Turning Your Home Into A Fortress

Who here hardening their defenses?

The demographics in my city have been rapidly changing in just 10 years and I'm one of the last whites not to flee yet because my parents are stupid neoliberals so I'm stuck here. It's gone from a white city where many people spoke German to a total fucking mess of chinks, pajeets, arabs, and niggers. I've recently been robbed again when someone took stuff right out of the garage. I'm even right across from government housing.

I've been spending all my money now on upgrading all defenses for the house. All doors now have numeric keypads with autolock (can be programmed for 10 seconds to 99 seconds). Requires a password to get in. There are two cameras set up but I will be replacing them with better cameras and making them actually record (they're just webcams) so I can have one week of video footage of everything going on.

I want to shutter the windows too if bylaws will allow it.

I also always have had and will continue to have weapons all over the house, near every door, ready to be grabbed at a moment's notice to help defend the place. I probably should get some smoke grenades and a tazer too though.

Also may add signs or other things to spook and scare off all but the most brazen thieves.

Any ideas on how to turn you home into a fortress welcome itt.

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It sure would be sad if your doors were packed with tannerite should someone try to breach…

The key element is deterrence. Make it loom ominous. Maybe go for some barbed wire and a tall fence.

I already had (((bylaw officers))) called on me just two weeks ago and am actually making changes as well to conform to their stupid ass requirements. However there is another house on my block that has a pretty epic metal fence that you can't climb over because it's spiked on the top and I'm thinking of the possibilities.

Another idea is placing more security lights that come on when someone walks close to them and illuminates them in the night. I have just one of these at present.

tannerite requires high velocity in order to detonate, about 2000 fps. Short of a rifle round, it's quite stable.

defending a fortress historically never works without superior support

They will set your house on fire.

I live in an apartment, but if I had a house I'd look into security film, reinforced door hardware, and ip cameras for starters.

Confirmed for living in marxist commune with housing authority.

Not too close to the door. What if you have a loaded rifle leaning against the door and some nigger breaks in, sees it, and picks it up to use it against you? You're better off having all your guns locked up in a safe that's bolted down to the house except for one or two close to your person at all times, IMO.

Have carbon dioxide emisions when a fire is detected. Cut off the oxygen supply to the room that is affected to kill off the fire.

You are fucking retarded blackpilled scum.

he's not facing the huns, he's trying to deter the occassional nigger and if you don't think bright lights, cameras and window bars wont do it, you should think about it again (((moshe)))

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how can i gather the boulders from the woods and cut them to build a church?

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Ok good luck to them doing that. The house is stone. They could set a fire right beside the house and it would do nothing. They could also set the forest on fire around it but that would be a very serious crime that would effect the entire neighborhood and be a declaration of war basically.

It's melee weapons. Stuff like baseball bats, spears, swords, knives, axes, etc.

I also have a compound bow and guns but they're in more secure place (where I sleep).

This reminds me I need to buy more arrows most of my arrows are fucked.

don't do that to those poor boulders.

I need to figure out a way to make a more deadly bb type of gun that fires bb's with enough force to fuck up bike thieves and the likes.

You don't be a coon.

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This is /pagan/ you fucking christcuck.
We burn churches first, synagogues and mosques never.

Watch Home Alone and Home Alone 2: Lost in New York.
Those two films are the home hardeners' bible.

My white neighbors (fro Ecuador) speak German. Why shitty city do you live in?

I'm planning to move to Mexico though, I miss the climate and the fun I was having there. I recommend going with others otherwise you're at the mercy of your "knowledge". Mexico and El Salvador are the epicenters of White ethnostates iirc.

If you're outnumbered by non white scum in your area its only a matter of time until you and your family "get got" as the niggers say as it pertains to one being a victim of violent crime.

Doesn't matter how many gizmos and Home Alone styled boobie traps you set up, eventually the coons or the beaners or the chinks or the kikes will catch you "slipping" as they did that little pineapple headed nigger xxxtentacion just recently and pop a cap in your ass and take your stuff.

So whats a white boy to do if he values his life enough?

