Biden inadvertently names the jew

This is the funniest fucking thing I've seen in a while. Joe might actually be the biggest retard alive.

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wtf I love Joe Biden now

wtf same


Jesus even the person who posted the article is a retard.

Pure pottery

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In fucking tears.
Not mad, no happy, just pure unfiltered laughter.
The former fucking VP of the US OF A just confirmed what "nazis" have been claiming since the goddamn 60's.

I guess I'll have a Coke then…

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he was just kissing ass.
nothing to see here.

Race war on Tuesday


Wow, Creepy Joe was ahead of his time.

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race war canceled due to rain

…and how many of Joe Biden's children have been sacrificed by the Jew so far?


Look man, I don't want to be a spoil sport. It's a funny fucking article. But OP, how many dicks have you sucked today? You're so cum drunk you don't even know what fucking year it is.

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Joe Biden TEDogate crossover memes.

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Seems he is getting paranoid. Perhaps he has swallowed the redpill by mistake and now fears that (((they))) know? This level of groveling…

TEDogate needs more memes. That shit is nuclear for the self-professed intellectual sphere.

This is old, but still gold.

It really is like a train wreck in slow motion, isn't it? Somebody is getting fired ASAP kek

Even worse, a race mixing pedo.

…aaaand it's from 2013. Thanks for the tease OP. It's worth reposting.

New Biden meme.

Checked, and agreed. Check out this meme angle to force the left to die on the hill of defending pedophilia:

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Truth about Jewish Tolerance Industry(tm) slipped out.

I miss Biden's gaffes, almost as absurd as George W Bush's gaffes.

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Holy shit, Chaim, were you ever asleep at the wheel. Long ways away from first post, aren't you? I'm not even going to link to your post, so you don't even get a (you) for your troubles. Absolutely no shekels for you today.

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Posts like this demanding a perfect OP like those writing rules. Is a new D&C tactic.

Good stuff. Too little too late for niggered America though.

Why are we more than 3 years behind StormFront in discussing this? Or perhaps this has been brought up on Zig Forums years ago? Always good to revisit gems, of course.

Pedo trying to save his ass? Won't work.

It is never too late to remove (jew)

What if Biden was the ultimate 3D chess player? 2013 was after Obama/Biden had started the 2nd term (2012) so he didn't have to worry about the Jews sabotaging his chances for outing them. Face it, if Trump was going to name the Jew, this would be how he would do it. Biden spouts all kinds of hateful anti-white stuff (miscegenation is the source of our strength?) for certain, but what if this is all just camouflage? Saying stuff like that gives him a pristine "I can't possibly be a racist against non-whites" image, so if anyone were to try and dismantle his Jew-naming, such criticism immediately loses strength. How could Biden possibly be saying this to turn people against the Jews? He loves all races and wants them to mingle! He must have been honestly praising them! It's the perfect strategy. All that matters is naming the Jew. Naming the Jew is worth all the miscegenation /anti-white camouflage cuckery in the world, because with them gone, the architects of our destruction are excised and then we can deal with neutered problems.

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the fucking irony of you faggots

Biden in April 2016 BTW:

U got off to a good start. As for the rest - think positive and stay optimistic…

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so, you can't like the jews and you can't hate the jews. life with jews is difficult.


It's time to kikel back on that chimo Joe Biden.

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claiming "holding OP to basic standards" is "d&c" is the new d&c, you lying kike

I never heard of Freidan. I thought feminism started with Martha Washington. The jews just took in the wrong direction.

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These trips will be checked

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what a piece of trash, anybody have a copy of that .webm when Biden says how happy he is knowing that white europeans will soon become a minority in their own countries?

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Niggers weren't that much of a problem before the kikes got a hold of them. 1950's niggers were mostly tip top. Sure there's some shit, but that's with everyone. Tolerable without kikes and with separation. I fully encourage nationalism with them, and redpill them on the kikes that demand a seat at the head of their table.

Star Wars (the original) was one of the purest and most (morally and spiritually) decent films ever made.

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I stand by my statement.

Can't fix stupid I guess.

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Do I even need to give you instructions at this point?

Cunt those rules have been around since we had to break links.

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That's old news. The video seems to have disappeared from the internet since then.

So I'm an idiot and a faggot for pointing out the irony of using jewish actors and jewish media to condemn another form of jewish media within the same industry? Is it ok because it pandered to white sensibilities? Does it matter to you that the people involved are speculated to have raped many, many children? Do you know Mark Hamil is shilling for poor little illegal children?

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Nothing disappears forever on the net.


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Cspan has some of his crap from the Pissrael celebration crap.

once again show up and sides utterly btfo

Fuck this shabbat goy they corrupted/blackmailed this punk a long time ago and most likely have video of him fucking young jew girls in the ass.

The biggest pedophile also happens to be the biggest philosemite. I wonder how he got away with his blatent innappropriateness all these years. You would expect the gatekeepers of our morality(The MSM) would have called out this inexcusable behavior.

He was the (((dirty old white guy))) they could make into a mockery and stereotype.

