Part and parcel of living in a European city: Anti-tank missile fire

part and parcel of living in a European city: Anti-tank missile fire
Someone just put a missile through a window at an Amsterdam business building, causing a large explosion but injuring nobody. Of course, one arrested, no names or pics, launcher empty but recovered.

One person has been arrested after an anti-tank weapon was fired at an office block in Amsterdam’s Sloterdijk business district on Thursday night. Eyewitnesses report hearing an enormous bang but no-one was injured and one window in the building was broken by the missile. The launcher was found in the vicinity and removed for forensic tests. Police say they have no idea why this particular building was targeted but that the suspect had cut through surveillance cameras before launching the missile. According to the Telegraaf, the office block, ONE20, is a multi-tenant building. One company based there is Pijper Media, which publishes magazines like Panorama, Nieuwe Revu, Playboy and Marie Claire.

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What. The. Fuck.

Is this for real?

Things jews have to do for insurance money these days.

I've been thinking of applying for my ATGM Open Carry license for personal defence. This clinches it.

Probably extortion.

Drugs and prostitution attract the most hardened criminals who will branch out sooner or later.

Did he misfire? Why was he shooting missiles at random buildings? I like the chaos of it though. This should wake a lot of normies in western europe up.

Time to finish WW2 without the brother wars.

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So non-zero possibility they were aiming right where they should be.

This smells like bullshit at the moment.

Jesus the streets are literally a war zone. Just part and parcel of living in a big city I guess.

if that's one of CIA's MANPADs then according to this Vault7 leak from Wikileaks there is a program called Protego which restricts firing inside a geo-fence along with other safety mechanisms like remote disabling.

that way, when some McMuffin is handing off a semi truck full of missile crates to his ISIS buddy, that ISIS ally can't recieve the missiles then double cross McMuffin and blast him into paradise, mashallah.

so who the fuck is trafficking unlocked missiles to Jihadis in EU?

that's some pretty alarming shit. thank Jesus that 99% of Mujahid are inbred drug addicted illiterate shit for brains with low impulse control and short fused tempers, because that missile could have fucked up way bigger shit and kill 100's of people.

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So someone just HAPPENED to be filming and caught it?

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Meanwhile, has there been ANY footage of the Toronto Truck of Peace event? You'd think someone would have their camera out, it's only the busiest street in the bloody country.

Oh come the fuck on! Those little brown shits have escalated to puppy rape and rocket launcher fights now. We have reached a level of complacency with these subhuman cunts that goes well beyond the realm of mere cuckoldry. What the fuck.

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I wonder if it was targeted due to not following a specific set of religious criteria

What a waste of a perfectly good missile.

op's pic related is just random, there was zero pics of footage taken

bad for business

Calling it

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Fight back or stfu end of story.

forceful Jew rat removal/executions from all positions of power created by white men being paramount will grease the skids to then exterminate your sandnigger/roaches.

Eliminate parasites from the body/whites or die.

tell the truth, op, would you shoot a missile at sand niggers if someone gave you a manpad?

what if the missiles are capable of jamming cameras and other electronics in the area?

Just a sandnigger training exercise. Surely they won't fire one into some traffic congestion in the future. The religion of peace means love not hate.


Pot's legal, most hard drugs tested by government for purity and strength. Cops can't frisk people.

legalized prostitution as well.

Is this a satirical reference to how soft Amsterdam's bikers are? If Lilyhammer was somewhat accurate Then it may have been an accidental firing.

I mean The Jihadis would have at least pointed it towards a valid target.

A great opportunity to bring up statistics on grenade attacks

This. It was a response probe

dumbasses… it wasn't a muzzie this time. this was a bikegang related thing. even in America the bike gangs use these types of ordinance.

Weed isn't even legal - just tolerated.

Growing weed at large scale will get you long term prison sentences.

Moroccan gangs supply the coffee shops with hash imported from morocco and weed grown in Germany (prison sentences are lower there for growing) and probably extort a lot from them.

If a lone prostitute makes money there'll be sandniggers leaning on them for protection.

Nah , not a waste. It opens the eyes of some white Europeans and that is never a bad thing
I'll take an rpg or three if it spurs on the removal of shitskin worldwide
RPGs are great tools

Should've used one of these.