Hey if you're a teen I'm pretty sure you can divorce your parents these days and obtain emanicpation to live on your own (earlier than 18) as you see fit.

So if thats possible in your area get doing that and then come home to the Northwest Front.

Harold Covington is literally the only white racial activist who is presently putting forward a viable, workable and doable plan for our racial survival.

Not Jew controlled Trump, Jew employee race mixer Andrew Angloon the octaroon nor any other piece of Jew controlled shit fraudulent "hero" that Zig Forums typically takes for itself.

So if you want to actually do something you can by migrating to the northwest front territory and setting up your new home.

However if you just like LARPing and pretending that you're actually accomplishing something for the racial struggle and are a particularly lazy sort just keep on voting in Jew rigged/controlled elections and tapping away on your keyboard uselessly as the niggers plan which day they are finally going to invade your home and rob you and your parents blind of everything that you own and maybe kill and rape each one of you either before or after they do it.

jesus f——–

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A home is a easy target unless its inna woods.A lot of ppl are burying shipping containers and stocking them up way outside of the city.Or if your rich underground fallout mansions lol.Either way stock pilling in in a urban area or even on the outskirts is a bad idea for shtf.

Reminder that high caliber rounds don’t give a fuck about drywall. Reminder that you can’t shoot out of your windows because you can’t even use the walls around them as cover. Reminder that wood burns. Reminder that HVAC systems being retrofit to “bleed oxygen” isn’t viable for residential housing. Reminder that every above ground single-family home has too many points of entry for a single family to defend.

be sure not to fall into the nest cam scheme when you upgrade, if you can into computators try doing homemade systems based on raspberry pi

Location, location, location. Thats 80% of the battle. The rest is easy peasy.
Think of all the location nogs and spics (mezzies) avoid like the plague (innawoods) and start setting up shop there. There are 1000s of great little getaways across NA that would be perfect long term.
At most people will have 3 years. Shabbos Trump will have won his second term as pres and won't need to pretend to give a shit about re-elections. World kikes will have grown tired of pretending to give a shit about trying to fool the commoners. 2021 seems like a perfect time esoteric and timeline wise to get the ball rolling.

yet nigger, yet

Trump is a release valve for the right in the same way Onog was for niggers which paves the way for americas new niggers (muh based mezitos).
Its all delaying the inevitable China takeover by 2025-2030 when the yen takes over and medicaid + social security + pensions run out. America has one job left before the kikes pull the plug: secure the middle east for the kikes future. Only Syria and Iran are left and MIC will do everything possible to destabilize it. Worst case scenario (if sanctions and proxies dont work) they'll just start bombing the living shit out of it.
Find land, prep for your family (ammo, food, books, all of it) and be ready for the next 30-40 years. Cities and the surrounding areas will be a war zone and imo the US will be broken up at some point after shit really hits the fan. They want China as the lone super power and world manufacturer, the same way america was post WW2. Impossible if america and its capitalist system are still around.

come join us .. we are a group of white people you dont know. What could go wrong?

We dont do weird shit like try to convince you to leave your home even though you are not 18 yet.

What? No we dont want anything from you? Why would you think that? We are just nice white folk that dont let anyone else in besides other white people no strings attached. This is totally not another james town waiting to happen.


what was that again? i didnt write it down

that sounds like anime heaven to half of these fucks

I have accomplished that already. Look in to how break barrel bb/pellet rifles work. Get yourself a very strong compression spring and build a compression chamber out of steel pipe. Get a good diameter and then fit a plunger system attached to the spring. Make sure it is air tight and strong. Then get a good sized barrel for your projectile. After you have all of that it is important to set it at a 45 degree angle, all of it, lined up and put together. Then slowly sit and insert the entire system up your ass and go buy a real gun faggot.

