In 2002, a previously unheard-of group calling itself the “Church of the Creator” sues Matt Hale for “copyright infringement” despite the fact that Klassen’s organization has been using the term since 1978. All defense motions and evidence were simply ignored and a federal judge named Lefkow (who denies being jewish) issued one of the most sweeping orders of censorship and suppression in American history, demanding that all books, papers, documents, literature, etc. containing the words “Church of the Creator” be handed over to the US Marshals to be burned. The pretense of the so-called “Church of the Creator” to be a genuine religious movement has always been tissue-paper thin, but the fact that they officially claim that Klassens creeds constitute “holy books of scripture.” For any magistrate in the United States to issue an order that any religions holy books be burned is absolutely without precedent and breathtaking in its unconstitutional scope. Needless to say, the silence from the ACLU and freedom of speech advocates is thunderous.

In early 2003, he was arrested and sentenced to 40 years in the highest grade Federal maximum security prison in Mason, Ohio before later being moved to a medium security facility at ADX Florence Terre Haute in Indiana in 2016 after agent provocateur and FBI infiltrator Tony Evola, who, with the help of your taxdollars, provoked Hale, instead of the other way around, to kill someone. Hale did not contact a hitman to do it, Evola was simply paid by the FBI just so the fucking feds could lock this dangerous goy up because he was proving himself to be a nuisance to the kikes proving that the FBI are the biggest organized criminal organization operating on US soil. They claim that since he never reported this individual (despite ignoring him and telling him that he couldn’t be involved in any illegal activity), or that he said that if something happened to Lefkow that he wouldn’t have a problem with it, they twist that into meaning that he is “”"""""“soliciting”""""""" Evola (even though it was the other way around, just google “soliciting definition law”). They did this deliberately just so they could put him in prison. They knew he hated Lefkow, but he never made any plans to kill her, nor did he ever contact somebody to do the job for him at his own volition. The FBI and the ADL lawyers within the DOJ claimed that he solicited Tony Evola, when it was Evola who had solicited and baited him straight into a federal maximum security prison. These feds are fucking SCUM.

Please sign this petiton. They don’t need your money, they just need your vote to get this to Donald Trumps attention so he will free him under executive order. Please sign this.

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How do I still exist!

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Seems dirty that these kike fuckers are extending copyright YET FURTHER.

tldr; absolutely shit formatting. lurk before you post this kind of cancer here again. sage

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Semi-intrigued. Who is Matt Hale, why did they go after him? Is it solely because of the 'Church of the Creator'? What is the 'Church of the Creator'? What are their beliefs? What have they done? Why would the jews be after them?

So many questions. If you want Zig Forums to help you need to give some more background information. No sage because genuinely curious.

I do apologize, I do not post here very often. Just thought I'd give a background (although it was kinda ranty too).

Matt Hale was the Pontifex Maximus of the World Church of the Creator. Here's a wiki article,

The group was started by Ben Klassen in 1978 who wrote the White Mans Bible and Natures Eternal Religion which were the holy books of his religion he called Creativity. He also had a newsletter called Racial Loyalty and is the man who coined the term RaHoWa which means Racial Holy War.

Here's one of Klassen's lectures

Oh wait, the hooktube link just brings you to the youtube site because the video was thrown into youtube jail and you have to verify the controversy warning due to it being "offensive". Fuck these jewtube kikes. Anyways, since hooktube won't work, here's the jewtube link


Reddit. 8ch is literally Reddit.

Reminder: the law is written and upheld by white men. jews are psychopaths who recognize this and exploit our kindness mercilessly. Get smart, get violent and get revolutionary.

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This is how you know Matt was truly one of us. You Americans better start signing this fucking petition.

so they destroyed this guy for forming a white identity church. The fbi has been infiltrating, subverting, and destroying "dangerous" political sects for awhile thru the guise of fighting racism and terrorism.

why though was this guy so targeted? does he has some really weird baggage? were there people in his church which were plants in some dirty op? or was it not entrapment and the guy genuinely did solicit to murder?

Meanwhile we have full on aut-kike ''fashy based' neocon jews like Rebel Media promoting Charlottesville 2.0 without any restriction despite the last being so evidently a kike psyop

Don't give two shits about this faggots cult. However, protesting the Feds is always great. If they burn his books:



How about the Talmud?

Damn! Yeah he must've been Rockwell 2.0

Not even a burger but he sounds like he deserves more than just his freedom.

Why not both?

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Because the Talmud is directly responsible for all the ills in our societies and specifically to blame for matt Hale's incarceration, whereas the Koran is insignificant to the West and nothing to do with his jailing.

pdf is from

You should read this article by Kevin Alfred Strom. He explained it very well. He was the first American to be victimized by the Patriot Act, just a little fun fact there. You also have to remember that this wasn't long after 9/11 and happened under the Bush administration.

