Why are people so careless with their partner choice?

We are mortal. Our best shot at immortality is to replicate ourselves in the form of reproduction.
Your wife agreeing to be the vessel of your seed and carrying your child to terms is the ultimate show of love a woman can possibly do for her man. It's a lifelong commitment and is one of the most important decision you will ever do in her and your life.

By making love to her and impregnating her, you are choosing her and basically her own family's bloodline as a suitable continuation of your own self.
I think this is the most wonderful and amazing phenomenon in nature. If there is a god, this is possibly one of his best creations.

I can't understand how people can have casual sex that has the risk of pregnancy. Have unplanned pregnancies without talking to your wife/girlfriend about this. Or talking about the very romantic nature of having a baby together like I just did.
Or marrying her and making her your wife, before that. This is very important. It's also one of the worst things you can possibly do to man to cuck him and make him think the child that grows inside your womb is yours, when it is someone else's.
And lastly why would you ever racemix and make sure that basically an other version of "You" is being diluted by foreign blood and more genetically different from you, than a random pedestrian? (More people need to know that)

I really liked the epiloge of Harry Potter, because it basically showed how strong a force true love really is. You had all these enemies/friends that you followed in the books and the next generation is basically a continutation of them, but unburdened by old animosity. The children of Harry and the one of Malfoy for example become best friends.

For that reason I really think of people, who don't have a romantic vein like a person with high IQ thinks of people with low IQ. There is a fundamental human experience missing or being underappreciated. Don't ever run after Thots, guys. Don't shame them as women. They aren't functioning women. Women have a capacity to bond with someone. Thots will never truly love anybody and therefore shouldn't be loved by anyone. Think about your limited time on this earth. Do you really want to waste it with meaningless sex that doesn't count for anything after you are done with it? Why not spend your energy trying to get a high quality woman?

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fuck off kikefy

This user gets it. jews want us reduced to drooling dogs. Sex into a commodity like fast food. Relationships into an algorithm. Your greatest act of revolution against ZOG is having a stable white family. LGBTPWTFBBQ and other psyops by kikes are designed with only white genocide in mind.

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I have a feeling you're a femanon OP, I'd want you as my wife tbh I like your personality.

Chin up darling, we will save society from the brink of annihilation.

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What for? No seriously, why to think about future generations if you're not gonna be there in person, to witness all the stupid and great shit they are gonna do, eh?

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This is why I really urge all Zig Forumsacks to stop watching porn.
I watched porn and fapped this month, but the month before that I was able to go 27 days without fapping or watching porn.
Even though I relapsed it still changed something and it was the second serious attempt at nofap I ever did.
The first one made me disgusted by anal. I think it's weird how common assplay is now as a "thing that you just want to try sometime".

People are really being manipulated by how everyone thinks it's "cool to get a threesome", have your girlfriend do anal and all that.
It's a much bigger accomplishment to be in a loving, monogamous relationship with someone in this day and age. If you achieve that, you are already better than the majority of celebrities in hollywood.

I am not a woman, I am a guy. I think women wouldn't talk about thots this way. They'd be like "give them another chance".

This is probably why user thought I was a woman, but it's a very nice example.

Because they are a form of me. In 1000 years I want most Europeans to have me as their ancestor.
I am going to live forever in a way and bind myself permanently to the fate of Europe.

This sounds weird and larpy, but look at how most of Europe is related ot Karl the Great. I am not obsessed with it, but it's one of my lifegoals.

Don't think we don't know who invented and pushed dadaism and existentialism. You jews are the great destroyers.


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Not so sure about that lol. Women are not a monolith. Perhaps you should elaborate on your definitions.

It is important for newfags and lurkers that you fully lay out what a thot is and why they will never find happiness and purpose leading to an even more depraved and miserable next generation.

You speak of real love quite eloquently, user. Eloquently enough to deserve a screencap for posterity. But your grammar lets you down in this particular sentence; I have no idea what it is you're trying to say.

Healthy, normal women have a really great capacity to be loyal and permanently bind themselves to their mate. It can be a very strong bond.
But the more people they fuck, the more this trait of theirs disappears.

