Zig Forums on Zig Forums

what is Zig Forums's opinion on Zig Forums???

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They are based and redpilled

good on social issues (in fact not right wing enough)

extremely shitty on economics and whatnot

mentally disturbed

Brainlet, mostly-amerimutts that can't stop being reactionary about spooks.


This is Zig Forums, you silly sausage.

self obsessed and childish with no concept of perspective.
I'd say that we should aim to alter their philosophies, but frankly i recon it's probably more prudent just to execute them. Call it killing those who disagree, but when you're so hateful and pathologically obsessed with furthering your own situation, then you don't really deserve sapience.

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What's the difference?

The same thing can be said of leftism, don't call the kettle black.
Literally none.
Zig Forums's biggest problem is that they're not a collective of Nazi's, they're a collective of barely related right wing ideologies, even more disenfranchised from each other than the left is, the one thing unifying them being their hatred of the left for one reason or another which perpetuates them to do shit like cooperate for less immigration and ousting liberals, tl;dr they don't have theory just action like Maoist larpers who think you can successfully prop up a ML society without making people read.

ever since the election they've beed flooded with Soros shills

Go ask them.
>>>Zig Forums

Must be those king krockoduck fangirls.

Not everyone has to spend their life reading thousands of dry works by Marx, Engels and Lenin. 90% of people won't even bother. It's not because they're stupid, they just don't have the interest in doing that. Over half the population of the Russian Empire was illiterate when the Bolsheviks came to power, the workers, soldiers and peasants surely didn't spend all of their time reading Marxist theory. Lenin was a prime theory-autist who thought of nothing but the revolution day in and day out. The "Maoists hate books" line is such a stupid meme because it shows that no one even reads Mao. Mao said that of course we must study Marxist literature, but we should not do so at the expense of investigating the actual conditions of society. This involves investigating the actual situation, holding fact-finding meetings, large discussions and personal participation in these activities, not "hurr books r dumb". The actual conditions will always be more important than theory. Even Engels in his November 1886 letter to Sorge chastised those who treat theory in a doctrinaire and dogmatic way, "as something which has got to be learnt off by heart but which will then supply all needs without further ado" Theory is, and always will be "a guide to action".

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A bunch of self-hating mutts and homos who don't even realize that they are mutts and homos.

I'll take it as a mispelling error.

Either way, Zig Forums are merely useful idiots for the bourgeoisie and they don't even realise it. They have their heads so stuck up their asses that their ugly incel faces are now carved on their rectal cavities.

They seriously think that "da joos" are controlling just about everything, without even realizing that the strongest people in power (U.S; the most powerful government) happen to be christian whites. Not that it actually matters, though, since the bourgeoisie can be as "diverse" as you want (see: the black leaders from south africa).

Zig Forums is merely identity politics for white people; equally as spooked and retarded as SJWs. We're pretty much the only real anti-idpol group in existence. More so, being "racialist" (bitching about "niggers") is also being idpol.

Edgy Young Republicans who think that saying "nigger" makes them revolutionary.

I'm sorry, what centuries-old traditions and hierarchies does leftism seeks to maintain?

Not hierarchy but people could easily say communism is an ideology that hasn't advanced whatsoever since the 60's.

Typical leftpol dogwhistle. Sage in all fields

When the real problem is Jewish people, Kurds and romis. Though idc about niggers. Best nonwhites are east Indians and Asians

I think pol is filled with crazy Conspiracy theorists and racists, and probably some fascists too.