Heimbach released from Jail after cucking and beating up his spokesman

Former Traditionalist Worker Party (TWP) chief Matthew Heimbach is out of jail, but far from out of trouble.


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Yeah I know they're kikes I just used their website for the news story.

Personally I think it's too bad if Heimbach doesn't get back into politics, I actually really like the TWP.


This guy has flip-flopped between ideologies so many times it is not even funny.

Hide your wives, hide your step-daughters, Heimbach is back on the prowl.

Do you faggots finally understand that these people are in it for the attention? Spencer inviting journalists to his events, Himbach texting with SPLC, Kike Eunuch exchanging phone numbers with (((journalists))). They are in it for the celebrity.

I always thought they were in it for the paypig shekels.

Fuck off moshe


this guy looks like a dogs asshole

hes a 100 percent fed asset now if he wasnt before

remember that time the TWP kept logs of their donors even though everyone told them not to and now the feds want them

Oh how exciting. That sure is a news story.

They're kikes and so are you.
The SPLC is a validation group. Like Hope Not Hate in the UK, its "news reports" are only intended to lend legitimacy to state actors and controlled opposition agents like Heimbach.
Anyone the SPLC "reports" on is working for the enemy. Exactly the same applies to Hope Not Hate.
The govt had no choice but to "charge" Heimbach for "attacking a supporter" at the Trump event. He didn't actually attack anyone, the encounter was staged for the media, with all cameras and stations present, Heimbach in "MAGA" hat and negro assistant ready and waiting to be "attacked" when the cameras began to roll.
The point of it all? Well poisoning, defilement and to keep the hatred between blacks and whites maximized with jews not even on the radar as a target.
Watch the video and you can see how painfully staged it is.
This is the same Heimbach who admits that his primary concern is anti-racism and getting more minorities into "conservatism", as well as defending jews.
Heimbach's staged attack on black woman at Trump rally, wearing MAGA hat for maximum contagion effect:
Heimbach exposed as jew zionist:


Like Media Matters in the US.

By fake woman Margaret Atwood.
The bulk of feminist literature was written by jewish men, with the aim of turning White women promiscuous and heathen.
All of the most famous "feminist" authors are men.

Time to kill yourself

Negative promotion is more effective than, but also compliments, direct promotion.
It's used here too, all the time
Then it's "if is reporting on them, they must be a threat to the left! we better support them!"
Reverse psychology.

The funny thing is, Heimbach is still the best the wider nationalist sphere in America has managed to produce so far. LOL.

not really torpedo, because we know it's jews


But you don't.
Open the catalog right now and there are pages and pages of threads promoting controlled opposition, and hundreds and hundreds of posts treating them as legitimate right-wingers.
Most of Zig Forums and certainly, virtually none of the "alt-right" has the first iota of understanding regarding who these people actually are and what they are trying to achieve.
Remember one simple thing, it is a core precept of the left.
If you see a "right-winger" receiving a platform, regardless of whether they are being discussed in an ostensibly positive, or ostensibly negative way, then you know beyond any doubt that they're controlled opposition.
True threats are not discussed in public.
True threats receive zero airtime.
True threats are murdered or locked up without fanfare and without publicity.

Heimbach is jewish controlled opposition. The only part nationalists had in his rise to prominence was insofar as they provided free publicity and acted as useful idiots/meme vectors of the jew.
You do not know the names of any nationalists, because you receive your information and worldview from the jewish press.
The jewish press does not provide a platform for the right.
You are the type who believes that Trump is "far-right" and that "nazi conservatives" are in power across the western world.

No I'm a German Nationalsozialist, faggot. It's just that you fucking burgers are retarded. Get your shit together already, it's pathetic. Everything that rises to the top on your side of the pond is the worst scum. Best example, the entire alt-right. Why? Because everything has be a Hollywood show with lots of jokes. Be a good entertainer, and everybody will suck your dick and call you their leader.
Haha. Heimbach. Jewish controlled. Hahaha. Absolutely retarded.

