The EU is getting China tier censorship, and nobody is doing anything about it

Adapting Youtube and Facebook's censorship models to the internet as a whole

This has been mentioned quite a few times already, but today this bill got past the EP committee. There is little time to stop implementation left.

law, Member States shall ensure that the service providers referred to in paragraph 1 put in
place effective and expeditious complaints and redress mechanisms that are available to users
in case of disputes over the application of the measures referred to in paragraph 1. Any
complaint filed under such mechanisms shall be processed without undue delay. The
rightholders should reasonably justify their decisions to avoid arbitrary dismissal of
The basic idea is that the EU will transfer the liability for copyright violations from the people uploading the content to the people hosting the content, and enforce the claims by preemptively looking for violators. This has potential for wide ranging abuse just like "community guidelines" and "copyright infringement" on big media like youtube and facebook. Sharing memes? Posting a pepe might soon land you a fine for violating that matt furie faggot's copyright. What's more, now it will be in the site's interest to check for copyright violations beforehand, or face a fine. This will be used to snuff out wrongthink.

There are already dude weed lmao faggot initiatives for combating this from the left, so it would be a good idea for Euro anons to make as many avid internet users as possible aware of this. Facebook meme kiddies and plebbitors might not care much about the future of the white race but they may well prove useful in preventing the shutdown of our greatest asset.

There even is a site already in place to direct the normalniggers towards. If anybody has some spare time and photoshop ability, flood the internet with content.

Yes, I did also post this on cuckchan due to the much higher flow of users and therefore attention. If you ever want something to take off, cuckchan is a good start.

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am I the only yuropoor not asleep?

Does the UK get to escape this in theory? Even though they already have their own draconian speech codes.

I think all the brave men died in the war.

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Old news, I got my kikebook account supended for 6 months for saying "nigger". 1 year after I posted it, too.

Anyway, Why do we got banned on /b/ for saying we find 17 years old girls attractive? What kind of mental problem dysnomia fag has?
20 permabans a hour, and he does it for free for 9 hours a day every day. That's why our secondary board is getting worse.
As you can guess, he disabled Tor posting too. Meaning the place will become an echo chamber of (((stuff) he isn't banning.

The brit government and the EU are both dragging it out and likely gonna try for another referendum (probably rigged this time around) to cancel the first one. The EU has a track record of making countries do referendums until they get the result they want.

I fail to see how this is relevant. How is whining instead of doing anything, brave? Even though you're a burger, if you have the spare time to shitpost, you have the spare time to photoshop some dank maymays to help your brothers across the pond out.

bot post

Wait, is that ID tor???

I always thought ID: 00000000 was the same hacker man that shat up all the threads, like he was Jim or Hotwheels.

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do your 2 fucking years of lurking before posting.

0000000 is tor, yes. 9 times out of 10 it is prudent to ignore anybody posting with that ID, because 9 times out of 10 it is a shill, a CIAnigger or a scorned troll too lazy to get a new proxy.

bot generated meme

It's really interesting how this is attracting total shit content. Must be triggering some keywords back at HQ.

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the uk is jew and thus no good

Something is going on, I can feel it.

Not just that, outright fucking botspam.
Cuckchan is absolutely flooded with trash content right now, even more than usual, if I dare say so. Trash threads both here and there are getting hundreds of replies while anything talking about this gets slid in to oblivion.

Well you did post this around ~3am for your target audience.

Fucking bump then

I wouldn't be too sad if it passes if it means all the fucking euro cancer on /o/ gets fucked honestly.

EU fanatics and general population doesn't know or care and if told they aggressively deny. Most people here are so throughoutly brainwashed to believe that EU is world's brightest beacon of democracy, freedom and peace. Their entire weltanschaung would shatter if they admitted the truth. No matter what you tell them they can't hear you.

Depends, do you have a loicense for it m8?

Oh no, we're all woke. XDDDD.

Seriously, what you can do?. Vote on another kike party every 4 years?. We stopped ACTA etc, but they finally got it. Kill some jew or rich when you finally break and have an opportunity and thats it.

Man, the kikes really want to (((SHUT IT DOWN))). Too late, the goyim know and Pandora's box cannot be closed again. Even if the worst happened to you guys in Europe, just use a US based VPN to bypass the kike censorship, most of you probably already do so anyway.

I wouldn't put it past Theresa May to cancel Brexit entirely.

Good. Im sick of (((Europeans))) screaming Death to America on this board.
Who's the fucking cuck now fags?

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But user, I AM the target audience

thanks bro

If you think the ride ever ends you should seriously study history more

I'm a European and I've never done that besides meme insults in meme arguments. 90% of Euro/Burger D&C is shill work. Where do you think the mutt meme came from?

pic unrelated just a tidier version of a propaganda I did earlier

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Honestly good. The more bureaucratic and overreaching they get the more resentful and rebellious the population of Europe becomes.

usted es usted el 56 por ciento cuck

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Fuck my life.

