Italy's Interior Minister: We Need A Mass Cleansing, Street By Street, Quarter By Quarter

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Blow me.


Heil'd. Fuck yes.

We don't want to bring down Merkel. At least this lie helps the people not the opposite there are good lies and bad lies. If only Salvini had good aesthetics like Musollini. He would have taken full power over Italy

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He doesn't have to take down Merkel. Starburst will take her down.

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and there were people that said you can't win elections goy
sure you can
not all of them
but some of them for sure

sorry i meant kikes
sage for double posting

Hey, I'm just happy kikes are getting some shit kicked in. It's always a good day if a kike fails to get it's way!

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I don't understand; why should he give 2 shits about what's good for Merkel?

Salvini is going from strength to strength.

God bless Salvini, best thing to have happened to Italy in a long time

People only say that in relation to the USA and UK, where it is true.

I'll see your sage and raise you a bump

Journalist's artistic license with questions asked and answered. I really doubt he brought her up himself.

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He did fine, shill.

Fund my Waffen-SS platoon's Patreon, and we'll get right on it.





But the Dark Side have begun to step up their game. (pic related)

Do Italy and the rest of Europe need to fight fire with fire?

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Since the content of the OP is (and should be) very concerning to certain triple parentheses and shitskin parasites, it makes sense for some shill immediately to attack with some sort of inane, irrelevant format comment. That type of shilling is designed to make it annoying to post and discuss content in order to reduce interest and participation.

Not gonna work. Shills will be shot.

The US is worse off than Italy in terms of shitskins polluting our nation. Italy should be inspiration. The US need our own mass cleansing. Leftists whites, kikes, and shitskins…it's getting close to that time.

Quit your bitching

Follow Kant's primary principle fam, if I behaved like a jew I would also want someone to shoot me.

I think this thread should be pinned, because this is a notable event. It's the first overt statement in favor of ethnic cleansing by a western leader in recent memory. Other leaders in Europe and the US should mimic this. We really just need one major leader to say it openly to shift the momentum and begin the process that must be completed.

In the US, it's very clear that shitskins plan to genocide whites. We must liquidate all of them before they can do the same to us.

What a time to be alive.

We only need 50% of the whites in the USA to take back the country by force.

Italians are the true master race. Facists > nazicucks

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This is what you call a guy that has no time for chess-bullshit.

This is a jew speaking

It's making me want to move to Italy tbh. I have dual citizenship so it wouldn't be hard.



Use shitskins as allies?

There will come a time when no arguments will be necessary with shills sowing confusion and bullshit like you. You will just be executed in the streets like an animal.

"A good plan, violently executed now, is better than a perfect plan next week."
-General George Patton

Nah, go fuck yourself.

Good contribution, fellow anonymoose

Low effort D&C attempt rabbi. Whites are the true master race. All of us.

Criminally underchecked quads

Fucking finally.

An Italian government official directly calls for ethnic cleansing, but mods do not pin the thread, even though this statement by a European government official represents a major step toward the final cleansing. I guess I have to bump, since Zig Forums is obviously controlled opposition. "Just do nothing, goy."

So do it. No one is interested in talk anymore.

Current mods do not pin much of anything. It's no longer imkamphy's personal brand of natsoc but general politically incorrect. As such nothing is artificially elevated, even if deserving. If it falls off the board that's anons' responsibility.

It's a shame.

This isn't reddit you dumb faggot. If it is discussed it will stay here, if it isn't it will fall off. We determine what matters, not some selected group of hotpocket shit lickers.

It is a shame you are alive.

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"It is even better to act quickly and err than to hesitate until the time of action is past."
-Carl von Clausewitz

Yep it's a faggot

You are a joke. Four more years!

I suspect the usual rat-like vermin who monitor Zig Forums and shit post here are made miserable by the way Italy is fighting back.

I think it particularly irks them because they remember the Roman general Titus crucified 500 Jews per day during the siege of Jerusalem in 70 AD, and then sacked the city. Titus also sold 97,000 Jews from there into slavery - many were sold to Egypt for rock quarry laborers (thus reversing the exodus of Moses - so much for Yahweh's promises).

