Sweden’s largest music festival cancelled over ‘migrant sex attacks’
The Bråvalla festival is Sweden’s largest music festival. Organisers have just announced that the event will come to an end after being cancelled this year due to sex attacks, local newspaper Norrköpings Tidningar reports.
Last year’s festival saw at least 11 sex attacks, three which led to arrests and the year before nearly 40 young girls complained of being sexually harassed and abused by men most often described as “foreign”.
Alexandra Larsson, a 17-year-old victim, described her attackers saying: “They were probably immigrants. I hate to say it. But it is the truth.”
The organisations public relations person, Kajsa Apelqvist, said: “It’s a very disappointing decision to take, but the overall picture we have is that we can not develop the festival in the way we want to be relevant to our visitors in the future.”
They have tried to help ensure visitors’ safety and encouraged people to talk and report criminal offences and are proud of that, however, they don’t see the possibility for the festival to continue in the future whilst still ensuring the festival goers safety.
Sweden has a serious problem with sex attacks on its festivals. We’ve earlier reported that the incidents started already in the year 2000 and were taking place at other festivals at least since 2006

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Other countries have music festivals without these problems because the men would band together and beat up sex attackers. There is an understanding of this. Swedish men struggle to keep their boners down when they see mud people around their women, so there's not much that can be done there.

Yet the Swedish news reports downplay the sexual attacks (refusing to specifically name the rapefugees) as the main reason, citing, instead, what essentially amounts to 'bad luck [shrugging intensifies]'.–av-sin-egen-metod/

How long before muslims complete impose sharia on degenerates?
All these dumb young people are getting what they deserve.

That's not how it works. If they went around beating up sex offenders, the women would call them racists and they'd be arrested and sentenced to jail.

If this keeps up we will see degenerate, kike imposed youth "culture" come to an end.
Nothing holier than the Holohoax and the oppression Olympic, goy!

I'll take that as a victory. One step closer taming these rootless cosmopolitans.

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Don't you dare ever associate Dr.Göppel with your drivel again

The youth don't deserve the dieversity imposed on them, many where brainwashed to accept it since they where children. Though some are deffo rope material

U A & A

Sweden yasss

Have you even been to a music festival in your life? At best they're slightly better than Woodstock.

Based immigrants ending degeneracy

good news is:
Patriotic anti-immigration party by far the largest in Sweden now: Yougov poll

Support for the Swedish Democrats increased by an unbelievable 5.5 percentage points in the latest survey from Yougov, reaching 28.5 per cent, Metro reports.
According to Yougov’s June survey, the Swedish Democrats are the biggest party by a large margin. In second place come the Social Democrats, with 22 per cent, followed by the Moderates who polled only 17.3 per cent.
“This is like a dream setting,” SD party secretary Richard Jomshof tells Metro. He describes the new numbers as “amazing”.
Metro mentions that some of the participants in the study stated that they had switched from the Social Democrats to Swedish Democrats. A 53-year-old man from southern Sweden says:
“Social Democrats have repeatedly deceived the people, dismantling welfare, increasing taxes by 45 million since their inauguration.”
“They allowed migration without proper impact assessment and effectively destroyed Sweden. They avoided discussing issues and showed contempt for democracy. Never, never again!”

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Well, under their law, it's traditional to issue a warning in advance, which is typically 10 ~ 20 years, so, look to see if that's already happened and how long ago.
For something more specific, watch for a big distraction that would prevent other Western nations (possible, but not probable) or Russia (more probable) from intervening, ie: a regional/world war that would tie up all our military resources elsewhere.

Well, IIRC, something like 90% of Sweden's news companies are owned by Jews, so, yeah…
Hopefully, this backfires on Dag Av Den Halsband and the rapefugees get blindsided because nobody reported on it correctly.

Good news, for once!
I am unfamiliar with voiceofeurope; is it typically-reliable?

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was this that same festival being put on by lesbian comedian? the one that was supposed to have no men allowed? ( because of all the sex attacks during New Year's a while ago)

6 months of community service for raping an underaged girl. 20 years in prison for beating said rapist half to death in defense of the girl.

America has a lot of problems. But at least we still prosecute rape and don't cancel major festivals because of a refusal to prosecute immigrants.

Don't worry. All your states will soon ban rape prosecutions because it dis-proportionally affects minorities.

And this is all great since your government has been literally forcing racial integration policies for 50 years. Your nation invented and pushed this entire concept due to the success of American women to get fucked by blacks and pump out 56%ers

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I haven't any news reports in that regard.
Have there been beatings?
If so, any links?


I went and bought 1000 rounds of ammunition today while open carrying. On the way home I yelled out of my car and told a nigger to get out of the road, by calling them a nigger. Then I rolled coal on them in my duramax as soon as I passed.

Yeah, so bad here compared to the rest of the world.

I'm moving to where you live… and shoot funs

What the hell is with them walking in the streets when the sidewalk is right fucking there?
You'd think after being made to walk in the gutters under Jim Crow, they'd happily choose the alternative.