What the fuck is wrong with you? China has a shit military (relative to NATO) and an economy entirely based on trade with NATO countries. The only threat the pose is economic. They’re actively looking for ways to collapse Western stock markets and delete wealth in retaliation for–or preemption of–NATO aggression in the South China Seas or North Korea. But it’s not just an intentional threat they pose. China is responsible for almost all of the world’s economic growth now. The West has been stagnant since 2008 and the entire world has been riding the coattails of China as it continues to build more and more production capacity, no matter what the cost. That cost has not been seen yet, but it will be realized. Soon. Chinese debt is out of control. Their economy is based on increasing demand in Western countries, but the amount of debt that we could accommodate peaked in 2008. We have no more demand, therefore China has no more growth. Ergo emerging markets have no one to sell more raw goods too. The Chinese have been in denial about this since the last crash and have simply increased borrowing to keep production and economic growth, but no one is buying more. The loans will never receive their projected cashflows and each year they add more and more. China is about to implode and the Communist Party will be overthrown by the People’s Liberation Army.

You only have to look to Japan to realize this. They had enormous growth from the end of WWII to the 1980s (thanks, billions of US tax dollars in reconstruction!). Finally, when they were the third largest economy in the world and everyone was predicting they’d be the biggest in the world by the year 2000, they imploded and have had stagnation ever since. What happened in the ’80s? Manufacturing moved to China. In the ’90s, GATT and other trade agreements helped move even more manufacturing to China than had ever moved to Japan (people hate Japanese cars for a reason–they killed American jobs). China has already hit its peak. It’s all Japan from here. Except this time it’s not happening to an ally. This time the overcapacity is many times greater. This time the whole world is overburdened with debt and has low growth. The Japanese had a growing world to sell to. The Chinese will not.

Peoples awareness of who the (((real enemy))) is varies but far more people are aware today of international kikery then ever before. At the very least the usual kike brainwashing tools aren't effective anymore which is a massive problem for (((them))) because it happened all at once with no alternatives set up. The best alternative they've come up with in america is (((the intellectual dark web))) run by an all kike cast (Rubin, Shapiro etc) and (((Turning Point USA))), also run by kikes. People will eventually tire of their bullshit once they hit their "logic ceilings" and they'll have nothing left to entertain people with.

If the muh based blacks voting percentage doesn't improve a couple of percentage points overall in the midterms TPUSAs efforts will be viewed as pointless and all Americans will realize what Zig Forums has always known: niggers are beyond help. That will be the final dagger in these (((alternative movements))).

The next president (2024) will probably be a female spic running on a republican ticket. This way they'll gain all spic, female (most), and cuckservatives begging to show how its not about race goy, its about muh constitution! A male spic wouldn't have the same level of following, especially if he runs as a dem.

She'll go full throttle.
They realize the "left" and all their bullshit is completely dead and openly being mocked by almost everyone worldwide. Now they'll just push the ball forward with the "right" to the same destruction, all the while people believing they're headed towards something positive.
Can't see any other angle they can play at this point.

by 2025-30 you'll be dead and your thinking will be the past

I have more of the pic related series, but I can't find them.

Sage for shit thread.

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Yeah, the only point that you made that applies to me is fire, and they'll be burning down their ownly path in and out as well.

Eat shit jew

Thats not how it works you strawman argument creating dumbfuck.

You choose where to live in the Northwest Homeland, there is no Branch Davidian esque compound where Harold Covington and friends are going to hold you and force you to eat bananas at certain parts of the day and indoctrinate you with (((Christian Identity))) or regular (((Christian))) horseshit.

You don't even have to meet anyone whose made the migration if you don't want to.

For now and for the foreseeable future the plan is all about getting a large concentration of racially aware whites tucked away into a certain portion of the country to both create a whiteopia in our current niggerfuxated Jew shithole of a nation and hopefully create enough of a vanguard of whites to potentially be able to fight and win a revolutionary guerilla war to make said Northwest territory exclusively theirs when time and history calls for it to be done.

Now if you're not "down for that" as the niggers say get back to your faggot hentai and waiting for the niggers/beaners/chinks/kikes to break down your door and rape you and take everything that you have.

Non LARPers however will be heading Northwest ASAP.

Lights and camera deter 95% of action.

My garage is a separate concrete enclosure. I've already notified the family that is the designated bugout area if it gets to that.

