Ulster Loyalist Thread

Billy Wright/LVF - Lead the way!

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Ulster Freedom Fighters..

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The problem with the Ulster Loyalists
See image attached

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Is that a movement for Northern Ireland to become a nation so the Irish and English people in Northern Ireland can stop fighting amongst them?

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Did you make a wrong turn while going to >>>Zig Forums?


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Damn jews are so sneaky.

The exact opposite, it's what foments the division

The UVF and UFF are the terrorist counterparts to the IRA who had no problems shooting random catholic women and children, blowing kids up in pubs (they bring kids to pubs normally). They gave no warnings, they didnt target economic points, they killed white catholic Irish people at random as their go-to method of operation.

People are waking up.

Drastic measures have to be taken when fighting back against communism.

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Youre the unionist literally on someone elses land telling them how they need to operate, youre anti-nationalist.
Youre anti-national socialist too, because thats what the IRA is. You literally love Jews too, drastic measures are for the IRA, drastic measures excuse the Irish in absolutely anything they want to do to remove your communist kike loving shabbos puppet bodies from their beautiful emerald isle. Ireland for the Irish, grave yards for kike puppets.

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Replace that UDA man with a Jew, replace Ireland with Germany and you have what you are.

The only difference between pic related and Ulster Unionists is that Ulster Unionists arent actually Jewish blooded.

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That's disappointing because the division is what the jews wanted so the white people can be controlled easily.

Maybe if you paddies learned to stop being papists then the problem wouldn't exist in the first place.
The loyalists main fear was a religious pogrom because papists gonna nig.

Yea well, tell that to the Duginists who also need to be treated as race traitors. Heres a tip: It doesnt matter if a white person has been tricked into being a race traitor by strasserists or nazbols or zionists are our friends types, they are race traitors and need to be dealt with as Jews would, before Jews. There is one side which is exclusively permitted to defend themselves in the occupation of Ireland and its the occupied nationalist white population who have been genocided 3x over 800 years. When a white acts in such a detestable way towards other whites, or supports something like one white people being enslaved by another and mixed with niggers etc, then they are no longer white themselves but white Jews. Its not a white casualty.


Ill reminder you invaded Ireland as catholics and used the papal bull from an English pope to excuse the occupation, tricking the Irish into not fighting back.

And after that we learned to stop being filthy papists.

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Ulster is part of the nation of Ireland and is occupied. Its not a nation. A union with Britain is not a nation, its the same thing as Stalinists handing control to the union. Thats still Germany, even if you broke 1/3 of it away. It will never not be Germany, Ulster will never not be Ireland.
If killing random catholic women and children is protecting your people, then billy wright justifies the violent removal of every last unionist, who exists on a foreign land. He argues Ireland has a right to defend itself and its people from unionism. Some rhetoric on that guy.

Irish blood is white and youre on white land. You wouldnt have to deal with them if you didnt genocide and occupy them. You can move back to Scotland any time you want, you have nothing stopping you. Or, you could just accept its Ireland and live under an Irish government, but instead youd rather kill every white person on the Island and turn it zionist, like you.
Really, kvetching about papists when hes a fucking zionist. The absolute state of Zig Forums

Actually I'm from your neighbour.
You never write anymore.

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Irish people in government are traitorous to their own people so living under the Irish government changes nothing. In my honest Northern Ireland need to break away from Ireland and UK to become a nation. Whoever allied with jews need to be dealt as the traitors. The white people do not need more problems.


that's why I have mixed opinions about them, although the IRA and Ulsters should put their differences aside and wipe out the shitlams and their (((government funded backers))).

How do we convince them put their differences aside and turn the focus on to traitors and jews?

reformation/reorganisation of the UK then convincing the paddies theyre better off in the uk than the eu
also convincing them to stop being papists

UK is traitorous to their own people as well so how does that help the Northern Ireland people?

They are better off on their own you commie anti-white piece of shit zionist faggot.

Your royalty are marrying kikes and niggers, your swear allegiance to that. KYS kike.

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Reformation requires the death of the current leadership of course.

On their own they get sucked into shit like the EU due to not being powerful enough to say no.
Plus the British Isles are at their best when united.
Though I wouldn't say no to the saxons being deported back to Germany, or the middle of the atlantic.

I am from Australia and I am not a kike. We need to be logical about the situation.

Youre a race traitor and its traitors before enemies, anti-nationalist Spencer tier kike puppet.

I think you may have mistake me for someone else. I don't racemix nor promote racemixing.

I feel it needs to be noted that the IRA was funded by the USA/JewSA. As with so many things both sides have some legitimate complaints but the whole thing is exacerbated by the meddling of yids. If the IRA hadn't started murdering other people the radical Ulster groups would not have started up; and the IRA essentially exists because of Jews/Amerijews fomenting discontent, providing arms, financing the whole operation and providing leaders to help the Irish murder the British.

Right now Northern Ireland is probably among the most 'based' parts of the entirety of Europe whilst the Republic of Ireland is somehow more cucked than the UK. So if Zig Forums should come down on anyone's side, it should certainly be Ulster - although its best to steer clear of all the violence and try to make people see the bigger picture.

I'm guessing the thread is anchored because some yank with 1/32 Irish ancestry got triggered. Ah well.

Faggots who worship Dutch African royals

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Yes we know. What is your point?

There are few English in Northern Ireland. The conflict is between Catholic Irish and Protestant Scots-Irish. Ironically, there is likely more English blood in the Catholic population of the Irish Republic.

the whole "exporting food from Ireland during a famine" bit doesn't really work to your favor….
And as far as I can tell, atleast Ireland doesn't have anti-free speech laws(yet).