There are two political systems active today:

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Yeah, worked really well for South Africa. Maybe one day we will have accelerated our way to that white paradise.

South Africa is what happens when you DON'T accelerate into war. If you're old enough to recall, their state fell with a slow slide into democracy, and it was only with the concession of universal suffrage that the ANC took over and Afrikaners ended up where they are today.

A fairer failed example is right next door in Rhodesia, but they did pretty A-OK until Portugal pulled out, they lost most of their supply routes, and all the major powers (UK, US, Soviet Union, China) started bearing down on them through the usual tricks of arming and training rebels, plus espionage

What the hell are you talking about? Did you just read about something called 'A South Africa' at

Here's some actual history for you with one addition. Rhodesia took the full brunt of acceleration that ultimately resulted in their dissolution. The accelerationism there was pushed by black radicals and foreign nation states that sought to rile up the complacent blacks to fight against the white minority. Rhodesia had zero support internationally because other nations empathized with the blacks. Other nations also funded, trained and aided the blacks there. Global media demonized Rhodesia.

It's quite different in the world today as the problem of racial tension exists in every white country, albeit not as strongly as the US. Racial tension has to be increased globally to ensure a simultaneous flash point.

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The acceleration is something the kikes want to do the longer we wait the better our chances get we cannot avoid this fight. BUT the kikes really want to throw us into a war right now that was their plan and it's written inside their "books" 3 world wars until the goyims become our slaves. If ww3 is not the arabic destruction that means that they will created one just because their books said it. And with nukes in every country that will join this war. God fucking help us.

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I differentiate between traditionalists and conservatives because conservatism is republicanism.

How To Reverse Social Engineer Critical Theory

Use judo.
Do not push against them; they are too powerful.
When they push too hard, pull them with ferocity.
Pull all the way through to defeat them.

South Africa had a 5% white population, your child brained counter arguments speak for themselves.

Fucking rofl.
You are so fucking stupid if you believe that.
First off that's backward. Republicanism tries to lie that it's conservatism.
Second that's the issue: republicans try to lie that they're conservatives. Nothing about that is true. Republican is a liberal leaning ideology.

Reminder traditional election politics promotes a feeling of not having to do anything else and they should be rejected for more radical change.
Reminder the goal is to avoid a white minority because non-whites will start the race war for us and beat us if were the minority, which is the Jews plan and means total white annihilation
Reminder the only way to avoid white minority is to cause the system to collapse and to win a race war that is triggered prematurely through accelerationism

Accelerationists are no different than my enemy. They strive toward the same inescapable dystopia in which rebellion is impossible.

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In other words race war before white minority or bust, or complete white genocide. Anything else is inevitable white extermination, voting leads to white minority - revolutionary politics offers a viable solution and not simply a more comfortable genocide.

Anti-accelerationists are no different from the enemy, the effect they have is to pacify whites, prevent revolution and guarantee white extermination. They tell whites to vote with blacks, to work within the kiked system that is designed to exterminate whites. They are effectively carrying water for Jews while they tell men with guns not to use them.

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Accelerationism is shit like;
"white deaths are outpacing white births!!! we're doomed guys!!!"
Ignoring the other side where white birth rates surpassed all other birth rates for the first time in more than a decade and all those other birth rates are going down.
No shit boomers are dying off.
It also ignores the fact of how fucking red pilled younger "millennials" are. They've fucking lived through the worst of forced kikery in education and hate every aspect of it and the uppity niggers/spics that go along with it.

Reminder if your goal is to decrease immigration 50% and cut black crime 30% and stop whites from losing jobs to non-whites because affirmative action and to stop feminists or whatever, that youre really just helping kikes by taking the slower road instead of flipping the board over and refusing to play by their rules at all.

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Accelerationism is a philosophy by Nick Land from the 90's. Acceleration or quickening of world events is something seperate if you actually bother to read OP.

Guys, please engrain this into your minds, there are two kinds of acclerationism. LEFTIST MARXIST acclerationism which seeks to destroy captailism as soon as possible in the most destructive way possible with anything it can spew out, obviously leading to another dead end and RIGHT WING acclerationism of which I shamelessly quote from wikipedia " supports the indefinite intensification of capitalism itself, possibly in order to bring about a technological singularity.", never confuse the two and always make sure you point out which kind of acclerationism you're vouching for. Infiltrating Marxists faggots will obviously vouch for the former. Humanity is still at it's peak technologically, obviously not socially, but left wing acclerationism seeks to destroy ALL as fast as possible and erect a completely new system of which doesn't work (which system do you think? can you guess?), right-wing acclerationism is the way to go.

Read Siege, youre larping if you think peacefully pushing capitalism overboard is going anywhere. You know what, read pic related too, and the rest of the Turner Diaries which is what its from. Its called revolutionary national socialism and its the only viable way to achieve a Natsoc government in a racially mixed society. Anyone saying vote with niggers is not a natsoc at all, youre kidding yourselves.