As virgins their marriage has a probability of 90% to succeed. After one previous sexual encounter it already drops a lot. Anecdotally women, if you ask them, remember their first boyfriend and how they lose their virginity very well and carry an appreciation of them with them. There was a video of a latin american thot, who is 30+ and suddenly realizes after actually wanting a long-term relationship, that she can't keep a boyfriend and has never learned how to.
Guess what she talked about, when she talked about her dream man? She had dozens of boyfriends, but she talked about her first one.

Anyway after a woman has sex with 5 men that aren't her husband before marriage the sucess rate of her marriage is already a coin toss that isn't in your favour.

Thots are the "cool" normie women with a lot of sexual experience, instagram fame. She is a serial-datist. Her 20s will be spend being in short-term relationships and going on dozens of dates. She doesn't have the intention of settling down, untill at least 30.

Honestly it sounds like an extremist position, but you should value virginity in women extremely highly. Love and Romance is less intense, if she was already touched by another man. And I think all the data points to the fact that there is much more to it than simply "Oh, she has experience and can compare her options better. She knows what she wants and if you measure up."
That mentality already reveals to us the lack of value the Thot has for emotional bonds, if she is so ready to abandon them.

Thanks. I meant to say:

Filthy materialist pig.

The Materialist would say: "Not me. Don't care. lul"

Excellent. Thank you user. Please lurk.

I am creating a meme for you

You still ITT OP, just checking?

Show me the meme.

still making it

DONE! Hope you like it!

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Thanks man. Saved.
I wish I chose a better picture for the OP though. Before I tried quitting porn completly, I made a collection of sfw, modestly clothed, but still pretty women. I should have posted some of them.

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You are welcome. Well there are no limits to creating threads. Try bumping a 14 words or beautiful white women thread already in the catalog. If there isn't one then make one.

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I was talking to some normie girl, and she actually just directly volunteered this information. She talked about how she thought he was the only one for her and so on. I smirked internally, knowing full well why this was, but didn't bother assaulting all her life choices with the truth.
This was tempered in me when I learned that I do have a people, and all of them need to be defended. Noblesse oblige is one of the most important concepts I have ever learned.
One thing though. Our soyboy cuck enemies are already massive faggots. Political ideals are partially genetic. What more masterful way to take over than to have a great number of kameraden cuck them and make them raise our children who will be disgusted by their "fathers"? This is of course partially against what we stand for, but in a Machiavellian way it will lead to what we want when you look at it in a more low time preference way. The same can be said of other out-of-wedlock degeneracy, especially the one night stand when they have no names. It's an intentional seeding of the well, to subvert the term in the same way.

No. Conservative women are and can be amazingly fertile. Compared to them leftie women all have dead wombs.
Also think about what your ideal wife would think of you, if you did that.

Hate to break it to you OP. All women are fickle. Romance is a masculine idea, despite what you may think.

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fugg, I think i'm a thot.

Your cute but you have it all wrong in terms of the DNA being a form of you. You are only the expression of the DNA (the DNA is the LIVING THING and you are the DEAD THING or more accurate the partially alive thing, the product; without the DNA you are not a 'thing' at all; you are simply an abortion of the blossom)…like a fruit is the expression of the tree…'you' are the vehicle for the tree to continue but you are not the tree, you are not THE LIVING.

Why is it so upsetting and disgusting to think about race mixing?

Because you are basically talking about KILLING THE TREE that you are only an expression of it in the world. When you chose to race mix, you take destruction right into the very reproductive facility of the tree. You shit on all the ancestors who came before you and you shit on the very thing that gave you LIFE (in limited measure since you are only partially alive).

So, I watch my own fruit trees very closely in my garden. I watch the buds and keep a close eye on the immature fruit to make sure that it never develops parasites (STD's), fungus (corrosive behavior), or deformations (race mixing). If I see part of the tree that is developing these traits I CUT IT OFF…I do not want it to damage my tree by letting these things fester inside it. I want that fruit to die young and never mature…I am going to throw it in my recycle bin and let the maggots eat it because it is UNWORTHY of the LIFE GIVER itself and it deserves to be cut off and destroyed before it can cause much damage.

Remember…your 'physical form' is really nothing…it is the fruit, trees have much fruit for many years…it is the TREE itself that is the living thing, precious, holy, beautiful. The TREE made things like sex enjoyable for us, because it enjoys itself THROUGH us as an expression of LIFE. When you shit on and degrade the TREE you are shitting on and DEGRADING what is so much more important and beautiful than anything you could ever become or be on this planet. And honestly, since you are rotten fruit, you deserve death.