My take on all of this:
Matt Heimbach was at one time the leader of the most ideologically pure National Socialist/Fascist group in the US.
However, he made a mistake in throwing his co-host on the Daily Traditionalist, Sven Longshanks, under the bus in an attempt to gain more fame and a larger following (as well as more shekels) over at TRS.
Of course, what he was involved with Matt Parrott was absolutely unacceptable (and I know that multiple parties were to blame.
By his own stated policies, he should be executed by firing squad! He again betrayed everyone associated with his organisation through his lack of discipline. The irony of someone who idolises Codreanu falling into this sort of degeneracy should be readily apparent.
Unfortunately, the brand of 'Traditionalist Worker's Party' is forever tarnished, but there is still clearly a need for a fascist group that engages in the type of community outreach and street activism that they do.
The 'American Freedom Party' and candidates like Arthur Jones, Paul Nehlen, and Patrick Little still carry the torch.
We must learn from out mistakes and make sure not to repeat them.
A man is only as valuable as his character.
Sieg Heil!

He was a strasserist and deception of this tier, on your part is nothing short of race treason. Strasserism is not National Socialism.

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Reminder TWP is pro-communist and the entire goal of National Socialism is to smash bolshevism (and unite the German people) according to Hitler.

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It's (((Tommy's))) American cousin.

What's wrong with strasserism?

jews. They deny jews. They are controlled oppo. Add the word 'National' to jewish gommunism and you have Strasserism. It is about as logical as Antifa or Ancap, basically telling retards to accept (((marxism))) and kick the can of actual revolution against ZOG down the road to future generations. There is a good reason NS survived the war but Strasserism is only recently being dusted off and recycled.

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Are you out of your mind? Individualism, and by extension, unregulated capitalism are completely at odds with Fascism and National Socialism. There is no potential for compromise there.

Also Strasserism has just one extra layer of traitorousness in modern times because its inherently an economic minded theory instead of something to stop white genocide with. It divides the people who actually do have a cohesive unity of purpose and causes infighting, its extremely Jewish and anti-white. Subversives, larpers and lemmings are its main proponents.

KYS kike. Natsoc is pro-individual, anti-fascists are not.

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Because these types of people are the ones who chase after ideologies the same way leftists do. That is why people like Heimbach always end up being larping cancer. They are in the fight for the same reason antifa are and their leaders behave like leftist cult leaders.

Of the photos posted of him and those in his group, pure never entered the picture.

You clearly have no idea what individualism means. Think "French revolution".

No ones put in prison for their individual political positions or killed under National Socialism, all Reich citizens are economically independent and they are rewarded based on their individual productivity, are free to seek whatever employment they desire, to operate a private business, to control their private property. They are free to act on their own initiative and are even encouraged to do so. The National Socialist is very self reliant and does not depend on anyone to butter his bread. An attack on individualism is an attack on National Socialism, especially from someone whos replacing the swastika with the fucking strasserist symbol. Thats cancer.

I'm sorry to say, but the only people that think this conversation is damning are people who don't really understand how Russia operates in the modern era. It is nothing like the rest of Europe, or the United States. The Russian Communist party is Communist in name only. It is a far-right party. I wouldn't call it NS or Fascist, but it's not far off. This is a case of actions speaking louder than words.

Im confident your anti-nationalist leader is going to be removed by someone who does know youre pushing bolshevism. Traitors before enemies.

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That dictionary definition is heavily watered down from its actual usage. I'm not arguing that anything is wrong with what you're saying, except for the fact that you're confused about Heimbach's statement. Protecting the liberties of the individual is one thing, but individualism puts each person on an island of abstraction. It gives them rights, without a corresponding duty. It never asks "for what purpose?" when giving each person the ability to do as they please. National Socialism reincorporates the individual back into a community, nation, and race where they belong.

