We should start spreading propaganda

During the summer lots of kids will be off school so we need to start making convincing propaganda and start spreading it onto social media. What we need to do is make new propaganda and start spreading it throughout social media. Those who can convince the children of today will control the tomorrow of the future.

The current propaganda should focus on 2 things the Jews and the family. The propaganda should be direct and simple when depicting whites use bright colouration and show the couple to be happy with their kids. Show how happy the kids are because everyone loves children and if the left attacks them then this will wake a lot of people up. In contrast when showing a Coalburning slut show her as depressed and anxious scared of getting beat up by her pet nigger. This way it subconsciously puts into the woman's mind that dating a nigger is asking to be killed and beat up.

When showing Jews show them stealing money from innocent whites and starving families for money. Show them abusing their power and getting away free with the most horrendous of atrocities show them throwing a white child into a cage with a sandnigger. Make people angry make them respond emotionally we have a good oppurtunity on our hands here we shouldn't waste it.

Make some propaganda in this thread

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Start spreading propaganda
FTFY, don't wait for orders from headquarters, just go for it.

Some of the best propaganda is truthful "isn't that something Goebbels said?" your posters should reference real events, and statistics. Make sure to include a decent source in the corner of any poster you make so that people know that you aren't just making stuff up.

I get the idea however it would simply be better to make it coordinated. This way we can attack in small groups. If we work together we can spread it much further. Get people on here to spread awareness about the propaganda. Sure spreading it solo might have an impact but not nearly as much as spreading in a coordinated fashion.

fuck off nigger

Ok will post some material I think is useful

salty fucking yid? Seal of approval I say!

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going to stop here let others post

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Yeah this is true. We could use the recent hollyjew controversy with Harvey weinstein as a perfect vassal for anti Jewish sentiment. It's not like coal burner assaults are rare so we have something to pull out of there. We can easily abuse these thing. Then when talking aboutwhite families put it in a positive sentiment.

These are good though some of them are quite wordy. Normalfags have short attention spans so making something less wordy is probably better

Also, this may sound crazy, but Tumblr (hear me out) has a decently large NS community with thousands of useful photographs and memes. http s://

Have you looked in the poster thread or one of the two (unless one got slid) redpill threads? The catalog is your friend.

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We have a rocket scientist over here

Faces of Ancient Europe

I posted this just to share the channel in a thread where art is mentioned, and this fit

hale hortler

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First off, in general, we don't need propaganda. we have the Truth. The quotes and laws passed by Rothschilds, Soros' NeoCohens. All we do is find a way to spread truth, WITHOUT ANY RACIAL ANGLE, or even trying to drive a message. The only way people change their minds is by gradually questioning their own beliefs in the face of neutral facts. We have the truth, don't drive normal people away by linking the truth with ideas that are too much for them. Its a slow process.

You are such a huge retard. Propaganda is just truth repackaged so it effectively reaches normies. Do not speak about what you have no fucking clue what is. If you want to be taken seriously, however, you will now define for me agitprop and the historical context and usages thereof.

Otherwise, STFU you brainlet.


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Debate and well thought out arguments are all well and good but why waste your time and energy with normies if you could just send them a MM video.

Well, now nothing you say in the thread has any value and its been shown you have absolutely zero idea what youre talking about.
Reminder optics cucks dont even know the definition of propaganda.

Propaganda is simply a way of spreading a belief in a simple package. It needs to hit home and be simple however because normalfags do not have the reading capacity to read walls of text.

let's meme it

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I recommend removing the swastika, people will knee jerk and get a terrible impression. Also the penises should be blurred on the right, otherwise it would be seen as pornography.

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That "will you stand and fight booklet" pdf
Do you have the full book, or know where to get it?

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If you remove the swastika you lose an ancient piece of our history, do not forget it.

This is a good one.

The whole book asked for in is a gorillion times better than the whole current catalog on pol put together, if the 13 page booklet is any indication.

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Propaganda doesn't work if you can't get normies to digest it. It also doesn't help that the picture depicts an America that has not existed.


you realise adolf didn't immediatly started making posters about gassing jews, right? at this point you are falling in the same dump SJW are falling in, making their propaganda only appealing to people who already agree with them. it's not what you think is best, it's what the normies will be able to swallow without choking on it.

