Is Trump really our guy?

Is Trump really our guy?

I still wonder if Trump is just there to give the illusion of a pushback so there isn't a full blown revolution while the (((1%))) will soon have full economic control and cull most whites.

Opioid deaths are rising, jobs are very hard to get if you aren't a woman or (((diverse))) and pay next to nothing for the most part. Manufacturing isn't coming back in meaningful numbers ever. Well paying trucker jobs will be gone soon with self driving cars.

Am I overly cynical or is he just controlled opposition and it's all a big show to buy time until the white race largely disappears?

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Just look at what he actually does, not what he talks about in speeches or tweets out. What he really and truly does: where money gets allocated, what bills are or are not signed, which corporations and interests his geopolitical maneuvering actually benefit. It will make the picture crystal clear for you.

He has kikes in his family. He is a Shill just less of them compared to the rest.

I think he's quite a bit more vocal than the average israeli shill. He's Tom Cotton-tier.

Your first day outside of the T_D CIA fake votes circlejerk?

He is like Bush?

He was getting ready to do a fundraiser for Jeb's spic son until apparently someone said something that offended him, or at least that was the stated reason.

I did what you said and I came to the conclusion that he's our guy. Weird, it's like OP was wrong.

Yeah, weird.

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He is not, and never was.
It makes me very sad, if i am honest.
Then again, i never had much hope. Only a fool's hope.

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Same thing here.

No and there never will be an ourguy. Monachies/dictatorships are all doomed to fail.

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Trump was never our guy. He was and is, however, useful.

Which things specifically hve convinced you he is on our side? Again: Be specific.


He did buy us time to drink ourselves to death. There won't be any financial shenanigans or monkey rioting until the end of his term.

And here's something to contemplate while you work on that explanation, fellow user totallynotanewfag who thinks all jews work in direct concert.

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Think we'll see a war under Trump?

Thanks for the concerned troll/shill thread, Chaim

Obviously not. The only person in power that actually appears to be /ourguy/ is Matteo Salvini. He seems to be doing a great job. Please correct me if I'm wrong.

Sage for Trump thread.

No he's a jewish subverter.
Can't believe you dumbshits spent all that time and effort getting the orange kike elected.
Fucking retards.

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Go back to Plebbit

Of course he isn't. He has not done a single thing that would make him our guy.

Someone really needs to redpill this fella. The (((Federal Reserve System))) is but one of the kikes tentacles strangling this country. Also, which branch is that? It's certainly not the main Eccles Building, or the Fed building in New York.

Had Hillary been elected total hell would be breaking loose right now worldwide

That doesn't mean anything you cowardly faggot.
Im pointing out Trump is in bed with Zionist/Israeli Jews.
Do you have a counterpoint?

no. and no one (not retarded) has ever claimed so

Nobody said it wasn't the less-shitty of shit sandwiches, they just said it was shitty.

What part of what I wrote makes you think I'm saying he's on our side?

Yeah my point is you should kill yourself, shill

Tell me, oh redpilled one, what is The Vanguard Group Inc?

You have no point then; you cowardly nigger shill.

I think he was for awhile at raising awareness on certain issues. But his cult of personality grew to be a bit much and people have become delusional thinking he is actually going to save the country. So instead of doing something positive, right winged voters are just acting lazy or joining the wrong crowd (civic nationalists, Qboomers). Things getting noticeably worse would draw people to more radical positions.

I think he would rather be a one-term president than start a war with Iran and be the last.

It's not "less-shitty". It is the same because it is an offered system path. It is a direction the zionist establishment is comfortable and prepared to go in. So, it isn't different, less or more anything.

I was continuing the conversational meme, directed at the other user.

Interesting outlook. I disagree. I think he's waiting to see what's liable to be fielded against him before making that move.

Its different, just not in outcome.
If I kick you in the balls, that's one thing; if I atomize you and step on the ashes of what used to be your balls, its another.
Either way, it ends with my foot on your balls, and that's basically what we've got on offer as well at this point, that much I grant you sir.

Trump is a release valve for the right in the same way Onog was for niggers which paves the way for americas new niggers (muh based mezitos).
Its all delaying the inevitable China takeover by 2025-2030 when the yen takes over and medicaid + social security + pensions run out. America has one job left before the kikes pull the plug: secure the middle east for the kikes future. Only Syria and Iran are left and MIC will do everything possible to destabilize it. Worst case scenario (if sanctions and proxies dont work) they'll just start bombing the living shit out of it.
Find land, prep for your family (ammo, food, books, all of it) and be ready for the next 30-40 years. Cities and the surrounding areas will be a war zone and imo the US will be broken up at some point after shit really hits the fan. They want China as the lone super power and world manufacturer, the same way america was post WW2. Impossible if america and its capitalist system are still around.

Investment management group. Hear about them on (((Bloomberg Radio))) all the time. What about them?