I don't actually think that Spencer is worth anything as a person, but I'm not going to avoid giving credit where it's due. Stop jumping to conclusions.


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Everybody is laughing at you even if they do not tell you so. Read what you just wrote again and again until you realize how braindead your attempt to recruit people away from National Socialism is. The redpill cannot be regurgitated.

Again, this is a matter of confusion for most people. It's in name only. You see that name, and think it's impossible for them not to be Communist. That's not how it works in Russia. I'll say it again, the Communist party of Russia is not Communist. I don't care how stupid you think that sounds, it is factually correct. I'm certainly not trying to lead people away from NS. I'll plainly state that National Socialism is a near perfect worldview, and our greatest hope for the future. Look into this matter yourself and you'll see that I'm right.

I guarantee you they want to ban private property and redistribute from rich to poor. Its an ideology made by kikes, their party has kikes in it no doubt, youre a white Jew or an actual blooded one.

You can guarantee, but you'd be wrong.

Wrong. They are paid COINTELPRO agents provacateur. Steve Pieczenik has stated Spencer is a federal agent just like David Duke, as has Cernovich.

Let me explain this to you simply, National Socialism exists to stop communism and if you say you support communists, of any type - and I dont mean self describing communists, I mean even ambiguous communists… you will be shot, as a traitor, by any serious National Socialist. People who say "Im a member of the communist party but that doesnt mean Im communist!" are communists. People who support those people and say "hey look, its not a real communist" are communists.

You're being moronic. Do you not understand how long Russia has been under Communism? The main party in Russia will always be called the Communist party, no matter what its actual ideals are. I'm not even supporting them, I'm just telling you that they're NOT COMMUNIST.

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What a fat piece of shit this guy is, and almost as big a faggot as OP.

Im going to go out on a limb here and say that a political party called the communist party has communist intentions regardless of their platform and that its not okay to defend them under any circumstances, anyone who opposes that idea is inherently antifascist and wants to spread division in an anti-communist movement.We oppose communism (and communist parties), if you dont, youre not part of us.

Ponder, for a moment, that the majority of Russians hate Communists and yet still vote for the Communist party. Things do not work the same way in Russia as they do in the West. You're comparing apples and oranges, and getting after me for not doing the same.

I'm not defending them at all. Most of them are Duginist. Go back to the start of this conversation and see why I'm even bothering with this.

Matthew Heimbach's C.I.A. Connections

1. Central Intelligence Agency -→ United States Agency for International Development -→ David Horowitz -→ Freedom Center -→ Matthew Heimbach -→ Traditionalist Worker Party

2. Central Intelligence Agency -→ William F. Buckley, Jr. -→ Young Americans for Freedom -→ Kevin DeAnna -→ Youth for Western Civilization -→ Matthew Heimbach -→ Traditionalist Worker Party

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That's incorrect. Both sides are CIA/DoD intel. They're role players.

Bingo. These people are literally professional actors hired by a CIA/Pentagon top secret classified program to role play as white supremacists/neo-Nazis and anti-facists/anti-racists. It's very closely related to the Pentagon's openly acknowledged program which hires crisis actors to role play during military training exercises.










The jewish money that went into the NSDAP was to fund Strassists as opposition to Hitler. Hitler's vision of National Socialism is what world jewry sees as a threat.

The majority of Russians do not vote for the Communist party. The Communist party there has been a joke since the 1990s. It's controlled opposition for United Russia.

Literally Jewish disinfo agent

Does anyone know the future of TWP?

I remember they attempted to rebrand into Nationalist Initiative right after the Heimbach incident but their twitter has been silent for months.

I saw news reports as well stating that TWP will protest Knoxville Pride Parade today so I guess we will see what happens

Dude please just shut the fuck up. You are being an obtuse, supercilious ass. You sound like some new kid who thinks he knows all there is to know and is too stupid to realize he doesn't know shit. Or you could be a jewshill. Either way Lurk much moar.Post much less.