Doing God's work, user…

I wholeheartedly recommend that you do; happiness truly is a warm gun.

Not Sweden, but Germany:

9 years for burning down an empty hall marked to become a rapefugee shelter, no people were in danger, its in German, don‘t bother open it:

Walks free after killing a German father of two kids by stomping him into the back, its in German, don‘t bother open it:

That are not singular events.

Is this suppose to be bad those things are super degenerate

Open a summer camp for migrants, with lots of fun. Problem solved, pic related.

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I had a homosexual who was overdosed on MDMA stalk me around a music festival trying to grope and molest me last year. As a 6'5" behemoth user I was literally helpless. Everyone I asked for help made comments like I was over exaggerating and it wasn't a big deal. If I swung at the guy I would have been thrown out.
Was I afraid? No. But the hypocrisy by mostly leftists not listening to my plight because I'm a human tank was pretty annoying given their "equality" stance.

Should've just decked him man.

At last the proud vikings are awakening. All over Europe, from England to Italy, the match has been lit and the fire begins to rise. In its ashes will be the EU, and the bodies of shitskin invader rapists and their leftist comrades. From that fire European peoples will emerge with a strengthened respect for their cultures and countries.

The white tourist can look and admire.

The shitskin just has to molest.

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Burn the coal, pay the toll.

so jelly we got no sambos, eh pablo?

While is correct, you should still sue the organizers for criminal negligence.
They have a duty to act upon any reports of sexual assault, regardless of who the victim is.
Better, yet, if there are off-duty LEO present as security, since you can, at a minimum, file an official complaint on the spot.

Thanks for the info.

When they want to be taken seriously:
When they want to exploit white knight mentality
5,6,7 is a young girl.
17 is a young woman.
The age of consent in Sweden is 15.
Women (and men) attend these festivals specifically to meet people for sex. The music is just the plausible story for the parents.
Truth is, there was probably not a single legitimate sex attack.
And so on. But yeah, white knight away, you will surely get laid eventually.

But why? Do they not enjoy diversity? Why are swedes so hateful?

Awww, your narrative no longer working moshe? Enjoy your progress.

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user… I… how do I say this? In the USA the manliest men drive large diesel trucks. The phrase "rolling coal" over here means modifying your engine's intake to increase the amount of fuel to air ratio; which in turn causes the excess fuel to not burn off completely and be emitted by the exhaust system as a rather large plume of soot and CO2.

Oh, since they're 17 and attending a music festival they don't get to say no to shitskins, right ahmed? Eat shit.

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Sounds like a made up story.
A manlet or woman's idea of what it feels like as a monster, to be stalked or threatened.
Also a genuine 6`5 would not be shocked or surprised about not being taken seriously. After a lifetime of being laughed at when you're hurt, of being laughed at if you show emotion, of being told to "grow up" because it's (paraphrasing) "ridiculous for a man your size to have feelings", you would know full well what reaction to expect.
So no, you're a manlet or woman projecting how you imagine it is to be a monster.
Because 6`2+ men never have to sleep.
Because 6`2+ men can't get jumped or outnumbered
Because 6'2+ men are immune to weapons
Because 6`2+ men can't be infected with an AIDs needle.
Because 6`2+ men can't have a false accusation laid against them by a disgruntled gay or woman.
Stop LARPing, you're no good at it.

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That's why you let him follow you to a secluded spot and deal with the problem. Anyone asks you just say he likes it rough as he gurgles his last.

Don't get caught, fucktard.

I have good success with pushing forceful faggots pulling that shit on the ground. It establishes physical dominance and it doesn't trigger psychotic leftists in the way that throwing a punch does. As you push them on the ground you say defensive trigger words leftists do like "leave me alone" and "stop it". Then later you find where the faggot went and you cut his throat and shit in the hole teehee.

Niggers and sand-niggers rape. That's what they do. And they're particularly interested in raping White women, when cucks roll out the red carpet for them, such as asinine legal systems which ensure no real punishment for rape.

MGTOWs are like lolbergs, they just don't get how their theories don't apply when mud people are involved.

MGTOW is pushed by shitskins.


Just sayin, if the SPLC Jews countersignal it, it may be the answer

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rope yourself homo

Horseshit, they are trying to associate us with shitskins to push moderate whites away from what will fix the problem. Gas the bikes.

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Well duh, white people celebrating is clearly the problem.

Countersignalling white space marine rape gangs is anti-white. You're gonna let white women burn coal or get raped by shitskins cause you don't like that we improved their shit tier term. Better get to those white women before they do, it's simple strategy and tactics in war. Sow your seed and peoples seed into those white women and you help fulfill the 14 words. And gas kikes first, your bike can wait for it's petrol

What did they mean by this?

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First thing that sprang to mind was the webm.

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What the fuck do you think user? It's fucking Vox.

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It means it's a subversive jew doing subversive jew things.

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Scared to be a true Nordic Aryan and sow your seed before they get mudsharked little one?