Fuck off, dipshit.

Trump supporters are truly the worst fucking posters on this board as evidenced by this thread, nothing but kneejerk reactions and saging.

I'd vote for him again. America is ZOG capital, so I didn't expect an anti-Zionist POTUS. Did anyone actually expect that?

No, Putin supporters are the worst. They take shit way too seriously and go berserk when you point out he's a biological jew.

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Indeed. They need to take their sorry ass back to r/the_ZOGnald. No one wants them here with their based orange boomer worship.

Most of the hate against Trump is nothing more than theatrics for the goyim. I doubt he's done anything to hurt the kikes as (((they))) play both sides against the middle.

Depends on your defitinion of /ourguy/, he surely is more than most of other politicians, he however, is not perfect. But I'd say, yes, to a degree. There probably will be better options in the future, but pragmatically Trump is the best bet at least until 2024. He's more of a moral victory for Nationalism than a real victory tbf. We have 6-7 years (a lot of time) left to organize a more extremist candidate, one that will truly be /ourguy/.

Remember anons, threads of the following format;

Are always D&C/slide threads.

We need a centrist, steal the energy from the Democrats as the liberal momentum builds up over Trump terms.

I think we need a social-nationalist party!

They don't hate Trump because hes doing anything for conservatives, they hate him because he went a bit too far in revealing how full of shit the entire system is. The world was sleep walking into the next decade and now the majority are at least aware of how corrupt the entire world order is. What was once a "conspiracy theory" is now plain as day for everyone to see.
Peoples awareness of who the (((real enemy))) is varies but far more people are aware today of international kikery then ever before. At the very least the usual kike brainwashing tools aren't effective anymore which is a massive problem for (((them))) because it happened all at once with no alternatives set up. The best alternative they've come up with in america is (((the intellectual dark web))) run by an all kike cast (Rubin, Shapiro etc) and (((Turning Point USA))), also run by kikes. People will eventually tire of their bullshit once they hit their "logic ceilings" and they'll have nothing left to entertain people with.
If the muh based blacks voting percentage doesn't improve a couple of percentage points overall in the midterms TPUSAs efforts will be viewed as pointless and all Americans will realize what Zig Forums has always known: niggers are beyond help. That will be the final dagger in these (((alternative movements))).

People forget that the_donald allowed racism and antisemitism until it was seized by the reddit admins around the RNC convention.
And then we had all these civcuck boomers flood here and to cuckchan.
Really makes you think.

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The false dichotomy is the only argument you faggots have.

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The next president (2024) will probably be a female spic running on a republican ticket. This way they'll gain all spic, female (most), and cuckservatives begging to show how its not about race goy, its about muh constitution! A male spic wouldn't have the same level of following, especially if he runs as a dem.

And she'll gladly sign the democrats race tax/reparations bill into law.

She'll go full throttle.
They realize the "left" and all their bullshit is completely dead and openly being mocked by almost everyone worldwide. Now they'll just push the ball forward with the "right" to the same destruction, all the while people believing they're headed towards something positive.
Can't see any other angle they can play at this point.

Q predicted this

Maybe. The California GOP was pushing Erin Cruz to take votes away from Patrick Little (no way did that bitch get more votes than Little). I suspect, though, that they'll try to get a castiza first, you know, to slowly drip in the (((poison))).

Qarp predicts everything if you throw enough shit at the wall.

She was a bit too pro Israel. Even Trump didn't go that far with promoting his complete shabbos stance minus moving the embassy. My guess is we won't ever hear the name until we approach 2024 (like Trump) so its some huge surprise and people don't have the time to find dirt.

Yes, the dietetic has been transcended nearly; I honestly think Peterson did it for normies and academia, he was moderate that dealt the deathblow to it. The next neoliberalism and progressive push will be transhumanism, AI and smart cities. They're going to drop the whole Le Comic Raza and fetish stuff.

Liberalism will be associated with technological and transhumanism progress. Expect a 'it's alive!' moment from science, the whole question of what is human will be brought into question. Animal rights from brain reading devices and AI rights will be huge within our lifetimes.

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Someone with a military background would add spice to the overall picture.
Target Profile: Female, white spic, hot, military background, almost blunt like Trump, religious but not too over the top like that faggot Pence.

99 chekeked

This is our guy now.

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Found a potential candidate: Maria Rodriguez-Gregg
According to kikeapedia:
Seems a bit cucked but anons would thirst over this candidate.

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she's a lipstick lesbian though

You should look deeper user.
There are
places you should look.

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Not seized. It was bought. Whites sold Whites. Fact. Brutal but true.

What the fuck are you talking about?
The old owner of the subreddit was called a neonazi and the reddit admins used it as an excuse to sieze the subreddit. There was no monetary exchange and now the reddit is run by a chink neocon.