Say that to my face. Because of Bill Clinton my state has been reduced to 85% white down from 96% in 1994; mostly from mudslime somaliniggers and other various mudslimes.

Minnesota is being slowly invaded by muslims.


I think (((they))) rate a threat on its ability to grow and influence. Once a sect, group or organization hits a certain categorization, they will try to destroy it, either through subterfuge or killing select members which cause it fracture and collapse.

The only way to get around this is through becoming a large enough movement with a very disciplined and military like rank and file, a hierarchy of contingencies, a threat so large they can't attack it without fearing repercussions. Such as was with the National Socialist Workers party.

Today it's much easier to prevent an organization from reaching that important threshold, and one has yet to form. The internet, being so vast and diverse, as well as spontaneous has made it difficult for the current power structure, but not impossible.

We won't see change until our generations mobilize with discipline and break free from our own weaknesses, like laziness and inaction.

The Talmud and Koran both stem from the same poisonous weed. They work hand in hand to defeat their enemies, while fighting each other as they are self defeating cannibals and degenerates.

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Pic related, written by David Lane.

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What the fuck has the Koran got to do with Matt Hale's incarceration.
I know you counter jihad hasbara jews are the lowest tier lowest rent kikes Kushner could find, but you've got some serious reaching to do to connect a protest against Matt Hale's incarceration to the Koran

Because burning the Koran is actually more taboo. I don't expect you to understand because you clearly don't live around muslim niggers.

Everyone will throw a shit fit if you burn korans precisely because the jews have brainwashed everyone to do so. No one will bat an eye lash for burning a torah. Most people, including yourself don't even know it's the torah that's the jew holy book, and the talmud is their laws.

Or maybe you did know that, and pic related is you.

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You seem awfully defensive over the Jew's military branch.
Jews have used Muslims to destroy the West since the Jew known as Mohammad started encroaching on its borders. They are the same cult. I'll just go ahead and filter you now before you continue to prattle on about how "insignificant" Islam is to the west while they continue to rape, colonize and pillage our lands, while Jews peddle our children and women using Islam as the catalyst, as they have for thousands of years.

Read Myth of the 20th century, you retarded nigger.

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LoL because the actual power is held by the Hollywood and banker muslims and their control of the muslim jewdicial system

Matt Hale was harassed and persecuted and eventually jailed by jews for his antisemitism, nu-pol anons suddenly decide the best way to protest this outage is by burning the Koran, cite that it's far more taboo to attack islam than the jews behind it all…

Is this what Zig Forums has been reduced to?

Can someone who isn't jewish please explain how burning a Koran in protest against Matt Hale's incarceration by jews is somehow logical to even a retarded negro child?

There are forums where friends of Matt Hale often post updates, try and ask them what Matt would think of your 'protest' against the jews who jailed him by burning korans.

I remember watching a show about him in the 90s on (((NBC))) they portrayed him as a dipshit when he was a very well spoken man. got me into the ideology of Fascism at a young age, because I was a still a fedora tipper then.


You are sooo wrong.
Watch the jews you going full retard when tora scrolls are defaced and burned add a some volumes of the talmud and they will call for your murder…

Do you think we have forgotten Al-Andalus and the Balkans?

Hale was an absolute autist but theres no man who has suffered a total miscarriage of law as bad as him, he did everything you should do and yet he was still destroyed by the courts solely for his beliefs

wtf are you talking about nobody considers rebel media to be fashy and they have nothing to do with charlotesville 2.0 you absolute Zig Forums retard

Rabbi, I explained it here:

Stop trying to get us to not burn korans, jew. I Already agreed with the suggestion to burn both korans and torahs.

Spic here (I know more about Spanish history than most). The Jews thrived heavily under Islamic Spain and the Balkans. Muslims have always been footsoldiers for ZOG

I actually think the best idea is to dress up as a jew when burning a koran, but i still think you're a faggot jew.

filtered, kike.

matt hale was part of the ben klassen clique. He wrote a book about how Jews did 9/11 and got thrown in jail. He was a lawyer and had the potential to be a very troublesome goy.

Doesn't mean that islam is the friend of the white man tho.

I thought the Church of the Creator was William Pierce's Cosmotheist Church. Is it not?

No, Ben Klassen was the Church of the Creator.

Muslims are entirely harmless when not being weaponized by Jews. For example, I live in South America and the threat of Islam is very low. Why? We don't let Muslims immigrate here.

Guy was a hero back in the early 2000's. Another victim of the FBI's terror campaign.