There is no need to fear that when we lay waste to your entire species.

He's right, fight fire with fire and don't shill a blood eagle sacrifice to white men not being timid about saving the white race. If the sweeds are gonna be cucked, the only hope is that you outbreed them and save the white race before mixbloods come in. Protect purity by conquest of lost lands before the people are lost too

Are you from lefty Zig Forums? Why the fuck would you want to wipe out the Aryan master race…unless you're not white. In which case it makes sense how you'd misuse the white man's symbols

He's not white and neither are you, chavera.


how easy would it be for determined whites to take over that place ?

Yeah dude, this guy's seeming like a kike telling us to let the rapes happen and give up precious white women

You're not fooling anyone moshe.

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Swedes, do your fucking duty and take your country back from the filth.

American whites have one of the highest IQs on the planet, actually. One of the lowest crime rates. More more racially pure than half of Europe. We have the most freedoms, and experience the most free lives possible out in rural America. Mmmm… Your jealousy makes me feel good. Filtered for kike memes.

Anywhere white men are strong you'll find kikes working the hardest to undermine them.

Rather, the dumbest ones do. What's it like paying 20% more for every gallon of gas, and get less miles per gallon with your piece of shit engine?

Huh? The fuck is chavera? Sounds like a jew word. And I'm 100% pure Bavarian phenotype. Both my parents are proud Germans. I'm a first gen American. I new faggots like you in the army larping to be Nazis. My grandfather was a Wehrmacht officer while yours were probably in a shitskin country.
Get out of here 56% nigger

Only a jew would say cede ground to the mudslime "yeah goy, let them do it"

They're too outnumbered by the rest of the socialists in the EU right now. They need to start protecting their women from nonwhites

40'% of females in gothenburg sweden avoid going out after dark in fear of robbery and gangrape

use google translate if interested

It's a good thing as it's part of what is going to lead to economic collapse. Which is necessary for these dumb millenial cunts and their boomer parents to wake up. Darkest before the dawn and all that.

Fuck off back to Reddit kike

You get better mileage because they operate at higher temps dumbshit. You only lose mileage when you run them dirty.

I find it hard to feel sympathy being as, if I spoke to any of these women 5 years ago, I bet they'd preach some marxist shit to me and call me a racist.

I don't anything about engines, but I disagree since you insulted me, nigger.

know anything*

Oh, I hurt your fee fees? I'm so fucking sorry. Grow the fuck up and stop being retarded. Maybe you'll learn something.

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Filtered for insulting me.

This is an example of why cuckchan has no place here. They're a bunch of fucking women and uneducated niggers.

Thats whats the jews want with their genderwar bullshit, have you not giving a fuck

Well it worked, and unless I personally interact with Swedish women, which is never going to happen, I'll probably never care.

You're right. You have to fight the apathy they sow. Hitler warned of this

Well he was concerned with his own ethnic group, not a foreign one. After all, he invaded Poland. I have empathy for rural white Americans. Not urban they're filth. Rural white Americans are basically my "tribe." They're my not-so-ethnic ethnic group. Although most of us are Germanic, so I guess we are mostly the same ethnic group. Nonetheless, it's completely normal to not give a shit about foreigners.

You even spelled his name wrong. You must be new here.

jews love alt right talking points and will slowly adapt them as a release valve for profit and pacification of the goyim.
see breitbart, rebel media, amren.
be honest, if you heard msm/jews pushing for your beliefs, you would question the value.


True, but he saw the German peoples like in England and the Americas that have spread out and conquered and saw them as cousins, not foreigners. My grandmother met him when she was young with my grandfather before a speech he gave and she said he spoke warmly of Americans before the war started and that he pitied them being led by the international clique that is so difficult to uproot.

Pity our distant cousins in the homelands whoever you may come from, for they are led by the jew and it will be hard to convince them to break from their chains

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What a fag. Give em a choice to rejoin the white race or just shoot em, hanging people that aren't politicians is something faggots that have never taken a life say. This isn't the dumbass klan that's gonna win this, it's a group of Nuremburg law abiding 1488 white men.

And pisswater, and kikebush.

How many have you killed, faggot?

So what you mean is rather than smoking black dick you were exhausting your tailpipe.

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That is what the original statement was.

Me? Who knows? Maybe only two and from a distance I didn't see much of them, but I can tell you that you stop caring how you kill the plebs. It becomes a chore just to round people up. To roll out just to get to those hiding out. To sweep up. Unless you plan on carrying a ton of rope, you're gonna quit quick. And even then, do any of you realize you should be carrying ammunition, water, socks, shit like that instead of rope. And what kind of rope are you gonna use to do it effectively and efficiently? What gauge? What material? Say you popped into your hooch and you find you've run out of the rope you're gonna use. What then? Have private fuckhead get you some more? Nah it's all easier with a bullet

Yes, Sweedish men cucked themselves via voting a loooong time ago and it only continues today. Fucking limp-wristed cowards.

you dont happen to have a long nose, do you?

I'll be seeing you soon.