Next in 125 AD, after the Jews attacked Greeks and Romans, the Roman Caesar Hadrian sacked & torched Jerusalem, and sent the Jews into diaspora.

Although the Jews started the shit both times, Jews have wanted revenge for almost two thousand years. They thought they had the old Roman homeland BTFO, until this embrace of European heritage by the Italians.

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Jew argument technique. I'm spreading important information. What are you doing?

It's a false dichotomy that only talk or action can exist, but not both, since if a country is truly getting ethnic cleansing going, spreading information to establish the baseline conditions is action itself.

If one individual chimps goes full Dylann Roof or Anders Breivik, that is written off by kike-controlled msm and memoryholed. They still control information flow, and that is the problem. The ONLY way ethnic cleansing on a mass scale can happen is NOT through individual acts when the narrative is still controlled by the establishment. The best way to establish the conditions for true ethnic cleansing to occur en masse is inspiring existing leaders who hold legitimate power to shift hard right, as well to inspire new leaders who are in a position to obtain legitimate power. ONLY setting the necessary public opinion and using that to get people with legitimate power to go along will lead to true genocide that is necessary.

News items like in the OP are important to spread far and wide to make sure they get as much attention as possible to start establishing necessary conditions. The kike power establishment controls Zig Forums, and that means they flood this site with irrelevant, non-threatening BS. It is not surprisng that they do not pin very significant news that has potential to help get actual ethnic cleansing going, because the kikes in power don't want that. Zig Forums is controlled opposition, a containment zone, and a honey pot.

It was directed at Salvini in the abstract, since he is the one quoted in the OP. Why would anyone expect you to be the one doing anything? You aren't a minister.

Oh I am sure they are absolutely losing their minds over it

Probably cooking up new and even more appalling psyops to genocide whites with

Romans rightfully slaughtered kikes because kikes are eternal cancer. There will be no mercy for the horrors they've inflcted on white civilization in the 20th and 21st centuries. They've showed no mercy to whites, and whites owe kikes nothing but mass extermination.

Just spread the information far and wide, please. This type of news item is gold.

Time to get a move on regarding all of this, don't you think? Getting real late.


Looks like promise kept to me. Try more reading and less edging next time. It will make you sound like less of a jewish brainlet.

Salvini already won the election and formed a government. Consider the news spread. Now act on it with military force. And if the military won't do it, expose that and give willing citizens access to weaponry to handle both the military and the invasive population. There is no more time to talk. You're never going to hit some mythical cap of political support because huge swaths of the population are foreigners who can never be swayed. It's only time for unequivocal action. Anyone pretending otherwise is a steam valve zionist looking to keep capitalism afloat. You might call them a trumpnigger.

Agreed. Do not act rashly though. Unless you are extremely clever or well-prepared you shouldn't act. Make sure to bring a friend or two if you can. Don't start a social club, just agree with a plan and carry it out. Simple.

It's frustrating, but look at the way Hitler did it, if you haven't. He learned through trial and error that constant, endless propaganda and the appearance of legitimate power are necessary conditions to true ethnic cleansing. There will never be a great mass of support, since it is difficult for most people to acknowledge that there is one solution only, and that solution is mass deportation and liquidation. All that has to happen is official tolerance (govt looking the other way) while amateurs and military carry out the required tasks. Getting to that "look the other way"' point is a slow and uphill project, but nothing good comes easily or quickly. We are at a turning point in the US and Europe, but the required preconditions aren't quite there. The MOST important thing right now (as far as the web goes) is that the propaganda war cannot be let up at all, and news items like this need to spread. The online propaganda war (including on Zig Forums) can never, ever let up. Remember that getting ethnic cleansing going is not a minor thing. It requires tremendous, sustained effort to get to that point and carry it all the way through. The propaganda effort (despite Zig Forums mods) is absolutely vital.

Not relevant because almost the entirety of the "rebellious" or "subversive" elements of the population Hitler was combating were ethnic Germans being pulled away by the core racial subversives. That isn't the case in the modern West where anywhere from 30-70% of fighting age populations and younger are literal racial aliens.