I didn't realize he wrote it that early, I have no excuse for chasing ghosts with Jonestein and the Loose Change heebs. For what it's worth, I think Klassen was the first person to really make a case for the Mossad being behind the JFK assassination, even before Michael Collins Piper.

I was aware of the JQ back then but not the whole 9/11 debacle. Didn't even know about Michael Collins Piper (RIP) until after he died. I think the reason why is the event was so colossal that you had a bunch of people seeking answers to questions that didn't make sense and big wigs like Jonestown were essentially running interference on the masses the same way FoxNews did being the one "conservative" mainstream television outlet. Both scooped millions, tens of millions, of people into their bizarre take and we're still struggling with these same people today because of it.

It's exactly what "right-wing" jews do and why they can fuck off. Their effect, whether intentional or not, is to twist peoples natural inquisitive mind towards a totally half-truth state of being. The old saying of the easiest answer is likely the correct one should be hammered into peoples minds. People wrap themselves in utterly ridiculous fantasies to explain UFO's rather than look at the common sense answer. People wrap themselves in Saudi's own Hollywood to explain 9/11 and the MSM censorship. When people say jews understand us better than we understand ourselves its because they're aware of our faustian spirit and how our imagination can turn fiction into reality. They just need to plant the seed of doubt and our minds will fill in the gaps.

Creativity (formerly known as The Church of the Creator and World Church of the Creator) is a pantheistic white separatist, white supremacist, antisemitic, anti-Christian religion which has been classified as a Neo-Nazi hate group by the Southern Poverty Law Center.[2] It was founded in Lighthouse Point, Florida by Ben Klassen as the Church of the Creator in 1973. The worldview of Creativity is based on the veneration of the white race and the supposed safeguarding of its survival, including waging "racial holy war" on Jews, "niggers" and non-white colored "mud races".

Adherents of Creativity are known as Creators. The church was originally founded as the Church of the Creator by Ben Klassen in 1973. Matthew F. Hale in 1996 formed a separate group known as the World Church of the Creator which largely supplanted the original Ben Klassen Church. The World Church of the Creator which – as of 2003 – has devolved into The Creativity Movement.

Rights to use the name "Church of the Creator" was lost by Hale in the United States to the Church of the Creator, an unaffiliated religious organization based in Ashland, Oregon, in a trademark-infringement case. Membership in the Creativity movement is restricted to persons whose genetic heritage is "wholly or predominantly" from Europe or members of the white race, regardless of where they reside.[7] The term "Creator" does not refer to a supernatural being, but to adherents of Creativity and the White Race (which is credited with the creation of civilization).

Following the demise of the World Church of the Creator after Hale's arrest in 2003, there formed two distinct groups known as The Creativity Movement and the Creativity Alliance/Church of Creativity. The two groups are not known to interact with one another.

we now liv in clown world

Creativity was formed in 1973, when Klassen self-published Nature's Eternal Religion. He attempted to recruit neo-Nazis into the church because, apart from disagreements over religion, there was no fundamental conflict between church doctrine and National Socialism. Klassen developed a rapport with National Alliance leader William Luther Pierce;[28] he met Pierce twice in 1975, and they maintained an "on and off" relationship for the next 18 years. According to Klassen, he "never did understand the logic of what [Pierce] called his Cosmotheism religion … it has not been of any significance as far as our common goal of promoting White racial solidarity was concerned."[citation needed] In Trials, Tribulations, and Triumphs, Klassen called Pierce "a great man and an outstanding intellectual thinker, and … one of us."

In 1982, Klassen established a Creativity headquarters in Otto, North Carolina. Although his family expected resistance from local residents, Klassen wrote: "We were not quite prepared for the viciousness of the onslaught by the local paper." Opposition grew, and a May 13, 1982 Franklin Press headline read: "Pro-Hitler, anti-Christ Leader Headquarters Here".

fucking white people can't have a white identity

In the United States, northwest Montana and in particular the Flathead Valley, part-time home of Alt-Right leader (((Richard B. Spencer))) has seen a "flurry of racist fliers" promoting the Creativity movement. (((The Southern Poverty Law Center))) listed Creativity Alliance presence in the state in 2015.

GWB's Homeland Security Director (((Michael Chertoff))) led the investigation into Hale and was the one to take down the WCOC. Hale was the Richard Spencer of the late 1990s and early 2000s but much more radical. He believed in a world wide expansion of the white race and an elimination of everyone else worldwide. He told white people to stop watching the NFL in the late 1990s because it turned them into weak men and idolized black people.

