Yuri Bezmenov

What ever Happened to Yuri Bezmenov?
What was his endgame?

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He moved to Canada and lived out his remaining years in peace.
He became disillusioned with communism and wanted to escape it.
Says he died in 1993 so he got to see the wall come down and all the satellite states leave with the USSR dissolving.
All I know is from the wiki article which is all as much anyone on here will know unless they are an oldfag and met him personally which is very unlikely. I met one former USSR defector who gave a talk at an event. He spoke just like Yuri, talked about how the Russian hospitals would keep healthy people but kick out the sick because they needed to have "good" statistics for the government.

What he taught was the principles of Communism, subversion through any means since "the ends justify the means", fucking you over and ruining white society is ok in their book as long as it justifies their means.

He was a CIA asset used to push race mixing and feminism on Americans, while blaming all the crimes of the CIA on Soviets.

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i also know a russian women that was director of an university under the soviet union,she didnt even try to hide they shilled 24/7 propaganda.

Shouldn't you post the whole image with that line of thought in mind?

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I also love how it denounces Communism by telling the shitskins to flood white countries instead.

Except it turns out he was telling the truth. With all this secrecy you always have to take anything anyone says from any country with a grain of salt, you can never be 100% certain of anyone's motives which is the whole point, instead of having others tell you what to think and do you need to take a step back and think for yourself what is really going on. Was he just a CIA agent with a made up life sowing discord for Soviet Russia? Maybe. Was he really an ex-KGB member who did the things he said for Soviet Russia? Maybe. No one will ever really know because it's not like any of this stuff is well-documented so you have to decide that for yourself, but, with all that said it really did turn out that Soviet Russia was doing most of the things he talked about, so take it as you will

No he wasn't. It's a fact that all of the subversion he blames on the Soviets was actually done by the American state itself. And not by commie infiltrators or anything like that either.

He was definitely telling the truth, that's for sure. Smart niggers and mexishits don't flee towards communist states.

Based white genocide promoting Yuri

You mean kikes you stupid fuck? Like the kikes in new york wall street that promoted Communism?

And you're the one that posted the cropped image you stupid fucking retard.

I had never seen the full image.

I looked the title of the article in like 5 seconds since I was curious about what the fuck that was.

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This article says it was a talk done in Georgia.

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The see

Watcha doing kike

He's just being an idiot.

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He said everything there was to say. I mean what more can a Captain Obvious prophet do really other than wait it out and say, "told ya so"?

He's commenting that shitholers go to white countries, not encouraging them too.
kike less pls

A lot of assmad vatniks in here just hate him because he defected. Because Russians still retardedly identify with the Soviet Union. A prideful, stubborn people who are so desperate to feel good about their shithole, they'll cling to the Soviet nightmare because it was a time when they were powerful - even though it was all a farce doomed to collapse anyway.

They flee to White countries. White countries will always be superior to non White ones regardless of the economic system pushed by the govt.

There was no infiltration, it was a long march by young leftists Jews, which was enabled and promoted by the older moneyed Jewish elite.
No conspiracy is needed. Jews are spies for their own nation, every one of them.

I guess I am being kikey, I didn't realize the talk was in fucking Atlanta.

"black is beautiful" was a huge meme back then btw.
it was the dark ages when the msm set all the memes and you just had to take it.
Yuri was smart to use their own meme juice against them imo

No, he's saying that communism is bad because it's racist and America is good because it is multicultural. Exact same line the CIA was pushing at the time.

It wasn't a long march either. Very short march. They were just given a shit ton of money and placed in positions of influence.

Pretty sure he was assassinated by vehicle, but all evidence that I saw of it has since been scrubbed from the net. Can anyone corroborate?

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This was the consensus on first exodus 8/pol/ and there were links to articles but I can't remember enough to find them again.

To show the world that the commies are the most narcissistic people that they would even go this far than to put all the blame of their sick degenerate fetishes and warped utopian ideas onto their "opposition".

I dated a girl from Romania and her dad was just like Yuri.

>To show the world that the (((commies))) are the most narcissistic (((people))) that they would even go this far than to put all the blame of their (((sick degenerate fetishes))) and (((warped utopian ideas))) onto their "opposition".


Well, they are almost one and the same, so yeah.

He despised soul crushing communism and gave us the goods on the poison that was injected into our society.

He didn't mind other races, but multiculturalism wasn't something he harped about.

He was telling the truth. You just have to apply it to kikes and Voila. Take what he says and extrapolate it, he was just explaining methods, not necesarily culprits.

and/or kikes

I fucking hate kikes, FUCK

Yuri was right. Putin is doing all these things now. With the help of Robert Mueller, their mission to destabilize and destroy western cultural hegemony is almost complete.

The enlightenment will end soon. Irredentist nationalist-warlords like putin and Zhemin are going to own the future

is something being slid or is it just the weekend? times like these I actually miss kamphy

Yep. As always, (((they))) play both sides.

Yep. And the Soviet Union was pushing the opposite to their citizens.

He was telling us to use the same long-term scheming to retake our society back. The process has already begin with Generation Zyklon.
We must Reverse Yuri the jews.

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I suppose that the Windsor Police Service might have a file on his death. Try to get in contact with them. police.windsor.on.ca/Pages/Home.aspx

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Except it was

>It's a fact that all of the subversion he blames on the Soviets was actually done by the (((American state))) itself.
>the same (((government))) that had ties to the (((Soviets))) and the (((Eternal Anglo))) during WWII
So basically you're telling me it's still the Jews' fault why Cultural Marxism and degeneracy exists in the modern age? Go suck a big shitskinned one, /leftysoy/.

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thanks to the chans I saw exactly how his methodology works, to the art of propaganda and complete "brainwashing", I can seem to understand how his many viewpoints came to be and on what they are based off. This has also made me question quite a lot about the human condition. To the false ends of the "narrative fallacies" on both ends more or less. Fascism for all its flares very rarely also have blind spots…which are just observations that you suppress because they are outweighed by larger observations that you made in the past still. But something you desperately cling to because it could otherwise jeopardize your whole framework. The christians had these kinds of problems too. Many people seem to have this blind spot. But I am trying to reduce it…well…perhaps keeping alive the leftist intellectuals (not the jews and preferably few equalists) would be a good thing, as they sometimes live in that gap that our own programming refuses to see.

Exactly. He was paid by ZOG to say what he said. Yet he is being white knighted.

< He was telling the truth
< except not really, you can't really tell…
< T… take it as you will!

I prefer the whole image. It reminds us that these anti-communist boomerservatives are just usefull idiotis of the (((System))).

Boomerservatives really are posting on Pol. Rockwell was right about your kind.

user is one of those that fell for those (((CIA))) psyops because communism, man.

This primarily. It should be a no brainer to anyone here - (((they))) are not inherently communistic or capitalistic, they will simply use whatever way of control is convenient at the given moment, and then they'll set a semi-rigged conflict in motion to make clueless people believe it's one side or the other.