OPEC bends the knee to Trump

Not long after shitter shattered Iran got the NO DEAL on the IranDeal, faggots wanted to act tough and started threatening lowing production for, which would have sent our gas prices into Obama level prices.

So Trump got on twitter and told those fucking oil merchants to get their shit straight and woul;d you imagine that, not five hours later those ragheaded soyboys have agreed to INCREASE production.

America First, god damn it feels good to win.

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This is America last. Just hurts shale development and helps sandniggers/Israel.

Honestly I don't give a shit about Iran and don't understand why so many anons suck their dick.
So what nigger, there are fucking marxist in this country that hate Israel. You gunna worship them too?

Anyway, good news. I want to fill up for $65 bucks again.

Bullshit. They just found a mammoth shale reserve in east Texas. That shit is gunna get all kinds of developments.

Shale tech gets better every year. Right now even with lower gas prices there are a whole bunch of operations in the black because they invested in R&D. Gas needs to be around $30 a barrel for Shale to become unprofitable

that is in regards to new well operations. Current wells can keep on pumping pretty much regardless of the current price of oil.

I recoomened reading The Absent Superpower by Peter Zeihan to get more info on just how significant the shale industry is in regards to how high tech it is and how efficient it runs superpower&lg_topic=libgen&open=0&view=simple&res=25&phrase=0&column=def
you can download it there

Can confirm. am there now working in it.

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This is true, largely due to the heavy downturn we took in 15-16. it required operators and service companies to be most efficient to try to squeeze profits out of plummeting oil prices. All those sandniggers did when they tried to squeeze us out was make us stronger.

Of course, Trump could have done his part and not raise federal gasoline taxes and not roll back fuel efficiency standards.

Yeah, this place can get a bit myopic. It's just that "us vs. them" is very simplistic and easy for so many people to grasp.

Opposition to israel does indeed take precedence over other political beliefs. One of those things eventually results in open conflict with israel and a chance to exterminate the jewish race, the other makes compromises that result in jews continuing to exist. Zeihan&column[]=author
his other book is worth reading too actually

Get fucked faggot.

good. lets get it to a dollar a gallon in rural surrounding cities

and change the minimum purchase to 25c instead of 1$

Why would you ever want to spend more money to travel the same distance? I'd be interested in hearing this.

Those cars fucking suck, though.

Those standards were setting back development of combustible engines because it was setting standards for incorporating electricity. Those standards were globalist mandated bullshit.

have you heard of this new thing?

According to who? Jew-owned magazines, websites, and car review youtube channels? The same who depend entirely on automotive manufacturer advertising revenue and often have the same shareholders?

Huh? In what way?
The standard is the standard. There is no mandate to electrify the vehicle, partially or otherwise.
Huh? As opposed to the ultra-nationalists at Exxon, BP, Rosneft, and Aramco? Being a nationalist has absolutely nothing to do with making sure oil company shareholders are taken care of in perpetuity to the standard they have been accustomed. Autarky is king. This is basic, basic shit. Of course, this assumes I'm talking with honest brokers. Of course, I am not. We are well acquainted with the oil industry republican-affiliated shills who operate on this board and come out of the wood work every single time any topic even vaguely related to oil comes up.

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Aww, I was hoping for more expensive due to dramatically increased demand.

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So does that mean places like Texas and Alaska can finally be one of the major states supplying US oil instead of Arab (((OPEC))) Oil? I wonder if this means going back to the pre-(((Yom Kippur War))) era of cars where there were none of these shitty plastic cars.

You mean Colorado.

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most new US oil production requires high prices (close to $100/barrel) for it to be viable. OPEC has been keeping oil prices low for this reason. learn2economics retard

Fuck off reddit.