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Also braindead or derad shill, thats not left wing at all, its the definition of radicalism and revolutionaries. Anything else is reformation and traditional politics, anti-radical. Radical says get rid of it all, and thats what we are.


So what do you propose to replace Capitalism? You wish for it's destruction but you don't realise that the current alternatives are grim and would be an affront to the true progress of humanity, I believe it's a lazy and irresponsible way to go about things. True reformation of capitalism is the right path. Leftism is just Marxism-lite and the so called "reformations" they're making is just adding to the weight on civilization and sliding it down into the pit of fire, the far end of the leftist spectrum you could say "ultra-leftist" is opting for total indifferent destruction of all the current systems, to get rid of it all, like a giant baby flailing around knocking down and destroying whichever the baby wants on a whim, hoping to replace it with a system of which it isn't sure of which will work and although the baby might already live comfortably, he is simply "bored" and "fed up" with the unfairness of captailism despite it's statistically proven radical success.
Capitalism is still better than any other system of which has come before it, obviously it isn't perfect and is corruptable, but it is the reason we can even conversate through undersea cables in a free manner.

Heat the water slow, and the frog doesn't notice it's gradual demise. Accelerate the heating, and it jumps out to be safe once again.

The smarter people can see it's getting too hot much easier. To make the dummies jump, you have to crank that dial. I've been advocating for gun confiscations because that is that only thing that makes burgerfrogs jump.


Unless you accelerate the opponent's policies.
Which is what OP advocates.
Accelerate freedom, honor, and truth.

Nice argument.


This war will be won by the fanatics

Your's is even more retarded, so I don't know who you think you're addressing.

Gen z doesn’t seem very redpilled. Even the people I would think of as friends are dengenerates in one way or another. They all seem to be either Zionist shock troopers, or just indifferent

I was being sarcastic about your reply being an argument, at least make an actual argument, just be constructive for gods sake. Stop with the ego.

Capitalism is a Jewish system. Ideally it would be replaced with a National Socialist government, but even the worst poverty and slums would be better than being slaves to Israel

This is exactly right. Acceleration is absolutely necessary.


Still no argument.

At least check the ID faggot. Now explain to me how you made it this far without understanding that the current system is killing our race, and how that constitutes a "statistically proven radical success."

Get the image of cartoon Nazis out of your head. Dr Pierce's Lemmings applies here. Every leader needs followers and every follower needs a leader. Be the change you seek! SIEG HEIL! SIEG HEIL! SIEG HEIL!

Acceleration is the only option.
vid related
The only difference between that past is now is that we have droves of subhuman leftists and their shitskin hordes.

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It's unclear how some people still don't get that time is a critical factor. The war must happen soon or whites are fucked. Just demographics and math.

I know that isn't you, I'm just pointing out the fact that no one has presented an actual argument, that's all I really want.

If you understand what you claim to understand then why aren't you presenting that in your arguement rather than trying to insult my lack of understanding, what are you, an actual Jew?

When I talk about statistically proven success I mean relating to science, technology and the immense reduction of poverty in such a short amount of time, so you're willing to throw all this out and system of which birthed these progressions instead of solving the killing our race currently? Is that impossible currently? Just give me something to go on.

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Are you obtuse on purpose? I just suggested you the definitive introduction to National Socialist economics and government and you act befuddled like a nigger.

National Socialism: one nation, (eventually) one race. All can do whatever they want as long as it benefits the nation. Private property is protected. Useless and parasitical businesses banned. SMEs get no taxes to start off with. Large corporations get reasonable taxes. No double taxation or strangulatory taxation. Everything is more or less meritocratic from the national perspective. Government is lean, meritocratic and absolutely focused on whatever is useful. Now go read those damn books:

Very simple, you nasty little kike fuckstick. AN ALL-WHITE, NO-KIKE quasi-capitalist system with a basic social safety net like the Nordic countries have. Except have a constitution mandating all white–by law, NO shitskins to abuse the system and NO kike parasites to create parasitic interest slavery and crony theft capitalism.

Look at the shithole US capitalism has created. Nothing but massive debt, bubble after bubble, and hordes of third-world shitskins destroying quality of life and civilization for anyone but the very wealthy. As you foreskin eaters say, "never again."

Anti capitalism doesnt mean get rid of everything capitalist, it means get rid of unearned wages, usury, stock market speculation, headless corporations with unaccountable CEOs who dump shit in your rivers etc. while maintaining private business, private property, etc.

It is so dangerous because it is so rational and pure. It was transmogrified into a death cult by jews who fear its simple, rational and appealing nature.

Fascism is National Socialism with less race focus.