This is why the kike pedophiles and 'brown' people love to rape and injure our children…they are raping the MOTHER of us all by injuring her little blossoms and making sure that they are corrupted. This is why they want to legalize the pedophilia of SPECIFICALLY OUR CHILDREN…notice these jew pedophile gangs are always raping and killing our children…they HATE the most beautiful thing that has ever existed on this planet…OUR MOTHER…and by extension they are trying to kill her and obliterate her in every way that they can.

DO NOT COOPERATE WITH THESE KIKE PARASITES (toxic fucking destroying weeds). We love our mother, she who gave us EVERYTHING…she who bore us here and created all the most refined pleasures just for us…SHE IS THE VERY EXPRESSION OF LOVE.

Nihilism implies lack of effort. I'm thumbs up for "NOW" and doing things for ourselves, rather than thinking about unspecified generations that might, or might not come.

Just like those brown Germans named Ahmed or Mustafa, coming of mixed families, are the form of Adolf's companions, eh?

Also, the form of you is not you. Your argument is of no importance.

This is my only quibble with it, however we are in a fallen age. Virginity among men simply isn't as important as it is among women. Men do not have the same issue with pair-bonding, as long as they value it then it can be done at any time. It becomes almost impossible for women to do it after just one guy.
Such an ideal woman may have the same issue with sperm banks, though that is another vector for the same goal. Someone is going to go to them. Once again, it might as well be kamaraden who use provide the seed for such places. This should not be viewed as the same thing, but I can see how you could make the argument. Darwinistically, volume is what counts the most. Genghis Khan was the most successful.
It is of course my main goal to have a wife and raise children. However, I am aware of the simply vast number of out-of-wedlock children that exist today, and even if you have 10 kids with your wife there are men out there with more children than that with random women. No, I'm not only talking about the niggers.
Which is why capturing the maybe one child they have ends their lines that were doomed to death and inserts our own. Like I said, you have to look at it through a low time preference, because things will improve in the time it takes for this theoretical generation to vote, assuming everything isn't underwater by then already.

Of course you are, thot. Waiting until at least 30 is flushing your best baby-making years down the toilet. The concept of a boyfriend and girlfriend was always an assault against husband and wife. In actual fact, it is the women who have lost the most on that subversion, not the men.
As I've already stated a man can always turn around and settle down with a wife and raise a family, even if he's had a couple of dozen women. Women can nearly only pair-bond with the first. You can try to stop yourself, but you're going to have to immediately value marriage and children above all things and essentially marry the first serious man who comes along and never let go, and have children. Advice for men and women in this fallen age is not the same.
Advice for both in a more ideal age would be the same, and this would be both under 20, the man already able to support a family and a virgin wife who becomes pregnant after marriage. Additionally an extended family nearby who can help.
I am nearly thirty myself, and I would never marry a woman near my age because they are all just like you. Countless men. The only situation I would give a former
a shot would be if she was to be a second wife. No, such a concept isn't good or ideal either, however if all guys only went for ideal women, then these sorts of women all rot on the vine. You should strive for better than 40-year old barren cat lady, in my opinion even if that means being the second wife. A second wife can make it more easy to deal with the fact that extended families nearly do not exist for Whites today.

Those aren't Germans, they are frauds.
Darwinistically, yes it is. If your brother or cousin has many children, then many of your genes continue on into the next generations even if you die in battle or are rendered sterile. This is basic evolutionary theory. Keeping your collection of genes propagating is the point.

There is a reason the original Anglo-Saxons were very harsh in their pursuit of monogamy. What they did if a wife was ever found with another man is force her to hang herself. Then they burned her to ashes, after that they took the accomplice to her crime pay close attention to that wording, it is inherently her crime for not being faithful and slit his throat and made him bleed out in the ashes.

X who are do Y, which doesn't belong to X's behavior, so they can't be considered X, aka "No true Scotsman".

Congratulations, user, you're the same as everyone who shouts "oh, those terrorists can't be considered Muslims, because Islam is the religion of peace, and that they screamed Allahu Akbar when they exploded, is irrelevant".