What is wrong with turning your Island into a Fortress?

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Keep important armory somewhere off site from your home as a few ar-s and shotguns and hand guns is enough to cut a path through starving nigger hoards or random niggers looking to steal for some crack or a blunt.If you have an arsenal built up at home get a safe to store it in and surveillance as if you can afford the kind of shit I am implying you can afford a safe.The game goes way beyond home security when its shtf and user should definitely be prepared for shtf MOAR than basic home invasion type shit.Those safe rooms don't work unless the cops are coming to save you and shtf they won't be coming then you are trapped.Pay attention the markets you will have a window when they collapse to gtfo.

Fortifying a home is fairly easy, alarm systems and at least a good old mossberg amd scattering firearms around the house so one is always in reach.This mindset is totally short sighted and will not cut it in a collapse situation.

it's well known darky gods brainwash their people 24/7
(proof see mkultra/schizo/gangstalking)
if they are hearing voices he could just give them the code
therefore code key doors aren't 100%?

Reminder that fortifying your home has counterproductive results as you mark yourself as a target for your enemies, and is also the spiritually lazy man's alternative to fortifying himself with exercise, reading, and practice. Better a confident killer crouched in a seemingly abandoned house than one in a "please kill me first" fortress, though the more likely and worse scenario is a soft fat retard in his sandbag shack waiting to die.

Domoticz or other controller on pi or other pc (I personally find pi's crash too often)
Arduino and or modemcu based sensors
Build personalized home automation/ security for 10% of the compromised products available. Do shit they haven't even thought of.

you are the wolf, or you are the prey.

don't be the prey for a shitskin.

can you elaborate on your camera setup and how to set it up? with links? been looking into doing this myself because i don't trust people

Live in a white town and get a semi-auto rifle, done. Everything beyond that is either paranoid fuckery, or you live around muds, in which case it's time to spend that money moving to a safe community rather than hardening your current shithole.

It's essentially the prototype to the LRAD devices. Feel free to tinker with it. Pic related is the most important part to note though, as the suggested settings are "suggestions"… you will want to play with that screw.

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just fucking move user
if your parents are so dumb they want to stay, leave them there to get eaten by the animals their neoliberal views empowered
stupid cunts deserve whatever they get

if anything make your place more inviting to get robbed then you get to shoot niggers
get silencers so you can shoot more of them without spooking them

Burn them to the ground for you and your volk. Live for at least a moment and be the warrior your ancestors will respect.

I've read an interview from James Mason about NWF people being literally murdered by the alphabets over the last couple years. I think I'll have better chances fighting the chinks and coons and spics and other undesirables here than fighting the alphabets in Alberta.

…the walls of my house are stone and about 1 foot thick I think maybe more.

I'm not American.

I had a camera when someone stole shit right out of the garage however it wasn't a super obvious camera.

I can buy dummy cameras cheap and put them in places they can be seen easily maybe to deter thieves while having the real ones in their less obvious positions that none-the-less surveillance everything.

I already have stuff for shtf I need stuff for right now to stop thieves n' such. I'm not going to be cutting utilities and sandbagging everything as we're not at that point yet.

Dude I have a bug-out bicycle I use all the time and can go 100 km in a day and I lift more than my own bodyweight and can carry a heavy pack all day. I far exceed military fitness standards. I can also fortify my home overtly or covertly, there are ways to do both. I right now need to make bike thieves feel nervous about trying to steal shit again, I have other places to bug out if we go full civil war mode.

It is shit and I'm going to replace it I have a friend that has a better setup and I will just copy him.

I have no choice but to live here until my parents die user. I'm always keeping an eye out for land I can afford though.

Not just prevention. But after-the-fact solutions to a home invasion gone right (you killed the fuck). Unless you have some form of Castle Doctrine where you are, you could be in serious trouble. Particularly if your govt is still looking the make examples of locals who "fight back".

Have a body disposal plan. Have cleaning materials ready.

I know about those things but I'm focused on deterrents right now.

Well all doors including garage doors are all finished being upgraded now. Just need better cameras.