He appeared on Maury Povich type shows like the Jenny Jones and Ricky Lake show and others and instead of acting like a comical fool with a Klan hat, he made good coherent points on those shows which got him off those shows but also on the radar to shut him down. He went to law school and passed the bar but was denied because of his political beliefs. He was so dangerous to (((them))) because he was the first white collar pro white radical that they had seen. He was the first to articulate white nationalist vs white supremacist which is all the public heard for 25 years. 9-11 was their chance to fully take him down while everyone was distracted. What did him in was when one of his Church members, Benjamin Smith took out a bunch of non whites including a famous basketball coach. He killed himself instead of shooting a white police officer so he could save a white life. Despite Hale having distanced himself from Smith, after this, that's all they needed for a full on takedown. (((They))) had been successful in shutting down pro whites in the late 1980s and early 1990s and this represented a possible white uprising like Gordon Kahl and the Order in the early 1980s.

Crushing Hale is what crushed the White Resistance for Generation X like crushing Robert Matthews and the Covenant Sword and Arm of the Lord being crushed was for boomers.

where have I heard this before???

The mark of a true hero. Mathews did the same thing, took a buckshot to the hand because he aimed down at an officer instead of shooting to kill.

Not Arabs or Africans tho.

>English (also well established in South Wales): topographic name for someone who lived in a nook or hollow, from Old English and Middle English hale, dative of h(e)alh ‘nook’, ‘hollow’. In northern England the word often has a specialized meaning, denoting a piece of flat alluvial land by the side of a river, typically one deposited in a bend. In southeastern England it often referred to a patch of dry land in a fen. In some cases the surname may be a habitational name from any of the several places in England named with this fossilized inflected form, which would originally have been preceded by a preposition, e.g. in the hale or at the hale. English: from a Middle English personal name derived from either of two Old English bynames, Hæle ‘hero’ or Hægel, which is probably akin to Germanic Hagano ‘hawthorn’ (see Hain 2). Irish: reduced Anglicized form of Gaelic Mac Céile (see McHale). (((jewish (Ashkenazic)))): variant spelling of Halle.
Close, jew, but it's missing an l

An informant who recorded communication with Hale for 2 years and couldn't get anything testified that when he'd offered to kill a judge Hale had nodded. That's it.

They put this guy away for 40 years because someone testified that he'd nodded.

No crime committed. No evidence of any wrongdoing. No one dead. One spook testifies that you nod when he talks about murder and a Weimerican jury will have you rotting in a cell.

Im going to bed, I'll leave this tab open and read more after work.
Have a bump for now

That's some half-assed D&C and people are dumb for believing in what you say afterwards. Rebel Media never promoted Kessler's new event.

I read the story. Apparently Matt Hale made a church called "Church of the Creator" in 1973, another church (see pic related) sued them for copyright infringement despite them renaming the church in 1974.

In other words, the kikes stole the name of Matt Hale's church, later successfully suing him and losing his own church in the process. It's fucking bullshit. The kikes at the SPLC were behind it too.
No need for you to be rude to the judge though. They whacked her husband and her mother.

I didn't know about him before, but it's a huge redpill to see the steps that these kikes will to ruin your life. They whine that you hate them for no reason, when in reality, we hate them for their corruption. Thanks OP for talking about his case.

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He is hasbarafag, just ignore him.

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Fuck off. This is no longer your place imkikey. Take your formatting rules and shove them up your ass.


Yeah, you guys are more threatened by the cartels and other fun side effects of Spaniards amalgamating with the indios.

Kill yourself, you mystery meat sack of shit.

You know who represented him? The FAGGOT JEW, Glenn Greenwald whose now a 'journalist' and famous for the Snowden bullshit.

Burgers, this sort of shit is why you're starting to get the mutt treatment. Someone in Europe gets arrested for standing up to a sandnigger or something and you put up an awful holler about the absolute state of Europe. Meanwhile in burgerland you get life in prison if someone says you nodded. You have absolutely no clue about the state of your own country* so you act like it is the hot shit. It's an act everyone around you sees through, becasue they typically know more about what is going on in your country than you do, and that's why people are starting to treat you like furries.

* I'd call it a union but I know you'd throw a fit if I did.

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Anti Kike Bump.

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You have to buy a Talmud before you burn it, unless you steal it, in which case you'll spend a million years in prison for nothing gained. Making people aware of what's in the Talmud is much more important than symbolically burning them.

if he's been in solitary confinement for 13 fucking years there's no point releasing/keeping him, his mind is fucking gone


Yeah you're right, i googled if people are sending him letters and shit and it seems like he gets a decent amount of people writing him. How fucked would I be if I sent him a letter?

Use gloves, don't seal it with your own spit, and drop it in a random public post box if you're that paranoid. If you want a reply I don't know what to tell you.

Shit on goytube doesn't matter