So, every Mustafa von Berlin with a mixed background, is indeed a heir and the (currently) final form to the once proud Teutonic race, Darwinian-wise.


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You're being retarded.
Those aren't Germans. They are invaders and mongrels. They are nothing but a taint. An infection is never an example of the ideal form of something, it is always something to be excised or removed.
Lurk two years before posting. Look into the case of the Rhineland bastards, the mongrels that resulted from the French use of negro troops. They were sterilized which halted the infection of the blood, and the Germans were saved.

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All that effort when they could have simply explained up front to women that a man who tried to steal you from your husband and family is really interested in killing you and by extension your little precious spark of life…making your children motherless and the children of a whore is not exactly beneficial for their maturation or their reputation, all their potential suitors will wonder if they will 'follow in their mothers footsteps'. It also demonstrates a weakness of character on the woman's part…but a SEVERE lack of character on the man's for taking what he doesn't need and whimisacally playing with the lives of an entire generation of a family. All of Anglo-Saxon family ceremonies would be corrupted from that date forward…even after the woman was killed it would mar the social fabric of the family. 'The brides mother' would have to be a non-Thot substitute and during the entire ceremony everyone would be thinking off and on about the dead whore. It brings sadness for generations.

This was the whole plan with removing the focus of humanity from TRIBES and placing it in 'states' or 'nations' was that the FOREIGN PARASITE INVADERS could then state 'who' was part of a nation via writing or declaration. When we lived in tribes, no one believed that some parasite could specify who was part of your tribe…it was self evident. This was also the point in making the tribal boundary which was flexible accourding to the prosperity of the tribe and their CULTURAL SUCESS (the more pure and refined the culture, the more successful the tribe and their wealth; this principle led to moral, ethical and principled choices which lead to the prosperity of the whole tribe) anyway by codifying an arbitrary boundary and then fixing it under the 'idea' of nation; see the promotion of 'nationalism' instead of its more appropriate ETHNO NATIONALISM or TRIBALISM. Now the parasites, thinking they were successful in promoting 'Nationalism' over Tribal or Kin relations have moved to the 'next step' in their globalist agenda which is the removal of nations and institution of 'globalism'. So they are similar to MonSatan (Monsanto) who is removing all the genetic diversity because they hate LIFE and replacing it all with 'one DNA' (see the ritual human sacrifice black magic ceremony of 9/11 or vegas [thought this was human sacrifice of the 'male' and 'female' to their god to institute their transsexual agenda; similar to 'One Freedom Tower [one DNA tower to 'reach god'])…so it is akin to MonSatan making the decision that there should never be anything grown on the entire planet other than one type of apple. So no grains or vegetables, no other fruit, no plankton or bacteria, no animals, no bugs, just apples over the entire globe, nothing but apples, forever, can anyone but me see how batshit insane this is? I like apples, but I don't want to eat them breakfast, lunch and dinner for the rest of my life. These people are a SICKNESS on Earth and they and their offspring need to be exterminated. The agenda is to replace diversity and functional organic systems with ONE; their confused, mentally ill and fucked up idea of 'what is good' and 'will allow them to reach heaven'. Tower of Babel take two. 90% of the Earth has black hair, but they are trying to remove all the diversity of humanity (US…Ethnic Europeans) until it is all the same (their jk 'singularity' BORG sickness ideology plays out on many levels) but it always has the same goal. Exterminate diversity. Exterminate sexuality. Exterminate the natural order and replace it with the synthetic, the artificial, the unnatural. Basically the real agenda is simply the extermination of Earth…they just disguise it so that you don't recognize the only goal is the extermination of the planet. I have to admit that I would rather that they simply killed themselves but as DESTROYERS they get no pleasure from their own termination…only from the termination and extinction of LIFE.

I agree with your sentiment. What you basically express for other anons, who are reading this and don't quite understand it.
He ia basically talking about being part of "something larger than yourself".

I think it's very important to embrace something like that. If you are an Atheist, there is still the potential for you to reasonably identify with a worldview that sees yourself as something larger than yourself.
Like stacked on top of each other in this oder. Your family, your extended family, your lineage and your people.

You should see yourself not purely as an individual, but as the expression of your ancestors and a part of your Nation. (I don't mean state)

That is not my argument, sophist.