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I completely disagree with the premise in that capped post. Star Wars does nominally have a good vs. evil story. It's also subversive from the very beginning. The Empire are the way they are intentionally, that is to say, not only exclusively human, but exclusively White. They are Space National Socialists.
The Rebellion that comes to fight them may have White liberals (now called Baizuo), within it, and even in top positions. That doesn't change that the Rebellion is multiracial, multiethnic, and multicultural. To an all human audience, the aliens also represent non-Whites. That makes the Rebellion Space Cultural Marxists and intersectionalists.
Additionally, the Empire is meant to explicitly represent America in particular. They all have British accents to fool Americans into a sense of patriotism from the historical American Revolution, which the Marxists have also subverted into a Marxian Revolution by leveraging the name. This is so they can be more easily fooled into cheering the death of everything they stand for and that their ancestors built while believing they are actually standing for and by the same. A masterful trick and deception.
The premise of that post is also claiming to only talk about the contents of the original movie, it failed to do that, but everything I have said can be seen in just the original movie. Coruscant, the planet which is the "base of that government is, of course, a massive urban sprawl." did not exist and was never mentioned in the first movie, so that isn't even a valid point to make. There is no description of how what he refers to as a "one-world government" came to power in the entire original trilogy. The Emperor does not even appear on screen in the original movie. In The Empire Strikes Back, there is nothing in the movie that suggests that the Emperor looks like he does because of some abuse of the force, it just as easily could have been that he had leveraged the power of the force to extend his life far beyond normal and reign for hundreds of years if not longer.
In point of fact, there is nothing in the original trilogy that speaks of what he calls the original conception of the Force. it is described as something that connects all life, but that is all. There is nothing about how only the light side is to be "in balance" with the force, rather than the idea of the yin-yang system. This is even more true when you limit discussion to the original movie alone, you have to have outside information to come to any final conclusion as to the nature of the Force. All I have written about the original movie shows that the writer was anti-White and anti-American, so it doesn't even matter what the nature of the Force is, because he would obviously claim and insert that the Emperor and his Empire is evil incarnate.
If we then add the Extended Universe canon, my position becomes even easier to defend. The Emperor took power and consolidated as much of Humanity as possible into one organization because he knew for a fact that an entirely alien race with no connection to the Force whatsoever from outside the galaxy was about to invade and he needed as large a military force as possible to stop the invasion and prevent the death of all of Humanity. This was the Yuuzhan Vong, and fairly early in that series, Luke admits that the Emperor would have had no problem saving Humanity against them if they had not stopped him. If only they had listened.
In closing have a quote from Admiral Thrawn:
You tell me if that sounds like one of us speaking, or the anti-civilization enemy we face.
If you want a new retelling of a monomyth, it must be written by someone who understands and advocates for what resides in the spirit of the European man.

Didn't realize it was 5 years old until a while after I posted it. And archive was down at the time.

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/ourpedo/ indeed.

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george bush was just playing the role of dumb guy, so that people would blame ignorance rather than organized malice. He's a shrewd character. Probably a crypto.

kek what a fucking moron

Why would the kikes let such a bumbling idiot anywhere near a position of power?

Not sure if that's being an idiot, or just not having a poker face.

This is the first i will be happy if someone gets (((suicided))) for naming the jew
Fuck this piece of shit

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You're an idiot because there isn't a single shred of evidence that Lucas or any of the main cast of the original Star Wars (i.e. A New Hope) was jewish, and SW was in fact one of the whitest fucking films ever to come out of the American film industry. Going through the credits, one of the only obviously jewish individuals in any sort of influential position is Gary Kurtz, the producer (try to find a fucking producer that isn't jewish, I won't hold my breath though). Mark Hamill being a California commie is extraordinarily beside the point, and practically a requirement to keep your job in film now. If you can present any evidence that child rape was involved on the production of A New Hope, or that any significant figures associated with that film, then, and only then I'll address that point.

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Jesus Christ, Joe, show some restraint

I disagree. I don't see any promotion of multi-culturalism in the original film, nearly every member of the rebellion is a white male. Seriously, you're letting the sequels (Empire and Jedi) colour your perception. There isn't a single alien in the rebellion in the first film. Chewbacca doesn't count because he's just Han's sidekick/pet, he doesn't even get a medal at the end. The British accents of the empire are not there to "fool" Americans into hating America, the Empire vs. Rebellion conflict was very obviously meant to be semi allegorical, or a retelling of the American revolution against the British Empire (see that? And it should be pointed out that the British empire was a multi-cultural one). Not only that but there other examples of similar dynamics playing out in other multi-cultural empires in history as well, such as Rome.

Will be back to post a pt.2


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I didn't actually know that. Thanks for pointing that out. However, that said, I don't think Ford and Fisher being demi-jews really sets my arguments back all that much. Got anything else?

Also, What really becomes clear when one looks at the original in isolation is the almost anti-technology message. That probably sounds strange to many folks but consider Obi-wan talking about Vader being more machine than man, the deathstar itself, Luke turning off histageting computer, Obi-wan's disdain for blasters and probably even some stuff I'm forgetting about. The reason the empire/dark side needs technology is because the dark-side is black magic, self-destructive and unnatural. It may destroy your enemies, but it will destroy you as well. The force is simply nature, or God. There are no negative consequences for wielding the Force, but by it's nature it can only be used in service to the greater interest (or in accordance with God's will). The Dark-Side is the tool of the Empire, the Rebellion is the tool of the Force.

Saved. Great work, user.

Checking these glorious bush digits.
He was smarter than most people think and did exactly what you say.

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beautiful work. posted them elsewhere.

This is the idiot that broke his arms while cycling during the Iran deal "negotiations"

I use quotes around "negotations" because it wasn't a negotiation. Iran spelled out what they wanted and Team Biden deep throated em without hesitation

Their main enemies are white soldiers wearing German stahlhelms, called stormtroopers. Also, their guide is a golden British fag.

Their leaders, Leia and Organa, were female. Audiences don't relate to rubber masks, so of course most main characters are going to be human. When Lucas had total control over production and CGI capabilities, we got Jar Jar.

This man has said more to redpill the public than all the shekel-grabbing youtube starring alt-kikes combined.

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oie vey

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Biden is the gaffe king. If he wasn't a dem the media would have a field day about how dumb he is.

Funny Man

Kamala Harris is going to be the Dem nominee. She declined to prosecute Mnuchin for illegally foreclosing on thousands of houses so her reward is to be the dem nominee./