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No, just the one (((cameraman))) who conveniently puts down the cellphone for a moment while the one traitor cop moves in to pretend to pin the other traitor cop.

HAHAHAHAHA, I forget retarded normalfags don't just fail at chemistry but the basics on weapons. This is almost as retarded as trying to melt a PTFE plastic box with flouroantimonic acid.

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cool, learn something new every day. thanks user!

It's an anti-tank missile. It's supposed to leave a small hole. I'd bet the inside of that building looks a lot more damaged.

A prelude for the future war

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Impossible to find in British media, really makes you think.

Most of the time when it comes tomainland Europe attacks it's mossad but still the isreali hasbara need to push their counter jihad narrative

Got a source on that vid?

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To be fair, rocket launcher fights in the streets of cuck nations does sound like fun. Boys will be boys, and it's part and parcel of living in a big city.

No its not, learn how shaped charges work. The shaped charge blast compresses a cone of copper into a thin jet a couple of millimeters thick moving at 5000 meters per second. Theres not much damage inside the house besides a hole in the wall and since the detonation does not occur in contact with the target (so that the jet have place to form) the blast wave had partially dissipated when it hit the outer wall.
Had the moron who fired this adapted the fuze for contact detonation the hole would have been at least man hole sized. A RPO thermobaric with a shaped charge pass trough constructed for bunker busting would have left a hole in the wall big enough for a double decker bus.


The shaped charge causes the copper to enter a state of superplasticity. The copper then expands forward from the pressure of the gases produced by the explosion, pushing a hole through the material it impacted. Upon penetrating, the superplastic copper lining continues to expand forward in a manner most easily likened to the inflation of a long balloon. Eventually, it is stretched to the point where it bursts open (again, sort of like an overexpanded long balloon), releasing the gases produced by the explosion into the space beyond the material the charge impacted. These gases are extremely hot and highly pressurized, and rapidly fill the space into which they are unleashed. This causes said space to be damaged by both the extreme temperature of the gases and a wave of overpressure produced as the gases expand. This is how HEAT warheads work. They produce relatively little external damage besides light fragmentation from the charge body, which you can see in the form of cracked windows and damaged exterior surfacing, and they produce a relatively small hole because the hole is made by the thin jet of superplastic copper produced by the explosion. But the inside of the space beyond the material the charge impacts is severely damaged by heat and overpressure. The damage to the interior of a building, which is not perfectly sealed, would be less than the damage to the interior of a hermetically sealed space like the inside of a modern tank, but it would still be considerable.

The damage would have been lessened, because the blast would still be concentrated behind the copper lining, but said lining would not be able to form a proper jet. So instead it would have burst on the outside of the building, and all you would have had was a partially denuded explosion of a couple pounds of explosive, which would almost certainly have been unable to even penetrate the wall. If it did, it would not have produced much interior damage, which is what you're going for if you're firing something at a building. Exterior damage isn't as valuable unless it brings the whole building down. It's destroying the inside that's more worthwhile.

"thermobaric" does not equate to "magic"

Playboy is a jewish publication. Likely everything in that list is jewish. So was it insurance fraud, someone doing something decent, or simply a false story? There is no way to know. I'm guessing it's a hoax attack.

dutchfag here.
building hit was a news agency building.
guy firing the rpg was a member of a biker gang called silencio. biker gangs have been pretty on the rise in netherlands, with the last years having been substancial gunfire from these gangs. basically they don't give a shit, and the politicians can only ban the gangs themselves, which just regroup under different names.
rumour has it that the news agency in question was doing investigative journalism on biker gangs, so they wanted to send a message.

Fucking slick. Godspeed biker cunts!

Why waste a missle that costs tens of thousands of dollars on an act that isn't likely to cause casualties? You can response probe by committing actual attacks, too. You will get much more accurate response patterns that way.

The only reason I can think of is that if nobody dies, they aren't gonna put as much priority on hunting you down before your grand finale attack with a dozen guys, but considering a fucking ATGM just got fired I'm pretty sure any police department is going to do their utmost to track you down. (Assuming no interference from internal CIAniggers, of course)

How hard do you think it'd be to get an ATGM CCL? I mean, you could carry that thing in a backback or something, right?
And just imagine the looks on nigger faces the moment you whip that bad boy out and send a missile up their tail pipe after they've done a drive-by.

