hours reading and understanding this branch of philosophy and most is literally ramblings and optimism.

This is all you need to know about this cybernetic leftist death cult with my elucidations in triangle brackets:

"It might still be a few decades before artificial intelligences surpass the horizon of biological ones, but it is utterly superstitious to imagine that the human domination of terrestrial culture is still marked out in centuries, let alone in some metaphysical perpetuity. The high road to thinking no longer passes through a deepening of human cognition, but rather through a becoming inhuman of cognition, a migration of cognition out into the emerging planetary technosentience reservoir, into ‘dehumanised landscapes…emptied spaces’ where human culture will be dissolved."

yea, his neocortex was saturated with dopamine for extended periods, so huwhat? you're all about the mystical dimension of biology yeah? You shit on kikes but it was Spinoza who said "no one can possibly be wrong in their opinion, because how can matter in motion be wrong?" Where's the detailed sourced logs of Descartes, Leibniz and Newton's Rosicrucianism??

Sure, You'll allude to reconciling the current materialist scientific account of bio-evolution or if you;re extra special, Entropy, with authentic spirituality Moebiused into itself through vague allegory but will never elucidate it in formal logic like Lawvere.

Land was perfectly aware of the death cult. 100%. None of his actions or writings are comprehensible without regard to this fact.

Circle jerk at the round table.

In a word, Hillary

Was going to leave your stupid outpouring unchallenged - and almost did - but you baited me, congrats.

Notice how you projected your views about mysticism and spirituality onto me? I never agreed with race as a metaphysical concept. I know biology. I am a reductionist. I seek the most fundamental truth possible and I found it on the level of DNA and physics. I see humans as biological machines, beauty as a representation of our desire to procreate and improve and life as an absurdist exercise in idealism. I found meaning in protecting my kin because my kin has more motivation, independence, drive and intelligence than subhumans. It took me many years to realize that subhumans are not the same as me, but helped. Let me phrase it in simple terms for you: if a certain script produces better results, it stands to reason that it should be promoted? If a person looks beautiful and is intelligent then that should be positive. jewish marxist (((Equality))) is the attempt to suppress the master race. Fundamentally, to me, it is evil to be ignorant of the genocide of your kin and the revisionism of their achievements. As I said, I am absurdist, I do not believe in any specific meaning, but I do understand enough about the current paradigm in order to acknowledge the dangers of global jewish communism and eternal idiocracy.


Why are you trying to imply this isn't completely serious? On the real doe famalamb, myself i am too a humble disaffected Bernie Bro that got snubbed by friggin' niggers on the big cold call drive back in '16. That's how I slowly began to realise HBD was a factor, and could only be ignored by the plutocrats behind HRC at their own peril. We need a Sozialgesetzbuch, mandatory veganism and genomic health office to defeat the AI coming to kill us all in like 10 years surely such a universally lovable platform wouldn't be artificially pushed by JTRIG to fragment opposition to the jew

Start with Heidegger.

You the same Marxist from earlier? TOR is tough to tell.

Dumbass. Absurdism is the antidote to (((nihilism))). It seeks to do the best with what information we have.

You confused or something? Is cognitive dissonance kicking in? I do not accept authority figures as a valid source for truth. I have constructed my worldview for myself from MANY different branches of philosophy. Try positive deconstructionism some time, it means using your tiny peanut brain to critically analyse your priorities and futurist ideals. Hard work and not to be found in a book, I know.

You're going to have to stop taking dicks up your ass

When I stopped being a weak victim mindset faggot, I stopped being a leftist. Funny how that works.

Was almost fully indoctrinated all my life, but happened to know:
how logic works
kept an open mind
always let others speak

Heil Hitler

Look thats cute and all but you need to lurk moar, after 2 years you can tentatively make your first post all over again ok newfriend?

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What the fuck?
This seems really interesting but i guess im too dumb to understand.

I realized I was just rebelling against my parents and that all the places and people Left wing ideology took me to was a farce. None of these people cared about their professed values of tolerance and openess; it was just a mask for their virulent targetless hatred.

And slowly through reading History and what seems now like hundreds of hours of philosophical debate in College - I just slowly as I gained exposure to new information began to drift further and further Right.

And here I am.

Much truth.
I would point out, however, that carl marx as well as most "marxist" leaders and revolutionaries were jews, especially early on. The "bolshevics" in Russia who fomented and led the communist revolution in Russia were mostly jews. The "party apparatus" (ie the only people in soviet Russia who had any power) was heavily jewish.
The thing about marxism and all of its affiliated ideologies is that they are scams. Very deadly scams. They were created and refined by jews as a technique to enslave people under jewish rule.
So when the marxists today talk about how "X wasn't real communism" they are talking out of their buttholes. The soviet union was marxism working AS INTENDED. Gulags, purges, secret police, famines, and all. In marxism, the concept of the "workers paradise" was always a lie. Simply the carrot to lead the "gullible goyim" along.
Because kikes being kikes.

Because they hate us.
Kikes hate everyone.
The many shades of "multicultists" hate White people.
"Lefties" hate anyone even a tiny bit conservative.
HATE. They are motivated by HATE.
That is why it is so "clown world" that they, who in fact ARE motivated by hate, accuse everyone else of being motivated by hate.
Projection and all that.

Marxists are retards.
Why are you so eager to be a literal chattel slave to the kikes?
That is what marxism actually is. A technique to enslave the working class into brainwashed drones ruled over by kikes.

Blah, blah, blah buzzwords.
Blah, blah, blah metaphysical bullshit.
Gas yourself.

Your red text is spot on.

Nihilism is for cucks.
If you can't find meaning in life, then create some.

It seems to me that you are the one who needs to lurk moar.

Not I. I could never stand those retards. Only after becoming a based NatSoc do I also see the faggotry of conservatards.

I see you newfags all the time. Lurk two fucking years, retard.

Goymergate led me to the redpill as well. Kinda makes me feel like a gigantic faggot. I was never a leftist though, I always hated niggers. Comes with being objective.

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