The reason I'm giving you shit is because this lolbertarian state of mind is not where we have to be right now. It doesn't matter what the perfect economic system is because we don't have the power to implement it, even if we knew what it was, even if such a system existed.

Since we're focused on how to achieve power, we're looking at this conversation as a political one, so talk of reforming the system seems self-evidently retarded.

Also, capitalism is over-hyped. No economic system has existed without collaboration between the state and private enterprise. At the end of the day, they're all incorporated entities and the public-private divide is an arbitrary one. In our ideal system, free enterprise and government are understood to be tools which we use as a means to further the well-being of our people.

They're worse because they genuinely believe the horseshit they consume like brownpill addicts. It's literally
the ideology.

Pic related.

It's still fucking pants-on-head retarded no matter whom nor when it came from.

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South Africa was not acceleration. South Africa was appeasement. There's a difference where your motives to fuel both sides (and most positively, yours) are backed by violent reasoning. If Jews get it, so do you. When you capture the mind of both signs you get a desired outcome. And, when you break their script and their visualized timeline also broken because it has sped up, things get hectic. Especially in a burning pit like America where every drop of fuel is potentially explosive. Meme (chaos) magic is real is all I got to say. Read more into the Jews and what they believe and you can use their beliefs against them

You need to push the opponent's policies to push your own bottomline. Win minds with ideas. Calling out Jews but making them out to be Nazis is an example of a clever mindfuck. Mindfuckery absolutely plays a big part in accelerationism. You have to be crazy about what you believe and use the opponent to push your match into a strike position. You accelerate and things get easier.

If the opponents think A, then think A^2. You can backtrack or move forward whichever is more helpful and never stick to anything (if anything, Trump's erratic gameplan on the campaign trail should be most helpful to teach this). Never stick to the opponent's belief, overblow their belief into something else entirely so that your belief's counter reaction is equally as incendiary.

Libertarianism isn't an acceleration of economics, Libertarianism is an acceleration of homelessness.

Leftism is Marxian by design. A leftist can't be a leftist if they don't follow the ideology of Marx. Read a book, you're pathetic.

How's this for accelerationism?

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Wasn't Nick Land part of the "Dark Enlightenment" "neo-facist" neoreactionary cyberkike bullshit Moldbug was pushing with the NRx shit?

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Oh, and "Cyber-capitalism".

A lot of this essay for example is critiquing Kant in a positive light from a Communist standpoint, so I'd cherry pick with this sort of thing.

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A lot of it is just rambling.

I'm still not entirely sure where the acceleration shit comes from since most of this article is just him shitting on Kant and promoting "feminist" thought.

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A lot of "accelerationist" thought revolves around crashing Capitalism and replacing it with communist thought, but then again it all comes down to "the ends justifies the means" with (((them))).

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*Since reality is "relative" to them, I forgot to add.

Hack the welfare cards.

Kikes are certainly utilizing acceleration, just the kind that suits their agenda.
They don't want us goys to use it till all their shitskin golems are in place, or most of our fighting age men have been turned to soy trannies.
Gotta keep us short of getting too upset until we're no longer a threat.

Well national socialism is just an inversion of socialism, reality to them is just "relative" to what they want.

Same guy here.

Advocate for a gun in your own traitor mouth.

It's marxist you yogurt yodelling brainlet.

Fuck you and your transhumanist bullshit

The only group in Sweden worth a damn is NRM.

Accelerationism is effectively the mentality that if we actively ruin this society and push it to become worse it will become better. The primary mistake in this thinking is that of course you'll just make things worse than better. The secondary part which is less discussed is that such a society pushed to a worse point will simply adapt and embrace the condition it has been pushed to. For example Lebanon which had its Christian identity supplanted by Islam, today it is veering towards being an Islamic nation for this reason. The accelerationist mentality says that by pushing for more muslims to migrate they can collapse the system and hence cause a more christian country to emerge. All that happened in reality was that the society degenerated into the civil war and then the country was ruined & it was also demographically supplanted.
While I have little evidence for it, I'm semi-convinced that those who wish to accelerate into a worse state are just people who've failed to be successful and merely wish to justify their failures post-failure. After all you can't be a loser if you're doing it deliberately right?

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Yeah no. That is not true at all. JEW.


and perhaps

if you feel it is relevant

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I got confused. Long day. NS is more or less the inversion of the cultural/social construction of meaning and reality.

No, its actually:
Its a fact. Dont like it, take it up with Andrew Macdonald.

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Siege predates the 90s and so does The Turner Diaries, youre full of shit and everyone agreeing with you is braindead and not well read enough to comment.

Bruh. Paladin press got closed. Libgen might be next. Don't you want to preserve knowledge of this caliber in the safe hands of user?

Never assume that others already possess the knowledge you do. I made that error when I was young. It made me incredibly uselessly autistic fam (sort of kidding).

Its 11 bucks on amajew but I cant find a pdf.