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No one followed this faggot, get lost. He is some Jewish plant. Anyone real the media dosen't cover.

Check em. Pieczenik is half Jew, who names the Jew all the time and gets away with it.

Hitler was a Germany Army intelligence plant sent to spy on the DAP and take it over. The parallels between Hitler and modern American white nationalists are eerie.

Steve Pieczenik is a CIA/DoD psychological warfare agent. When he "names the Jew all the time," he's just screwing with your mind, as psych warfare agents are supposed to.

Pieczenik is also one of Alex Jones' intel handlers.

No doubt the TWP will reappear in some form under the direction of Jewish Pentagon intelligence operative Tony Hovater.

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Precisely. That's why I think 90% of the threads on 8/pol/ are created by military intelligence / special ops contractors.

German far right nationalist political parties are wholly creations of German and American military intelligence. German groups are no more authentic or organic than American groups are.

Francesco 'Tony' Young is an intelligence operative of the UK Ministry of Defense and British Intelligence Corps.

Arthur Jones, Paul Nehlen, and Patrick Little are intelligence operatives of the US Dept. of Defense and Central Intelligence Agency.

A meme invented by CIA psych warfare agent Bob Whitaker.

Denying white genocide is race treason, watch your mouth the first amendment wont protect you from NatSocs who know youre pushing our genocide by denying it.

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(Checked for Kek)

Say it with me, controlled opposition. It's been proven several times that a majority of the alt-cuck faggots are nothing more than jew/fed led controlled opposition.

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checked for truth.

I love Hitler but come on man. He had to personally saved Felix Wankel from jail.

Bob Whitaker's CIA psyop has been wildly successful.

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Oh, so you just beleeb whatever kike media says? That's very NatSoc of you.

Checked. I knew from the christcuckery.

Really? Those "actors" are bad at their jobs then.

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he's more straight Hitlerist and not more Falangist for my taste.

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The missing ear parts don't match, they aren't the same person.

Ah shut the fuck up you internet moron.

Kys you weeb faggot

did he really wear jeans to his wedding? how disgusting.

Remember to ignore moarpheus posts

Yes they are. And the voice in the YouTube videos was identical as well (Tony has since deleted the videos where he was speaking on camera, and for good reason).

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Are you claiming that "Sven Longshanks" is missing a piece of his right ear?

Well, look at that picture. Tony Young is missing a piece of his right ear:

Game over.

lol, OP the nigger loving faggot strikes again

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If you ask me, Heimbach deserves to be machine gunned and tossed in a pit with a bunch of kike partisans, but he easily could have simply been joining YFWC because of its name, or because he wanted to subvert it. When NSM formed with a bunch of other groups and made the ANA, Heimbach tried to get them to allow him to rewrite their entire constitution when he wasnt even initially part of it, as part of his joining it. Hes a marxist socialist subversive, and he does subversive things that marxist socialists who pretend to be nationalists do. Doesnt mean hes CIA.
Freedom Center is apparently some religious group, and hes outwardly religious rhetorically. Again, not necessarily indicative of CIA control. I dont think he would be spending a month and a half in prison if he was an asset.

Only Tony, when you compare the various pictures of Sven (which I'm not doing again), it's clear that his ear is intact.

If this guy is legit, he should work out, get into a healthy diet and lose the goddamn beard.

And who are you exactly, mister CIA?

I asked you if you're claiming that "Sven Longshanks" is missing part of his right ear. Francesco Young is missing part of his right ear.

There is no doubt whatsoever that Francesco Young is "Sven Longshanks." This has been known since 2013. Just because you're ignorant of long known facts doesn't magically make them not true.

No. Freedom Center is Jewish Zionist neo-con David Horowitz's think tank.

Maximum soyface.

I remember when you posted it on /new/, nigger, it was all based on the avatar and the fact that Tony talked about British Israelism. Sven's ear is intact, Tony's missing a huge chunk.

looks like a jew,hangs round trs enoch like a jew, jew.