TL;DR for my response above. Spread this story far and wide, and keep pushing hard on propaganda online. It is vital. And that is addition to whatever occurs offline, but I am not expressing any view there. Just keep the informational war going no matter what.

It is certainly difficult to ascertain the exact form which our popular uprising is taking. Luckily only around 10,000-20,000 people are needed for a successful revolution. The most important part is getting it started. As soon as there is blood on the streets and the jewish panopticon is exposed as a mere fear tactic, then we can succeed in our cause.

People like Luca Traini or Anders Breivik are the vanguard. Their brave sacrifices to break our cognitive dissonance and alter the perception of reality is the kick which normies need. Remember user, you need to make a big splash. Do not fear death.

Hail Victory brother.

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Zerokike recycled this video which came out months before the election and was seen by everyone in italy. Guess what, italians didn't give a fuck and still voted for him.

wow, a jew that admits being one

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Implying, like the other retard. At least you had the decency not to Reddit space your attempt to fit in.

Bump 4 Italia

Looking for properties in Sicily right now. Can any pizza niggers on here tell me what the least niggerfied area of Sicily is?

First the Philippines, now Italy. How come brown people have such a stronger survival instinct than white people? You'll never see this up north in Germanic countries. Ever.


If I could have one divine gift, I'd want it to be a chance to murder that vile cunt Merkel with my own hands.

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Pic related is horseshit. We've been writing this way on the Internet since the beginning to denote new paragraphse in absense of easy indentation.

the next step is ramp up the immigration levels from Africa followed by a complete obliteration of the rule of law. The only response is force against the Jews.

Fuck you, you d&c nigger

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Depends of the mayor of each municipality. See it like this:
Lega mayor (north league, Salvini's party) = good
M5S = not so good
anything else = avoid
And avoid tuscany at all costs, it's a commie state.
If you plan on moving for work go north, for holidays during summer for the sea i recommend sardinia instead of sicily, and the smaller the town the better but not too small or you won't even have internet. Go near the coast of course for maximum comfy.

Same. But I want more than just occasional kike-free posts, I want a kike-free world.

because we killed all the good guys

We could probably pull it off with even less than that (if going by non-electoral methods).

Now is the time for futurism. Now is the time for extremism. The immediate destiny of the white race is an amalgamation of marble and iron, art and war.

We will embrace the insurrection of a new European the likes of which our forefathers could only dream of. We saw the errors of their ways and learned to love one another like brothers and to loathe the enemy like a infestation eating our crops that feed our children.

Well, we'll just keep bumping it then.

Checked, but note that you're responding to an "is x white" d&c attempt. Don't feed the troll any gefilte fish.

It's so fucking beautiful. The kikes have always been the enemies of the peoples of the Italian Peninsula. May this be (((their))) last.

I will make a point of securing your employers logs and memos and finding who was assigned to 8/pol/. That way us 8chanons will be able to kill and torture the shills who frequented this board.

Scaphism, blood eagle, the rack or pulling fingernails/teeth seems appropriate for what you have been doing. Better quit while you haven't been doxed.

Reminder of 100% confirmed 8pol shills:
CFR, Wapack Labs, Unit 8200, JIDF, masons, Trump grassroots team trolls, Imkampfy cabal

As much as shills deserve death that's pretty fucking edgy. Just shoot them in the head.

I agree with we don't have time for useless torture.

Second this

If the guy's truly motivated enough on DOTR to torture the shills, I say let him go to town. But it's true that there will probably be other priorities requiring maximum manpower and efficiency. Have to play it by ear.

Bump 4 mass cleansing street by street

Blood test required for OpSec. Idk about you, but I've become untrusting. Too many feds

Appreciate the advice. In the event there's a shitskin purge, i'll help any way I can. It'll be my contribution to the country.

Daily reminder this guy wants to standardize threads so his friends know which ones to shill in.

(1) picture of the interior minister
(2) relevant quote(s) from the article
(3) archive link
let's not get picky, faggot. good enough

Hop in the car Germans, it's that time again

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You two better not fuck it up this time.

They weren't the ones who fucked. Look at this list and count how many nations got kiked hard after fighting for the Juden.

Forgot the pic:

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