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Friendly reminder to stay on topic.

fuck my life

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It's not like free speech ever accomplished anything.

No one can deal with it but her own people.

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So keep spamming this shit when there area already multiple fucking threads right moshe? Not like you are diluting it right? Kill yourself

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>Good. Im sick of (((Europeans))) screaming Death to America on this board.
Sure shill, it was Europeans and not kike shills doing their usual D&C.
kill youself.

Why do you think I included the fucking echoes retard.

I warned you faggots that the HK boards would fuck this site. China needs more tanks.

Just when we thought the EU could become the next Roman Empire they pull this one over us.

Along with protesting this heinous act against human dignity, is there any way we can destroy their AI even if they put it in place anyway like the monsters they are?

The only retard here is you, since you seems to be happy about this shit.
Shills will keep on shitting the threads while it's the real Euros that will be affected by this.
It's like being happy about gun control thinking that spics and nigger thugs won't have their guns anymore, while the whole thing is designed only to disarm whites.

Are burger/chinks always this melodramatic?
Do idiots really think this is any worse than the corporate censorship you have in the US? This is a great outcome.

what drugs are you on?

The EU thing still seems way more fucked than kiketube's fuckhead botnet.

don't pull anyone else but your own retardation into this, my shilling friend. nobody believed the EU would be the next roman empire, or that such a thing would be good.

The burgers are such a great asset to this board.

…oh wait you'll get a friendly visit if you meme.
That's too bad.
Anyways aside from faggots like this I hope the rest of you do something to reclaim the ability to do fucking anything, you are heading toward government control akin to I have no mouth and I must scream.

am I missing something? Your shits fucked if the whole internet is going to be giving you copyright strikes, instead of just one platform (jewtube)

Well, they just banned brother Nathaniel's channel in Germany too.
Democratic solutions my ass. They are literally blocking all info flows that can threaten them.

The late Empire? Yeah sure.

They did nothing wrong tbqh

The more they push, the more they'll get pushed back.

Seriously what the fuck is the deal with his face

Stay mad, mutt ;°)

What could go wrong?

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Not my fault the jews have Europes balls in a vice.

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Not much if there is no gun laying around ;.;

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Worst part is we are probably gonna be forced to stay in the EUSSR.

So now we get to have a competition with them against the EU? That could have amusing outcomes.

There are lots of guns lying around though, all things considered, its just that its a huge huge pain in the dick for the average person to have one… But people still DO have them.
Germany has more guns per 100 people than Mexico.

If it goes through in full effect tomorrow, no. If it goes through a couple years from now, no. We're not leaving properly until 2023. Even when/if we do, the Conservatives have some just as bad plans for the internet up their sleeves.

Better be looking for user sites and other methods of transmitting memes to any and all sites, anonymously.
The various site you post to may have to take this stuff down, but not before thousands see it, and it can be immediately re-uploaded if you so it from a safe vantage.

I still don't believe that they can come up with a feasible system of surveillance. These people lack the understanding of the technology to do so. Sure they can legislate things but enforcement should be nearly impossible.

I think it's because people have grown to accept thay the EU is a dystopian nightmare and this kind of shit has lost its shock value.
How do most Europeans feel about this kind of crap and the EU in general? I understand there are some right wing movements here and there but for the most part I think a lot of them either agree with this or are indifferent. Am I wrong or is there pressure building beneath the surface?

Especially not the USA which would be ready to swoop down and destroy Europe for the third time if we fought back.

"We need it because trade and stuff, and going on holiday wherever we want and our government is so shit anyway :DDD"
Visit the ukpolitics subred if you want a snapshot of the europhile mentality, trying to convince them otherwise is like talking to a brick wall sometimes.

They know what's coming, you can see it by the ultra-nervous and spastic way they post their memes.
Your fate is coming kikes. Spaz out all you like, shut down the internet if you like
run to the your new desert home if you like
but in the end you will have to face it.

And boy are you making it harder for yourselves day by day.

I'm not so sure about that. Here in France, Le Pen got 1/3 of votes in the last election, so a significant portion of the population doesn't like the EU and its open borders policy. Most of the people who voted for the Front National party were of course in regions heavily infested with immigrants, with the exception of Paris cucks who love to suck dick at every opportunity. But now that their mayor is starting to move africans fresh off the boat directly into prestigious districts (right next to Bois de Boulogne), maybe that will change by next election. Already some of the residents that were interviewed expressed visible discontent, even though they didn't outright want to display racism. Well now that they've got nowhere to run, maybe they'll vote for someone else than a EU kike next election.

That's so sad that it went full circle and became funny.

Is there even a point in trying to save western yurop? Shit like this happens, the streets of major cities are sand niggers, can't go out at night, it just seems pointless to even fight for these cucks.