Because it's funny

tens of thousands of dollars for an anti-tank round for a soviet era RPG?
Which is almost certainly what was used?
Those rounds cost bollocks all. A few hundred dollars new. Less for surplus.

Are you trying to LARP? Shaped charges have weak post-armor effects, something that has been known since world war 2. You seem to think that the blast somehow follows the jet into the hole. It does not.
Contact detonation is vastly more damaging than proxy detonation. This is something you learn in any basic demolition course. I dont know who told you the crap you posted but you clearly have no clue. You have no more knowledge on this topic than a random Ali Baba.

Deploying an infantry weapon specifically constructed to be used against buildings against a building will result in an excellent result. For starters, the thermobaric reaction from an RPO hit would have occured on the _inside_ of the house.

Are you?

Depends on the design; most modern HEAT warheads are designed to have significant after armor effects. This sort of follows from the purpose of anti-tank munitions being to actually disable the tank and not just to poke a hole in it.

The blast is what pushes the jet through the surface being penetrated. A significant portion of the gases produced by the explosion are forced into the space behind this surface.

You're talking about detonating a few pounds of explosives on the exterior surface of a building. At most you'd fuck up the exterior of the building in the immediate vicinity of the explosion and make a small hole in the outside, and maybe get a little rubble and shrapnel in the room behind the outside wall.

Why did you split your post in two?

Anti-bunker munitions are typically designed to either create a man-sized hole in the side of the building or cause damage to people in a small enclosed space, such as a bunker. You're acting like they're fucking demolition charges.

What if getting caught was part of the plan?

You think they're deliberately testing us to see what shit they can get away with at this point?

bruh let me put it this way

just post it… you cant get much more extreme than weapons manufscturing and military strats… I mean what more is there left to even post tbh lmao

Sorry for using ebonics. My brain malfunctioned.

Is that a rocket in your pocket or are you thinking about the race war?

its about sending a message

OP is a fag who posted some random explosion in the Middle East for his pic.

But it says the surveillance was cut before the attack. So def some Game Of Kikes shit going on.

How progressive. I can't wait for the part and parcel progressive utopia that includes napalm and anthrax in addition to the rising acid attacks.

The damage is too little. Did the guy forgot to arm the warhead?

It was a serious warning shot to let someone know they can be gotten to if they don't play ball. Thats another reason why they cut the surveillance to show just how deep their reach is and that they're professionals.


This is impossible.
Europe has very strict anti-tank missile regulations.

mother fuckers are too busy getting drunk and chimping out to be doing any business.

Maybe muslims invading europe wouldnt be that bad. This place is a shithole

its clear lax launcher control laws are to blame here.

ban ALL launchers, ban potato launchers.

But I thought amsterdam was a military weapon free zone?!

I'm more familiar with the subtle "ask your kid about the nice uncle who bought him ice cream today" approach or the "Call your wife and tell her to go tell the nanny Bob says she can put the knife she has on your baby down now" approach. Firing an unarmed AT missile while cutting cam feed is definitely a first for me

So, why is it nukes are exploded airborne for maximum damage instead of exploded on contact?

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I'm more of a "send them their loved one's finger" type of guy myself, but whatever's effective, right?

So the anti tank missile isnt meant to 'blow up' a tank just fuck up anyone inside it. So wouldnt this be common knowledge to a CIA trained Jihadi? Seems fishy to me.


I stole it from a thread on Zig Forums and it that same thread someone posted the strip so here it is:

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Nevermind I just read the rest of the thread. Biker should be taken behind a shed and shot. Wasting such courage in service of a motorcycle gang.

They're designed to kill the crew to render the tank inoperable. Given the kind of armor modern tanks have, "blowing it up" in the sense of ripping it open like a can wouldn't be achievable with anything less than a Mk 82. So instead they're designed to pierce the armor, overpressure the inside of the tank and potentially cook off the ammunition and fuel.

Artist is Juan Gimenez, author is Ricardo Barreiro. Heavy Metal magazine, April 1981.