^ this guy fucks.

we aren't Nazis you dumb fucking kike, quit romanticizing their failure.

Spread this.

but that's exactly what he did all the way up to getting elected. you need to remove yourself from pol until you've actually read Mein Kampf. There was 0,0% effort directed towards toning down the message to softly redpill weaklings, aunts and other "upstanding citizens". just like you have 0,0% idea of what you are babbling about

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i was talking about before he wrote mein kampf, you absolute retard. what, you think he never made any propaganda before that? are you really this dense?

We should put a focus on white family values and shedding light on the Jews. We can then expand to shit like anti everything the sjw's/Jews stand for.

Keep the swastikas, show the penises for what they are.

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You have absolutely no idea of what you are talking about. An actual counter-semitic group was joined that already produced counter-semitic propaganda. Hitler hit the ground running from day one of his political career.

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stop posting this "muh multicultural nazis" shit you retarded faggot, the entire NSDAP upper echelons called niggers subhuman apes brought into Germany to pollute German culture and race.

It certainly does.

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The jew title:
"Der Nazi-Sozi: Fragen und Antworten fuer den Nationalsozialisten" (1932)
"The Nazi-Sozi: Questions and Answers for National Socialists" (1933)
The actual title of the 1926 publication is:
'Verlag Nationalsozialistischen Briefe'
Published National Socialist Letters
-Dr. Joseph Goebbels

This is the same for the other "nazi" publication:
"Those Damned Nazis"
The actual title is:
'Die verfluchten Hakenkreuzler. Etwas zum Nachdenken.'
The cursed Hooked Cross. Something to think about.
-Dr. Joseph Goebbels

The word "nazi" never appears in these nor any other of Dr. Goebbels' publications.
They also never called the hakenkreuz a "swastika".

The shape is called 'tetraskelion'.
Similar to 'triskelion'.

It is the Sun Rune.
The goddess Ēostre is known as the goddess of the rising sun.

The only larpers are the jews pretending ancient Persian and Sumerian stories are their stories.

Nazi is a slur for the National Socialists, I think most people here already know that.



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or diss

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attempt no 3 heh

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Nobody gets the joke.

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is the clear winner

and especially

look like garbage

ye now i look at it the first was not that bad.

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new oc friendos

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the discord server for fashwave is back



If you aren't Zig Forumslenating the rest of the internet already, you are doing it wrong.


Propaganda is a neutral term. Thanks to the kikes, it has a negative connotation.

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lots of posters itt

We already are doing this. Are you participating user?

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all art is propaganda
everything is art

Montreal is such a communist shithole.

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useful maps to instantly redpill people on race

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They'll digest it eventually.

This is why graffitti is so potent anons. Street art along busy roads is top tier culture war.


This. It looks good, what book is it? Anyone knows?

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Found this:

It's not the full book either (jumps from page 20 to 507), but it contains 2 chapters (although the 2nd may be unfinished). It's definitely from Zig Forums.
The afterword has some minor changes. Strangely the page numbers don't match, the afterword from the one in this thread starts at 388 and ends at 400, while in this version above it starts at 507 and ends at 519, which could mean the former is an earlier version.
Sage for double-posting.

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Start? We?

I would say Lurkmore but good post - thanks for the images


The PTB are experts at propaganda (see schools/MSM/hollywood).

Better to spread core principles and facts instead, fighting propaganda with propaganda when your adversaries are much better funded (and generally more skilled) is a losing battle, and one that can easily be used against you by well-funded propaganda.

Please don’t, you’re already a fucking joke.

Hey Retards, the only propaganda you should be spreading are tactical Pepes. Deploy tactical Pepes on Facebook and Twitter. The Goal is to get Trump elected. Spreading stupid nazi shit only serves to isolate you. They want you divided.

This is shill garbage. It is two smiling pretty faces, one of a different race to another. Some extremely ugly, very shit propaganda will not convince normies at all, even civnat cucks. Especially since the niggers in all of these are 'adapting' to the civilization.


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