Leftist political activist and "refugees welcome" kikess murderd by moroccan truck driver

Sophia Lösche, a 28-year-old German “refugees welcome” activist, was found dead yesterday around 3.20 pm at the Egino gas station in the community of Asparrena in Álava, Spain, Bild german newspaper known for clickbait that blocks site use with an adblock on reports.


Only english source I can find. German media gives more:
>quote cuck: "Sophia would under no circumstances want that racist baiting is done, as it already happened" truck_of_peace.jpg
>"Nighter is it's Sophia's fault as a woman nor is it generally persons of foreign origins" lol**
Various sources. 3rd image is a bit older, from before the truck was found.
Made this because is a massive faggot who copy pasted the article and called it a day, no archive or anything.

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Guess I screwed up too, here's the 3rd image.

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These people refuse to listen or be honest about the world around them. They're going to die one by one at the hands of their beloved Muslims and there's nothing anyone can do about it. I can only hope this leads to a cumulative uncuckening of Whites in the future as the ones who are hardwired to be total idiots and doormats are cleansed from the gene pool. This guy's sister was murdered by foreign invaders and all he cares about is virtue signalling about the "evil Nazis." Truly sickening.

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No. You do not understand.
Leftism is a death cult. This kike bitch probably had the most intense orgasm of its existence as the life left its eyes.


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why was other one locked niggers

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Anons, be sure to study her eyes closely. Notice the bulging pedo eye on the right? (probably her left) That's a common trait in leftist child rapists.

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Better check yourself.

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only death awaits the traitors

There's a few of these each year who take the stupidity they say seriously enough to follow through on their stupidity. The rest say but don't follow through, and are merely virtue signaling.


Agree with the sentiment. We should encourage more kikes and liberals to take free rides from muslims.

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According to one commentor on a German news site the cuck brother's search lead him and his faggot bolshevik crowd to the truck driver which he contacted in the hopes he wasn't a fuckman. After that her corpse and the truck ended up being burnt. Go figure.

gas yourself
gas your retarded sharia
gas your shitty islam
Neither rapists nor islam will have any place in White nations.
Feminists and other brainwashed women will be brought back to sanity, but it will be done the WHITE way. Not using some desert shithole slave cult.
White men of the past let this happen. They were too weak, too permissive, and let the hook nosed demons corrupt their women and their societies.
It is up to White men of today to fix it.
WHITE MEN. Not desert shitholers and not desert shithole cult bullshit.

Also, by using the term "goy" outside of the context of exposing the evil of jews, you out yourself as a brainlet or a shill.
To hell with you.

Why waste so much effort on a bleedingly obvious jew? As though rape gangs are even remotely National Socialist…

fake news.

If she really was a kikess and not a goy, then this is wonderful news. We need to encourage more of them to hitch rides with North African gentlemen.


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what's this red poster say?

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this needs a name

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nvm found it

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Also this one

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well they had it coming

"Stupid is as stupid dies."

Lifeless eyes advocating for suicide, and a lifeless body that succeeded. LIKE POTTERY

Her death was way too quick for that potterhead-smug look on her face.

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They deserve a post mortem nomination for the Darwin award.

In all seriousness, lads, I am going to sleep well tonight. Fuck all cucks. May they all die. :)

leftism is a mental disease that is terminal
the death cult results from leftism's symptoms such as inability to reason, seeking integration with their pain fantasies and so on

The fools deserve it for walking into such a obvious trap

Honestly, it never stops being funny. Now, if only this would happen to everyone that went to Africa to virtue signal and play with elephants.

And nothing of value was lost.

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The world is a slightly better place. I knew the muslims were awesome.

Sometimes they did nothing wrong


Traitors are worse than jews.

Jews are at least working in the interest of their tribe not sure about her being a jew

Nothing is worse than jews. Once you get to know them you will see that they bring everything disgusting and destructive in this world, you will also find out that they aren't human.

Nothing is worse than a jew.
Long live the muslims and the 'traitors' for killing them and making the world a better place.

What did they said?

The same muslims who have been waging a 1,400 year long war against Europeans at the behest of the jews. No…muslims should die, exactly like their parent religion 'jews/ZIONIST/International Bankers'. Do you think it would be less of a ZIONIST movement if it was globalism via Muslims? The 'big three' Abrahamic religions are all the same exact thing. There is only ONE head of the pyramid…not THREE…this is all directed from the top down.

No Ethnic European in their right mind want a shitskin semitic slaughterer to rule over them. They all celebrate the 'killing of the cattle/goy'…we want to be free of you to develop our own identity and culture.

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If there is onle ONE head of the pyramid,
why are they warring with each other?
Why muslims killing jews?
And why are jews killing muslims?

'No Ethnic European in their right mind want a shitskin semitic slaughterer to rule over them'

I never said i want them to rule over me.You can see it in that comment i wrote above.

'They all celebrate the 'killing of the cattle/goy''
'Goy' is what Jews call gentiles(non-jews).

Yes we do want to be free so we should encourage the muslims to kill more jews, and maybe even help them out.

All in all NO you don't get to toss sand in my eyes , It's JEWS not 'zionists', you can't behind labels anymore.

hide behind*

If it makes you guys feel even better, some kike (((landowner))) was murdered by niggers in South Africa recently. ANC is blasting anti-kike stuff too and it's beautiful.

Islam is a semitic religion

This is happening so often these days, it is becoming a meme.
Duped libtards welcome rapefugees into their country, and then get raped, mutilated, or murdered by them.

It's definitely justice, but it's a sad form of justice.
Why would they not just simply listen?
Now her parents have a child to put into the ground.

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they got "culturally enriched"

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bix nood

That's justice though. All forms of justice are essentially the same if you factor in the backstory and decisions, well intention or not, that one makes leading to their ultimate end. Even our sworn enemies can be sympathized with internally after their end, but that's just nature. She's a brutal bitch and has never shown a tear. Only provided the rules for the game.

what info do we have that confirms jewess? just her fucked up face, or is there more?







By the way, I never saw confirmation on her being a kikess.
Nice to see that you gobble up shills like trump gobbles Zionist cock.

Got to make sure lurking newfags don't fall into obvious shit memes. Always name the Jew.

She was ugly AF, that mudslime did a good job killing that hideous kikess.

Goes horribly wrong

I fuuuuuuucking hate those cunts. Today mohammad did something right. Shame she wasn't also a jew. But yeah, the cunt got what she deserved and before she could queef out out some shitskin hybrid.

We should troll the fuck out of her cuck brother. Bucktooth faggot.