Inb4 D/C kike, cry harder yuropoors

Meme it.

Surprise surprise it was nowhere in our country's media. And right in the middle of the World Cup.

Mutt posters are always from South American countries. Hence the use of spanish. Leave the shitty D&C attempts to spics.

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I did that for a while on the q research boards until they banned tor

It's not just memes that will be filtered / banned

Its not always spics from South American countries. Sometimes Jews pretending to be American use it themselves to mock racial identity. Pic related.

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Man I have a few bridges to sell as well.

It has ZERO authority, and any legal powers are derived from its member states.
TL;DR : The members can choose to implement the directives, or not.
Constitutional courts can shred the EU pretty quick (takes 3 years).

and, as always:
Autonomous power > democratic legitimacy

Bottom line:

Just stop being a cuck and that cares about "soft law" that you are willing to break anyway. If you want to be free you have resist. If you don't resist the EU will fuck your bitch. And if you complain, they censor it.

It all boils down to "THIRD PARTY CONTROL" over the medium in question.
Stop using facecuck, stop using yewtube, stop using fucking anything that can be censored.
Because the last thing anyone wants to hear about a country where ** happens that ** people *** in ** are *** in a *** ****** [sender found and exported to the EU rehabilitation facility 91]

How about a itsy bitsy tiny FILTER application, change the tone of the image, a single pixel or just the md5 hash they use for identifying these images.

Tbh, I hear everything when it comes to who uses the mutt meme. I just assume it's anyone who isn't funny.


If this kind of shit passes, and if it actually works, we can expect to lose the participation of our EUbros on the web, but they'll eventually take their organization offline. Whether or not they can make things work from there I don't know, but hope is not completely lost for them just for this.

We've had offline organizations for decades, they don't get anywhere. The internet rapidly accelerated the spread of redpills and recruited millions who would never have seen the truth, or even worse - thought they were all alone. Shutting down the internet puts us back at square one.

The goal of propaganda is to get people to pay attention. If you want to mobilize normalfag kids who post memes on tumblr on facebook, you emphasize the shit that matters to them. I posted the image as an example of the sort of outreach we should be going for, but there seems to be a lack of shoop-enabled anons these days, both here and on cuckchan.

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That's true. However, the fact of the matter is that the internet, the normal internet, is in their hands. If we wanted to keep our ability to spread redpills over electronic networks, we'd have to take our chances on the darkweb. Hell, I'd be willing to setup a meshbox if that's what it takes.

I wish it was the case. Alas it is not.

Why do you think it's the left's fault? This vote was successful because of right wing parties.

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There are no far right parties you kike. They are illegal in the EU, they overturn the votes. Those are right wing kike zionist parties, thats not far right.

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Co-President: Nicolas Bay

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Who owns Amerimutt meme?
Will posting one get you fined now?
I'm gonna miss you Eurofags.

fair enough. That does not somehow erase the fact that it was left wing parties against and right wing parties for.

By your logic, it means that in Europe only left wing parties are not kike-controlled puppets. I don't think you want to go down that road.

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Its kikes against kikes. Kikes did it and kikes cant be right wing, zionism isnt nationalism. They play both sides of every issue.

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The EU is an institution built around big European capital. Its objective is to bend and twist all European countries to protect them.

Nations are nothing more than a petty obstacle, European corporations and billionaires would much prefer to be a single government for them to corrupt and manipulate.

So let me get this straight… left kikes voted against their own interest, while knowing that right kikes would vote for?
For what reason? To give the impression of a democratic vote? But if they already have full control over the EU what's the point of faking democracy?

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You won't spread anything on the dark web. Ideas need exposure to spread, seclusion only attracts the tiny minority not too retarded to find their way to it.

Our greatest successes have been by raiding and pillaging relative normiespaces. The enemy is pushing us off the scene and all you say we should do is just roll over and accept the denial of a crucial strategic asset?

Kikes control both sides, just look at net neutrality. Either way kikes are winning.

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Not all ideas are for lemmings. Some ideas are for thought leaders to use on lemmings. Thats why we need places like this, which is pretty much what you described. The problem is that this place isnt even secret or protected anymore. If anything, the darkweb is where we should be looking to regroup, lemmings dont even know how to access it.

you do realize the internet is in the hands of private individuals that can fuck with whatever you do at a moment's notice, right? There was never any "win" there was only a fucking big spectacle of nothing to keep great minds like yours stuck in a loop of false promises and fulfillment.

Stop fighting an non-existent war and try to understand who is manipulating you into fighting it. Money is the only thing that makes this world go around, not ideas, follow them and you'll find your enemy.

how is this pic relevat to the discussion?

People like you when you try to defend white genocide as not a problem or not even happening. Race war is inevitable and youre making it worse when it happens.

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