I agree totally. There are differences between men and women, including social expectations.
But still. Imagine what the typical hero in stories does. Does he waste his time chasing a dream, where he somehow cucks betas and their children-hating thots? It's just a stupid fantasy, probably fueled by your libido.
Concentrate on a woman worthy of you and try to be worthy of her.

I am just saying, but being a serial-datist is a very big turn-off to someone like me.
I don't think I could ever be with a woman, who just dates hundreds of men and hasn't found a single one to settle down with. I don't even have to talk about what if she had sex with a third of them, because like already established that woman is completly used goods.
But I also think personaltiy-wise. I just don't think I would ever really be able to connect with a woman like that.

stop tallking to him, he doesn't make any sense
either a kike or insane

You believe that explaining like they're five is enough, for cheating to never happen? What a joke. Of course there would be consequences for those involved, but that is nearly irrelevant. The real point is the precedent and showing what
happen if you betray your children, husband, and community. It has to be real and visceral. Look nearly anywhere online and there will be whores talking casually about casually cheating. How many would willingly risk it if there were such a punishment?
Nationality: Quality of being national; national character; strong attachment to one's own nation; a nation; a race of people; separate existence as a nation; national unity and integrity.

National: Pertaining to a nation; public; general; common to a nation; attached, or unduly attached, to one's own country.

Nation: [L. natio, fr. natus, boru. pp. of nascor, I am born. NATAL] A body of people inhabiting the same country, or united under the same sovereign or government; an aggregation of persons speaking the same or a cognate language; a division of students in some universities according to their place of birth; a great number; a great deal, by way of emphasis.

Race: [Fr. race, It. razza, Sp. raza, Pg. raca, race, line, lineage, family] A body of individuals sprung from a common stock; a tribe, family, people, or nation regarded as descended from the same stock; mankind; a breed or stock; a perpetuated variety of animals or plants

Racial: Pertaining to race or lineage; pertaining to the races of man.

In other words, nationalism is ethnonationalism. The subversion was making it synonymous with the nation-state and then making the state an abstract governmental self-sustaining entity with nothing to do with people who created it.
There is one other part and that is the conflation with the concept of
these are two very different concepts.

Not making any promises. My parents keep telling me to just "date random people until I know what I like". Implying of course including sex. I would feel weird trying to tell them all this information they either don't know or falsely reject, so I always just drop it. additionally, yes, what I am doing to my body is like going through puberty again. Losing fat, adding muscle. Testosterone definitely increasing, confidence increasing. Tinder is like two taps away.

You didn't argue with me about the sperm banks thing, I notice.

Would you allow your sperm bank kids to get your contact info potentially?

I think it would be fucked, if they were prevented from ever knowing their true heritage.

Haven't been through the process, so I don't know how it would work. You could give the sperm bank basic broad notes. The point of anonymity is so they can't turn around and come after you for child support. That said, that's something that matters to us, but most people that I've talked to know nothing of their heritage anyway when I've asked about it. If you're lucky they might know a country or two of origin, and that's if you're lucky. None can name a single ancestor past grandparent. It may awaken a useful desire in them to be simply denied details out of necessity of how that works, rather than out of apathy.
If that's your only objection however, and there are none from the other handful of useful anons in the thread it seems to me to be a valid method. I am aware that going to one is seen as low class behavior, however, what consequences for eugenics are we allowing if we eschew it for that reason alone?
I understand wanting to be traditional, and calling back to our true ideals, but just being traditional for the sake of being traditional without inserting strategy for winning and instead targeting living like the amish for when we get inevitably outnumbered seems like a mistake to me. It sounds a great deal like what cuckservatives say, that they are principled losers.
Any comments about how to handle my parents? Or do you have the same issue?

where the fuck did you smart anons come from.

why the fuck didnt you arrive earlier.

of course this high brow pleasant thread gets anchored.

Don't you ever date talk about anything positive. Always negative.

Wtf? Why do we have so many incels (male feminists) who hate women, because of their feminine qualities?
Women hate relies on still believing in gender equality, because if a woman is just a man with boobs and a vagoo, then she is just a fucktoy.

I'm around occasionally. This thread was anchored before I posted anything, so it simply never had any shitposting.

Dumb nigger.